Billionaires Morning Habits


Habit makes a person perfect. We can distinguish a person from their habits. Good habits make a positive effect on life and bad habits developed negative thinking and many more. We have seen many examples in our surroundings that are always concerned about their habits.

A day starts with a good habit always boosts your productivity throughout the day and also leads to a better time management schedule. So it is important that what you will do after you get up in the morning. Now a day’s most students and young people are always dreamed about the luxurious lifestyle of billionaires. It is possible when they include some habits in their daily routine. We are discussing some of the billionaire’s morning habits.

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Jeff Bezos

We all know Amazon. Jeff is the founder of this big e-commerce company. He always cares about his sleep. Jeff does not set an alarm to get up in the morning. He solved his critical task and high IQ meetings before lunch, approx. 10 am.

Elon Musk

Mad genius Elon musk is a workaholic in nature. He always loves to work. He works like hell and works insanely to achieve the goal. He works up to 120 hours a week. But apart from this entire busy schedule, he always wakes up at 7 am. After that, he will be busy reading some critical emails and answering those emails. He loves to drink coffee while doing all this stuff. Breakfast time is too short for Elon. Then he drops his five sons at school and is ready to showers. After, he drives to work.

Jack Dorsey

Twitter is a popular social media platform introduced by this big man Jack Dorsey. It is a part of our daily life nowadays. Jack gets out of bed at 5 am. He loves to meditate for 30minutes and then worked out for half an hour. Next, he drinks coffee and prepared it for his office.

Warren Buffett

He got up at 6:45 am after 8 hours of sleep. He loves to read newspapers like Wall Street Journal and USA Today in the morning hours before his daily routine.


Though she had a struggling career but never give up on anything, which she was passionate about. She is very punctual and starts her morning routine by taking her five dogs for a walk. Then she reads a card from her’365 Gathered Truths Box’. After, she checks her mobile to read her daily Bowl of Saki. She always worked out in her backyard for an hour and meditates for few minutes.

Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook man always starts his morning by checking his mobile, browsing Facebook, and read messages in messenger and WhatsApp on the bed. He does not care about his daily dressing style. He never wastes his time on taking a small decision like what he will wear in the morning. So you will always see him in the same outfit.

Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Gates loves to cardio after he wakes up in the early morning. He is watching educational DVDs while on the treadmill for about an hour. He always skips his breakfast. He also enjoys Cocoa Puffs cereal.

Anastasia Soare

The famous makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills founder Soare wakes up at 7 am and first jumps into her phone to check Instagram. She loves to drink two cups of black coffee while answering her emails. She worked out for an hour and ate her breakfast before going outside.

Hope you will know some absorbing morning habits of some billionaires.

Read more about those above person’s life and apply some of the habits in your routine.

No doubt you will be there on the list within some years.