In a dark night
You shine so bright,
Inspite of your height
You make me delight,
When I'm in plight
You're out of my sight,
And its a fullmoon night
You're here to make my heart lite!!.

Ever tried speaking with the moon? Moon is one best friend whom you can rely in solitude. It can bring calmness and peace within you. Sometimes you can feel the warmth of being around someone who cares about you for real. And sometimes you can feel the person whom you miss the most in this world replying you from a far place just to keep you company. And it really feels awesome to have such experience. Mostly people see their loved ones who expired in this world in moon. Sometimes when you don’t see the moon ‘cause of some scientific reasons and still we feel like playing the person who kept company is abandoning you, and sometimes we see the clouds moving and the moon is just like playing hide and seek with us. And that feels great and it is the best companion one could ever get. Sometimes I feel moon is just possessive over the people whom it loves, because only when you are in silence and calm environment you can feel the warmth of its love. The world at present faces a crucial situation and it will be great if each human cherishes the little things around him/her. There are families broken and people dying unexpectedly. One will never know what the next second holds in his/her life. But cherishing the little happiness which nature provides in free of cost will help greater to overcome the struggles. Just because all, these are free of cost we don’t know the value of them. There is only one life, don’t miss such amazing and fabulous things which the nature yields.