Spirulina Supplements

Spirulina is derived from sea algae which hold numerous minerals like copper, magnesium, manganese, protein and vitamin-B. Since there are many brands introducing Spirulina supplements one should mark out the best product.
Now Food Spirulina Tablets
The most recommended number one product in India is Now Foods Spirulina tablets. This is a blue-green micro algae which contains proteins, minerals and Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). This is an organic certified product which contains no excipients, binders or additives. This is a complete dietary supplement certified by FASSAI. Vegetarians can put all their trust in this product because this is 100% vegetarian product and it does not contain any harmful filters that cause irritations or allergies like gluten or soy.
Himalayan Organics-Organic Spirulina
This is also a dietary organic vegetarian supplement which contains plant based nutrients that helps to fight against allergies. This is also a stress buster and it boosts stamina. This is useful in detoxification of body aid and to reduce fatigue. This product contains good amount of Spirulina and its capsules are made of natural ingredients. But still this product has its own limitation that is the product has gluten which is not good for allergies.
Parry’s Organic Spirulina
Parry’s Organic Spirulina is the third one which is cultivated naturally and 100% vegetarian super food. This is enriched with proteins minerals and nutrients that help in metabolism. This also improves bone health. This product is made from only Non-GMO ingredients. It is free from gluten soy or milk. But still it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin and it does not cost much for its price is much affordable.
Sunova Organic-Organic Spirulina
Sunova organic is rich in iron and improves hemoglobin levels. This contains more nutrients and photo nutrients. It comprises of 60-65% proteins. This is an organic product whose price supplement is quite low. This is approved by FSSAI, and so no need to have a second chance to buy it. It yields a lot of energy and power – boosting supplement in which all the micro-nutrients are available in natural form.
Naturz Ayurveda Spirulina-Green Food Supplement
This is a multi-nutrient supplement rich in vitamins and powerful anti-oxidants, essential amino acids and beneficial enzymes. This is a budget-friendly product and this is free from gluten and other allergic substances. It helps in building immunity and this is a FASSAI tested safe product to consume. Its drawbacks are it is not 100% natural product and it shows its result much later than the previous products.