We are watching different kinds of videos on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Someone can also share their videos on this platform. While we are using social media, we love to share our videos and photos, also share our articles. Though the podcast is one of the parts of social media where we can share our thoughts and information about any topic with people, it is in the form of audio. It has also subscribers and followers. If your podcast is good enough then the followers will increase accordingly.

What is Podcast?

It is a type of radio show, but it is running on the internet. It is also called an Internet Radio Show or Netcast. Instantly, you can listen to any podcast as your wish. In the podcast, we will found an audio series based on any topic.

Most of the podcasts will be telecast once a week. Nowadays many apps and websites are available for listening to podcasts like google podcasts, apple podcasts, Spotify, audible, stitcher are popular platforms. Even though podcasts are different types, any single person or a couple of people can run podcasts. You can comments on any topic, answering people’s questions, news podcast and many different types of the podcast on this platforms.

After recording the audio, you can upload it. You can entertain yourself by listening to podcasts while working or enhance your knowledge. The podcast is a free service. Any person can easily share their podcast on the internet. In today’s market, many people create different podcasts like technology, education, business, economy, news, sports, and many more.

Types Of Podcast

  • Podcast Novels

  • Scripted Podcasts

  • Enhanced Podcasts

  • Video Podcasts

  • Live Podcasts

Some Of famous Apple Podcast

  • 1619 (history)
  • Bear Brook (True Crime)
  • Belevied (News & Politics)
  • The BigOne (Science)
  • The Dream (Society)
  • Everything Is Alive (Comedy)