Feminism is not about blaming men but it is all about the equality of men and women in social economic and political arenas. Feminism believes for equality and opportunity. It is often misunderstood as a hostile movement. The dictionary defines feminism as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”. Feminism does not deny the biological differences between sexes but it denies the superiority of genders. Feminism was coined by a French Philosopher and a utopian socialist, Charles Fourier in the year 1837. Women by feminist campaign achieved in owning their rights such as, right to vote, right to public property, right to employment, right for education etc. Feminism believes in a women’s right to sexual autonomy. It is not essentially a woman’s movement but a movement for all genders. #ME TOO Movement is an organ of feminist movement. The ideology of feminism is a movement started in 19th century appealing for the rights on the grounds of equality of sexes. The notable feminists are Virginia Wolf, Emma Watson and Malala Yousufzai. The ideology of feminism varies and it has a vast spectrum of action. The kinds of feminism are:
Liberal Feminism: This focuses on women’s individuality and independence. Freedom is the key to development and this demands equality and liberty.
Radical Feminism: Radical feminism believes that male chauvinism is the major reason for the oppression of women. This is a part which arose from the civil liberties movement of 1967-68.
Marxist and Social Feminism: this incorporates and extends Marxist theory. This says women’s liberation can be achieved only when the capitalist system in which they contend much of women’s labor is uncompensated.
Cultural Feminism: this is the recent transformation of radical feminism. This is an attempt to create a change in society and it persuades to increase its acceptance.
Eco Feminism: Eco feminism believes that the exploitation of patriarchal resources is the best solution for women’s liberation which is more of spiritual ideology
The movement is distinctly divided into four waves and the first wave was the movement that led to the voting rights for women, the second wave is a civil liberty movement, then the third one focused on individuality which paved way for the black feminism and interracial feminism. This focused on individuality and personal liberty. The fourth and the most important recent movement is addressing on sexual harassment and rape cases. Feminism is a basic human right movement in today’s world.