Hi all,
      In my last Content “THINK DIFFERENT” I wrote different ways to ask/say,
     1. Good morning. 
     2. How are you?.
     3. I am fine.
     4. What are you doing?.

And my today’s content is Contiunity of  my previous content. Today I am going to share different ways to say,
        1. Thank you.
        2. Sorry.
        3. Something is easy.
        4. Sometimes is difficult.

*Ways to say “THANKYOU”.
1. I owe you one.
2. I appreciate what you did.
3. Gracias
4. Thanks a bunch. 5. Thanks a million.

*Ways to say ” SORRY”.
1. I take full responsibility.
2. My apologies
3. My fault/My mistake.
4. Please don’t be mad at me.
5. I bed your pardon.
6. I owe you an apology.
7. I truly regret.
8. I won’t do it again.
9. I hope you can forgive me.

* Ways to say “SOMETHING IS EASY”.
1. It’s a snap.
2. It’s a piece of cake.
3. Anyone can do it.
4. It’s easy as pie/ easy as a,b,c.
5. It’s a doddle.
6. Easy peasy.
7. It’s a breeze.
8. It’s childsplay.
9. It’s a walk in the park.
10. I can do this in the dark.

1. It’s a difficult task.
2. It’s not so easy.
3. It’s a bit tricky.
4. It’s very hard.
5. It’s a very tough task.
6. It is not so simple.
7. It’s quite hard going.

And now include the above ways in your conversation.
Anything can be remembered only if it is practiced, inorder to remember, try to use these ways in your day to day conversation.
Hope so, it is useful.

Have a memorable day.

Keep smiling❣️❣️❣️