Why does a student need to be industry ready & how they can be?

What do you mean by industry ready?

An industry expects their employees to have Non-technical skills and personal attributes such as team work, communication skills, integrity, reliability and self-motivation are considered more important than purely technical skills to get industry ready.


A study shows that 50% of the curriculum that are been taught in college/universities, by the time students will graduate, it will get auxiliated with new technologies in the market.

Let’s say for example, a product manager of a company who advertises the product, collects data and analysis the data to improve the marketing strategies of company. He can do it manually, but with time if an app is developed for this work, the company won’t be requiring any product manager.

Although degrees are important for future but it is also important to have a knowledge about what all techniques and skills that will be there in future and also to start developing those skills.

How can students be industry ready?

Here are some ways of getting industry ready:-

  1. Practical Knowledge of Doing Things:- If you can demonstrate how to implement the theoretical knowledge you have then your chances of getting hired will improve significantly.
  2. Sharpen Your Communication Skills:- If you are not able to communicate properly, your knowledge will be of little use to you.
  3. Inculcate the Habit of Innovation:- Form a habit to think out of the box, if you can provide a company with a method to save on expenditure or increase their profit, you have better chances of getting hired.
  4. Read Books and Newspapers Regularly:- Form a habit to read a newspaper or book at least half an hour daily, as this will improve your thinking process as well.
  5. Build Your Profile to Show Your Accomplishments:- One needs to be presentable and be able to exhibit his or her qualifications and capabilities convincingly.
  6. Pursue Online Courses to Hone Your Skills:- To make yourself industry ready, it is better to learn some new skills online.
  7. Work on Your Weak Areas:- The trick here is to present your weaknesses in a way that it looks profitable to the company for whom you want to work for.
  8. Learn to Organize and Manage Your Time:- It is about getting the maximum output in a given amount of time. Productivity matters a lot when you are working for a company.

So start investing more on prolonged and sustainable skills because knowledge and degrees are not going to be most required in future. This is the time to decide what is to be done and how should the steps be taken forward.

Tips For Enrich India’s Educational System To Produce Industry-Ready Engineers

In this competitive world, everyone will go for the job not only a student but also their parents expecting the same things from their children’s from their childhood. Due to which students are not focusing on their studies, they will only concentrate on their marks to complete their engineering and get a job in an MNC. A student after his engineering, just sitting on their couch and enjoying popcorn, this mostly happens in India. But in America, they developed the methodology and industry-based coaching for every student from the very beginning which feels comfortable and effortless to work in an industry after his engineering.

Skills To Devlop

Below are some key points which lead India’s engineering education system is not to produce industry-ready engineers.

  • The businessman entered this Education world and converted to a money market.
  • Students get several alternative options to score high in their semesters like a copy in exams, paperwork by giving bribery to corrupt officials.
  • College management’s destructive policy on producing engineers deal with companies to just select a student and after few months they will terminate those employees on their performance basis.
  • Lack of planning to provide industry-based education rather focusing on the percentage of students gets their jobs in the final semester.

Our students are also lack of skills to practically work on real-time projects in their company after they pass out. It is the main reason that leads to unemployment in India. Without certain industry skills, our students never are so successful in their future. We can easily differentiate our college studies from our corporate or industrial work.To change this track,we have to conscious about key things to improve as much as possible to get hired by big companies without any confusion.

Methodology For Best Coaching

Certain things to focus on for every student:

  • Problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Improve good communication.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Acquire knowledge on practical things apart from books and college assignments.
  • Always updated according to market.
  • Eagerness for invention.
  • Workaholic nature and concentrate on learning technical skills.
  • More practice and basic training.

India sets an example by producing great engineers like Satish Dhawan, Sundar Pichai, and many more. So if we focus on those above points and extract every business person from this world, protect our education system from dishonest and fraudulent people, then we will see a better future ahead.