One Day

In the year 2010, The Stranger group planned for a vacation after their sixth semester of engineering. Each member of our group had a girlfriend except one guy. Our group had four members. All were eagerly waiting for when will go out of the college campus and enjoy our life without books and boring semesters. We decided that our girlfriends will not come on that trip due to our friend was single.

September 3, 2011, It was a chilled morning due to last night’s heavy rainfall. We four members brought the new car of that SAD SOUL guy of our group. Being the rich guy among us, we never respect and listen to his words, not even a single day, but our bonding was so strong. At about 4 am, we start our trip from Bhubaneswar. Lots of fun, lots of excitement, heavy music, we enjoyed every moment like never before. After 200km of traveling, we stopped near a big rock and clicking pictures of nature and the villagers. We stopped there to explore the villager’s social life and their behavior. It was so exciting for all of us. We stay there and had dinner with the villagers. At that time there was a famous festival going on. Coincidentally, our sad soul guy fell in love with a village girl that night. After dinner, we enjoyed chilled beer and went to sleep.

The next morning, we went a step ahead to our destination. We were happy that on the next trip we can come up with our girlfriends at least. It’s raining outside, no more vehicles on the road. It was a cloudy sky with little darkness. I saw my watch, it was 4:45 am. Suddenly, a big truck passed the left side of our car and hit with a two-wheeler and ran away. All this happened in front of us. We stopped our car, the road was full of red water. All of a sudden, a biker got up, start his bike, and went from there. We freaked out by seeing all those things. Rains start again. Immediately we were searching, where the blood comes from, we found a girl at the roadside with a burst stomach and injured head. She was shouting with unbearable pain. We had no idea what we will do? The road was silent, not a single person passing the road. We decided to rescue that girl and took that girl to the nearer hospital as soon as possible.