Happy Birthday to the one in Hevean

The Angel’s frosting cake
For your First B’day in paradise..
The heavenly choir’s anthem
With joyful songs for you..
Your special day in heaven you celebrate
And in earth we comemorate..
Mind denies to accept your abscense
Heart longs for one last time!
To hear what you have come to say before years
I never knew you would leave us this sooner!
Leaving behind pain and guilt to me for a lifetime
I wanted you to leave me all those days..
But I never wanted you to leave this world
I didn’t love you then..
But I have never hated you, I swear..
I hurted you when you came with love
But I never expcted this as the punishment..
You knw what I went through then
And what I am going through now!!
Sorry, I couldn’t put into better words
What I really feel!
I just belive dat you look down upon me
And read this unsent letter to heaven

Return If Possible!!