Where Life had no value Death had its own price!!

Death is something which is unbearable and unacceptable. The truth about death is the suffering is not for the person who dies but for the people who loved the person dearly. The very word death skips a heartbeat. Losing someone whom we love the most is the most painful thing in this life. One will never know which moment the heart beat stops. Life holds many twists and turns and one such thing in life is death. The situation is really pathetic and the hardest part is holding on to their memories. You can neither remember nor forget, all those moments you laughed will be replaced with tears, all those unfulfilled promises still breaks you more and a part of your heart really longs for the person to return back with some magic elements. Sometimes all that you hold might be only memories and even after years pass the feelings never fade away. People might say time heals and memories fade, but neither time heals nor memories fade. Even after decades the pain will be fresh and new as if everything happened the day before. Heart will be filled with void when you look at that special person from your heart is resting beneath. Sometimes we may feel “like rise up and say that you made a drama” but then when reality strikes it’s even more painful. This is the only problem that has no solution and a wound that can never be healed. The life that was lived by the person will be praised in the funeral and burial sermons but still all that we want is the person to return back. Most of the times R.I.P doesn’t mean Rest in Peace but it mean Return if Possible, the impossible wish made by the loved ones. Some believe in next life and some believe in eternity but nothing can bring them back in this life is the miserable truth that is hard to accept but a mandatory fate for every life. Every person in this world knows that each of us should die someday, but none knew which day it is and that is the boon and bane of life.