Life is not always about happiness

It’s okay to be sad. It’s necessary. It acts you to look at our emotions closely. As there are seasons and phases in life, Sadness is one of them. Avoiding sadness can lead to anxiety and distress. But if choose to accept it and do through it you will experience a positive of it.

I am not saying one should take sadness lightly. It should be distinguished from ordinary sadness. We think we are not happy all the time, our desire to be happy keeps leveling up. It is a common emotion that every next person goes through when they face rejection, lose someone, despair, grief, etc. It’s okay to get overwhelmed by it.

Friendly reminder🔔
Whenever you feel low or sad just remind yourself that it’s okay whatever you are feeling. Nobody can monopolize happiness they have to go through sadness some days. Facing your emotions and acknowledging them will bring you mental well-being.


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