What Is the Best Time to Post a Blog and How to Test it?

Are you wondering when should you publish blog posts? Do you want to hit that sweet spot where you get the most traffic, social shares, and comments?

If you’ve just written a great blog post and want it to go viral, then publishing time can play an important role.

In this article, we’ll show you what is the best time to post a blog by going through key facts. We’ll also show you how you can test the best time to take your blogs live.

Let’s kick things off with a look at…

Best Time of Day to Post a Blog for More Pageviews

As you start blogging, you’ll have many questions like what time of day should you publish a post. Or which days are best for getting the most traffic.

To answers such queries, different studies have been done where agencies and websites have gone through tons of data.

And among them is a study conducted by Shareaholic in 2011 that shows the best time to publish a blog post is early morning between 7 AM to 1 PM EST on weekdays.

The peak is between 9 AM and 10 AM, which shows when you can schedule or publish your posts.

Building upon the same point,

shows that 70% of users read blogs in the morning (during the AM hours).

&It makes sense as people starting their day would be going through emails, planning their week, and reading up on the latest news.

That said, people do read blogs throughout the day, so you can publish posts in the later hours as well. Now let’s see which days you should take your blogs live.

Best Days to Publish a Blog Post for Traffic

Along with time, different studies show that posting blogs on certain days can help generate more traffic. And which days are we talking about?

Shareaholic suggested that the best day to post a blog is Monday if you want more pageviews. Similarly, Kissmetrics also says that Monday is the best to publish a post and generate traffic.

What’s the Best Time to Post a Blog for Social Shares?

When it comes to engaging people on social media, you’d want to push your blog post when your users are active.

And to give you an idea of what’s the best day for getting social shares, consider a study by TrackMaven. They analyzed 65,000+ blogs and suggested that blogs published on a Sunday get

A possible reason for this could be that on the weekend’s people have more time to read through your content and then come up with a reply.

So, if you have a topic that wants user opinion or start a conversation, then this is the best time to post a blog.

But what if these times don’t work for your website? How can you find the best publishing day and hour for your content pieces? Let’s find out.

How to Test the Best Time to Post a Blog?

The researches we’ve shown you in our article provide a benchmark but in reality, there’s no best time to publish blogs.

That’s because these studies use their own samples of websites to provide a generalized conclusion. And most of them are very old, going back to 2011.

A better way to find the best time to post a blog is by doing your own testing. By monitoring which days and time you get most visitors and engagement, you’ll know the optimal time of publishing.

And the best tool to help you out is MonsterInsights. It’s the leading WordPress plugin for Google Analytics and makes decision making easy by providing insights about your site’s performance with detailed reports inside your dashboard.

MonsterInsights makes it super easy to set up custom dimensions on your website and start tracking custom data of your choice in Google Analytics.

With the help of its Custom Dimensions Addon, you can exactly see what’s the best time to post a blog. Not only that, you can set up custom tracking of individual authors, post types, category and more.

You can follow our complete guide to custom dimensions in Google Analytics for configuring tracking of best publishing times.

Formulating the Designer Centric Funnel

The Funnel concept and flipping the funnel

In this modern aeon of society, any salesperson would have a limitless budget to market his/her business to find new customers for their products. The salesperson can buy offline and online advertising for their growth or run promotions and campaigns to bring traffic towards their products. The most basic thing is to understand that the possibilities for getting new customers to range from cold calling names to buying lists of those customers who can drive new businesses to their website.

Increasing sales isn’t an easy job. You need a great marketing plan to approach the customers and get them to buy your products. Before finding new customers, you must understand your customer’s needs and concerns, what is currently trending, what are facilities you offer and what your competitors are offering. Building trust and understanding is the basis of every relationship so you as a seller need to understand your customer and earn their trust. To understand your customer and their needs, you have to break down the whole process in a series of continuous steps which the customer will have to go through. This series of processes create a funnel.

A Funnel is a journey travelled by a customer from being a usual viewer to a devoted customer of the product. This funnel concept includes visiting the website, checking the product and its features, trying the free trial and then finally purchasing the product. It is also concerned with product development and is based on the customer’s buying perspective. To design the best funnel for your customer you must get rid of the issues and the loopholes that are disturbing your customer. The funnel should include the areas of interests of the customer. This concept will make the customers compelled to try your products and you can become successful.

If your company has a slogan that is eye-catching and ensures the people that your company is concerned for them, the customers will check out your products. It also highlights your company’s first impression and abilities. For broken funnel steps, you must try to understand the customer’s perspective again and redesign or try to use what encourages them. Even if all of this does not work, you should consider Jaffe’s phrase “flipping the funnel”.

Flipping the funnel means spending fewer resources on gaining new customers and spending more on acknowledging and retaining the current customers. If you make sure that the current customers are satisfied then they will reach out to their known ones and share their product experience which will bring you more sales. You have to use the information of your existing customer to develop a target audience and drive their way to your products.

To check whether flipping the funnel is beneficial or not, you can compare how much you are receiving from your customers to how much you are investing in them. The hardest part of flipping the funnel is changing the company’s organization and culture. Your company must commit to staffing customer service call centres even on the weekends, answering emails promptly and maintaining a system for monitoring the social handles daily to keep it updated. Your company has to recognize and reward outstanding customers. Rewarding and recognition does not always mean giving away free products, at times it just means a simple welcoming gesture, thanking them and saying comforting things.

You can also try various schemes like special offers or one day free trial for the best customers. Such schemes attract people and can make your product popular. Some products may be appealing to a particular group of audience but they may not be liked by another so to eliminate this issue you can conduct surveys. A survey is a list of questions that are aimed at extracting data from your customers. It includes questions regarding your products and customer’s reviews. The surveys will tell you about your weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, threats and they give you an overall look of how your customer thinks about your product.

Proper and convincing management is a must to fulfil the final step, i.e., to catch and cover up all of these things. It seems hard to start a business by yourself but once you get started with it, you will be used to it and can even learn from your mistakes.




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How to create the initial team for your startup

 Establishing a startup is not a one day task. It requires a lot of hard work, patience and most importantly, it requires an excellent team to work with you to achieve your goals. And building a winning team that rides your startup to victory is not an easy task. The people you choose have the ability to make or break your business. You need to take a few essential steps at your initial stage to begin your work. 

  • Identify Positions

 If you are not doing a sole proprietorship, you and your co-founder need to know the positives and negatives of each other. You can’t be perfect in every skill, so you both must do a self-evaluation and know what are your strengths and weaknesses. When you know about it then you both can categorize your work according to your skills.

 When things between you and your co-founder are settled, you should start identifying positions to complete your team. Marketing and sales, accounting and finance, research and development are just a handful of examples of positions that you may need in your team.

  • Selecting your team members
  •   The process of hiring of team members should be done very accurately for the firm.
  •  Try to find T- shaped people for the organization. These people are experienced in one specific area but can handle other tasks too. They are quick learners and ready to take new challenges. They will benefit you more as compared to the employees experienced in a specific area. This will also help in recruiting a few numbers of employees in the beginning. 
  • Hire people who understand the importance of customer service.
  • You can appoint advisors to guide on important matters.
  • If your capital is limited, then you can go scouting in different colleges. Choose interns from there. Explain your plan to them and convince them to join you.

When you select your candidates, you must see that they fit in your startup culture, possess the right set of tools for your startup and should be passionate about what they do.

After selecting your candidates, there should be hiring and training. After this, they should be assigned their roles and responsibility. 

Always keep in mind whether you are choosing your 1st or your 100th candidate, you should know about the needs of your company and only then appoint someone who perfectly fits in that role.

  • Important things to keep in mind while building your startup:-
  • Be focused on your plan.
  • Make products keeping in mind what customers will be attracted to.
  •  Customer satisfaction must be a priority list.
  • You need to create a unique brand proposition of your product.
  • You must have good leadership quality.
  • Always communicate with your team members.
  • You must have a proper check on the cash flow of your company.
  • Never ignore or underestimate your competition.
  • Ability to listen and understand your teammates.
  • You should always be willing to learn and adapt to the changes happening around you.

In conclusion, this African proverb sums up beautifully:

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. 

Building your startup is a ride of ups and downs. You need to be calm and positive in the initial period. Thus, if you want to make your startup into the leading company, you need to start by building a winning team that will take you far.

How to build a startup?

Already building a startup was not an easy task, COVID-19 has made the situation even more difficult. But not to worry, here are a few steps one can look up to launch the startup in 2020.

  • Develop an idea: This was expected isn’t it? Without an idea, there can be no startup. The development of an idea is the most laborious task. For an effective startup, many things are needed to be taken into account like the vision of the startup, needs of people. Check for the problem area that people are facing, that’s the place from where the best ideas generate. The main criteria for a successful idea are trustworthiness, durability, and sustainability.
  • Explore the market: Understand the market, do thorough research, that is the key to success. Half knowledge is dangerous, if you don’t know particular features of the business you chose, all efforts will go in vain. Make sure to stay within the area you’re familiar with. Don’t start anything that you don’t have an idea about. Figure out the consumer’s needs.
  • Be fast: React fast to the changing market needs. This is crucial for a successful startup. All great businessmen have done so, whether it is Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Andreessen, or Thoman Gensemer.
  • Always be determined: Never lose hope! Be determined and always have a willingness to continue until your startup becomes profitable. Cope with the challenges and difficulties that come your way creatively.
  • Be creative: Don’t be scared to go beyond the usually accepted business schemes. It’s your startup and you can mold it in whatever way you want.
  • Decide about the team: For the start, the number of people in the team should not be big. Find these three kinds of people: one who knows how to build technological systems to solve problems; one who understands the human factors hid by problems and can solve them; and one who knows how to reach people whose problems are to be solved.

Even if your first try of creating a successful startup fails, don’t be disappointed. It’s not necessary is that it will be rewarding always. Keep trying, don’t give up the difficulties.

7 Emerging Technology Industries for Startups

The Most Important Factors for Startup Success - Salesforce Canada ...

There are two types of entrepreneur – the ones that have an original idea and the ones who just want to start their own business. Either way, an entrepreneur tries to solve a problem and improve human lives as a whole. There are so many startups in the market and they cease to exist due to the fierce competition they face. The entrepreneurs can either differentiate their businesses with a very strong USP or enter a virgin territory. The former will make the business capable of fighting against existing competitors while the latter won’t have many competitors to begin with.

Learn about personal USP here.

For the people who want to start a business but don’t have any unique ideas, here’s a list of industries that are the future of technology and are yet to be fully exploited:

  1. Electronic Sports

It is hard to believe that people would watch other people play video games just like they watch their favourite footballers and cricketers on the field and in a stadium but Esports is becoming a reality now. The evidence of the same can be seen on Youtube where there is a whole section of trending gaming videos.

  1. Financial Technology

Fintech is simply the use of technology in financial services and it is becoming very popular as the days go by. Nearly everyone heard of Bitcoin when it came into the news and Fintech is behind the development of cryptocurrency. With the use of computers and smartphones in our daily activities, money related matters are also being digitalised every day.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain is related to Bitcoin and it is very complex technology. It is used for handling of Bitcoins. It helps in keeping records of transactions that are made using the cryptocurrency and ensures that the information is unchangeable through advanced programming. The word ‘block’ means digital information which is stored on ‘chain’, that is a public database but the technology is yet very confidential at the same time

  1. Big Data Analytics

Big data is simply the large amount of data stored in different formats, at high speed and with high accuracy. Almost all the gadgets and instruments that we use transmit data about us that helps the manufacturers and developers in giving us better services but such useful data needs to obtained from the big data and this is where the big data analytics comes in play.

Read more about big data here.

  1. Robotics

Making use of robots for day to day activities is the future of technology. Computer science and engineering have given birth to robotics and Artificial Intelligence is its brain. Robots can perform almost all works that are done by humans and even the things that cannot be done by humans. Activities that are hazardous to human life can be easily performed by robots.

Learn about the different types of human intelligence here.

  1. Electric Cars

With rising environmental concerns, the world is moving towards sustainable solutions and offerings to problems and needs. The chances of running out of non-renewable fuels like coal and petroleum have driven the automobile companies to develop electric cars and even though we don’t see as many electric cars on the road, a Bloomberg study has found that by 2040, electric cars will outsell gasoline and diesel-fueled cars.

  1. Online Education

With the onset of the pandemic, the need for online education has been felt worldwide as almost all students shift to online learning. As life becomes more hectic and new technologies and subjects come to reality, almost everyone would want to learn about what is new and trending. Even elderly, retired people try to stay updated nowadays so online education has a huge market base and great potential.

Learn about skills that are in high demand here.

How to become a successful Entrepreneur?

Whether you’re starting as a pro or an amateur, who doesn’t want to be a successful entrepreneur? Owning your own business gives you a sense of freedom. You become more creative, release your ideas, visions, and make decisions yourself.

So to be strong at this game, here are some tips you may need:

  • Challenge Yourself: Every day is a new beginning. Your biggest motivation should be to keep challenging yourself. No one else is going to push, it is you who has to take the charge. Learn every day. Read books, blogs, and articles on entrepreneurs. Doing this will not only increase your knowledge but also expand your creativity.


  • Take Risks: Successful entrepreneurs always take risks. Without this one can never figure out what is good for their business and what is not. It is dangerous but sometimes it presents opportunities that often outweigh the potential danger.


  • Know your goals: Rome was not built in a day! Who hasn’t heard this famous quote? Just like that, a startup also cannot be successful in a few days. One needs to be patient in their way up. You should have a proper goal plan. Work on all your plans, make mistakes, and explore.


  • Be passionate: Nothing in this world fuels you better than your passion does. When you’re passionate about what you do, long hours won’t even matter. But if you are not, you won’t have any motivation when you are sleepy or tired. Ever noticed entrepreneurs who get that gleam in their eyes when they talk about what they do?


  • Support System: Let’s be honest, achieving things on your own, will only double the trouble in your journey. One needs a supportive network to lean on. Hire someone you have great character and whom you respect too.


  • Put everything on Calendar: Yes, you heard that right! Put everything on the calendar. From every important meeting to working hours, meeting friends, workouts, games, etc. The reason being this will always keep you on your toes and you will have no time to waste. ‘ Time is money’ – Every famous entrepreneur abides by this rule. Follow it and no one can stop you from being successful.


What’s your favourite success tip for entrepreneurs? Share it in the comment section.