Why it is easier to quit!

Hanging the boots and calling it a day is the easiest thing to do, whatever the duty maybe, there’s no denying that.

Kicking the adversities in the face and eagerly setting forth for excellence is what takes courage and dedication. 

Quitting is never the right way out of anything, no matter what ever it may be, quitting will never be the answer.

Lets face it, whatever the task at hand maybe, it’s always easier to quit than to strive for it. Making the clear distinction of the ones that do and that don’t, being the former ones the who worked towards it. 

Look for inspiration 

Falling short for inspiration to do something is common, it’s only human. Whenever you fall short of inspiration to strive more, take a break and bask in the motivation that’s around you. The world is an inspiring place if you look at it the right way. Be it fellow beings or even other species, nothing good ever happens easy.

Don’t take failure as an excuse to quit. The potential of a person is wasted when one succumbs to failures.

Be persistent be consistent. The world rewards the ones who work towards their dreams. ‘Rome wasn’t build in a day.’

Just because your efforts doesn’t show much results doesn’t mean you’re wasting your time, growth takes time. Keep at it, you might not know when you’ll make it.

Believing in your own self is everything, if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

Losing sight of the fact that the only thing that’s stopping you from achieving what you want is only you at times.

It’s important to pick up from where you fell and not compromising on your values, reminding your own self that and walking the walk rather than talking the talk is what is necessary.

There’ll always be resistance, but pushing against such resistance is what is human nature is designed for. If a person constantly pushes himself against resistance and after a point, easily attains the tasks, it naturally means you’ve got better at it. Focused efforts towards the goals one wants to achieve should be the motto in life.

A lesson that you also learn from struggling is that not all struggles are meant to be won. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Making fighting for a better dawn even more meticulous.

Perceiving the ones who often worked hard for their work as the luckier individuals is obviously bonkers. Not paying respect and attention towards their perseverance and their dedication! Luck happens when efforts meet the opportunities.

People are indeed wired wrong, they shy away from being open and embracing their weaknesses and shortcomings and working towards eradication of the same, for a better tomorrow. 

The success being evolving into a much better version of themselves. New and improved to be precise.

Successes and abilities paints a fancy picture of you are. But as humans we all know that ‘all that glitters is not gold’, we weren’t conceived to just be something that we are not. Growth comes from struggles, in our process to get better and more better at the things that we indulge in truly.

If we called it quits after the first fall, we as a species would’ve never achieved half the things we accomplished as of today. For a better day is just around the corner.