Hi! Today we will be talking about an interesting topic. Mythology. I always am ready to listen to folklore, myths and tales. Simply because find Myths to be striking. Mythologies are a collection of myths of particular cultures and religions. Myths we’re recorded as human beings started to have manuscripts.

Myths and legends were created as humans mastered the way of writing. Myths mostly discuss the relationship between God and humans. It dealt with questions like who are deities? How the world was created? The righteousness and the unethical aspects.

Hindu Mythology is also cited as Hindu Mythology. Indian mythology includes Buddhist, Sikhism, Jainism, etc… Mythology plays an important role as it is the core of culture and religion. Another reason is the battle of good and evil, which helps us to learn, discover and comprehend the way of living.

When we discuss Hindu Mythology, the popular tales are of Ramayana and Mahabaratha. Apart from that, we have tons of myths. Hindus worship numerous deities. Authors are retelling the myths in a fascinating, thought-provoking way.

Top Indian Authors who write with Modern Ingredients

  • Kavita Kane
  • Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
  • Amish Tripathi
  • Dr Devdutt Pattanaik
  • Aditi Banerjee

Top 5 Indian Mythology Books to Read


“You know you are very beautiful.”
‘But where is my achievement in that?’ Ahalya asked, with genuine puzzlement. “It’s not my talent; it’s God’s gift.”

Kavita Kane is known for her modern twist. Ahalya is a character in the epic Ramayana, we don’t get to see much about her. A sheltered princess then a loving wife of Rishi Gautam. Her tale is the play of destiny and fate. It retells the patriarchal society which exist even today.



“A leader must love his country more than he loves his own soul.

Amish Tripathi is famous for his remarkable detailing of characters in his book. The characteristics of his works are written from outstanding perspectives. Sita was known to be a woman who suffered in silence but here she is portrayed as fierce, strong administrator and warrior.

The light has been shed on Ravana too. In his work, he gives voice to Ravana’s aspect. He is someone who will kill without guilt. Is he a villain?



I couldn’t control what was done to me. But my response to it was in my control.”

I would say it’s a masterpiece and a must-read. We get to know Sita’s POV, it’s a delightful piece of work. Sita is stated to be the epitome of values and a warrior. The cover looks stunning!

The values of Ramayana are infused in our lives. This book will mould our perspective.



“Refusal to accept the flow of the world is the root of all misery.”

A compelling retelling of the epic Mahabharata. The doorkeeper of Vaikuntha is a twin Jaya and Vijaya. The difference between them is what we need to solve the mystery of the epic. The tale is said with simplicity and clarity.



The book is a retelling of Gandhari’s fate. We get to see the tale through Gandhari’s eyes. It is a fascinating story about how she shaped the epic. Her dedication towards her vow is striking. After being married to a blind prince, she stayed blindfolded for life. Most stories haven’t described her in detail, unlike this one.


These are the books I would say one must read to re-shape their perspectives if required. The stories are captivating. Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations.

An Unforgettable Love Story

Pyramus And Thisbe

"This is a beautiful story,
of a girl and a boy about to marry,
no less than any tale of the fairy,
and results in the creation of a berry."

Once upon a time, there lived a young couple remembered as Pyramus and Thisbe. Both were deeply beautiful and since childhood adored each other. However, the rivalry among the families restricted them from getting closer.

“The small hands turned to big hearts,
clashes also couldn't keep them apart,
though the distance was their life's part,
to exchange affection they were enough smart.”

They were privileged enough to be neighbors and their homes were separated by a single wall. As the saying goes, “love finds its way” the youngsters discovered a crack in the wall and stood there for hours whispering vows of love between themselves.

“He blames the cruel wall,
for their ultimate love fall,
she consoles him to be grateful for the crack small,
without which all their efforts were null.” 

The couple was aware of the fact that their kin would never permit the union and therefore, they planned to run away to marry each other. The arrangements were made to fulfill the rituals, under a large tree beside a monument at the border of the city. 

“Thisbe being first,
saw the lioness drinking water to quench its thirst,
saving herself was a must,
so she runs but her veil leaves behind in gust.”

The feline curiosity of the lioness interests her to play with the veil using its strong claws. After a while, this inquisitiveness ends and it goes from there. Right after this incident, the Pyramus arrives and encounters the veil with imprints of claws and bloodstains. 

“The young man gets consumed by guilt,  
as it was because of him that this idea was built,
in between the mind and heart's conflict,
he stabs himself with a sword and lets his body split.” 

Thisbe returns from her hidden space and discovers Pyramus dead under the same tree where they decided to meet. Under utter grief, she notices that he was holding the very veil torn by the animal and understands the whole sad scene. Therefore, she threw herself on the same sword that had claimed her lover’s life.

“Although they loved each other deeply,
were able to express their emotions freely,  
had faith in one another completely, 
but the  fate was formulated weakly.”

The couple’s blood was absorbed by the roots of the tree under which the couple perished, resulting in them becoming more delicious. Despite their disagreement, the families of both suspended their hostilities and buried a couple of lovers beside the other. At last, to honor their true love it still grows with sweet and reddish fruits. Today it is prominently sold as Mulberries.

The roots of Greek philosophy adds verisimilitude to the story as well as a funny twist of unconditional love. However, it also serves as a warning as love can be tragic if exceeds the limit.

What can give you smile has the power to take it back as well.