Education and Success

Education and success are two parameters of life that typically distinguish an individual. Being successful and being educated are two determinants that might be identified with each other.

There is a good percentage of the population that believes that success only comes to the ones who are well educated, who have attained their degrees from prestigious institutes, while the uneducated or he less educated ones can not succeed in their lives. These people fail to understand one fact about life that success has no boundaries and it comes without the obligation of getting a degree from IITs, IIMs, Ivy leagues or Harvard, success requires hard work and passion about your field of work.

One can become successful if they are well informed and passionate about the field of their choice. Being educated one becomes more intellectual and hence accepted by various firms and organizations regarding jobs of their choices. But education is a label to a person’s intellect.

We have examples like Steve Jobs, who just attended one semester of college and with Steve Wozniak founded Apple Inc.; Bill Gates, who dropped out after two years of attending the prestigious Harvard University to work on his passion which turns out to be the giant company Microsoft; Mark Zuckerburg, who after his second year at Harvard dropped out and worked hard for the giant company we have today: Facebook; Michael Dell, who dropped out of the University of Texas in his very first year there to work for his passion and formed the company, Dell. There are many more examples of such extra-ordinary people who did not complete a college degree but followed their passion and worked hard on it to succeed in what they felt was good for them.

Success is all about attaining your aim and achieving your goals. Education is no doubt important but education is not the only factor that leads to success, you can succeed if you set achievable goals for yourself and are focused enough to get what you want.