Life Savers

When you can’t praise them for what they do, then you can’t criticize them too..

Tired of hearing death news? Exhausted by listening to the news of Covid-19 cases? And the answer is YES! But where is the solution? No one knows except the super power above us. There are lakhs of people dying every day because of Covid-19 and there are a billion people who die out of starvation. There are people who die out of mental stress. People find life difficult without their loved ones, people move into depression, people hate life. Will this situation come to an end? If yes then when? If no then what is the solution? And we’ve got no answer! But there are people who sacrifice their lives to save their fellow humans. Have you ever thought how a doctor feels when the patient he treated dies? They try hard to save a life just because they came to a profession which is to serve people. How will the nurse feels when all her sacrifices and nursing fail at the end? They do have heart feelings and emotions. Just because they are doctors and nurses it doesn’t mean that their hearts are made of stone. Like a family they treat you with ease and like a friend they accompany you when your family and friends wants you to be in isolation. They give their life to save you even after knowing the cruelty of this virus, just because they value your life. It takes at least a week for them to come out of one death of a patient who is under their concern and when people die in thousands and lakhs just think of them. Even though they put all those aside and they move forward to treat another life. Have you ever asked a nurse or a doctor whether he/she had her food? But they do when they visit you in your wards. And that is what makes them life savers. Just because they smile at you it doesn’t mean that they are happy. They do have family and loved ones who are facing the same situation. And they undergo more than what we face. And the least we can do to them now is stop blaming them. We need to understand their situation too and they skip their meals and forget to sleep just to save one life. We don’t know how many of the criticizers now can leave their family and treat a stranger. Let us stop criticizing the noble people and let us encourage them, thank them and love them for their noble works. Let us lend our love to keep up their spirit. And when you can’t do this you have got no right to criticize them.