Break the sheath
Emerge from the ground beneath
Raise above the storm
To flourish and bloom..

Self-Confidence is the most valuable thing one can hold. Even if you earn billions if you lack self-confidence you are not worthy enough to be called as perfect. This is one virtue one can stick on to the entire life and the one who lacks self-confidence probably can never succeed in life. Life is the greatest teacher who can teach valuable lesson during its course period called life. And the best thing it teaches is self-confidence and self-motivation. Motivation to your self can lead you to higher achievements and greatest success in life. This is the stairs to victory. Climbing up these stairs is not an easy task without self-confidence and self-motivation. Self-love is the truest love one can hold on in this earth. If you can’t yourself then you can never love anybody else truly. As every single person on this earth knows that life is not a bed of roses, life is filled with ups and downs. But that is not permanent either up or down your level will be changed for sure and nothing can help you overcome except for self-confidence. Being confident in yourself is like plucking a rose amidst the thorns. Once if you cross the thorns and reach the rose, the rose belongs to you. But if you deny going through the thorns you will never reach the rose. Life is filled with thorns and you must have confidence in your own self to reach greater heights. Success comes to those who believe in their abilities. A person with self-confidence is one who is hardworking, optimistic, independent and meaningful in nature. Just believe that you can do anything and everything. Motivate yourself in different ways to keep your mind away from disappointments. Learn from failures, Overcome Struggles, Raise and Shine.