An Unforgettable Love Story

Pyramus And Thisbe

"This is a beautiful story,
of a girl and a boy about to marry,
no less than any tale of the fairy,
and results in the creation of a berry."

Once upon a time, there lived a young couple remembered as Pyramus and Thisbe. Both were deeply beautiful and since childhood adored each other. However, the rivalry among the families restricted them from getting closer.

“The small hands turned to big hearts,
clashes also couldn't keep them apart,
though the distance was their life's part,
to exchange affection they were enough smart.”

They were privileged enough to be neighbors and their homes were separated by a single wall. As the saying goes, “love finds its way” the youngsters discovered a crack in the wall and stood there for hours whispering vows of love between themselves.

“He blames the cruel wall,
for their ultimate love fall,
she consoles him to be grateful for the crack small,
without which all their efforts were null.” 

The couple was aware of the fact that their kin would never permit the union and therefore, they planned to run away to marry each other. The arrangements were made to fulfill the rituals, under a large tree beside a monument at the border of the city. 

“Thisbe being first,
saw the lioness drinking water to quench its thirst,
saving herself was a must,
so she runs but her veil leaves behind in gust.”

The feline curiosity of the lioness interests her to play with the veil using its strong claws. After a while, this inquisitiveness ends and it goes from there. Right after this incident, the Pyramus arrives and encounters the veil with imprints of claws and bloodstains. 

“The young man gets consumed by guilt,  
as it was because of him that this idea was built,
in between the mind and heart's conflict,
he stabs himself with a sword and lets his body split.” 

Thisbe returns from her hidden space and discovers Pyramus dead under the same tree where they decided to meet. Under utter grief, she notices that he was holding the very veil torn by the animal and understands the whole sad scene. Therefore, she threw herself on the same sword that had claimed her lover’s life.

“Although they loved each other deeply,
were able to express their emotions freely,  
had faith in one another completely, 
but the  fate was formulated weakly.”

The couple’s blood was absorbed by the roots of the tree under which the couple perished, resulting in them becoming more delicious. Despite their disagreement, the families of both suspended their hostilities and buried a couple of lovers beside the other. At last, to honor their true love it still grows with sweet and reddish fruits. Today it is prominently sold as Mulberries.

The roots of Greek philosophy adds verisimilitude to the story as well as a funny twist of unconditional love. However, it also serves as a warning as love can be tragic if exceeds the limit.

What can give you smile has the power to take it back as well.

While there is life, there is hope!

“When her husband and son entered the room to check-in, they found the bed empty and the window open wide. She finally jumped from the building. It took place around 3:00 am.” How many times we have come across these headlines but carelessly ignore them without giving a second thought what if one of our kin become the victim?

Suicide doesn’t end the pain, it passes onto someone else.

Why people self harm?

According to some, it is a way to control their body, as they can’t control anything else in their living. While others feel less anxious as the emotional pain slowly turns into a physical one. In addition, there are many other reasons for taking up the beautiful life of an innocent.

Will you cry, if I die?

I was five-year-old when I saw my mom in the bathroom lying with her hands full of blood. I have a vivid memory of an ambulance taking her to the hospital. Later I came to know that she was suffering from a maniac illness that brings extreme mood swings in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior; named Bipolar Disorder. I never received the love of my mother, as she used to treat me well in a happy mood while hit me when turned sluggish. And that's how I started seeking love from my girlfriends. The craving was so high that I expected them to behave like a mother and was very obsessive for them. As a result, I was not successful in any of the relationships. I always blamed my father for the condition of my mother, as I was in the illusion that his hitting was the ultimate cause of her sufferings. However, everything changed after her third suicide attempt with a note "Will you cry, If I die?" I was left all alone in shock and despair. Soon, all the truths were revealed. My dad became the best buddy and claimed that he never hit my mom, rather helped her to get better. Since then, I started becoming mode practical and gained control over my emotions. Now I'm happy with the family of 4 members. I miss my mom sometimes, but I know she would be happy somewhere in her new body away from all the miseries!!

Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars shine. You have the power to say,

“This is not how my story will end.”


Where Life had no value Death had its own price!!

Death is something which is unbearable and unacceptable. The truth about death is the suffering is not for the person who dies but for the people who loved the person dearly. The very word death skips a heartbeat. Losing someone whom we love the most is the most painful thing in this life. One will never know which moment the heart beat stops. Life holds many twists and turns and one such thing in life is death. The situation is really pathetic and the hardest part is holding on to their memories. You can neither remember nor forget, all those moments you laughed will be replaced with tears, all those unfulfilled promises still breaks you more and a part of your heart really longs for the person to return back with some magic elements. Sometimes all that you hold might be only memories and even after years pass the feelings never fade away. People might say time heals and memories fade, but neither time heals nor memories fade. Even after decades the pain will be fresh and new as if everything happened the day before. Heart will be filled with void when you look at that special person from your heart is resting beneath. Sometimes we may feel “like rise up and say that you made a drama” but then when reality strikes it’s even more painful. This is the only problem that has no solution and a wound that can never be healed. The life that was lived by the person will be praised in the funeral and burial sermons but still all that we want is the person to return back. Most of the times R.I.P doesn’t mean Rest in Peace but it mean Return if Possible, the impossible wish made by the loved ones. Some believe in next life and some believe in eternity but nothing can bring them back in this life is the miserable truth that is hard to accept but a mandatory fate for every life. Every person in this world knows that each of us should die someday, but none knew which day it is and that is the boon and bane of life.