Curfew Vs Lockdown

Difference between curfew and lockdown:
Curfew is an order or law that commands people to stay indoors after a certain time at night. In a curfew the Police Commissioner and the Collector holds the power. In addition to the act 144 all the other things are shut even the essentials except from emergency services like hospitals. The essentials such as grocery stores, vegetables, milk shops, ATM’s will also be shut during curfew. The district administration is free from the action once the curfew is implemented. Only the cops and the administrative people are allowed to come outdoors. The police have got all the rights to arrest a person who violates the curfew.
Lockdown is under the control of the chief medical officer in a particular area under epidemic diseases act 1897. In a lockdown there should not be more than five people in closed quarters. All the essentials such as grocery stores, milk shops, ATM’s and vegetables will be open. In a lockdown the police don’t have the rights to arrest anyone who violates the lockdown, instead they can warn and advice the people to stay home. But if the person adversarial then the police have got all the rights to arrest the person under the section 269 and 270 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Be it Curfew or Lockdown please stay indoors. The world is facing the biggest crisis now and as humans we hold the greatest responssibility to save our own people. Amidst this pandemic people lend their helping hands just to save the fellow beings and keeping all these in mind and heart we should stay home. Stay Home Stay Safe..