Dogs are the best companion when you are feeling low or when you are feeling tired . They make you happy with there silly habits and beautiful face . Dogs are loved by most . Every person in there life ones have thought of petting a dog . They are fluffy , chubby, hairy and small . But they also come in different size and shapes . 

They don’t see your money they just wanted love they just give love . Even if you just show love to a street dog it will follow you even if you don’t give him food . They are not selfish , they are selfless . They don’t care about your looks . They just want love and care .


You might have seen many dogs roaming in your area or around your area . They eat whatever you give them. But sometimes some people have evil thinking’s towards them . They beat them or throw stones on them . Some people even give them poison . 

There are several cases of rape towards dogs also . Human is the only creature in the planet earth who can communicate and talk . But what is the benefit of such gift when you are ruining a life of a small creature , by your power. We should care and love animals not destroy there life with our malfunctioning brain . 

SELF LOVE : a step to be yourself

There is nothing wrong with putting your happiness first. It’s SELF LOVE

Self love, the two very beautiful words that opens up a way to fascinating life, not for others but of course for yourself.

Many people take self love as becoming selfish. Let me take the honour of correcting them. Dear, self love dosen’t mean that one is becoming selfish. From the childhood  we have been taught that our action should not hurt others, you can’t be happy if you hurt others, you should keep everyone happy. But what about us? Should we give the responsibility of our happiness to others? Is there any guarantee that other people will definately keep us happy or is there any guarantee that our one action will keep everyone happy? The answer to this is a big no. We can’t keep everyone happy and satisfied. Here not thinking about anyone dosen’t meant that you hurt someone intentionally and justify your action with self love. That’s of course wrong.

Thinking about ourself first, thinking for our happiness first dosen’t make us selfish. It is the most powerful thing that you can do in your whole life. Self love dosen’t give only happiness , it gives us motivation. Strength of facing difficult situations in life, builds up decision making capability because if you have learnt to love yourself then you can easily decide what is good for you and which decision of yours will make you more happy. It is the root of all. If you think that you can keep others happy, can love others unconditionally without loving yourself first then, so sorry dude, you are wrong. You can give someone something only when you own that thing and that’s why you can love someone unconditionally only when you love yourself unconditionally. Everything around you begins with yourself first. Each and every person deserve to be loved, not only by others but by own first. Start appreciating yourself for what you have done, start motivating yourself for what you want to achieve, celebrate your achievements. Trust me you will start feeling better, you will start to live better.

How to keep yourself happy


Start to know yourself. Start working on things that makes you happy. true self love is giving yourself unconditional respect, love and appreciation. It’s reminding yourself that you are worthy, valuable and deserve all the happiness. You can follow the following brilliant tips to start loving yourself first :-

  • Clear your mind : Make yourself clear about what you actually want and try to ignore all if and but. Here ignoring if and but dosen’t mean inviting problems by doing unjustified act. Doing anything with a baggage of doubt or by force can never give you a complete satisfaction and of course if you are not satisfied with what you are doing then you can’t be happy.
  • Follow your passion and hobbies : Start taking out few hours from a day for your passion or the thing what you like to do, thing that makes you feel better. every person have a some kind of hobbies but they tend to ignore those things in the pressure of their job or their hectic schedule. Try to invest a bit of your precious time in your hobbies as well. It will give you mental peace and will also enhance your working capacity.
  • Stop comparing yourself : All the problem starts with comparison. When you compare yourself with another creature, you feel demotivate. You feel like there is a person who is far better than you and for this you start blaming yourself also that why are you not like him/her. Why can’t you think it this way that each person in respect of other is different? Why can’t you think that you also possess some good qualities? Start thinking this way. You will improve. No person in the whole world is just perfect. Each and every person have some kind of good thing or bad as well. So, just accept yourself and try to improve only, not change or like anyone else. Be the improved version of yourself only.
  • Surround yourself with people with you feel good : This is important. Toxic people can destroy our each step towards our happiness. They are the biggest hurdle between us and our happiness. Directly they don’t target but their action does. Pick few people from your squad who are innovative, with whom you feel happy and comfortable. Their company will enhance your inner peace.
  • Accept what you cannot love : Every person have some bad sides, we have talked about this above as well. It’s easy to love what you love about yourself but not for what you don’t. Try to understand this very carefully. You don’t need to force either yourself or your mind to love what you don’t. Accept your flaws and just focus on improvement. Self love dosen’t mean that you are supposed to love everything about yourself. That will definately make you selfish. Just accept that yes, I am bad at this and I’ll improve rather than blaming, ‘oh god! Iam bad at this, now what next, blah! blah! blah!

So dear, take a deep breath, start thinking and start working for yourself as well. Only you can make you happy.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.

You really need to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

                                                                                          -Lucille Ball




Maa’ or ‘Mother’ is a word that takes each offspring of the world first from his mouth in the wake of coming into this world. Father and mother in this world are those types of God who see us with no self-centeredness, show us, ship off school, universities and always pray to God that our youngsters won’t get any bothering and he gets each accomplishment in their life.

We can’t expect an existence without a mother so we should know the significance of mother. On the off chance that there were no mother, we would not have existed in this world. “Maa” is the most regular word on the planet, in this name Lord, himself stays.


At the point when the infant shows up in this world, the most sickening individual is the mother of the infant. She feels like she has the world’s most valued thing.

Mother is set up to oversee anything for her kids. This isn’t just occurring in people yet in each sort of animal too. On the off chance that the difficulty is going to the youngster, the mother shows up ahead first.

Mother is generally worried about the eventual fate of her kids, and anybody doesn’t adore more than her mom. Mother adores substantially more her kid, however for realizing that the offspring is walking around the wrong course, then, at that point she calls him like a master and deciphers it to him, and if necessary, then, at that point she likewise puts two hands on them.


Mother consistently upholds together in our great and awful occasions. For the mother, their kids are careful. More than others in her life, she generally deals with and loves us.

She gives us a need in her life and supports trust in our terrible occasions. The mother, who gets cheerful while the youngster conceived. She co-works us in each issue and attempts to take care of every one of our issues.


The connection among mother and kids is valuable, that won’t ever last. No, any mother at any point diminishes her affection and childhood with her youngsters.

“Maa” is the principal word for us all, which we recollect in each distress and agony first. The name of God likewise forgets in the individual’s torment however always remembers the name of the mother.

Mother is that piece of our everyday routine without which it is difficult to experience life. The kids’ affection might be less for the mother, yet the mother’s adoration never turns out to be less for her kids. In the emergency, even the mother may rest hungry around evening time, yet she never let it dozing hungry her kids.

The mother stays like this. Mother loves numerous her youngsters, regardless of whether she wore herself old garments, yet she purchases new garments for her kids, dozing in her wet spot and let it work with dozing her kids in an agreeable spot.

It’s anything but an issue of pride to say about mother. They are an extremely lucky whose mother is there. Mother consistently needs to be with her youngsters when the kid comes from school; the mother gives them food.


Mother is the individual who stirs for them in the awful days and infections of their youngsters short-term. It includes her in each bliss, and she sees all his/her preferences.

Maa routinely directs her kids to continue on the correct way and propels them to go on the correct path throughout everyday life. She is our first educator who gives us new exercises at each progression of life and separates us from the contrast among good and bad.

She generally instructs and explains us discipline, act well, and obligation and job for the family, society, and country.







In some ways, I am an incurable romantic. I don’t care for realism in movies; I just want everyone to live happily ever after. I want the good guys to be noble and honorable, and the bad guys to see the error of their ways, becoming good guys themselves. I am easily moved to tears, especially over sweet things. I am grateful God made us to experience romantic love, and I enjoy the realities of romantic love in a God-ordained relationship. On the other hand, the huge emphasis of romantic love on Valentine’s Day always makes me think of how incomplete this form of love really is.

We are told this love is of God. This is how He loves us, and how He calls us to love others. This kind of love is not normal or natural. In fact, it is supernatural. Romance is sweet and fun, but this fullness of love is what we long for and were created for. It is much better than romance alone. This love provides a context for romantic love to be given in its fullest expression, and to be experienced in the most complete way. True love originates in God and will ultimately glorify God. It is far better than roses, or chocolate, or even the best jewelry. So, when Valentine’s Day comes, give the card, send flowers, and share candy, but don’t forget to give TRUE LOVE.


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest pleasure.


the love of a mother differs from the love of a spouse, which differs from the love of food. Most commonly, love refers to a feeling of strong attraction and emotional attachment.

The Art of Self Acceptance

How often do you look at yourself and think that you’re not good enough? That you should have performed better at that test, or maybe should have been slimmer, taller, had a clear skin? In general people blame themselves most of the time for not being good enough. Most of us have become adapt to self-criticism in this high pressured society. And it is not bad at all, to know your weakness and criticize yourself and learn from your mistakes seems like the best way possible to achieve your goals. Self-criticism motivates you but often we become so good at self-criticism and finding our mistakes that we forget to accept our downfalls. Falling prey to excessive criticism often make you depressed, doubt your potential and makes you give up even before trying. Then comes the phase of self-flagellation, where you beat yourself mentally for not being good enough. In easier words it can be called self-blaming, when you blame yourself too much for things that are not even in your control. This might actually affect your performance, making you perform worse than you usually do. You might even lose the will to get up and start, and simply procrastinate.

Depression and self-hatred are serious enemies of life

You need to appreciate the role of self-care, because it’s not only criticism that makes you work. We are so obsessed with success that we fail to acknowledge the scale of challenges and that everyone has some weaknesses. What is easy for your friend might not be that easy for you and vice-versa. The path to your decided goal does not have to be that spotless. You can fall and start all over again anytime. The society might have made you believe that you have to write the entire poem alone but in reality, we all are here to add our own small verses. Daily we routine ourselves to achieve that goal that often you forgot who you are. You are so much more than the degree you completed, maybe the race you won or the test you aced. These materialistic achievements only make up about 20% of the person you genuinely are.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Social media has made you believe that everyone except you in this world is rich and beautiful. And thus you are running after that artificial lifestyle some influencer pretends to have. You are depressed because you weren’t able to pass that exam that someone else did. You want to get that flat stomach, and a sharp jaw line that he has because that might make you look cooler than before and everyone around you will love you more. The more you know about diets, exercise and perfect bodies, the more you become dissatisfied with your body. The more you look at luxurious lives of people on media, the more you become disappointed about what you have been doing all your life. Comparison will take you nowhere because it never ends, there is always a person with something bigger than you. Instead self acceptance is the key to an actual satisfaction. When will it be that we stop justifying, people pleasing, looking outside ourselves for validation about our worth that we know comes from within?

Get rid of that hypothetical mask you are carrying with yourself

Have you ever recorded your voice and felt uncomfortable with the way you sound? Might have, many times but have you ever realized that everyone around you has listened to that voice and they are okay with that. When you look at a random recording of yourself you are unpleased by the way you look, or talk. There’s no way I look/sound like that. But everyone else has looked at you the same way. Everybody is already okay with you and it is you who need to accept yourself. The standards on which you judge yourself are often based on the ones you see on social media or television. But the final product they post/show us is actually a product of photo shop and hundreds of retakes. Reality has no retakes and it is okay to be what you are.

Self-acceptance and Self-compassion

People take responsibility of everything that happens in their life, or will blame their luck for most of the part. Luck is a genuine feature of existence but by blaming yourself or your luck, you also rob yourself the opportunity of fair conciliation. No one is entirely in control of the things that happen around them, sometimes it is okay to fall or maybe crash. You need to reduce expectations to zero for a time. Take each new hour as it comes, and without being banal, what you need most of all, is some rest. Self-compassion is not equal to self pity; you need to give yourself a break even if you feel like you haven’t done something big. Humans were not created to achieve, they were created to live and that is what you have been doing. Don’t be too hard on yourself, life is not a race, it is a puzzle take your time.

The people who love you will still love you for who you are and not for what you have achieved. It is okay to not being able to achieve what you wanted, it is okay to learn from your mistakes but it is not okay to fall prey to the never ending cycle of needs. Success doesn’t necessarily have to be something big, it can be small things. Completing that assignment you have been procrastinating is also a success. There is no set time to achieve it or a scale to decide how much success is enough to be successful.


God has done so many creations on the earth…animals are one of them….animals don’t have mind as human beings but they have feelings and emotions like human beings….they can’t express their feelings by words as human beings but they also suffer a lot but they can’t express it and there are some people who take advantage of this… we know that this world is full of good or bad people so there are also good people in this world who understand that every living being also feel the same as human beings….even there are some religions who declared the violence against animals as a sin.
The Vedas, the first scriptures of Hinduism teach ahinsa or nonviolence towards all living beings. In Hinduism, killing an animal is regarded as a violation of ahinsa and causes bad karma, leading many Hindus to practice vegetarianism.
Jainism was founded in India in the 7th-5th century and ahinsa is its central teaching. Due to their belief in the sanctity of all life, Jains practice strict vegetarianism and many go to great lengths even to avoid harming insects.
Buddhism is the third major religion to emerge in India, and its teachings also include ahinsa. Buddhism teaches vegetarianism (though not as strictly as Jainism), and many Buddhists practice life release in which animals destined for slaughter are purchased and released to the wild. Despite the influence of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, meat-eating was still common in ancient India.

In 262 BCE, the Mauryan king Ashoka converted to Buddhism. For the remainder of his reign, he issued edicts informed by the Buddhist teachings of compassion for all beings. These edicts included the provision of medical treatment for animals and bans on animal sacrifice, the castration of roosters, and hunting of many species.when it cross the limit of violence against animals then the government and some people came forward and done work for animal’s welfare.


• India’s first national animal welfare law, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1960), criminalizes cruelty to animals, though exceptions are made for the treatment of animals used for food and scientific experiments.

• The 1960 law also created the Animal Welfare Board of India to ensure the anti-cruelty provisions were enforced and promote the cause of animal welfare.

• Subsequent laws have placed regulations and restrictions on the use of draught animals, the use of performing animals, animal transport, animal slaughter, and animal experimentation.

• The Breeding of and Experiments on Animals (Control and Supervision) Rules, 1998 sets general requirements for breeding and using animals for research.

• A 2006 amendment specifies that experimenters must first try to use animals “lowest on the phylogenetic scale”, use the minimum number of animals for 95% statistical confidence, and justify not using non-animal alternatives. A 2013 amendment bans the use of live animal experiments in medical education.

• In 2014 India became the first country in Asia to ban all testing of cosmetics on animals and the import of cosmetics tested on animals.

• In 2013 India made it illegal to use captive dolphins for public entertainment.

• In 2017 The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has released four new Gazette notifications under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 to regulate dog breeders, animal markets, and aquarium and “pet” fish shop owners .
Now India has a grade of C out of possible grades A,B,C,D,E,F,G on World Animal Protection’s Animal Protection Index.

Animal issues The 1960 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act is the legal basis of animal protection in India. Provision 11 states that it is illegal for ‘any person… [to treat] any animal so as to subject it to unnecessary pain or suffering or causes, or being the owner permits, any animal to be so treated’, and that such mistreatment is punishable with fines or prison sentences.[ Despite restrictions on killing and eating cows throughout most of the country, India became the world’s largest exporter of beef in 2012.]
According to a 2012 FAO report, India also had the world’s largest population of dairy cows (43.6 million) and was the second-largest producer of milk (50.3 million tons per year). In 2011, India was the third largest producer of eggs (behind China and the United States) and the sixth largest producer of chicken meat. India is the second largest fish producer in the world after China, and the industry has substantial room for growth.
A 2007 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations found that Indians had the lowest rate of meat consumption of any country. Roughly one-third of Indians are vegetarian (the largest percentage of vegetarians in the world), but few are vegan. Despite having the highest rate of vegetarianism in the world, Indian consumption of dairy, eggs, and meat – especially chicken – was increasing rapidly as of 2013.
India’s 1960 anti-cruelty law created the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) to regulate animal experimentation. A 2003 report by Animal Defenders International and the U.K. National Anti-Vivisection Society based on evidence gathered by the CPCSEA during inspections of 467 Indian laboratories finds “a deplorable standard of animal care in the majority of facilities inspected”. The report lists many instances of abuse, neglect, and failure to use available non-animal methods.

There was a time when animals are used for entertainment and in teaching them they have to suffer from so much pain….
• In 2014, the Supreme Court of India banned the traditional bullfighting sport Jallikattu, which was mainly practiced in the state of Tamil Nadu. This led to widespread controversy, and the 2017 pro-jallikattu protests. Under this pressure, the government of Tamil Nadu adopted a law that reintroduced the sport on state level, likely leading to a renewed ban by the Supreme Court. The sport remains a controversial issue.
An inspector from the Animal Welfare Board of India said in 2017 that cases of dogs being bludgeoned with iron bars or burnt alive had taken place almost every month.

India has a number of domestic animal welfare organizations such as Peoples for Animals Haryana, Scouts & Guides for Animals & Birds, OIPA: Indian People for Animals, started by Naresh Kadyan, People for Animals, started by Maneka Gandhi, as well as chapters of international animal nonprofits including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Humane Society International, and In Defense of Animals.
Government and organizations are trying their best but this is responsibility of every human being to aware people, to teach the children that animals or other living being are also our friends, it is the responsibility of everyone to not to harm the BEZUBAAN ZAANWAR….we can see the example of the Kerala incident where a mother elephant died after eating the cracker-filled fruit and stood in a river for many days with its trunk and head immersed in the water perhaps to nurse its wounds and it was found that it was pregnant….this is not only one case…. don’t know how many animals are got killed every day….whoever do this just remember you can’t stop the karma to follow you…just remember if you are harming anyone either it is human being or animals or any other living beings then you also have to face that situation and you will also get whatever you have done with them…….

OLD AGE HOME (a horror story for parents)……..

An old age home describes its story by its name……there are not enough “words” in a bottle of ink to pen the words to write about the old age homes, Old age homes which are designed to give shelter and provide a place to live, for those old ones’ whom no one has to care about but today people are making it as their tradition where the people leave their parents in an old age home, where the two generations never stay under one roof and from them, one has to bow down for leaving that family and those are always older aged parents. Where more and more people are thinking about and many are opting to put their aged parents in old age homes. Where the presence of old age parents at home becomes too much of a trouble and there is no room for them as they need constant need of care. Where it becomes impossible to bring friends at home because their parents can be a source of embarrassment for children, it is becoming a shameful thing to introduce their parents to their friends. So, for avoiding these kinds of embarrassment and shameful things the old aged parents are being hit by this drastic detachment from their children at the age when they need a lot of care, when they start losing their memories. They might have grown old by outside but from inside they become those little kids who could never grow up again. ”People say old age is the recoiling of childhood” and it is true that old aged people need attention correspondingly as a young child. Parents, who brought up their children in spite of having different difficult problems, but the children… Children can definitely learn many good things from their parents by living with them. It is said that “The death of an old man is like a library set ablaze” these words express the important role given to old aged people. Old age is humanity’s greatest invention, and on an even deeper level, it invented us. Those old aged people are responsible for what we are today; those old aged people are the responsibility of their children. The children have to keep in mind that life is a circle and one day roles will be switched, today they – old aged people, need their children but a day will come when those children need their children when they grow old. So it is better eradicating this growing tradition once and for all, as “It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy……..”