Joy of Writing

You can make anything by writing. -C.S.Lewis

The most amazing feeling is penning our feelings into paper. Have you ever done that? If not try it out and you’ll be relaxed. It’s the hardest thing to an extent and the most beautiful thing to another extent. If you really angry on someone try penning it down, pour all your feelings into the paper and later when you finish your piece of work you’ll be happy and relieved. When you are sad you might feel it hard to pen it down but once if you have the courage to do you’ll make the best of your works. “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on” says Louis L’Amour. Writing is an art that refuses to be efficient. It’s not the liability of writing but its strength. You must write in order to say what you wanted to tell, no matter how sure you are when you begin. Writing fosters one’s ability to explain what he/she wanted to tell. This process also preserves memories and ideas. When you had a lovely day try to put all your feelings into the pen and paper, and later after some years when you read it you’ll have the same happiness and joy even after years. That is the reason most people have their personal diaries where they feed it with all their happiness, joy, sorrow, anger and pain. Be it good or bad you’ll smile when you look at it after years. Isabel Allende says “Write what should not be forgotten” Writing what you feel makes you mentally strong. To write what you feel is the most courageous thing you can do. Many can write what makes them happy but when something worries you and writing what makes you feel bad is really good and that will make you feel relaxed at the other end. Just leave all your worries with that full stop (.) on your paper. And when you raise your pen above the paper you’ll feel like rising above the storm and that gives you strength to overcome the troubles that comes your way. Martin Luther King says “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write” Write as much as you can, there’s no limit for what you write but what you write should be revised a multiple times. The more you revise your work the more better you work will turn into. Not every first draft can be the best, but it doesn’t matter how the first draft looks but what matters is how your final draft is. C.J.Cherryh says, “It is perfectly okay to write garbage as long as you edit it brilliantly” this may sound funny but this is the truth that makes every writer stronger than before. Just put all your emotions into paper with the flow of your pen.