Child Abuse

Childhood is a period of life that every human life enjoys the most. That is the most carefree period of life where one never need to bother about what’s next? Probably most of the people wants to return to childhood in their forty’s and sixties and some even in thirty’s, and that is true. But not all people wish to return to childhood, because they never had a sweet and carefree childhood life. There is a saying “Children are the gifts from God” but there are many children suffering without a family and basic needs. Some children are abused and treated like servants just because they are adopted. Just because they don’t have anybody else in this vast and wide world they sacrifice their most valuable period of time to the so called “parents” who just need them to do their chores. And there are children who are stuck in between mother and father and sometimes they feel like, its better they don’t have one such family. It’s not their family that is broken but it is the hearts and dreams of those little kids. Child abuse is usually done by the parents or guardians who are frustrated with their situations. People say God lives in a child but some people without understanding this they abuse kids and ruin their future. Child abusing is a crime and it leaves a lasting imprint on the young minds forever. However hard they try to forget some incidents still remain as a scar in the mind. Child abuse is done to an extent of raping a kid at a very young age and that brings her a sense of fear and she holds that within her until the end of her life. There are also children working in factories and restaurants as child labors. Every employer should know that you cannot have children below 18 years of age as workers. One should keep in mind that we should abolish child labor and child abuse from its very roots. A famous line goes like this “There is no greater inhumanity in the world than hurting or belittling a child”.

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