While there is life, there is hope!

“When her husband and son entered the room to check-in, they found the bed empty and the window open wide. She finally jumped from the building. It took place around 3:00 am.” How many times we have come across these headlines but carelessly ignore them without giving a second thought what if one of our kin become the victim?

Suicide doesn’t end the pain, it passes onto someone else.

Why people self harm?

According to some, it is a way to control their body, as they can’t control anything else in their living. While others feel less anxious as the emotional pain slowly turns into a physical one. In addition, there are many other reasons for taking up the beautiful life of an innocent.

Will you cry, if I die?

I was five-year-old when I saw my mom in the bathroom lying with her hands full of blood. I have a vivid memory of an ambulance taking her to the hospital. Later I came to know that she was suffering from a maniac illness that brings extreme mood swings in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior; named Bipolar Disorder. I never received the love of my mother, as she used to treat me well in a happy mood while hit me when turned sluggish. And that's how I started seeking love from my girlfriends. The craving was so high that I expected them to behave like a mother and was very obsessive for them. As a result, I was not successful in any of the relationships. I always blamed my father for the condition of my mother, as I was in the illusion that his hitting was the ultimate cause of her sufferings. However, everything changed after her third suicide attempt with a note "Will you cry, If I die?" I was left all alone in shock and despair. Soon, all the truths were revealed. My dad became the best buddy and claimed that he never hit my mom, rather helped her to get better. Since then, I started becoming mode practical and gained control over my emotions. Now I'm happy with the family of 4 members. I miss my mom sometimes, but I know she would be happy somewhere in her new body away from all the miseries!!

Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars shine. You have the power to say,

“This is not how my story will end.”