Mysterious Facts About Jagannath Temple

Iconic Temple

Odisha is a state of art and culture in the East India region. Among 30 districts in Odisha, Puri district is especially famous for Lord Jagannath all over the world. Jagannath is a blend of two Sanskrit words Jagat meaning universe and Nath meaning Lord. Jagannath temple is the pride of every Indian. This temple is a symbol of the greatest architecture of all time. Lord Jagannath’s Ratha Yatra is world-famous, it is held once a year. To see the Lord outside the temple large number of devotees are coming to watch this magnificent car festival. It’s a Hindu temple, expect them no one can enter this temple as per tradition. Originally Lord Jagannath was worshiped as Lord Neela Madhava by a tribal king named Viswabasu.In Hindu tradition, we know about Char Dham, among from all Puri Dham is a most excellent and divine place. In the 12 century, the Jagannath temple was constructed by king Anantavarman Chodaganga. The temple has its significance and is full of mystry.No one can tell the truth behind the mystery of Jagannath temple.

Let us know about some exciting stories of Jagannath Temple.

Climb To Neela chakra

We can see the temple top with the flying flag of different colors. Every day someone has to climb this 65 meters temple to change the flag. It is a daily ritual for many decades. This process will be done without any safety harness and with bare hands. History says if this ritual will be skipped one day in the calendar, the temple will be closed for 18 years.

Crimson Of Chaturdha Murti

The avatars are covered from 14 to 18 years, many hidden rituals performed by Daitas(Jagannaths Sevayats during his crimson) in a dark environment with no devotees and no cameras. New Murtis were replaced by those old wooden neem Murtis of Lord Jagannath, Balabhdra, Subhadra, and Sudarshana. It is automatically decaying in soil.

Opposite blow of air

Astonishingly, in the daytime, the light air blows from the land to the sea and the opposite happens in the evening. It only occurs in Jagannath temple Puri.

Never Wasted Mahaprasad

Every day around 2000 to 2,000,00 devotees are coming to Jagannath temple and feel blessed by eating Mahaprasad. But you will be surprised to know that the process of making Mahaprasad is a non-organized way.No one measures the amount of food they will cook for devotees. Supernaturally, the prepared food will never waste, not even a bite. 

Flag Against Wind

Jagannath temple’s flag at the top flew against the opposite direction of the wind as it is against science.No scientist can reveal the truth of this phenomenon. 

Magic Structcture of Neela chakra

The Neela Chakra is built with hard metal weighing about a tonne. We are amazed how our ancestors got up there without any machinery. The design is unique, that when you look at the Neela Chakra, its appearance is the same in every direction. Is it not a miracle? 

Soundless Temple

The sea sound was never audible within the temple premises. But when you step out from the temple, the sea sound comes again. This effect is rare and makes this phenomenon noticeable among scientists.

No Birds In the sky

We see the birds in the sky. The sky is the permanent address of birds. But unfortunately, no birds fly above the temple dome. No airplane can glide above the Neela Chakara.

Unusual Method Of Cooking

In Jagannath temple, their priest cooks all the food items. It is called Mahaprasad. They usually use seven pots for cooking. The process is like seven pots mounted one above the other. When the cooking is over, the topmost pot is cooked first. It is the magic of Lord Jagannath.

Ratha Yatra

In Rath Yatra, Lord Jagannath and his brother Lora Balbhadra and his sister Lora Subhadra came outside the temple to enjoy their vacation time by traveling to their motherland called Gundicha Mandir. Surprisingly these massive three Chariot built within sixty days with no engineers. Car painters are the architect of these 3 Chariots. Behind every design and architecture, there will be a great story. Nothing is without a purpose.

No Shadow

When some stand in front of sunlight, a shadow creates. But you never see a shadow of Shree Mandir at any time of the day and any direction also.

The scientist is still researching to know about the mystery behind the Jagannath temple.