Technology has a developed a lot and it has made possible many things that weren’t earlier . everyday we encounter new type of technology that helps us in day to day activity . Earlier we used animals to travel from here and there . Then engines were developed and we started using cars , train and other vehicles to travel . We used to send letters that usually took around 5-7 days to reach . But now we have a e-mail services and so better technology to send letters . 
Technology has made things easier and faster . There is no doubt that technology has helped us in several ways . Hospitals are filled with new technology equipment that makes possible to detect several diseases that were not possible earlier . 


Mobile phone is one of the biggest gift of technology and so a biggest addiction . Nowadays smart phones are able to do what earlier computer’s couldn’t do . But if you see around small kids are holding a phone and use it continuously for several hours . When parents are busy they hand over them their mobile phones and keep them busy . But now when it has become an addiction to their children , they are worried . 


A mobile phone has everything . You can watch YouTube ,movies , cartoons and several things . Small kids finds it attractive and use it until they get bored , but than again mobile phones have so many options that no one can get bored with it . They keep playing new games and find another interesting game and keep on using it.


What parents can do is set example to them by using minimum phone infront of them . So they can learn from them that they should not use mobiles the much . They should give them daily remainders how harmful a mobile phone can be .





Whether we are at home or outside , working or studying we always want someone besides us who is waiting for us . We crave for the presence of someone around us , we want a person in our life to whom we can share anything .Yes we have parents , siblings , friends and many more . But we want someone that we can claim , yes he/she is mine . 

We all want love in our life to whom we can share our day to day life , our sadness, happiness and everything .Parents are always there for us , they support us . But sometimes we can’t share something very private to them because they are not of our age. They will not understand us  . But they try there best . Same goes with our friends . They are always with us for supporting us and help us in difficult situations . 

But again what we crave for is presence of someone that we can rely on completely . Everyone needs love in there life . A partner for life . Many people find there love earlier than others and some people never find them . Some people stay heart broken forever 


Don’t always go for handsome ,good figure , rich person to be your love . Find the one who understands you better than anyone . Because that’s the reason you wanted someone in your life . Sometimes we loose ourselves in finding and adjusting for our perfect one . But than they are not meant for us . If we have to change ourselves for someone to accept is than they are not the right one. 

Choose the one who chooses you above all . Love yourself and let love give you power to uplift your life . Don’t waste your life on an immature person , to destroy your life completely.  



Dogs are the best companion when you are feeling low or when you are feeling tired . They make you happy with there silly habits and beautiful face . Dogs are loved by most . Every person in there life ones have thought of petting a dog . They are fluffy , chubby, hairy and small . But they also come in different size and shapes . 

They don’t see your money they just wanted love they just give love . Even if you just show love to a street dog it will follow you even if you don’t give him food . They are not selfish , they are selfless . They don’t care about your looks . They just want love and care .


You might have seen many dogs roaming in your area or around your area . They eat whatever you give them. But sometimes some people have evil thinking’s towards them . They beat them or throw stones on them . Some people even give them poison . 

There are several cases of rape towards dogs also . Human is the only creature in the planet earth who can communicate and talk . But what is the benefit of such gift when you are ruining a life of a small creature , by your power. We should care and love animals not destroy there life with our malfunctioning brain . 


Time is a precious resource that we should not waste .  But we should also enjoy ourselves . Only working or studying , will not make our life any meaningful . When we have extra we can do something to enjoy it or to learn something different .


1. PLAY GAMES – Playing games makes our mind to work creatively and helps to reduce stress. It is one of the best way of enjoying your time alone or with your friends .Many people find it exciting playing  different games on mobile or in there computers . It not only makes you relax it also makes your mind relax . You don’t have to think much. 

2. WATCH SERIES – Nowadays there are lots of new platform to watch series of different countries in different languages . It is fun to watch shows of different countries as it teaches you the culture of that country . 

3.LISTEN MUSIC – Listening music is one of the best way that you can do to spend your free time . There are lots of genres of music present nowadays .Also in many platforms or application you can listen music. Music reduces stress makes your body and mind free of unwanted things .

4. READING – Some people find book reading the most fascinating activity . Book reading increases your creativity , your knowledge and your thinking process . When we read a book , we imagine things and thus it makes your brain work out of the context . 

5. SLEEPING – Sleeping is loved by most , it’s not a joke . Sleeping reduces most of the problems that we don’t know . If you get less than 7hr sleep in a day , your mind will start shrinking and that’s a fact . Taking proper sleep and naps may increase your life span.  


 We humans work every day  We live our life , we follow the routine. We don’t even realize when we get caught up in this busy life . Isn’t  it astonishing . Working  days a week makes us mentally and physically . 

Stress is a mental problem that is increasing at a high rate in our society . If you see around you will see how people are sad and  depressed . For avoiding stress and work load , people often start drinking and smoking without even realizing that it is a more bigger trap. 

Music listening is often suggested as a remedy for soothing mind and improving mental health . Music relaxes the mind , energize the body and helps in pain management . 

Listening music while working is a very effective way of improving your after result of the work . Playing more upbeat music improves speed and work quality . 

Music can improve your memory . Students who listen music while studying has shown better result than others . But some students find it difficult , it also depends on the individual .


Why do we need trees ?Its easy we need trees for several reason – it gives us oxygen , stores carbon , stabilizes soil and protects from soil erosion .Trees hold an important value in our lives . They surround our houses and provides us shade . They increase the quality of our life . If a region doesn’t have sufficient amount of trees , that area doesn’t have enough rain . It causes the land to turn into a barren land . So the land losses its fertility with time. As stated by US department of agriculture “One acre of forests absorbs six tons of carbon di oxide and gives out four tons of oxygen .Trees control climate , they provide warmth and act as an shield during rain .


Oxygen is the key factor which makes it possible for humans to survive on earth following by water and food. We humans take everything for granted . If we have anything in large amount we waste it , even if we don’t have it still we waste it .21% of air in our environment is oxygen 78% nitrogen and rest are other gases . 


Cutting down trees in a large amount and decreasing the forest area is known as Deforestation .What are the causes of deforestation ?

  • Increasing population – As the population is growing , demand for houses are increasing and forests are decreasing
  • Increase of agricultural land .
  • Construction – As number of buildings and factories are increasing , forest land is decreasing 


We need help of everyone to make sure that our earth remains green and healthy . Campaign for protection of trees should be started . If not us than who . Because we are the youth of our nation and we are its last hope .



“We cry , since the day we were born” and so we have heard this line a lots of times . 

But as we grow we choose whether we want to cry or whether we want to remain strong , because who cries is a weak person . This mentality makes a lot of person depressed . They try not to show there emotions and they die inside everyday . Were you born to die like these? . No one will agree with these line . We are born to live life enjoy life and to utilize its maximum potential . 


Many a time you see , youngsters they say I am sad because my girlfriend left me .We laugh on such situations but is it a point of laughing . It is not , someone is sad and you choose to laugh is not that great idea . They are going through a phase that we might not understand . We are humans we need to understand our friends , our families and there pain.

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Choose happiness whenever you can . Teach others also how they can remain happy . Self satisfaction is the key .