Hello, hi, and namastey people how are you doing. I hope everyone one are fit and fine. Ok so before starting my content I would like to question everyone, Is it enough being fit n fine physically or should we be fit mentally also? Of course mental health is most important right because mental health is the root of physical health. If a person is mentally unfit then how we can rest assured that he / she might be physically fit.

So as you all saw my today’s topic is depression.

What is Depression?

                 Depression is a mood disorder that involves a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It is completely different from mood fluctuation that people regularly experience as a part of life.

But what causes Depression?

             It might be caused due to stress related to work

             It might be caused due to low self esteem

             It might be caused due to lack of money

             It might be caused due to family problems

             It might be caused due to health related problems

             It might be caused due to problems in family or love life

             It might be caused due to failed career

             It might be caused due to mental torture or harassing

So basically depression can be caused by any of the problems. But is depression really harmful for a person? The answer is YES, because depression is a kind of slow poison which can kill a person in 2 ways. Firstly it will kill a person mentally and then it will kill a person physically.

Depression is something in which a person feels him/her self completely lost in this big world. They feel like there is no one who can understand them. And this feeling can disappear a person completely. But I know a strong person who not only fighter with her depression but also leading her life with a  positive vibe and energy.

Let me tell you all ,the true story of a strong girl whose name is Meenu. She was born in a middle class family which consist of mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, and uncle the day when meenu was born every family member was really very happy but one person was not at all happy on meenu’s arrival and that person was meenu’s mother she was a wild lady. Poor little baby was given in force to her grand parents .Meenu’s grandparents, without any hesitation, started raising their grandchild with love and affection. This cutie pie was always longing for her mother’s love but whenever meenu goes to her mother, she was always beaten brutally. One day ,her mother even tried to kill meenu but luckily meenu got rescued by her aunt and grand mother. Meenu’s mother was not only harsh to meenu but was also wild to her in-laws due to this she got separated from meenu and her grandparents. At the age of 9 itself. Meenu faced lots of traumatic moments of her life. Meenu got depressed very badly she started living with a fear of getting beaten again by her mother. She always had only one question, Why do her mother hates her so much? What was her fault ? Was it only because she was born from her womb. She was her own child ,but still her mom didn’t value her. Meenu started hating her mother. It took several months for meenu to come out of that traumatic event. Days started passing, Meenu was raised happily by her grandparents. She completed her 9th grade and stepped into her 10th grade. She taught life will be much easier with her loved ones. But poor child didn’t knew that life will bring many challenges. When she finally started receiving her father’s love after ages, at that point her father suddenly passed away .It caused meenu a heartbreak .Where children’s play and enjoy life, at that age meenu started taking small – small responsibilities of her grandparents even though she was badly depressed she chose to keep her feelings and emotions aside and started living for her grandparents. She choose to act as a happy soul in order to make her grandparents happy .Meenu’s grandparents was her strength .Even they were getting old but still they managed to give meenu a good life ,even though her grandfather faced lots of financial crisis he did not made all that effect meenu’s life. Meenu was just an innocent child who started compromising her dreams and desires only because she didn’t wanted her grandparents to be tensed because of her. She completed her schooling, stepped into her college life. As she knew that her grandparents were facing financial crisis, She started taking tutoring classes  so that at least she could manage her own expenses .Where once her dream was to become a child councelor, that dream got changed with just completing her graduation and find a random job, so that she could take care of her grandparents. At one corner of her heart she had a beautiful dream of having a beautiful picture with her grandparents while receiving her graduation certificate but life was always against her dreams ,It was always unfair. Before her dream would come true ,she lost her grandfather and this incident broke meenu completely. Meenu’s life journey was already very awful and depressed from starting point of her life itself. She just thought of a happy life but her fate did not agreed with her happy life. She completely lost herself and was about to quit everything, but then she saw her grandmother’s tears and kept her own emotions aside and started giving her grandma the reason to live life peacefully. She just consoled her grandma by saying just one sentence “LIFE ALWAYS BRING CHALLENGES ONLY TO THEM WHO ARE CAPABLE OF FIGHTING AND DEALING WITH IT ’’

MORAL: Even though you are depressed and thinks that life is unfair with you, just get up take a deep breath and say to your heart that life cannot be stopped because of some bad events, you are born for a reason, live for the people who values you, who depends on you, who lives for you. Just go with a flow of life.

So people don’t get upset when you find your self alone. You can share your problems or bothering with your friends and family . If you think that there is no one to listen to you, you can frankly share your problems with me 🙂

I hope you all liked my todays work ,

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What Is the Best Time to Post a Blog and How to Test it?

Are you wondering when should you publish blog posts? Do you want to hit that sweet spot where you get the most traffic, social shares, and comments?

If you’ve just written a great blog post and want it to go viral, then publishing time can play an important role.

In this article, we’ll show you what is the best time to post a blog by going through key facts. We’ll also show you how you can test the best time to take your blogs live.

Let’s kick things off with a look at…

Best Time of Day to Post a Blog for More Pageviews

As you start blogging, you’ll have many questions like what time of day should you publish a post. Or which days are best for getting the most traffic.

To answers such queries, different studies have been done where agencies and websites have gone through tons of data.

And among them is a study conducted by Shareaholic in 2011 that shows the best time to publish a blog post is early morning between 7 AM to 1 PM EST on weekdays.

The peak is between 9 AM and 10 AM, which shows when you can schedule or publish your posts.

Building upon the same point,

shows that 70% of users read blogs in the morning (during the AM hours).

&It makes sense as people starting their day would be going through emails, planning their week, and reading up on the latest news.

That said, people do read blogs throughout the day, so you can publish posts in the later hours as well. Now let’s see which days you should take your blogs live.

Best Days to Publish a Blog Post for Traffic

Along with time, different studies show that posting blogs on certain days can help generate more traffic. And which days are we talking about?

Shareaholic suggested that the best day to post a blog is Monday if you want more pageviews. Similarly, Kissmetrics also says that Monday is the best to publish a post and generate traffic.

What’s the Best Time to Post a Blog for Social Shares?

When it comes to engaging people on social media, you’d want to push your blog post when your users are active.

And to give you an idea of what’s the best day for getting social shares, consider a study by TrackMaven. They analyzed 65,000+ blogs and suggested that blogs published on a Sunday get

A possible reason for this could be that on the weekend’s people have more time to read through your content and then come up with a reply.

So, if you have a topic that wants user opinion or start a conversation, then this is the best time to post a blog.

But what if these times don’t work for your website? How can you find the best publishing day and hour for your content pieces? Let’s find out.

How to Test the Best Time to Post a Blog?

The researches we’ve shown you in our article provide a benchmark but in reality, there’s no best time to publish blogs.

That’s because these studies use their own samples of websites to provide a generalized conclusion. And most of them are very old, going back to 2011.

A better way to find the best time to post a blog is by doing your own testing. By monitoring which days and time you get most visitors and engagement, you’ll know the optimal time of publishing.

And the best tool to help you out is MonsterInsights. It’s the leading WordPress plugin for Google Analytics and makes decision making easy by providing insights about your site’s performance with detailed reports inside your dashboard.

MonsterInsights makes it super easy to set up custom dimensions on your website and start tracking custom data of your choice in Google Analytics.

With the help of its Custom Dimensions Addon, you can exactly see what’s the best time to post a blog. Not only that, you can set up custom tracking of individual authors, post types, category and more.

You can follow our complete guide to custom dimensions in Google Analytics for configuring tracking of best publishing times.

Your Life Your Responsibility – ( A Corona Age )

According to JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data, there 3,86,555 cases on 29th April 2021, which is simply very high in quantity. It’s our responsibility to be careful for ourselves and for our family members because if we die, neither it’s gonna affect to this world nor to political leaders.

                  “Corona-Corona Everywhere
                  Please Stay At Home,
                  Watch TV, Eat Healthy
                  Do What You Love.”

Here are some precautions that one should take:-
• Clean your hands often. Use soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rub.
• Maintain safe distance.
• Stay home if you feel and unwell.
• Wear a mask.

Just keep smiling even if you’re corona positive, don’t be panic or lose your willing power. ‘Nothing is impossible’ that’s what we learn since childhood so don’t be sad, we will defeat it. You can do what you love to do at your home and I think it is a high time when you can focus on yourself and your future too. We are getting a lot of time, just try to make it productive from spreading happiness to help needy people. I got goosebumps whenever I take my country’s name – India because we have a large amount of people who believe in helping others for instance- doctors, police, army, staff, nurses, workers. These people are working day to night only for our lives so it is over responsibility to be safe and secure. Thousands of people are dying everyday and lakhs of people are infected by it. Let’s prove this world that we are citizen of India and can defeat this virus as well.

                      ” Believe in Yourself
                        Stay home, Stay safe
                        Get Vaccinated”

Is Cyberbullying Real?

Unless and until our society recognizes cyberbullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may be the main social networks used to keep in touch with friends, but, worryingly, they are also the main sites used for cyberbullying and internet trolling.

Cyberbullying has been emerging as a growing concern for quite some years now. With the power of anonymity, people can verbally attack others over social networking sites, most often going after students with low self-esteem or a low circle of friends. These are not exclusive targets, but there’s a general consensus that these are the groups that are most affected by cyberbullying. Anybody can be a victim- although it’s the young teens that are most vulnerable.

Cyberbullying can affect its victims in more ways than you can imagine. Besides bringing down self esteem, it alienates you from social crowds, and in some cases, it may push people to severe depression and suicide. And, no it’s not as simple as ‘just turning the computer off’ or ‘simply looking away’. Think of it this way: if someone hurts your feelings on the phone, is stepping away from the phone going to magically fix it? No, because the issue lies with the person and the interaction, not the phone itself. Similarly, cyberbullying doesn’t end when you turn off the computer. Our real lives are so intertwined with social networks now that if you poison someone’s network, it will poison his or her real life. Besides, asking the bullied victim to not use the computer or advising them to refrain from going online is a rather harsh demand for obvious reasons. The focus should be on fixing the bully issue, not putting the onus on the victims. It’s even worse when the bullies wear the shroud of anonymity. After all, how do you deal with a bully when you don’t even know who he or she is. Cyberbullying is visceral too. Bullies can go out of their way to post unflattering pictures of you or paint you in a negative light in ways that they can’t do face-to-face.

What’s worse it that there’s not much that can be done about it. Cyberbullying is still protected by freedom of speech, and as long as a bully isn’t crossing over into obvious libel territory, they can’t really be touched. Even then, if you had a libel case, it is costly, expensive, and hard to prove.

So, why do people cyberbully? Is it out of jealousy or hatred? Or is it just the law of the jungle that the strong bullies the weak?

It is a myth that the strong bully the weak. It is those who cannot handle their stress with grace, who attack the gentle natured. The most clear, and psychological aspect is that they feel tough behind a computer screen, and believe that anything they say won’t affect them negatively in the grand scheme. It is a sort of thought process that most people employ when cyberbullying. Think of it this way. How much more likely are you to argue or even insult someone online than you are to do in person? You would probably feel “safer” attacking someone online as opposed to in-person, and understandably so. They could do it to feel better about themselves. A lot of bullying cases, IRL or online are usually fed by insecurity or hatred towards oneself. Again, most bullies have some underlying problem which they believe can be quelled by being aggressive online. It’s also much easier since they don’t have to worry about other factors and feel they are safe from consequence. Lastly, they could just be looking for attention. It is evident that most cyberbullies attack others for the sake of attention, and the ability to instigate a response out of a victim.

So, if you ever encounter a cyberbully, Know that it’s not your fault and Don’t respond or retaliate. Sometimes a reaction is exactly what aggressors are looking for because they think it gives them power over you, and you don’t want to empower a bully. Further, you should save the evidence and Use available tech tools to either block the person and/or report the person to the service.

Lets never forget that words impact people emotionally, and how you feel emotionally affects how you are physically. Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top.

A keyboard away doesn’t make it okay.

How does ‘parental divorce’ affects the mental health of their children?

What do you mean by a divorce?

Divorce, well a divorce happens after a husband and wife agrees to seperate their ways through legally. A divorce happens when the husband and wife decides that they do not longer want to live together anymore. Divorce takes place when both the partners fight over everything since several years and realise that they are not happy with each other. Divorce also takes place when there is a lot of physical abuse and mental torture. At times, it is a mutual agreement of divorce where the husband and wife mutually agrees to seperate their ways. But at certain times, this is not the case. A divorce can also happen when either one of the partner is cheating or having an extra marrital affair and wishes to end their marriage, then the other partner willingly or unwillingly has to accept the divorce without any other choice.Divorce grants permission to get free from the marriages and also access to marry whomsoever they want to.

At present, divorces are very common. Most of the marriages do not work due to some or the other issues. Some divorces are bitter, some divorces are on mutual basis, some divorces ruins the families. Every one has their different reasons for divorces.

Divorces is not just between two persons i.e a wife and a husband. The people associated with them are also affected be it their childrens if any, elders of the family, wife’s family, etc. It is hard for everyone.

How divorce affects the mental health of kids?

The most affected by the divorces are the kids. If the divorce is mutual and the kids are happy about it too, then there isn’t any issue about it. But, what if the divorce isn’t mutual? What if the marriage ended on bad terms? What if the kids weren’t ready about it? What if the kids never expected that one day their parents would get divorced? What if they were always kept in a happy family zone? What if they never knew that their parents were never happy with each other?

The kids when in their teenagers or are at the age when they have the ability to understand things are affected mentally because of their parents divorce. The marriage that ends on bad terms affects the mental health of not only the husband and his wife but also their kids.The whole family suffers due to the divorce between two people. It breaks the reality of their ‘complete happy family’ which they will never get again. Their mind is full of thoughts and confusion at the stage when they get to know that their parents would soon be seperated and they have to choose one of them.

They have to choose and stay with one person. If the kids are below 18 years of age, the legal custody of them is decided by the parents as per their convenience. And if above 18, then they are free to live as per their wishes.

The most difficult task for the kids is to choose between their parents, they never thought that such situation would ever arise in front of them. They face a dilemma whether to choose their dad or mom.

Its really hard to choose one. Still, they have to. Their mind keeps on thinking that they have to stay with one person from now onwards; either mom or either dad. One person would leave the house and they would never get to spend time again with their mom and dad together. This is the one scenario where only one parent has the sole custody of the kids. Another scenario can be where both the partners decide to take up the joint custody of their kids. And the third scenario could be where the grandparents or somebody other than the parents take the custody of the kids.

The kids get affected by all these. Not only kids below 18 years of age but also adult children i.e above 18 years of age; who experience the seperation of their parents. They get devastated, broken and hurt. They get depressed due to this. The divorce of their parents damages them from internally which they never heal resulting into trust issues.

Some hide their pain and sadness from their parents and act normal that they are ‘okay’ with them being divorced. But, the truth is that they are not okay. The pain, it stays with them for a longer time. They do not get over it. They find it difficult to accept the fact that their family would never be the same. They get lost and get detached from their parents.

They feel lost and take wrong steps and start indulging in wrong things. They feel there is no one to understand them now. They feel that they would never get a complete family now. The pain is there. The pain of not having a complete family ever.

Some kids start failing in their exams, some get silent, some get depressed, some become rude. Many kids or adult children start dating in search of love and gets ended up with wrong persons. Many indulges in smokings, drugs or alcohols. They feel this is the best solution to overcome this. But no. Nothing fills that pain or void in their hearts.

They always see other’s happy families and get sad because they can’t have ever one like them. They feel that their mom dad would never love them the same the way they did earlier. Their happy family gets broken.

Believe it or not, kids do get affected and start harming themselves. And the sad part is that they never heal from this. It remains with them till forever.

Before anyone else, they get hurt by their families. They think it is their fault that something like this happened with them.

The divorce of the parents directly or indirectly do affects the relationships of their children with others. They develop trust issues, fear of getting hurt by anyone, fear of getting close to anyone because eventually they would leave them. They start hiding their pain as they think no one can understand the pain they are dealing with. They feel lonely. Sometimes, even sucidial thoughts do come in their mind. They need love and support but they never find it. They fear of getting attached to anyone.

It is a lifelong grief or sadness that doesn’t goes out of their minds or hearts completely. The divorce changes them mentally so much that they change into a completely different person that they weren’t.

Parental ‘divorce’ can never be ‘over’ for the child. It stays forever. Lucky are those who have a complete family. Parental divorce ruins everything for the children.

Imposter syndrome : Is it real?

Have you ever felt that you don’t deserve an award you’ve won ? Like you don’t belong somewhere? Like people might discover that you are a fraud , and that you don’t deserve the position you’re in ? Then this is called ‘ THE IMPOSTER SYNDROME’. It’s a psychological pattern in which a person doubts […]

Imposter syndrome : Is it real?

Anorexia Nervosa

‘Hey, you have lost a lot of weight suddenly. Are you alright?’ You might have seen someone saying this to a girl/boy who really did lose a lot of weight suddenly. They look weak and skinny and often come across as short tempered. This is a common symptom of a disorder named anorexia nervosa.

It is an eating disorder causing people to obsess about weight and what they eat. Anorexia is characterised by a distorted body image, with an unwarranted fear of being overweight. Basically such people constantly obsess over their weight. This usually happens during adolescence. This is because during this time period, teenagers go through puberty. This means they feel the need of constantly looking pretty. This also usually happens to girls as the social norm is set as such that the skinnier you are, the prettier you look. No doubt this social norm is now dramatically rejected as people are more accepting of all kinds of body types.

Anorexia nervosa is a dangerous disorder. It’s like having a voice in your head constantly telling you that you look fat and should lose more weight. This is dangerous because people suffering from anorexia nervous are repulsed by the idea of eating. They literally don’t like eating. To the point they isolate themselves from their friends and family so that they don’t have to eat.

They not only despise eating, they exercise aggressively and push their limits to the store extent that they endanger their own lives. They constantly work out and drink water when they feel hungry. Whenever they do eat, they feel guilty and put off all the calories by working out more than ever.

Other symptoms of this disorder includes dizziness, dehydration and feeling cold all the time. Girls often miss their menstrual cycle. People often become short tempered or moody. They also become more anxious and apprehensive about basically everything.

They are often constipated and force themselves to vomit from time to time. Their nails become brittle and hair become dry, thin and fall out occasionally. Most dangerous of all is that they become malnourished and their heart beats slower than usual. They refuse getting treated because they constantly feel that they will become ‘fat’ or overweight. They might also suffer from depression.

Now that we know about this disorder, one must look out for all of these symptoms as we might just be able to help them. People suffering from anorexia nervosa need their family and friends even though they might avoid them. It is important for their family and friends to make them realize that life is more than just body types and weight. If they are not happy even after losing all that weight, losing weight is not the true path of becoming happy. They need to realize that their family and friends love them for who they are. Yes, it will be very hard for everyone around them. Especially the parents. But this is the time we must remember that we are the only ones who can bring their child back. Proper professional help should be taken and apart from that through therapy and proper healthy diet, they can always come back to their real home.

The only way to gain true happiness is through self care and self love. They need to realize no matter how skinny they become, if they don’t love themselves for who they are, all this trouble can never be worth it! Loving yourself is more important than anything. Accepting your body type is one step of becoming happy.