Having a personality that is unique and reflects your inner self is really important as it helps you stand out in a crowd. Here are ways in which you can develop a strong personality .

SELF ESTEEM – Having low self esteem can have adverse affects on your personality and life in general . Believing in yourself and having high self esteem makes you a confident individual. Tolerating something that hurts you or doing letting others disrespect you can lower your self esteem . But once you start building you esteem by travelling alone , being intolerant towards unacceptable behaviour , you surely can gain high self esteem .

TAKING ACCOUNTABILITY – Taking accountability for your own actions in stead of blaming others or blaming the situation can really help you build your self esteem . Blaming others for your problems is a sign of weakness and low self esteem . Acknowledging your mistakes , in stead of ignoring it can help you grow and develop as a person and develop a strong personality .

DISCIPLINE – Self discipline is one of the key factors to having a strong personality . Being disciplined is difficult but once you have trained your self to be disciplined it can do wonders to your life . People with strong personalities know how to not give into temptations .

POSITIVITY – Life is always uncertain and can be difficult to deal with sometimes , and it is easy for people to give up and make space for pessimism and hopelessness , but people with a strong personality always hope for the best and know how to be optimistic . Being optimistic has a great deal of benefits and should be practiced .