Words are the most powerful weapons used to stab and to heal. Words are like double edged sword. People say think before you speak because words once spit out can never be taken back. It takes a fraction of second to hurt someone by words, but its takes a longer period to heal. The phrase of Longfellow goes like this, “A torn jacket is soon mended; but hard words bruise the heart of a child”. There are people who longs for some kind words and there are people who waits for a chance to hurt others. It’s easy to treat a wound in body but a wound in heart takes its own time to heal. Words are our strength and our weakness. Your words can inspire and influence people, and it can also entertain others. Words can evoke people’s emotions either it is good or bad. Words are the means of communication and it differs from people based on their understanding level of what you speak. We live in a world where with people from different situations. Neither a child nor old man can get hurt when one hears harsh words. Irrespective of age people get hurt. Think twice before you speak. Let’s stay united and heal this world. The greatest feeling one can receive is the power of being loved and this can be done only with kind words. Spread love wherever you go, be kind with your words. Let’s be the change that we need in this world. Let us not kill with words let’s heal.