Bitcoin in India

Bitcoin which has risen in value to about 1000 times in the last ten years is about to be banned in India . While some countries are making it the national currency of the country India has filed for its ban . One Bitcoin cost around 53 lakhs right now which is a huge sum . It means hat the currency of that particular will change every second . While investors of other countries are making huge sums our country will ban such currency . It is sad for investors .

B-Schools in India

To convert a premier b-school is a dream of every MBA aspirant . Top business schools not just in India but also all over the globe are always high in demand . In our country also for top schools a long process goes into picture . The Common Admission Test is the most premium exam in which almost 2 to 2.5 lakhs aspirants give exams to get in their dream colleges mostly the Indian Institute of Management . They main reason why people aspire these schools is mostly because they want to have a good career in corporate life . Or some even pursue MBA to change their line of career fro HR to marketing or from Finance to IT and so on . They will never be old school till they continue to provide hefty packages .

The Cristiano Ronaldo Effect

Cristiano Ronaldo one of the best footballers in the world currently and an all time great has used his social media influence to bring down the image of a big brand Coca Cola  . What he did is not unknown to most of us . In just a minute thirty seconds he caused a whooping loss of six billion dollars to such a big brand . He took two bottles of Coca Cola and set it aside . And just said ” ” Drink Water ” . It has caused great damage to the brand name of the company . The power and influence which such big players have is shown to all of us very frequently . 

Sir Jadeja The Key Player

Sir Jadeja who is probably the best all rounder in the world can be a great match winner in the World Test Championship . He can take wickets at crucial time , is currently one of the best fielder in the world ( May be the best ). And can score runs when the team is in need the most . What he has done recently ? He single handedly destroyed the mighty RCB . He scored an astonishing half century against the mighty New Zealand  in the Semi Finals against The mighty New Zealand . He scored more than 36 runs in an over against the most wicket taking bowler of the IPL 2021 Harshal Patel . It does not matter how fast you are but you cannot steal runs if the ball is in the hands of Sir Jadeja . There is a reason why even the best players in the world bow down in front of him and even MS Dhoni calls him Sir Jadeja . When nothing goes in your way call him and boy he will deliver every time the team is in need .

Rishab Pant ” The New Dhoni “

Well Well Well How can this guy compare the Great MS Dhoni with this young lad ? What he has done in such a short span of time is really credible and deserves appreciation . He single handedly defeated The Mighty Australia and brought it on its knees . Not just one test but also scored massive runs against England The Best T20 team in the world . These are signs that Indian Cricket is in safe hands for the upcoming years . He is still is great form as he scored a century in the practice match which is a great sign . He can be the key key if India is able to defeat the Mighty New Zealand team in the World Test Championship . He is most probably in the best form of his entire career .  


Sports are an integral part of ones life . It is rightly said that ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “. These cannot be excluded from our lives . But during the Covid 19 pandemic we are not able to play outdoor games .  We all are scared to go outside our homes . So what we do is that during our free time we play online games like PUBG , Free fire , FIFA , Call Of Duty  etc . So that is what we can do before every thing becomes normal .

Sunil Chhetri

Sunil Chhetri , the captain of the Indian Football team never ever fails to deliver and scores goals when his team is in need the most . The Indian footballer did it again by scoring two goals against Bangladesh which enabled India to win that match . He also recently broke the World record of Messi and became the second highest International goal scorer in the game . This guy is taking Indian football to next limits . Hope he play more number of matches before his retirement . 

Devon Conway “The Big Player “

Devon Philip Conway the new kiwi player has been outrageous through out the matches that he has played . The kiwi scored a double ton in his first test match and a 87 score in his first T-20 . This player can be The Next Big Thing in the World Test Championship against India . If he can face big players like James  Anderson , Mark Wood and Stuart Broad than  he must be a class player and can definitely score runs against the big Indian names . So India be prepared for him . 

India vs New Zealand

The World test Championship is about to get started in just 9 days . And our wait is to get over very soon . Lets see who will will this time . The good news for India is that the New Zealand Captain has been ruled out from England Test Championship . But they still have Devon Conway the batsman with an astonishing debut . Lets see if Virat Kohli can win at least one ICC Championship in his entire career or not . Pant will be the key player for the Indian side . 

5 traits crucial to achieve success

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.” – Steve Jobs

Success can have several definitions – mainly – it is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose – achieving your goals can also be called success.

We all crave for being successful in life. Some want to achieve extraordinary success, and some are having small goals – however – any goal being achieved is definitely a success. It motivates us and pushes us to have more goals in life as there are many milestones to be achieved. If you are genuinely passionate about something that you are aiming for, no one can stop you from becoming successful.

Certain traits are crucial to attaining success in life – 5 of the most important ones are:

1. Self-confidence

Self Confidence mainly revolves around trusting yourself, your judgments, abilities as well as your skills. You would not be stressed about everything if you are confident about yourself. You can understand yourself and will learn from your mistakes, and gain more confidence. You will take more chances, which will increase your chances of becoming a successful person.

2. Willpower

Willpower is one of the most important traits to possess in your journey to success. It is the ability to control one’s own actions, emotions, or urges. If we do not possess willpower we will never strive to be the best, only willpower can move us forward towards our goals and achievements. People with willpower have the motivation and discipline to create positive as well as successful habits and have a much better chance of succeeding in life. Willpower pushes us to achieve our goals and motivates us too. Successful people set goals for themselves which makes them more focused and willpower then comes into the picture – you end up sacrificing and adjusting your life to achieve success and finish your goal. Willpower is the ability to resist short-term gratification in pursuit of long-term goals or objectives.

3. Hardwork

I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. ~ Thomas Jefferson, former President of the United States

There is no secret to becoming successful, and hard work plays a massive role in success. Hard work also helps in becoming more confident. There is a guaranteed achievement in working hard as there are no shortcuts to success. It also allows you to lead a regret-free life and a much more fulfilled and respected life.

4. Patience

It takes time for a plant to grow. When you sow a seed, you cannot expect overnight results, if you do so, you will be giving up very soon, and that is quite the opposite of success. Rome was not built in a day, right? Patience is actually the key to success. It is important as with patience, you can keep going to reach your goals, without being much stressed about it. It reduces the negative emotions and helps us have a positive mindset towards life.

5. Eagerness to learn

Thirst for knowledge and skilling up is super important in today’s competitive world, where trends change and new things and innovations keep coming up. It is important to be eager to learn new things to prevent your skillset from becoming obsolete. Eagerness to learn also helps you build the best techniques and the newest skills and knowledge, making you ready to conquer the world and achieve success easily.

Of course, there are many more traits that determine one’s success, however, these five traits are of utmost importance and should be considered as these traits will make the journey of success a lot quicker.

This is the #1 reason that is stopping you from putting your best efforts into studying

“Effort is the Key to Unlocking Our Potential.”
Our efforts can be hampered because of Distractions.


Distractions can really hamper the ability to study properly.

There can be various reasons why someone is distracted. Finding the root cause is an important step because then we can come up with a solution for it. Some of the factors which can lead to distraction are:

• Music – Loud Music which is meant to distract your mind should definitely be avoided while studying as it can really affect your concentration.

• Phone/Tabs – These gadgets are the biggest problems in today’s era and are the root cause of distraction for most of us. It destroys your productivity and takes you’re your attention towards studying.

• Thoughts – Most of us are deeply focused on our thoughts instead of actually studying. Even if you’re reading your textbook, a thought can easily zone you out of studying.

• No motivation – Finding motivation in today’s fast-paced competitive world is extremely difficult.

• Friends – Your company you surround yourself with can make you or break you. Some friends exist to just distract you from your dreams.

• Games – Games can get overwhelming and can be extremely addictive.

• Movies and TV – In today’s era of OTT platforms, it has become a trend to binge-watch all the episodes of series in a go. Movies too are easily accessible.

Tips to Avoid Distractions:

• Brain Training
Training the brain can make a significant difference in avoiding distractions. The ABC technique has helped the majority of people and it has been proved to avoid distractions.
A – Awareness – Recognize your distraction.
B – Breathe deeply – Slow down, and think about what can be done to avoid the distractions.
C – Choose – The distraction can be dealt with in this step – either by being responsive to it or completely avoiding it.

• Meditation – Meditating can help to clear your thoughts, which in turn can help to be less distracted.

• Turn off loud music – it might be fun, but it can really distract your focus. Instead, use your headphones to switch on some calming study music which will increase your focus and cut down any external noise.

• Get organized with a to-do list.

• Switch off your phone, if that is not possible then use apps which block you from accessing distractive applications, use silent mode/DND, do not keep many tabs open. Switch off any other gadget distracting you.

• Break the overwhelming ocean of syllabus to study into small parts which can be easily achieved.

• Study in a clean, suitable area. Organize your space well. Do not study where you sleep – studying in your bed can lead to distracting yourself – to avoid that – avoid studying where you sleep.

• Don’t overburden yourself – focus on one task at a time as multitasking can do more harm than good.

• Reward yourself when you do not get distracted.

• Have a routine and schedule your distractions.

• Communicate that you are getting distracted – to the people who are distracting you.

• Take a break if necessary. However, stop procrastinating. “Do the work. Everyone wants to be successful, but nobody wants to do the work.”

• Sometimes things are not in your control – accept it.


Distractions can be intimidating but they can be fully avoided using certain methods.
Stop making excuses, have a healthy lifestyle, do not take stress, organize and clean your room, have discipline, make yourself accountable, and set a goal as these factors can help diminish distractions completely – you will definitely avoid distractions if you follow these as well.
Distractions can make you happy in the short term, but for long-term success, you need to study and work hard to achieve those big goals.

Why it is easier to quit!

Hanging the boots and calling it a day is the easiest thing to do, whatever the duty maybe, there’s no denying that.

Kicking the adversities in the face and eagerly setting forth for excellence is what takes courage and dedication. 

Quitting is never the right way out of anything, no matter what ever it may be, quitting will never be the answer.

Lets face it, whatever the task at hand maybe, it’s always easier to quit than to strive for it. Making the clear distinction of the ones that do and that don’t, being the former ones the who worked towards it. 

Look for inspiration 

Falling short for inspiration to do something is common, it’s only human. Whenever you fall short of inspiration to strive more, take a break and bask in the motivation that’s around you. The world is an inspiring place if you look at it the right way. Be it fellow beings or even other species, nothing good ever happens easy.

Don’t take failure as an excuse to quit. The potential of a person is wasted when one succumbs to failures.

Be persistent be consistent. The world rewards the ones who work towards their dreams. ‘Rome wasn’t build in a day.’

Just because your efforts doesn’t show much results doesn’t mean you’re wasting your time, growth takes time. Keep at it, you might not know when you’ll make it.

Believing in your own self is everything, if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

Losing sight of the fact that the only thing that’s stopping you from achieving what you want is only you at times.

It’s important to pick up from where you fell and not compromising on your values, reminding your own self that and walking the walk rather than talking the talk is what is necessary.

There’ll always be resistance, but pushing against such resistance is what is human nature is designed for. If a person constantly pushes himself against resistance and after a point, easily attains the tasks, it naturally means you’ve got better at it. Focused efforts towards the goals one wants to achieve should be the motto in life.

A lesson that you also learn from struggling is that not all struggles are meant to be won. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Making fighting for a better dawn even more meticulous.

Perceiving the ones who often worked hard for their work as the luckier individuals is obviously bonkers. Not paying respect and attention towards their perseverance and their dedication! Luck happens when efforts meet the opportunities.

People are indeed wired wrong, they shy away from being open and embracing their weaknesses and shortcomings and working towards eradication of the same, for a better tomorrow. 

The success being evolving into a much better version of themselves. New and improved to be precise.

Successes and abilities paints a fancy picture of you are. But as humans we all know that ‘all that glitters is not gold’, we weren’t conceived to just be something that we are not. Growth comes from struggles, in our process to get better and more better at the things that we indulge in truly.

If we called it quits after the first fall, we as a species would’ve never achieved half the things we accomplished as of today. For a better day is just around the corner.

Education and Success

Education and success are two parameters of life that typically distinguish an individual. Being successful and being educated are two determinants that might be identified with each other.

There is a good percentage of the population that believes that success only comes to the ones who are well educated, who have attained their degrees from prestigious institutes, while the uneducated or he less educated ones can not succeed in their lives. These people fail to understand one fact about life that success has no boundaries and it comes without the obligation of getting a degree from IITs, IIMs, Ivy leagues or Harvard, success requires hard work and passion about your field of work.

One can become successful if they are well informed and passionate about the field of their choice. Being educated one becomes more intellectual and hence accepted by various firms and organizations regarding jobs of their choices. But education is a label to a person’s intellect.

We have examples like Steve Jobs, who just attended one semester of college and with Steve Wozniak founded Apple Inc.; Bill Gates, who dropped out after two years of attending the prestigious Harvard University to work on his passion which turns out to be the giant company Microsoft; Mark Zuckerburg, who after his second year at Harvard dropped out and worked hard for the giant company we have today: Facebook; Michael Dell, who dropped out of the University of Texas in his very first year there to work for his passion and formed the company, Dell. There are many more examples of such extra-ordinary people who did not complete a college degree but followed their passion and worked hard on it to succeed in what they felt was good for them.

Success is all about attaining your aim and achieving your goals. Education is no doubt important but education is not the only factor that leads to success, you can succeed if you set achievable goals for yourself and are focused enough to get what you want.

How to become a successful Entrepreneur?

Whether you’re starting as a pro or an amateur, who doesn’t want to be a successful entrepreneur? Owning your own business gives you a sense of freedom. You become more creative, release your ideas, visions, and make decisions yourself.

So to be strong at this game, here are some tips you may need:

  • Challenge Yourself: Every day is a new beginning. Your biggest motivation should be to keep challenging yourself. No one else is going to push, it is you who has to take the charge. Learn every day. Read books, blogs, and articles on entrepreneurs. Doing this will not only increase your knowledge but also expand your creativity.


  • Take Risks: Successful entrepreneurs always take risks. Without this one can never figure out what is good for their business and what is not. It is dangerous but sometimes it presents opportunities that often outweigh the potential danger.


  • Know your goals: Rome was not built in a day! Who hasn’t heard this famous quote? Just like that, a startup also cannot be successful in a few days. One needs to be patient in their way up. You should have a proper goal plan. Work on all your plans, make mistakes, and explore.


  • Be passionate: Nothing in this world fuels you better than your passion does. When you’re passionate about what you do, long hours won’t even matter. But if you are not, you won’t have any motivation when you are sleepy or tired. Ever noticed entrepreneurs who get that gleam in their eyes when they talk about what they do?


  • Support System: Let’s be honest, achieving things on your own, will only double the trouble in your journey. One needs a supportive network to lean on. Hire someone you have great character and whom you respect too.


  • Put everything on Calendar: Yes, you heard that right! Put everything on the calendar. From every important meeting to working hours, meeting friends, workouts, games, etc. The reason being this will always keep you on your toes and you will have no time to waste. ‘ Time is money’ – Every famous entrepreneur abides by this rule. Follow it and no one can stop you from being successful.


What’s your favourite success tip for entrepreneurs? Share it in the comment section.