Tips For Put A Stop To Alcoholic Youth In India

Alcohol, Is it not so exciting? Yes, of course in today’s generation, it is our youth’s favorite pain killer. Any depression comes in front of our youth, they blindly choose Alcohol. It’s a common practice for our Indian Youth. According to research, over 88 percent of Indians age under 25 purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. This is a bad habit, which our youth gradually add to their daily routine. In our youth dictionary, certain words are common like breakups, frustration, depression, anxiety, demotivation, and many more. Those words do not only affect our youth’s career growth also reduce their life span and are the root cause of increases in many diseases and alcoholic youth.

Teenagers are also not excluded from this alcohol consumption list. They are experimenting with alcohol nowadays. Curiosity and to feel old is the principal cause of that growing popularity of alcohol in teenager community. About 80 percent of school students have tried alcohol.

Adult & Alcohol

There is a scale of use among those who consume alcohol, which can range from one-time use, occasional use, regular use, perilous use, harmful use to dependence. But we only talk about the regular use community.

Influence Of Alcohol In Our Life and Body

It hampers our central nervous system and decreased our thinking ability. More alcohol leads to intoxication, cirrhosis in the liver, heart disease, diabetes, reduction in fertility, skin problems, memory problems, reduce immunity.

After consumed alcoholic substances, we have no control over our body language and our behavior, sometimes due to this, we are offended in our society. It also creates a bad impression among our family members, friends, and relatives.

Alcohol is closely linked with fights and cruelty, road accidents, intimidating sexual activity, and vulnerable sex, domestic violence, legal and financial difficulties. Minorities, economically and socially poverty-stricken communities are often victims of the dangerous effect of alcohol.

It affects depends on many internal and external control. At the community level, availability, accessibility, affordability, and adaptability directly impact the growth of alcohol usage.

Body Reaction After Drink

An average of 22 percentage of people (18-29 Years) in India are youth, which exceeds 261 million people and it’s larger than the population of Pakistan. But unfortunately, they are moving toward toxic India as per statics says. So we have to stop those steps of our youth towards destruction by focusing on certain areas. Not only domestically but also our cities and states are directly responsible for the growth in alcoholic youth. Our government should take certain steps, implement certain strategy and plan, which controls our youth mentality to win over the alcohol.

What Can Be Done?

  • Increase in taxation on alcoholic beverages
  • Minimum legal purchasing or drinking age
  • Restriction on sales
  • Prohibition or ban on alcohol
  • Regulating alcohol production and distribution
  • Advertising restriction
  • Promoting community action
  • Mass media campaigns
  • Educating school children and college students
  • Provision of alternative recreational facilities
  • Role of the family
  • Cooperation between stakeholders
  • Establishment of a national alcohol control authority or a similar agency
give time and act like friends

Parents do not have time for their children’s, there are many examples when an adult going through certain personal issues but he/she can not explain them to others, at this stage if parents are not talking to them, they are no options for their mental stability or mental pressure and prefer alcohol. So, discuss their problems with friendly manners keep away them from alcohol.

Our government also take initiative for this by certain rules and regulations. In India, certain states have already applied some strategies to reduce the level of alcohol consumption, and it works.

Socially and Domestically we can help our young masses from the consequences of alcohol. If we focus on the above key points then we can definitely extract our youth from this alcoholic world.