Humanism is a rational philosophy informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion.          -AmericanHumanist              Association
Humanism is a philosophical way of thinking about the world. Humanism is one which is basic to every human being. When something worst happen people say what an act without even humanity. Humanism is some set of ethics or ideas that how people should live and act. Every living creature needs respect. Humanists strongly believe in this and they don’t put their trust on superstitious beliefs. Humanism teaches that every human should be treated equally with respect and dignity. All human beings are born with moral value and each one holds the responsibility to help one another to live their lives best. It also includes freedom and independence to humans. Humanism is very individualistic, every person is important and they have their own rights to make decisions for themselves. Humanism emphasizes science over scripture that is the religious texts and traditional beliefs. Humanism believes that one should believe in individual power than accepting the truth of scriptures. The main idea of humanism is give respect and take respect. Self-respect is the most valuable thing one can hold and humanism teaches that one should respect another as his or her own self. Humanism is helping others and treating others with equal respect and care without expect anything in return.