Dashrath Manjhi-An Impossible Journey

Every person in this world, when not succeed in their goals, always blames God. But in this god-giving world, there is an exception also. Dasharath Manjhi is one of these, who is the best illustration of dedication, determination, focus, and never-give-up attitude, who inspired all generations. His work towards his villagers is the greatest lesson we have ever learned from anyone.

No money, no power, but this man has the inner strength to cut a mighty mountain. This impossible work made this little man to The Mountain Man of India. His 22 years of dedication, day and night work turn a big rock to a path of their villagers. No machinery was used by Dashrath to break that big hill. It just only a hammer and chisel, through which he made this impossible to possible.No one can think about that unbelievable work can be done by a small farmer who just did it by his strong intention and love towards his wife, who met with an accident and was not reached the hospital on time due to this mighty hill.

The Love Birds

In 1956, Dashrath Manjhi was married to a village girl named Falguni Devi. At that time, child marriage was legal. After that, he went to Dhanbad to work in coal mines. In this seven years of gap, when he returned to his village and saw Falguni Devi, he fell in love with her again as a grown-up man. Unfortunately, Falgunis father denied giving her to Dashrath as he had no job to feed his family and Falguni.

But Dashrath and Falguni are made for each other. Dashrath took his childhood wife forcefully from his father-in-law and gave assurance that he will never be made her girl cry. Both love birds have two children in their homes.

An Accident

When Falguni was pregnant for the second time, Dashrath was very happy. One day Falguni was taking lunch for Dashrath crossing the gigantic ridge, suddenly her foot got slipped. She was heavily injured. After knowing about this incident, Dashrath ran towards her wife and took her to the hospital. But the hospital was 70km far from his village no vehicle was available to bring her wife to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Finally, all possible efforts by Dashrath were worthless. Falguni was no more, but she safely gave birth to a baby girl.

No Mercy

After his beloved wife’s death, Dashrath took his hammer and started cut down that bulky mountain. He tries to construct a path through which villagers can reach their destination in a short time with less effort. Every person found fault with work. Many journalists took Dashraths interview about his work. Many of them criticize Dashrath for his unimaginable work, but this man was never frightened for anything, never demotivated at all.

Years passed, once their villagers suffered from low rainfall, and evacuated the village. Even Dashrath’s father convinced him to go with them to town and find a job so that he can feed their children. But Dashrath denied leaving his village and his work. For some days, he lived there with no food and no water at all. Just feed his stomach with leaves and dirty water. He was continuing his work against all odds. He had no mercy for that mammoth rock. Every day cut down that hill as he had taken revenge for his wife’s death.

Dashrath Struggling Story

Once PM Indira Gandhi came to Dashraths village Gahlaur, Bihar. Dashrath was also there to listen to the PM’s speech over the emergency in India. In that function, Dashrath got a chance to click a picture with Indira Gandhi. While watching this, the village Mukhia, planned to introduced Dashrath and explained his cutting mountain work to Indira Gandhi, so that she granted some government funds to help Dashrath. Everything was good after that, but Mukhia cheated Dashrath by taking all the government funds and blamed Dashrat for supplied the cutting stones illegally to outsiders.

Dashrath got up and decided to complain against Mukhia to the PM. With no money in his pocket and a train ticket, he was thrown out of the moving train. Nothing stopped him from his destination. He walked from Bihar to Delhi to complained about this fraud. But he failed again to meet the PM.

Strong Mindset

Hopeless Dashrath back to his work again. But he was gradually old and did not give that much effort to his work. Instead of his physical situation, he never stopped his work. Some villagers joined Dasrath to construct the path. At last, the villagers felt that Dashrath turn this big rock into a walkable road for villagers.

Dashraths 22years of hard work from 1960 to 1982 shortened the 70km road to only 1km road. He made a 360foot long and 25feet deep path with a hammer. For this achievement, he is worldly known as The Mountain Man.

Bhagawan ke bharose mat baithiye..kya pata bhagawan humare bharose baitha ho.

He passed away on Aug 17, 2007. In his life, he shows many things which we can apply to our life. Although he has no higher education, no money, no power, no political hand, no help from others achieved his goal. We should learn from him, that never depends on luck, never mind any criticism from others, just do your work with dedication till the end.