We Shall Overcome

Stay Safe

Stay Home Stay Safe is the phrase being heard every now and then these days. It’s not just a phrase it’s something that acts as an open secret to keep your life with yourself. People die and heal simultaneously. It seems like it’s time for the mother earth to take revenge on human beings. Other than humans all the other resources are really well. Being in lock down the air is not polluted, tourism places are not littered, the rivers, lakes and ponds are clean. All these are literally free from the nuisance caused by humans. Mother earth is healing all her resources. She has given so many chances for us to realize her importance, but we failed in keeping her resources safe and secure and finally she has got this only way, that is only if the mother earth punishes humans and keep them shut indoors all her other resources shall be in peace. As humans we failed to pay her debt and now it’s her time to take action on humans. The ratio of people dying is greater than those that heal. All of a sudden all that was valued as treasures before seems garbage now and oxygen is the most important of all. Where the world is heading to? None knows! At least by now realize that we are the only cause for this to happen to us. We dug our own with graves leading to this situation. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? But we still have today. Have some heart to save nature. Plant a tree beside your house, you may or may not benefit with it, but it’s a promise that our future generation need not suffer like we do. Don’t be haunting yourself with thoughts that depress you, instead do some gardening in your backyard, plant some veggies and green leaves that help you to eat healthy. Stay indoors, so that you may save your life and your loved ones. Life is unpredictable, so live your life worth within your time. To all those who lost you dear ones in this world, to those who are in sick bed, to all those who don’t know what life holds next for you, Stay positive, never let your worries overrule you. We shall overcome.