World’s Most Expensive Salt

Without salt, food is tasteless. In everyday diet, it is necessary to intake a balanced quantity of salt for good health. Let’s know about one of the world’s costly salt.

This salt is like general salt that we will use in our daily life. But its price will increase after 30 days. Why does this happen? This type of question strikes your brain. Though it is like common salt it is made with bamboo sticks.

Its price is $100 per 8.5-ounce jar. For 100 long years, Koreans are using this bamboo salt. They are prepared this salt with their traditional style.

It is prepared by heated this salt in bamboo pipes. During this process, the elementary particles mixed up with this salt and dangerous particles are destroyed. Making this salt is very difficult because after keeping this salt in bamboo pipes, they will heat it 9 times. Later, it will turn to purple color. After completion of this process, the salt acquires some medicated nature that makes this salt costly.

This purple salt is 10times costly than the Himalayan pink salt. All those making processes are handmade, and it is true. No technology will be used to make this salt. This bamboo salt takes 45 days to 50days to prepare. The bamboo pipes are made from 3 years old bamboo roots where Koreans kept the salts.

This process will take 12 to 14 hours. These bamboo pipes heated up to 800-degree Celcius in this making process, after the bamboo pipes are brunt and the rest is pure salt. After this challenging process, the world’s costly salt will produce.