Education is life

Today the World is becoming a superficial place. Our time appoints the absurd, making social networks as a real-world by a considerable part of the younger generations.

It is a virtual reality, more precise than high-definition video games, more addictive and harmful to the mind and the body.

This fake reality indeed kills the neurons converting people into zombies led by a leader of unknown appearance.

Ignorance acts as the lock, and manipulation working as the key entering every mind. Then, it hacks and promotes war even over the most absurd topic that any influencer shares in a post.

The social network profile becomes an epicentre of empty universes, universes that conflict with the real-life, where, as in the war, leads to the destruction of entire generations.

Using actualized tools, but the same indoctrination mechanisms used in the world wars. Again, the end justifies it, annulling individuals’ conscience and making them members of the social mass.

Even though each social profile is seemingly unique, there is no perspective on what life is in its essence. The network is a game that only favours some private interests.

We know the truth: countries born from interests, wars arise, passions move. Interests motivate greed. Greed sooner or later destroys life. Life, which, without a doubt, is the only thing we have.

Blood wars are no longer an option in our time across the rich countries. New wars are too expensive and risky.

Wars are now abstract. Wars involve factual powers whose shadow is unknown and whose attacks are directed to control the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial.

The end of empires has never come. In our time, empires are mainly commercial, managing everything that allowed us to be free.

Now empires dictate what to be and how to be.

Indeed, commercial or blood, all war implies the destruction of every trace that makes us human.

Every war, directly and indirectly, destroys our soul and breaks the only thing we take when we leave.

War destroys what we have lived and what we will no longer discover for ceasing to be ourselves.

There are not strong leaders to help us. Corruption and secrets are always leaked by someone who is behind the scenes.

We are the unique leaders of our time; we are the bosses of our destiny.

We must not perish. Responding to Hamlet, the worthiest thing for the soul is to fight for our fortune, live our lives, and rebel against this wild sea of misery.

The only thing that saves us from interest, the only thing that separates us from greed, the only thing that allows us to see reality is education.

However, all education is written by the victors and not by the vanquished. Our salvation involves investigating, delving into every little remorse and lack of meaning of our multiple thoughts.

The only thing that educates us is ourselves.

What do I mean when I say “Education for Life?” I can present the problem and the solution. The problem is that people in traditional forms of education usually approach it from the standpoint of just preparing a person for a job. But one’s job isn’t the definition of one’s life—it’s only that which enables you to have enough money to meet your needs. Our lives encompass a much broader arena than one’s capacity to earn money. Any educational system that teaches only job skills or offers only intellectual information is neglecting the essential needs of human beings. The solution is a form of education that trains us in that which is most relevant to us—how to find lasting happiness in life.

We deeply need proper training in “how-to-live” skills such as how to find the right mate, how to raise our children, how to be a good employee, how to get along with our neighbors, and how to concentrate our minds so that we can draw success into all our endeavors. There are many such skills that are essential to prepare a child for adulthood, and in traditional education many of them are completely ignored. Education for Life is a system that prepares the child to face the challenges of living as a human being, and helps him to achieve balance and harmony in all he does. What we’re really talking about is preparing everyone, not just children, for true maturity. This is a much bigger concept than just coming of age. As defined it in the book, Education for Life, maturity is the ability to relate appropriately to other realities than one’s own. You’ll find that even people of advanced years are often childish and immature with regard to this definition, yet this ability to relate to others’ realities is what education should accomplish.


How important personal hygiene is to fight against Covid-19?

We know the virus is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person through coughing and sneezing, and touching surfaces contaminated with the virus. The virus may survive on surfaces for a few hours up to several days.

Taking necessary precautionary measures will help us to fight the deadly virus. Precautionary measures such as use of masks, maintaining social distance norms and sanitizing hands and  should be strictly followed.

Covid-19 case numbers and deaths were exponentially rising in India. We all have seen how effectively our corona warriors have fought the battle. The second wave was too powerful and the number of cases in a single day stretched our health community badly. Though, the cases are now in control but we are not in that environment where we can live like the normal days. This is the time when we all need to come together and have a spirit by doing our bit in fighting against the disease.

Have we ever questioned ourselves, why the second wave took this drastic shape? This happened because of not having the right attitude, taking the virus as a normal flu, not wearing the mask properly. When the cases came drastically down in January, people thought that the virus has gone and this resulted the spike in the cases. As a responsible citizen, we need to understand that our focus should be on maintaining personal hygiene not only for ourselves, but for others also. Wherever we go, we should sanitize the area properly, maintain social distance, and wash our hands properly to win the war against the deadly virus.

Keeping in mind the situation many brands stood up and launched products in hygiene and safety category at affordable prices.

The main purpose is to prevent UTI, which is becoming a common concern among women. The infection involves greater risk when one uses public washrooms that are often unclean and unhygienic. Apart from Toilet seats and toilet tops it is important to spray the disinfectant on flush, faucets, door knobs and other hard surfaces to avoid the chances of getting infected.

Increase in COVID- 19 cases saw a spike and this generated a surge in the requirement of masks, sanitisers and other COVID products as well.

The pandemic has caused tremendous disruption to the lives and work processes. Irrespective of how severely or mildly it affects a person, it is still capable of wreaking havoc with our physical and mental fitness and ability to perform various tasks. In such a scenario, using hygiene and sanitation products and adhering to cleanliness can keep us safe from illness.

People are requested to take utmost care of themselves by using mask, sanitisers and break the COVID- 19 chain which is a duty of every citizen and don’t take safety for granted. 

Your Life Your Responsibility – ( A Corona Age )

According to JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data, there 3,86,555 cases on 29th April 2021, which is simply very high in quantity. It’s our responsibility to be careful for ourselves and for our family members because if we die, neither it’s gonna affect to this world nor to political leaders.

                  “Corona-Corona Everywhere
                  Please Stay At Home,
                  Watch TV, Eat Healthy
                  Do What You Love.”

Here are some precautions that one should take:-
• Clean your hands often. Use soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rub.
• Maintain safe distance.
• Stay home if you feel and unwell.
• Wear a mask.

Just keep smiling even if you’re corona positive, don’t be panic or lose your willing power. ‘Nothing is impossible’ that’s what we learn since childhood so don’t be sad, we will defeat it. You can do what you love to do at your home and I think it is a high time when you can focus on yourself and your future too. We are getting a lot of time, just try to make it productive from spreading happiness to help needy people. I got goosebumps whenever I take my country’s name – India because we have a large amount of people who believe in helping others for instance- doctors, police, army, staff, nurses, workers. These people are working day to night only for our lives so it is over responsibility to be safe and secure. Thousands of people are dying everyday and lakhs of people are infected by it. Let’s prove this world that we are citizen of India and can defeat this virus as well.

                      ” Believe in Yourself
                        Stay home, Stay safe
                        Get Vaccinated”

Impact of Coronavirus on Mother Nature

Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

– Cree Indian Prophecy

As said in the quote above is very much true. As we don’t value things which we have today and we regret for that afterwards. Same goes with us, that we do with our mother nature. Whenever our phone hangs we hit the reset button. Half of our technical problems gets solved that way. Whenever we reset or reboot our system it starts working again as earlier. Isn’t it amazing. Now, same mother nature is doing with us. Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has shut down the whole world. Almost 90% of our life was shut down and all the world seemed to be stopped at that particular time. As we know COVID-19 is contagious and it transfers from person-to-person and for controlling this pandemic lockdown, sanitizer and social – distancing is the only solution to this problem as no specific medicine is discovered till now by any of the country. The nationwide lockdown which was ordered by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has resulted our mother nature to reset or reboot. Our mother nature was rejuvenating or rejoicing during that period as human beings were restricted at their homes and was giving a chance to our mother nature to relax and heal from all the pollution caused by the human’s like air, water, land and noise pollution over past many years. The Mumbai known as the busiest city of India was looking like a bare or stark land and this deserted look of Mumbai was going viral at that time on social media platforms. This social media was helping us to look another side that is the true beauty of the city and how we were harming this beauty of nature and were creating hurdles. As at that time people were restricted to stay at home and their was less to no humans on roads means less pollution, clean beaches and clean air. During that particular time, Delhi’s Air Pollution level dropped as the AQI (Air Quality Index) sank to as low as 93 in New Delhi as compared to 161 in March 2019, as per IQ Air Report. Another positive news or impact of lockdown on mother nature was related to aquatic or marine life and that is Mumbai’s Marine Drive witnessed a school of dolphins playing in the water and this was due to decrease in water traffic and water pollution during lockdown period and this has given them a new playground to play. The next positive impact was on our most sacred river and that is river Ganga. The health of Ganga river has shown significant improvement during nationwide lockdown which has led to reduction in dumping of industrial waste into it, experts have said.

Finally, humans have achieved rapid growth over the last century. But during this journey of advancement, we encountered arrogance of knowledge and started harming our nature and that too by rigorously using natural resources without hesitation. The whole world is trapped in a vicious circle that no one was willing to break, think or stop. Even though nature continued to warn us from time to time but due to our arrogance and attitude we use to ignore these indications and act like as if we are blind and deaf. But how long could she tolerate these things? And that’s why she replied, and now the whole world has come to a halt, due to a tiny virus which is an invisible enemy. But, nature is still kind to us. She is giving us another chance. Our mother nature is following the principles of “Giving” as she always give us. She never complaints to us as she is a mother, she always gives us another chance. We should always show our gratitude or should say Thank You to God for every good and bad things. As there is a positive energy behind this and the things become positive. Nature gives us a clear message – “I forgive you, I give you another opportunity and have made your job even easier. Now breath the clean air, enjoy the clean water, watch the clear skies but don’t pollute it again. What you have lost is also mine because you are my own being. But I have to balance my parts. If you rebel, then know, the final call will be mine.” So lastly –

“We often forget that we are nature.

Nature is not something separate from us.

So, when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we have lost our connection to ourselves.”

– Andy Goldsworthy