Korean Drama -A true meaning of Love

What is Korean drama?

Korean television series are made in South Korea. The first Korean series was published by Korean Broadcasting System in 1962. Korean drama divides into different categories such as historical dramas, school dramas, action dramas, legal dramas, or horror comedies. Most of the series focusing on romance, family values, friendship, and deeply emotional stories. But nowadays, this industry releases social issues based on Korean drama like gender inequality, suicide and corruption, and many more. 

Unique features of Korean drama

Its unique storylines make Korean drama the best in the world. Korean series is creative and full of twists, that maintain secrecy in the story. Modern series generally contain 12 to 24 episodes of 60 minutes each. But in the case of historical series, it rises to 200 episodes. All series are usually carried one season. Many Korean dramas are shot within a compact timetable. Its screenplays are changing frequently depending on the viewer’s feedback. A single director and a single screenwriter are involved in making a series that distinguish Korean drama from other television series. Korean drama is produced by television channels. The first four episodes were shot in advance and the rest episodes are shot one by one after the four-episode was released.

Broadcast Platforms

Its broadcast time is scheduled between 22:00 to 23:00. Most of the Korean drama aired on the Total Variety Network(TVN), Orion Cinema Network(OCN), Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(MBC), Seoul Broadcasting System(SBS), Korean Broadcasting System(KBS). The evening slot is fixed for daily drama between 19:00 to 20:00. With the rise in popularity of Korean series internationally, many streaming platforms are run Korean drama like Amazon Prime, Asian Crush, Netflix, We TV, Hulu, VIU, Iflix, Kocowa, etc. 

Why Korean Drama is popular?

Eccentric Story

It is popular internationally day by day due to the scripts are well written. They use kissing scenes with so much importance. The Korean series characters are outstandingly realistic that every viewer feels the same emotion and vibe which the actors are portraying on the screen. Korean series has a limited number of episodes, so a viewer can never bore. The storylines make the viewer connected till the end. Rich guy poor girl romance and their parents are against that, these types of plots are very famous among the young generation nowadays. Korean drama is so well constructed and structured that every young generation expects Korean romance in real life. It is the impact of the best story, screenplay, and brilliant acting. Korean love stories are the best cute love story in the world. It is not like the other stories that are full of actions, it depicts the bonding with each other. 

Fresh Sound Track

Original Sound Track is specially made for each series. Those soundtracks are from EXO, TWICE, BLACKPINK, BTS, etc. 


Korean drama shows the values in compared to other dramas like respecting elders, polite to everyone. Korean cultures are famous worldwide for their unique presence of characters on screen. Korean dramas are shot with the beautiful locations and sites of Korea.

Family Show

Korean series is family-friendly. You can never feel bad while watching with family members and elders. Its series is rarely adult content or using any abusive language.

Fashion and Beauty

Korean fashion is now a trend all over the world. Korean actors and actresses always look simple, stylish, and fashionable. Their outfits are distinguishing from others. Their dressing sense makes them more cute and classy. They counted as trendy people in the world. Korean actor’s and actresses’ beauty standards are very high and attractive.