Hello, hi, and namastey people how are you doing. I hope everyone one are fit and fine. Ok so before starting my content I would like to question everyone, Is it enough being fit n fine physically or should we be fit mentally also? Of course mental health is most important right because mental health is the root of physical health. If a person is mentally unfit then how we can rest assured that he / she might be physically fit.

So as you all saw my today’s topic is depression.

What is Depression?

                 Depression is a mood disorder that involves a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It is completely different from mood fluctuation that people regularly experience as a part of life.

But what causes Depression?

             It might be caused due to stress related to work

             It might be caused due to low self esteem

             It might be caused due to lack of money

             It might be caused due to family problems

             It might be caused due to health related problems

             It might be caused due to problems in family or love life

             It might be caused due to failed career

             It might be caused due to mental torture or harassing

So basically depression can be caused by any of the problems. But is depression really harmful for a person? The answer is YES, because depression is a kind of slow poison which can kill a person in 2 ways. Firstly it will kill a person mentally and then it will kill a person physically.

Depression is something in which a person feels him/her self completely lost in this big world. They feel like there is no one who can understand them. And this feeling can disappear a person completely. But I know a strong person who not only fighter with her depression but also leading her life with a  positive vibe and energy.

Let me tell you all ,the true story of a strong girl whose name is Meenu. She was born in a middle class family which consist of mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, and uncle the day when meenu was born every family member was really very happy but one person was not at all happy on meenu’s arrival and that person was meenu’s mother she was a wild lady. Poor little baby was given in force to her grand parents .Meenu’s grandparents, without any hesitation, started raising their grandchild with love and affection. This cutie pie was always longing for her mother’s love but whenever meenu goes to her mother, she was always beaten brutally. One day ,her mother even tried to kill meenu but luckily meenu got rescued by her aunt and grand mother. Meenu’s mother was not only harsh to meenu but was also wild to her in-laws due to this she got separated from meenu and her grandparents. At the age of 9 itself. Meenu faced lots of traumatic moments of her life. Meenu got depressed very badly she started living with a fear of getting beaten again by her mother. She always had only one question, Why do her mother hates her so much? What was her fault ? Was it only because she was born from her womb. She was her own child ,but still her mom didn’t value her. Meenu started hating her mother. It took several months for meenu to come out of that traumatic event. Days started passing, Meenu was raised happily by her grandparents. She completed her 9th grade and stepped into her 10th grade. She taught life will be much easier with her loved ones. But poor child didn’t knew that life will bring many challenges. When she finally started receiving her father’s love after ages, at that point her father suddenly passed away .It caused meenu a heartbreak .Where children’s play and enjoy life, at that age meenu started taking small – small responsibilities of her grandparents even though she was badly depressed she chose to keep her feelings and emotions aside and started living for her grandparents. She choose to act as a happy soul in order to make her grandparents happy .Meenu’s grandparents was her strength .Even they were getting old but still they managed to give meenu a good life ,even though her grandfather faced lots of financial crisis he did not made all that effect meenu’s life. Meenu was just an innocent child who started compromising her dreams and desires only because she didn’t wanted her grandparents to be tensed because of her. She completed her schooling, stepped into her college life. As she knew that her grandparents were facing financial crisis, She started taking tutoring classes  so that at least she could manage her own expenses .Where once her dream was to become a child councelor, that dream got changed with just completing her graduation and find a random job, so that she could take care of her grandparents. At one corner of her heart she had a beautiful dream of having a beautiful picture with her grandparents while receiving her graduation certificate but life was always against her dreams ,It was always unfair. Before her dream would come true ,she lost her grandfather and this incident broke meenu completely. Meenu’s life journey was already very awful and depressed from starting point of her life itself. She just thought of a happy life but her fate did not agreed with her happy life. She completely lost herself and was about to quit everything, but then she saw her grandmother’s tears and kept her own emotions aside and started giving her grandma the reason to live life peacefully. She just consoled her grandma by saying just one sentence “LIFE ALWAYS BRING CHALLENGES ONLY TO THEM WHO ARE CAPABLE OF FIGHTING AND DEALING WITH IT ’’

MORAL: Even though you are depressed and thinks that life is unfair with you, just get up take a deep breath and say to your heart that life cannot be stopped because of some bad events, you are born for a reason, live for the people who values you, who depends on you, who lives for you. Just go with a flow of life.

So people don’t get upset when you find your self alone. You can share your problems or bothering with your friends and family . If you think that there is no one to listen to you, you can frankly share your problems with me 🙂

I hope you all liked my todays work ,

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