Found a true love? Just cling to that Love which can take you higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean♡

Each person in this world believes that there is a supreme power above them and some name it God and some call it Fate. But the thing is each and every life in this earth is controlled by this supreme power and it decides the life span of every life. Each and every person in this universe is destined to fate and fate decides everything in life. People usually say one can never change the fate that is written in their life and every single incident in their life happens according to the fate. That seems true and the fate can never be decided as we wish. Most of the times people question, is there any God? And some others question don’t God have eyes? And some sighs with a phrase, what can change the fate? There are so many questions that can be added but there is no specific answer for it. People fail to cherish one another when they live in this world and they regret after their life on earth is over. One will never know which moment the supreme power will take away their life, so learn to cherish people in life. Live life to its fullest ‘cause life is once and that can never be destroyed. Show some love to people around you so that all their worries can be disappeared. Not everybody in this world needs money but each and every person in this world needs love to survive. Sometimes some fear to be happy just because their happiness never lasted long. Sometimes happiness seems like an illusion in life and life is just unfair. Nothing can heal such situations in life except love. If someone loves you value their love, when someone can love you with all your imperfections just stay beside them and live the life to its fullest. Only a very few can love you to such extent in this world full of selfishness. The only thing you should do is, trust the person who loves you and cherish every moment of your life with them. Sometimes we feel, “when everything is fake, why the pain alone is real?” and such situations can be well handled by the person who loves you for real. Love is just a word until someone comes into your life and defines it. That person may be your mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend, in laws, lover, beloved or spouse. Just cherish each and every moment with them and lead a beautiful life. It’s hard to find a love that can truly love and can do anything to have you and just you. Once if you find such people just keep them with you and lead a peaceful life.