10 ways to self love

Self-love is a popular concept these days, and it looks a little different for everyone. We all have a unique way of loving ourselves. If you’re unsure about how to start showing yourself some love, here are some thought-starters for how to do it today and every day. Read about ’em, try ’em, and then make ’em your own.

1. Create a self-love ritual.

Turn off the TV and unplug from social media for 15 minutes to get centered while moisturizing your skin with intention. As you massage your feet, thank them for getting you to where you need to go; as you moisturize your hands, love them for all the transactions and introductions they’ve helped you with throughout your life. For a moment, stop taking your body for granted and shower yourself with gratitude.

2. Build a precious community.

As much as we would like to think we can, we can’t do everything ourselves. We need the support and love from people around us to stay motivated and on track. Research shows that positive energy is contagious, so whether you’re building a network or planning to go to a fun event, it’s always important to have a community you value around you regularly.

3. Make a “What’s Working for Me” list.

Truly loving yourself comes from self-acceptance. And one helpful step toward getting to that point of self-acceptance is recognizing what you already have that’s great by writing a “What’s Working for Me” list. Once you see it on paper and accept all of the positivity in your life, it will make it that much easier to love yourself.

4. Know that your body is a loving vessel.

Treating your body like a loving vessel will boost not only your self-love but also your energy. Be intentional about what you put into your body, not because you want to look good but because you want to feel good. Feeding your body nutrient-rich foods will have you oozing love out of every pore.

5. Clean out your closet.

Tidying is more therapeutic than you might think, and getting rid of old things will make room for new ones to come into your life. Cleansing your mind can sometimes work in the form of letting go of clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc., that remind you of a certain time in your life that links to a negative vibration. Don’t chase what’s already happened; love yourself enough to know the best is yet to come.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others on social media.

We’ve all done it. Browsed through social media only to see our favorite media personalities in the middle of a photoshoot for their new books, just after they had awesome shopping sprees and right before the post about their engagements. WHAT?! But remember that these positive pics on the Internet don’t always tell the whole story, and everyone—yes, everyone—has bad days.

7. Explore your spirituality.

Faith is the foundation for self-love. Whether or not you’re religious, believing in something opens up your soul to the beauty of belief and trust. It will build your intuition and help you make decisions based on your intuition. When you explore your spirituality, it will also take you on a journey to learning things about yourself, and those new thoughts, feelings, passions, and raw emotions will make you appreciate yourself for being authentically you.

8. Do something you’re good at.

If this isn’t the ultimate self-esteem booster, I don’t know what is! Self-esteem and self-love often go hand in hand, and participating in a hobby you’re good at will not only boost your endorphins but will bring out the best version of you. If you love to cook, then cook! If you love to run, then grab those sneakers, head outside, and run.

9. Find your happy place.

Think of a place that makes it simple to just be. Sit quietly and embrace the here and now, not thinking about what’s due at work or what bills need to be paid.

10. Build your letting-go muscle.

We’re constantly holding onto things in our past, which can weigh heavy on our souls and even give us low self-esteem. The more blocks we clear, the more we can really live big in the area of self-love. Although we may do this as a way to protect ourselves from hurting, it’s really only holding us back from moving forward to reaching optimal self-acceptance and loving who we are.


10 ways to Build Your Self-Confidence

Above all else! We will discuss how to support your certainty and confidence, and there’s one thing you should know at the present time. “Be confident” is maybe the main suggestion you’ll get in the course of your life. We as a whole comprehend the qualities of confident individuals and how they benefit from them eventually, yet we think that its hard to impersonate them. The adage of “counterfeit it until you make it” will just bring you so far as far as confidence.

Confidence is something troublesome to acquire. We’ve assembled some supportive clues to help you. Try not to stress in case you’re actually experiencing difficulty subsequent to endeavoring these self improvement ideas. We’ve additionally incorporated a rundown of assets for getting further assistance and chipping away at building your certainty with the assistance of others.

Advantages of self confidence

Self confidence has numerous advantages that can have in your life including at home, at business, and seeing someone. Here are a portion of the useful results that Self-Confidence can have in your life.

  1. Better outcomes: Rather than sitting around idly puzzling over about whether you are adequate, you may zero in on your endeavors. therefore, when you’re sure, you’ll perform better.
  2. Connections that are solid: Self-certainty influences how you feel about yourself, yet additionally how you understand and love others. It additionally enables you to leave on the off chance that you’re not getting what you merit.
  3. Having faith in yourself can help you assemble strength, or the capacity to skip back from any mishaps or difficulty you may look throughout everyday life.

ways to build self confidence

Let’s concentrate on improving your ability to trust yourself to complete tasks, both old and new. These techniques aren’t groundbreaking, but they will assist you in recognizing your own ability to succeed.

In any case, quite possibly’s this lift in confidence will urge you to apply to NASA.

Put an end to comparing yourself with others.

Comparisons aren’t acceptable, regardless of whether it’s contrasting how you show up with your Facebook companions or comparing your pay with your companion’s pay. Indeed, a recent report distributed in the diary Personality and Individual Differences found a connection among jealousy and confidence.

Individuals who contrasted themselves with others were demonstrated to be jealous, as indicated by research. What’s more, the more jealousy individuals felt, the lower their confidence became.

Remind yourself of your own qualities and triumphs if you’re feeling envious of someone else’s life.

Take a look at what you’ve already accomplished.

On the off chance that you trust you haven’t accomplished anything, it’s easy to lose confidence. Make a rundown of all that you’re glad for in your life, regardless of whether it’s a decent test score or figuring out how to surf. Keep the rundown convenient and add to it whenever you achieve anything imperative. At the point when you’re feeling down, pull out the rundown and use it to help yourself to remember every one of the incredible things you’ve achieved.

Negative self-talk should be avoided.

Have you ever had the impression that the entire world is conspiring against you? For two reasons, it’s critical to remove the phrases “This usually happens to me” and “This is the tale of my life” from our everyday lexicon: first, we’re persuading ourselves of an untrue reality; second, we’re weakening our self-confidence.

Thus, the following time you fail to catch your plane or lose your office lift access card, recall that it happens to everybody.

Take a Risk and Leave Your Comfort Zone.

Quite possibly the best strategies to create is to venture outside of your usual range of familiarity. It will be terrifying to attempt new things, yet that is essential for the good times. Attempt to follow the guidance of the lululemon pack and do something terrifying each day. That is a decent spot to begin. Something startling each day is ideal since it permits you to approach it slowly and carefully while likewise pushing you out of your usual range of familiarity.

Make changes to your non-verbal communication.

According to her findings, arranging our bodies to take up more space results in more testosterone and lower cortisol levels, which decreases stress and boosts confidence. In fact, everything that causes your posture to expand sends a message to your body (and brain) that you are capable and in authority. Although these modifications may appear insignificant, they can make a significant difference for most of us who spend the most of our days seated, whether at school or at work.

Prioritize yourself.

Permitting somebody to abuse you is certainly not a smart thought. Advise yourself that you are important and meriting reasonable treatment. It’s okay to be egotistical sometimes.

When it comes to boosting our self confidence, our deeds might speak louder than our words (or ideas). When you help people who are less fortunate or in need, you are also helping to improve your own feeling of self.Finding a balance between self-care, self-compassion, and our obligation to others is difficult.

Make it a habit to say no.

You don’t have to do something only to impress other people. Simply say “no” if it goes against your ideas or ideals.People who have poor self-esteem are frequently afraid of social rejection or criticism.

They have a difficult time prioritizing their wants over others because they are nervous about their social group membership and uneasy about their self-worth.Of course, there will be those who take advantage of this. Your supervisor or coworker may expect you to take on work obligations that aren’t part of your job description.When you’re confronted with a power imbalance and you’ve made a habit of giving yes to unjust requests and demands saying no can be exceptionally difficult.

People who believe in you should be in your life.

We are frequently (though not always) our own harshest critics. If you’re having difficulties gaining confidence, consider surrounding yourself with individuals who believe in you. You can’t control everything, but you can typically control the people you spend time with to some level.Say your goodbyes to those who want to bring you down. Instead, surround yourself with people who encourage you and believe in you. Their encouragement will encourage you to believe in yourself as well.

Consider what you’re good at.

Everyone has their own set of skills and abilities. What are some of yours? Recognizing your strengths and attempting to improve on them will help you gain confidence in your own talents.

Enjoy What You’re Doing.

For everybody, present day life might be upsetting and depleting. You may feel constrained to continually work on yourself, center around your defects, or increment your efficiency. You need to make a stride back once in a while. Try doing the basic things that satisfy you.

Play a portion of your number one tunes. Put your thoughts down in writing. Take a walk, read a book, or watch a film. Take up another hobby or revive an interest you set to the side since you were engaged with your schooling, calling, or family. Some of the time you need to put your joy first. You may quit agonizing over whether you are “adequate” or have “done what’s needed” with your life on the off chance that you have a solid level of confidence.

The first step is to believe in yourselves

Believe in Yourself - Motivational Video - YouTube

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it. I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was a man of extreme will power. He was one of the people who never gave up and kept working until he succeeded. His identity is not limited to a lawyer, nationalist or a freedom fighter. He was a leader and a writer who people used to look up to. He gave the world various learning which a normal person could not do. He was one of the people who left us in debt not of money but of knowledge.

No man is born with what he has now. All the qualities which a man possesses are the fruit of his hard work, his blood, sweat and tears. A man’s thought process plays a very important role in his life, what a man believes gets reflected in his actions; later these actions become his values and a man is made up of his values. What I think is what I will do, what I think of myself is what I will be. A human’s brain has been given a special ability which is rare for any other living species and that is the power to think. The concept of thinking is not limited, might its literal meaning be considering or reasoning about something but a broad perspective is hidden behind it. To think is to imagine, to dream, to determine. One day if I think of myself as a decent person with a strong mind, I will on the same day start the journey to become one. The next day I will feel stronger and the next to next day I will feel stronger. After one month I will become the person I aspired to be and this is how thinking process works. But if I keep think of myself as a person with a weak mindset, after a month I will be weaker. This has both positive and negative effect and it depends on the person how he uses his thinking capacity. A person’s attitude makes him and breaks him too. Considering things like, ‘I can’t do this’ will make us rigid but a simple thought like ‘I can, I can do this’ will make us flexible. Life is all about discovering new things and adapting them. Life is like a game in which we find new adventures every day, but if you deny facing them you need to start from the 1st level to a new path. While the others who faced it are far ahead of you with new skills, values and are walking further.

Failing to do something does not denote that you cannot do it but it simply says that you need to do it again, you need to practice more. A person who fails once and thinks he cannot do it will go even behind. But the one who learns from his mistakes is even better than the people who succeeded at their first attempt. A soft sea has never made a good sailor. The more you fail, the more you learn a person can never learn something on his own or by birth. This is a concept contrary to talent, to be precise, talent is often considered an inborn skill but what is often overlooked is the hard work behind it. A veteran basketball player missed 100 shots to make 10 perfect ones; he lost 50 matches to win the 10. The person who is ahead of you has failed many more times than you did. A person fails due to his mistake not because he wasn’t made for him. If I think I am not capable of a thing it will not only stop me from doing it again but make me incapable of it while I could certainly made it through if I wanted to. In a class with 50 students with a fixed mindset remained the same academically but 50 with a growth mindset improved a grade point or two. A mindset is what we nurture from the very beginning hat is our childhood, as it is well known that we tame ourselves when young. But as we know what we think, we will become so it is right to say that age is just a number. It is never too late.

The best version of a person comes out when he becomes confident of his capabilities. Years ago, it was considered impossible for a human being to cut the mountain all by himself. But soon it was proved by the mountain man when he cut the mountain single handedly with a hammer and a chisel. The man who cut the mountain was inspired by the grief of his wife’s death but it made him do something no one dreamt of. There are several examples of people doing things that a man never imagined he could. The concept certainly doesn’t mean to think impossible things like flying, but to think of that, it made the Wright brothers do what no one did. What others say and what others do is something which affects a man the most, both in positive and negative ways. A man with weak mindset not only makes himself a humdrum but others too, but a person with a progressive mind can not only motivate himself but others to do what others can’t. It is just a game of mindsets which assign role for people but these stereotypes are always broken now and then. A blind cannot read is just one of these assigned roles, which was broken fairly when a blind girl not only read but cracked one of the most difficult exams of the country, the UPSC mains. “A man who believes he can do something is right and so is the one who believes he can’t.”, it certainly says it all. Determination is the key to success, when a person makes his mind to do something with his full will power then there is no one stopping him unless he stops himself from doing it. Everyone would like to win but there are a few who can and the secret is to make your mind and work.

The Art of Self Acceptance

How often do you look at yourself and think that you’re not good enough? That you should have performed better at that test, or maybe should have been slimmer, taller, had a clear skin? In general people blame themselves most of the time for not being good enough. Most of us have become adapt to self-criticism in this high pressured society. And it is not bad at all, to know your weakness and criticize yourself and learn from your mistakes seems like the best way possible to achieve your goals. Self-criticism motivates you but often we become so good at self-criticism and finding our mistakes that we forget to accept our downfalls. Falling prey to excessive criticism often make you depressed, doubt your potential and makes you give up even before trying. Then comes the phase of self-flagellation, where you beat yourself mentally for not being good enough. In easier words it can be called self-blaming, when you blame yourself too much for things that are not even in your control. This might actually affect your performance, making you perform worse than you usually do. You might even lose the will to get up and start, and simply procrastinate.

Depression and self-hatred are serious enemies of life

You need to appreciate the role of self-care, because it’s not only criticism that makes you work. We are so obsessed with success that we fail to acknowledge the scale of challenges and that everyone has some weaknesses. What is easy for your friend might not be that easy for you and vice-versa. The path to your decided goal does not have to be that spotless. You can fall and start all over again anytime. The society might have made you believe that you have to write the entire poem alone but in reality, we all are here to add our own small verses. Daily we routine ourselves to achieve that goal that often you forgot who you are. You are so much more than the degree you completed, maybe the race you won or the test you aced. These materialistic achievements only make up about 20% of the person you genuinely are.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Social media has made you believe that everyone except you in this world is rich and beautiful. And thus you are running after that artificial lifestyle some influencer pretends to have. You are depressed because you weren’t able to pass that exam that someone else did. You want to get that flat stomach, and a sharp jaw line that he has because that might make you look cooler than before and everyone around you will love you more. The more you know about diets, exercise and perfect bodies, the more you become dissatisfied with your body. The more you look at luxurious lives of people on media, the more you become disappointed about what you have been doing all your life. Comparison will take you nowhere because it never ends, there is always a person with something bigger than you. Instead self acceptance is the key to an actual satisfaction. When will it be that we stop justifying, people pleasing, looking outside ourselves for validation about our worth that we know comes from within?

Get rid of that hypothetical mask you are carrying with yourself

Have you ever recorded your voice and felt uncomfortable with the way you sound? Might have, many times but have you ever realized that everyone around you has listened to that voice and they are okay with that. When you look at a random recording of yourself you are unpleased by the way you look, or talk. There’s no way I look/sound like that. But everyone else has looked at you the same way. Everybody is already okay with you and it is you who need to accept yourself. The standards on which you judge yourself are often based on the ones you see on social media or television. But the final product they post/show us is actually a product of photo shop and hundreds of retakes. Reality has no retakes and it is okay to be what you are.

Self-acceptance and Self-compassion

People take responsibility of everything that happens in their life, or will blame their luck for most of the part. Luck is a genuine feature of existence but by blaming yourself or your luck, you also rob yourself the opportunity of fair conciliation. No one is entirely in control of the things that happen around them, sometimes it is okay to fall or maybe crash. You need to reduce expectations to zero for a time. Take each new hour as it comes, and without being banal, what you need most of all, is some rest. Self-compassion is not equal to self pity; you need to give yourself a break even if you feel like you haven’t done something big. Humans were not created to achieve, they were created to live and that is what you have been doing. Don’t be too hard on yourself, life is not a race, it is a puzzle take your time.

The people who love you will still love you for who you are and not for what you have achieved. It is okay to not being able to achieve what you wanted, it is okay to learn from your mistakes but it is not okay to fall prey to the never ending cycle of needs. Success doesn’t necessarily have to be something big, it can be small things. Completing that assignment you have been procrastinating is also a success. There is no set time to achieve it or a scale to decide how much success is enough to be successful.


Break the sheath
Emerge from the ground beneath
Raise above the storm
To flourish and bloom..

Self-Confidence is the most valuable thing one can hold. Even if you earn billions if you lack self-confidence you are not worthy enough to be called as perfect. This is one virtue one can stick on to the entire life and the one who lacks self-confidence probably can never succeed in life. Life is the greatest teacher who can teach valuable lesson during its course period called life. And the best thing it teaches is self-confidence and self-motivation. Motivation to your self can lead you to higher achievements and greatest success in life. This is the stairs to victory. Climbing up these stairs is not an easy task without self-confidence and self-motivation. Self-love is the truest love one can hold on in this earth. If you can’t yourself then you can never love anybody else truly. As every single person on this earth knows that life is not a bed of roses, life is filled with ups and downs. But that is not permanent either up or down your level will be changed for sure and nothing can help you overcome except for self-confidence. Being confident in yourself is like plucking a rose amidst the thorns. Once if you cross the thorns and reach the rose, the rose belongs to you. But if you deny going through the thorns you will never reach the rose. Life is filled with thorns and you must have confidence in your own self to reach greater heights. Success comes to those who believe in their abilities. A person with self-confidence is one who is hardworking, optimistic, independent and meaningful in nature. Just believe that you can do anything and everything. Motivate yourself in different ways to keep your mind away from disappointments. Learn from failures, Overcome Struggles, Raise and Shine.