How to be a Full Stack Developer?

Before getting into the topic, “how to become a full stack Java developer?” or “how to become a full stack Python developer?”, we learn what is Full Stack development. We are living in a virtual world. We are solving every problem in this virtual world with the help of softwares like some solution. This software contains multiple layers. We have Presentation layer, Business layer and Database layer. The presentation layer is something where the user interacts. For example, if we are going to, we are accessing the front page of the website. That is the presentation layer. We can also say app here instead of website. If we are going to WordPress app, the page that comes first is the presentation layer. Then we are writing an article/a blog and then publishing it or saving it as a draft. All these processing part runs in the server which contains the business logic. As our requirements change, the business logic will also change. And then we have a database layer where we will put our data. The data that we put in should be stored somewhere. That’s why we have a database layer. Now a question arises. If we want to build this application, what are the technologies should we learn?

If we talk about industry, for different layers we have different professionals to work with it. We have experts in presentation layer. We have experts in business layer. As well we have experts in database layer. A Java developer basically works with the business layer. Now a question may arise. Why not presentation layer? Presentation layer can be done by people who are creative. Because he/she must provide the users a good looking UI with a good UX and to build a good UI with good UX, he/she needs creativity. He/she must understand the users; and colour mapping as well. A presentation layer expert must know HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Those are the technologies used in front end. One can also use Angular, React. A business layer expert must know PHP, Java, C sharp, Python. Nowadays JavaScript is also used in business layer. For Database layer, we need experts with knowledge in Oracle, MySql and  NoSql.

MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and nodeJS are the MEAN stack used. With the help of stack we can build the entire software. What is Stack? Stack simply means one over the other. We have the Presentation layer which communicates with the Business layer which communicates with the Database layer. All these can be done using Stack.

We have seen that there are experts working with every layer. But nowadays there are companies that position a full stack developer. From sta rt to end, everything will be done by him.
The advantages of having a full stack developer:

  • There is no communication gap between teams.
  • The full stack developer is the Jack of all technologies.

But there is also a drawback of having a full stack developer. He is the Jack of all technologies but master of none. But that’s fine. Working on more projects and spending more time with technologies make him trained.

If you want to be a full stack developer, learn front end(Presentation layer) then get into technologies used in business layer and then into database layer. The thing that differs for a full stack Java developer and a full stack Python developer is the business layer. For a full stack Java developer, the business layer will be of Java. For a full stack Python developer, the business layer will be of Python. Just stick to one technology (language) and upgrade on that. You don’t need to learn every language. All the best.

Healthy food habits

We all are stepping into this earth from mother’s womb. We all grow from child phase of life and get matured in adult phase and then live a life,no matter whether we wish or not. Then we all die getting old. In the course of our life, we will be happy at some points, worried at some points. But whatever happens, life has to go on. There is a famous quote “Health is Wealth”. No matter we have money in lakhs or crores. That does not mean wealth. A person living a life with good health is said to be rich and a wealthy person. But the question is, do we care about our health much? Not many people do.

The care about the health of a person starts from his food,what he eats,how he eats and when he eats. People who don’t care much on their health eat whatever they like in an uncontrolled manner. It is not bad to eat our favourite food. But we should have a control over anything we do. We should take high amounts of water,proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and even fat. Many people don’t understand that fat is an essential diet for our body. Just like proteins and carbohydrates,fat is essential to keep our brain and heart healthy. Bad fats include artificial trans fats and saturated fats. Good fats include unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids.

Don’t go no fat, go good fat.

Foods to avoid:

  • Commercially baked cookies,muffins,pizzas,cakes
  • Packed snacks items
  • Fried foods
  • Foods with saturated fats
Foods with saturated fats include beef,pork,chicken skin,dairy items,ice cream, coconut oil,palm oil,etc...
Foods with omega-3 fatty acids include Oysters, Mussels, Eggs, Soyabean oil, Beans, Spinach, Brussel sprouts, etc... 

Suggested foods to avoid high blood pressure:

Maida, Bread, Noodles, Pizza, Burger, Channa Dal, Spinach, Fenugreek leaves, Beet root, Coconut, Cashew nut, Cows milk, Cheese, Ghee, Vinegar, Baking soda, Chocolate, Cakes, Alcohol, Chips, Puppad.

Bread and Cake are advised to avoid because it contains Sodium. Also the main ingredient used in them is Maida which will rise blood sugar level and reduce amount of fat burning.

Fruits advised for weight loss:

  1. Bananas: They have high calorie content and also loaded with nutrients. No only that,they have considerable amounts of vitamins, potassium, manganese, magnesium and anti-oxidants. It helps to regulate insulin level in our body and helps to fight against Cholesterol.
  2. Apples: Reports have also shown that people who ate more apples had fewer issues with cholesterol. It also reduces hunger.
  3. Melons: These are one of the easiest fruits to find in markets. They have high amounts of water and are with low calories. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, and fibre.
  4. Grapes: Grapes have high amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Studies have shown that regularly eating grapefruit can help you burn tummy fat, reduce waist circumference, and regulate blood pressure levels.
  5. Papayas: They are rich in Vitamin C and anti oxidants. This fruit contains an enzyme called papain, which boosts your metabolism and breaks down food in your system. This prevents your body from retaining too much fat and helps you lose weight .

Mental health of students during pandemic

As humans, Physiological and Psychological well-being is essential for us to live a peaceful life. But do we all have peace in our lives today? The pandemic hited everyone’s life upside down. Until 2019,the world was moving very quick. No one had time to think. We had no break. Then the Covid-19 pandemic came. Situation changed. The doors of exploration were closed. We were in homes,locked. We understood that we need break. The impact created by this pandemic was huge. Every sector of the society got hit. Talking about students and education, college life is the turning point for many. Interactions with professors, students and the healthy and positive environment in college campus contribute more than anything in his student life. But now there is no in-person communication for students with teachers.

They discussions going among students in college are “Do we have any free hours today? Shall we go to canteen? Do we have any assignment submission? Today is the last day to lend books to library?”. There would be so much interest towards education if they were in college. But now,”Am I audible?Is my screen visible? Switch on your cameras” these are the discussions going on. What made it so different? There occured a change. Change is a part of human life. It may happen within a body or can come from external environment. It can be either positive or negative. The thing matters is,how humans react to it? It’s normal for a person to worry. But it won’t help us now. But it can be changed by our thoughts.

Any life is life of change

-Kathleen Smith,2021

There occurs changes in nature. Species adapt to changes. It is called Evolution. As well,humans have the capability to adapt to changes. It is an emotional reaction;difficult to compare from a person to another. The point is how persistent you are to adapt to this change.

A change starts with an ending;then the neutral zone full of confusion and frustration. Finally comes a new beginning.

What should we do now?

1) Understand:

Normally our brain works in system 1 thinking which gives controlled emotions. But there is also another kind called System 2 thinking where we don’t think much before acting. Today we should understand the situation and act rightly. We should not leave stress to take over us.

2) Resilience:

It is the ability to cope with change and work to start a new beginning. People with resilience have higher tolerance. Resilience helps us to be positive even at these difficult times. It helps us to stay focussed and work on our objectives. It helps us to improve self-esteem. We should work to build up resilience.


Changes are outside individual’s control. Just focus on things within your control. Use time in a positive way. Take actions that help us to improve in life. Take inspiration from the past. This situation will end. We need to accept that and believe.

4)Reach out:

Connect with family and friends via phone,video chats,etc. Technology is here to help us. We have to come out of the shell,open our minds and discuss about the concerns we have. We have to avoid negative discussions and messages and use social media and networks to learn and improve.

5)Self care:

Our body is interesting.We have to keep it good by doing exercise daily. It’s a relaxation technique. We should have enough sleep to keep our brain healthy. We have to rediscover our hobbies that have a positive impact on our Psychological well-being. We have to stay motivated with persistence and endurance.

Good vibes:

  • Family time
  • Rediscovering hobbies
  • Learning
  • Pollution levels down
  • Less accidents
  • Personal hygeine
  • Restructuring life
  • Wildlife is thriving
  • Technological advancements in health-care sector.

We have all these positives to think about. We are at the verge of ending the pandemic. Be ready for a new beginning.

The only thing that remains constant is the change.

-Abraham Loeb

Life of poor during pandamic

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a major setback in the economic growth of India. Many graduates lost their jobs and finding hard to run their family in this critical period. Despite this, there is a large population of daily wagers in the nation who receive INR 100 per day as wages. They eat with the wages what they earn everyday. The Production sector of the nation strucks in this lockdown. Many factories stopped their production. Some runs with a restricted count of labours. In this situation, the daily wagers are standing helpless. Not only them. Farmers,small shop owners, carpenters,mechanic shop owners and many like them are in the same situation.

So what is the solution? Has the Government left them without caring? The obvious answer is no. They are giving free ration products and offers relief funds for the poor. But the question is, is that enough for them to survive? The director-general of the World Health Organization said the lockdown to limit the COVID-19 transmission had “unintended consequences for the poorest” and “most vulnerable”. According to the World Bank’s 2015 estimates, India has 176 million people living in extreme poverty and like Uke, who earn less than $1.9 a day. The United Nations’ 2019 Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), a more holistic measure of poverty that looks at deprivation through the lens of nutrition, health indicators, schooling, sanitation and access to essential amenities puts the number of poor in India at 369 million.

The thing to worry is that over 380 million people in India are employed in the informal sector. How will they manage their needs in this pandemic without going to jobs? How will they pay their debts? The loan lenders, indeed humans with humanity, should understand the situation that the country is facing. They should give some time for debtors to pay off their loans. Many lenders here don’t think the same. There are lenders who employ men to beat debtors and take money from them in an improper way. Government is taking action on them. This is really a good move,which will help the poor.

The struggles and work done by the government for years to abolish poverty in the nation were now gone in vain in just few months time. There are people dieing of hunger than the Covid-19. Though everything is against us, there are our frontline workers fighting their lives for us standing brave in the battle-ground. We must respect them and be safe inside our homes until the sireousness of the situation comes down. That is the only way we can support them and serve the nation today. Many youngsters are coming forward to volunteer to serve the poor. They consider that feeding the poor is equivalent to serving the God. The abled citizen should get inspired by them and come forward to serve the poor in this situation.

We must take a pledge not to go out and make this situation even worse. Let’s be home,be aware,be safe. If we unite by minds and distanced by bodies, we can through away the pandemic in near future.