Living In Mountains.

Great things are done when men and mountains meet; This is not done by jostling in the street.

William Blake

A excellent way to escape the stress and hustle of city life is to live in the mountains. Literally, it is a refreshing change of pace. The beauty of the mountains might daily keep you speechless. Living in the hills provides solitude and a chance to reconnect with nature. A mountain house merely makes sense for you if you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or snowboarding and frequently visit the mountains.Also, the mountains are the ideal location if you want cold summers and snowy winters. Similar to how there are several lake lives, there are various mountain lifestyles.

With significantly cooler climates at greater elevations, the mountains are a fantastic place to escape the hot weather. Awe-inspiring landscape is also present. There is clean air, and investigations have also shown that residing at higher altitudes can enhance heart health, promote weight loss, and lengthen life. The mountains offer seclusion and a variety of enjoyable pursuits throughout the year, including skiing, sledding, hiking, bicycling, and animal observation. For those who enjoy experiencing the season, the colder months are chilly and covered in snow.

There are certain drawbacks to living in the mountains. Compared to a city dweller, you are more secluded. To go to places where you may buy groceries and other necessities, you might have to travel a fair distance. If you’re used to life in the capital, it can take you some time to get used to that. Internet access and other communications networks may be more difficult for those who live in mountainous areas.

Tourism in India

“Only one who wanders finds new paths” is a beautifully written proverb.Travelling helps people to get exposed to new places,meet new people, come across their stories, gain experience and sometimes to move out of a hectic boring lifestyle and doing something new and adventurous.

Its well said that India has its ‘Unity in Diversity’ but its not only about religion, culture, art forms and languages.India has diverse geography, numerous historical monuments and a wide variety of trades.From trekking in mountains of Ladakh to boating in the backwaters of Alleppey ,from experiencing nature with a closer view at Kaziranga National Park to sandy beaches and crazy nights in Goa, India truly is a nature’s gift.The variety of linguistic and ethnic groups forms its racial diversity.There is diversity in religion, political beliefs and even the climate of the country from north to south. All these factors attract tourists from all over the world.

Tourism is a flourishing industry in India. People from all over the world are attracted to different tourist destinations of the country.  Some of the major tourist attractions are Taj Mahal in Agra, The holi city of Varanasi, The Golden Temple of Amritsar ,The Gateway Of India, Amer Fort, Konark Sun Temple , Qutub Minar , Fatehpur Sikri , Char Minar etc.

The Ministry of Tourism established 25th January as National Tourism day in order to educate people about the benefits of traveling and to spread awareness about the importance of tourism for raising the country’s economy. Travel and tourism sector is one of the key contributors to the Indian economy,Tourism in India contributes around 4.7% in the total GDP of the country according to statistics of 2020. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively affected India’s growth in tourism as the flight services were barred due to the spread of covid-19 virus.

Tourism has benefited the country in several ways like increasing the job opportunities , improved quality of life for locals, assistance to locals with their daily income since they can open small businesses and petty shops, restaurants, transport business and other commercial businesses like shopping malls and hotels. It also contributes to national integration and international friendships and is also a source of earning foreign exchange.

Despite offering so many perks, India’s tourism is still lagging behind.The reasons are over priced taxis and delayed trains making traveling unaffordable and uncomfortable.The absence of decent and hygienic accommodations are adding to the problems.Bad roads,filthy environment make tourists suffer a lot.Besides these problems tourists are often exploited by guides,tour and tourist operators.Usually foreign tourist become victims of theft,kidnapping and other crimes.

Not to forget about the pandemic, which has affected the economy to a great extent.Despite all these difficulties India is recovering over the losses of trades and damage to the economy.

As the 7th largest country in the world, India stands apart from the rest of Asia as India’s potential for tourism is vast.Tourism has promoted national integration and is a highly labour intensive industry. Therefore measures should be taken to strengthen it. Ancient monuments should be protected, traveling should be  made safer, accommodation facilities should be readily available. More infrastructure needs to be developed to attract tourists. ‘Incredible India’ campaign should be strongly promoted. It has become a matter of paramount importance if tourism needs to keep flourishing in the country.

Lighthouses in Kerala

What view is better than a view from the top of the lighthouse along the coastline? So, next time when you are in Kerala, think about visiting these lighthouses for bliss and peace.

Thangaserry Lighthouse

Thangaserry Lighthouse was built in 1902 and is located on the coast at Tangaserri in Kollam city of Kerala. It has a height of 135ft and it is one of the most visited lighthouses of Kerala. Tourists can visit this lighthouse between 11am to 5pm on all days except Mondays. The lighthouse also has a elevator facility for tourists.

Alappuzha Lighthouse

Alappuzha Lighthouse was built in 1862 and is located on the coast at Alappuzha town of Kerala, which was one of the busiest ports and trade centers of Kerala. Alappuzha Lighthouse has a height of 92ft and is a major tourist attraction. Visitors are only allowed on weekdays between 3pm to 4:30pm.

Vypin Lighthouse

The Vypin Lighthouse started fuctioning in 1979 and is situated at Puthuvype in Kochi, Kerala. It has a height of 151ft and is the tallest lighthouse in Kerala. The light beam of the lighthouse has the range of 52 kilometers. The lighthouse is open for tourists on all days except Monday between 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm.

Kadalpur Point Lighthouse

The Kadalpur Point Lighthouse started functioning in 1907 and is situated at Kadalpur, in Kozhikode District of Kerala. It is situated on the coast of Arabian Sea and has a height of 112ft. The Lighthouse is painted with black and white bands. The lighthouse is thought to have been built following a shipwreck on the rocky cliffs of the point, and the wreckage may still be seen.

Vizhinjam Lighthouse

Vizhinjam Lighthouse started functioning in 1972 and is situated near Kovalam beach in Kerala. Vizhinjam was a busy port in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Lighthouse has a height of 118ft.


Wards Lake

Shillong is a hill station in the northeastern part of India and the capital of Meghalaya, which means “The Abode of Clouds”. It is the headquarters of the East Khasi Hills district. Shillong is the 330th most populous city in India with a population of 143,229 according to the 2011 census. It is said that the rolling hills around the town reminded the British of Scotland. Hence, they would also refer to it as the “Scotland of the East”.

Shillong has steadily grown in size since it was made the civil station of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills in 1864 by the British. In 1874, on the formation of Assam as the Chief Commissioner’s Province, it was chosen as the headquarters of the new administration because of its convenient location between the Brahmaputra and Surma valleys and more so because the climate of Shillong was much cooler than tropical India. Shillong remained the capital of undivided Assam until the creation of the new state of Meghalaya on 21 January 1972, when Shillong became the capital of Meghalaya, and Assam moved its capital to Dispur in Guwahati.

Shillong was capital for composite Assam during the British regime and later till a separate State of Meghalaya was formed. David Scott, the British civil servant of the East India Company, was the Agent of the Governor-General North East Frontier. During the First Anglo-Burmese War the British authorities felt the need for a road to connect Sylhet and Assam. The route was to traverse across the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. David Scott overcame the difficulties his administration faced from the opposition of the Khasi Syiems – their chiefs and people. Impressed by the favourable cool climate of Khasi Hills, they negotiated with the Syiem of Sohra in 1829 for a sanatorium for the British. 

Places to visit


At a distance of 10 km from the city and at a height of 6449 ft (1965 m) above sea level, this is the highest point of Shillong. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city, the Himalayas, its waterfalls as well as of the Bangladesh plains. A beautiful place to spend a day.


A very popular tourist spot in Shillong, the park is dedicated to the first lady of the province – Lady Hydari. This sprawling park, located in the heart of the city encompasses a wide variety of flora along with a mini zoo housing 73 species of birds and over 100 reptiles. The beautiful bed of flowers is the highlight of the park.


Just before reaching Sohra, a road to the right leads one to the falls which are 5 km away. The waterfall derives its name from a Then or a snake of gigantic size which dwelt in a cave. Legend has it that the people destroyed the snake to rid themselves of its reign of terror. Adjacent to the very spot where the Thlen was slaughtered lies the Dainthlen Waterfalls. Natural rock carvings of the episode draw visitors to see the image of the Thlen, the symbol of greed, corruption, and evil.

Elephant Falls

Named after an Elephant like stone at its base, the Elephant Falls are amongst the most popular falls in the North-East, situated close to Shillong. It is a tourist attraction with three layers of the falls accessible from different vantage points.

Top 10 Hiking Gears to Buy

Take your time to peruse various possible ways to get to the top may be through hiking! Some are easier but some can be a severe headache on pleasant weekends!

Are you a Hiking Enthusiast? If yes then, then it’s very good and if NO, then one question from my side “Freedom, how can there be a better way to celebrate it than to feel the fresh air, exercise and enjoy the mesmerizing views.”

Among all you here if anyone is not well acquainted with the term “Hiking” then for them, I can explain the meaning of the term – “Hiking is nothing but a long, strenuous walk usually on the trails in the countryside. This is one the most common leisure activity chosen for weekends.”

But there is one more thing that you must keep in mind and that is – What are the essentials that we must add to our backpack before starting our Hiking trip?

The main motive of going on a hike is to get away from our normal day to day life and spend some time with nature and here Hiking gears and gadgets hold a sophisticated balance.

And most importantly bustling with your gadgets will be one of the last things that you will be doing. Further, there is an inverse relationship between hike enjoyment and the weight of one’s backpack, as you could be flat on your back if you are willing to carry all your gears.

But there are some essential hiking gadgets that you must keep with you before going on a hiking trip which can surely add enjoyment to your Hike. Most importantly the wisest decision is to have the gears at the bottom of the pack and covering up less space than you thought. We have provided you with a list of 10 Hiking gears below, that we should add to our pack before we start for our Hike.

GPS and Satellite Communicator

The GPS and satellite communicator that perfectly fits in the palm but acts as the most useful life-saving tool, you could have in case of emergency. This device helps you by providing emergency assistance at one click by contacting any global emergency response coordinator or GOEs, even if you are not getting your cellphone’s signal. The rescuers will be informed of your exact location due to its internal GPS and built-in messaging will help you to communicate with them till they reach you.

This device also helps to provide peace of mind to families by sending them periodical updates of your exact location. The functions like SOS, location broadcasting makes it a must-have device.

Hiking Dry Sack

Hiking on a summer day with the scorching sun above your head, sounds horrible right? A summer shower may provide you with some relief, but your gadgets won’t appreciate the water. A lightweight waterproof compression sack is the best gear to protect them from rainstorms. Even if there are no signs of rainfall, it is also used by Hikers to organize and add more space to your packs. This is the true protector for your items like wallets, cellphones, car keys etc. A lot of companies are making hiking dry sacks but, SeaToSummit is having the largest range of collections and having the best reputation in the market.

Hiking Headlamp

Even if you are planning for a day Hike, it is always believed that carrying a light is profitable in case you fail to reach your destination before the sunsets. I am quite sure if you have used a hands-free headlamp, it is more likely known that you will never go back using a flashlight. You should always choose a hiking headlamp having super bright light and has adjustable beam settings, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your need.

Nowadays headlamps are fitted to preserve night vision, preventing members of a group from blinding each other and a strobe function to attract attention in case of emergency making it a must pick during Hiking. Looking for the best headlamp in the market now? Actik Core might be your first choice.

Portable Water Filter

You might be thinking that carrying a water filter seems like overkill, but this tiny effective gadget might prove you wrong. At only 50-60 gm weight, you can quickly and effectively filter water without using the harsh bad-tasting chemical treatment. Suppose your water bottle is empty or has developed a leak and you need clean water, all you must do is fill up any pouch from a water source, screw the filter in, squeeze and drink with the provided straw.

Hiking Medical Kit

Let’s be honest, there is no replacement for a proper medical kit. Something as simple as a sprained ankle or any simple wound can mess up your hiking trip, then there is no point because you shouldn’t be prepared. Try to carry a medical kit having a waterproof bag, elastic bands for strains, duct tape, and a few basic medications. One kit is probably sufficient for your hiking trip, and it is advised for everyone to carry a medical kit positively before starting your journey.

Wool Clothing and Rain Hat

“Cotton kills” is frequently told by seasoned backcountry hikers, but they have a perfect reason for this. When cotton gets wet, it has zero insulation, conducts heat 25 times faster than air, wool on the other hand acts as a water repellant, preventing waterlogging. Even if the water is coming through them, they have air pockets that provide insulation. Also, if we talk about rain hats, once you have used them, you are more likely never to want to use your jacket hoodie or an umbrella. 

You should always choose a rain hat that doesn’t restrict your line of sight, your ears should not be boxed in, and the rain hats must have great brims which help to prevent the face from getting soaked. The Gore-Tex Seattle Sombrero by Outdoor Research is probably the best rain hat in the market that comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Hiking Poles

These poles provide Indisputable advantages that result in less painful, safer, and even faster hiking. They can easily establish a consistent walking rhythm, provide balance and stability, decrease stress on feet, legs, knees, or lower back and help in maintaining proper posture. Moreover, they are used to test loose rocks, puddle depth, or help in icy terrain. These poles show a long-term benefit by extending one’s Hiking lifetime. Your Hiking poles should be light, strong, foldable, height adjustable, durable and must provide good ergonomics. 


Monocular have a distinct advantage over binoculars because they are half of their size and weight. Moreover, they are mainly known for their instant use, by being able to fit in your pocket. Also, monocular are substantially faster and easier to focus on than a pair of binoculars, allowing you a better and quick view to see any bird in the sky or to identify any animal. You should always choose a monocular that provides a bright sharp image, prevents fogging, and is built with a waterproof case. If you are more interested in insects than birds, there are a few monocular that come with a special attachment to convert them into a microscope.

Hiking Boots

Shoes are always considered as an essential item that protects and comforts the human foot. So, as per your requirement, you should always select your footwear. For Hiking, we need . In this case, Hiking Boots are no doubt very important. They are specially made for different types of terrains and provide a grip on uneven surfaces. They are generally lightweight with a special padding on the heel and the ankle. So, hiking boots are the accessory you can Hike without.


What can be more relaxing than gently swinging in the breeze, taking naps, and soaking in pleasant views in a hammock? Well, you don’t have to be a magician to pull out a hammock from your bag! Weighing around 600gms and compressible up to 4*5 inches, they are super lightweight hammocks. They take less than a minute to set the hammock and pack down. A few of them also come with a built-in compression sack, proving to be a great addition to your pack. Thinking of a five-minute snack break or an hour nap under a shade? Hammocks are mostly chosen for this purpose because of their comfortable design and easy access.

Why are hiking gears important? Any guesses? Yes, that was a very right guess.

Hiking gears are basically hiking equipment that is taken for outdoor walking trips. We need to know about how remote a place is or what are the potential hazards that can take place in the areas or localities which we are visiting where we are travelling.

This can be understood with an example – a short walk across farmland or a small trek in the Himalayas can decide the amount and weight of goods that might be carried along with us.

Experience Gypsy Lifestyle in 2020.

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had no permanent residence, no permanent job and you were simply a traveler? That is somewhat how being a Gypsy is. The gypsy lifestyle meaning can be two-fold – one – the Romani tribal people are known as Gypsies and two – in the broader scenario, a Gypsy is one who follows a very different way of living. You could be traveling with a caravan, or with your family to places doing odd jobs to make ends meet and you could be called a Gypsy. Being Gypsy does not mean being homeless, it means not following the idea of one home, one life, one job, one place.

The gypsy lifestyle meaning differs from regionally so the gypsy lifestyle in America would be significantly different from the Gypsy lifestyle in, say, Japan, or Europe. In this article we will share information about the gypsy lifestyle meaning, gypsy lifestyle in the USA, how different is the gypsy lifestyle in America to other places, and give brief insights on the gypsy lifestyle 2018, gypsy lifestyle 2020, gypsy lifestyle today. To understand how to lead a gypsy lifestyle, we must first understand the origins of that word and how those kinds of people – the Romani – lead their life.

Meaning of Gypsy Lifestyle

Let us first understand the gypsy lifestyle meaning. Google defines Gypsy as a nomadic, free-spirited person. ‘Gypsy’ is really a term for Romani individuals—an entirely distinctive culture. Nonetheless, in the event that you have a free soul that needs to investigate the world, meet new individuals, and carry on with an effortless life, a Gypsy way of life is the thing that you need. “Gypsy” as a word originated in the sixteenth century and implied Egyptian since Romanies were at first considered to be from Egypt. A  “Gypsy” is regularly viewed as unfavorable because of its use to mean unlawful conduct and a meandering way of life, rather than as an identifier for a specific race of individuals.

“Gyp,” which intends to cheat, is likewise hostile to Romanies on the grounds that the word likely gets from “vagabond” and generalizations each one of those ideas to be “rovers” as swindlers. So, yeah, in case you see a Romani and do not want them to get violent, don’t call them as “Oh, hey Gypsy, I read about you!” To clarify – this article refers to the definition of Gypsy as free-spirited, nomadic people who wish to lead a life on the road and be one with nature.

Gypsy Lifestyle in America

Coming to the gypsy lifestyle in the USA. There is an expected 1 million Roma (Gypsies) living in the United States, showing up to the country from various nations and communicating in various dialects. The U.S. has assumed a role of an oppressor against these people, as certain states have on their books made laws that restricted where Romanies could lease property, where they could work, and what merchandise they could sell. Be that as it may, exact insights about American Romanies are constrained due to:

  • The absence of studies surveying the financial real factors of American Romani
  • The nonappearance of Romani data on enumeration returns.
  • The pattern of some American Romanies to shroud their Romani legacy as a remnant mindset established in the separation their progenitors suffered in Europe.
  • The absence of mindfulness among certain Americans that the Romani are a real ethnic gathering, not “a Halloween ensemble” or” anecdotal characters with “wagons and ponies and tambourines”. 

With an end goal to cure the absence of insights on American Romanies, Harvard University has as of late propelled an investigation to survey the auxiliary, social, and financial status of the American Romani people group. So, if you’re an American, practicing the gypsy lifestyle in America is seen more as a downright inferior thing rather than a choice at leading a unique lifestyle.

How has it changed over the years?

There has been significant growth in the way of life that the gypsies have led in the past few years. The changes have been to an extent that you will find a major difference in the gypsy lifestyle 2018 and the gypsy lifestyle 2020. The gypsy lifestyle today is more about the modern means of earning, realizing the importance of education, etc. The best example of this is 40-year-old Roxy Freeman. She was one of 6 children to her Romani father and an American mother.

The first time she joined college was when she was 22…with no prior schooling. In her blog, she explains how she could cook for a family of 10, light a fire, and bake bread on an open fire by the age of 9. She could even forecast when it would rain by simply smelling the air. When she wrote the blog, she lived in an apartment in London with her boyfriend – and that was almost 11 years ago!

So you would be expected, if you desired to live a gypsy lifestyle today to be modern but mediocre, skillful but humble, and most importantly, minimal but content.

How are the Gypsy and Minimalistic Lifestyles related?

While the two terms may sound different, you must do one if you wish for the other. If you have understood the gypsy lifestyle meaning, you have understood it’s a way of living with no luxurious amenities or extras. You may use technology for working remotely – maybe use a laptop and internet for work from home job, but that does not mean you watching memes on Instagram is okay.

So, say bye to the hundred sets of shoes and satchels that you own! Figure out how to have a basic existence. This doesn’t mean you live in a cavern, wearing dry leaves, however, that you comprehend there’s a whole other world to life than materialistic attractions.

How can one follow the Gypsy Lifestyle?

Recall Esmerelda from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame? Since we saw the excellent rover young lady, with a spiritualist and free soul, we’ve longed for being a tramp, as well. However, there’s much more to being a tramp, obviously. It’s not just about the voyaging, long, flowy garments, astounding gems, and so on. A bit of advice that would surely do you a world of good when you embrace this lifestyle is – find a partner. It’s bad for you to stay single, and not on the grounds that you’ll be forlorn. Unmarried grown-ups are regularly thought to be a little wobbly like possibly you have a few issues you have to work out. Try not to stress however, wedded life will be okay. Ladies are treated as equivalents with men, you simply have various tasks to carry out.

How to earn a buck as a Gypsy?

Begin doing some voice practices now since one way you’ll procure some cash for the family is by singing or recounting stories. In case you’re truly not one for the performing arts you may take up the job of entryway to-entryway sales rep. At last, there are the well-established crafts of fortune-telling and palm reading to acquire a buck or two. With regard to traditions, the Gypsies are extremely severe. To the extent that for your body, the upper portion of you is treated as pure. It’s free of impurities and overall allowable to be shown-off. Everything in the lower half — forget about it.

That half of you is unclean so make certain to keep it hidden, procured under full-worn clothes. You can even defile a male in the event that you let your skirt touch with him openly. In case you’re seen as impure, you may get kicked out of the community. Things you must learn before beginning are – cooking, eating raw food sometimes and adjusting in relation to living in trailers and natural hollows.

These steps aren’t as hard as they sound, and people who have embraced this way of life have been able to create a lot of memories they will cherish for life. So that was all about the gypsy lifestyle meaning, gypsy lifestyle in the USA, along with differences between traditional gypsy lifestyle or say the gypsy lifestyle 2018 compared to the gypsy lifestyle 2020 i.e. the gypsy lifestyle today. If you have new insights of facts to add about this unique way of life, let us know in the comments section down below! Oh, and if you ever plan to embrace this life, don’t forget to tell us your plans!


Top 10 Places to Visit in Asia.

With its vast array of islands, mountains and mega metropolises, one can simply not pick out 10 top places to visit in Asia. However, we’ve done our best to curate a list that caters to your needs, bringing you the best places in Asia to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Pack your bags, pick your destination, follow this guide and find out the miracle that Asia is!

The best time to visit Asian countries is between November and March, when the temperature is moderate in most countries and festivals and carnivals are ongoing in most. This time period is mostly ideal for Southeast Asian countries, including Maldives and Thailand.

1. Maldives

Maldives tops the list of the ten best places to visit in Asia, for its picturesque location, scenic beauty and variety of fun activities available make it absolutely irresistible. The beauty of Maldives is unbelievable; we’ve all come across it and wondered how something so astonishing be real. With its breath-taking sunsets and sunrises, white sand beaches and striking blue water and coral reefs, Maldives in itself is the complete package.

Maldives is divided into several islands, some of which remain public while some others have been converted into private islands. While the former are somewhat budget-friendly, the latter home heavily expensive activities and the world-famous Water Villas, which open right into the endless ocean. After getting down at the Velana International Airport in Male (the Capital city), one can either take a speedboat to one of the islands or a sea plane to one of the private islands.

The island nation of Maldives is especially a favourite amongst honeymooners, as the seclusion and gorgeous location provide a beautiful background to a romantic trip. Adventurers are also sure to have a ton of fun, with activities like Jet-skiing, Scuba Diving, Rafting, and especially Snorkelling readily available.

Best Time to Visit Maldives

The best time to visit Maldives is between April and November, when there is little precipitation and warm temperature.

Best Hotels in Maldives

  1. Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef, Maldives
  2. PER AQUUM Huaven Fushi
  3. Taj Exotica Resort and Spa
  4. Adaaran Prestige Water Villas
  5. Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

 Top Things to do in Maldives

  1. Relax at the white sandy Maldivian beaches
  2. Tour the capital city of Male, including sites like Republic Square, the National Museum and Sultan Park
  3. Enjoy adventure activities like Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, and Parasailing
  4. Visit the Male fish market to get a glimpse of Maldives’ daily life
  5. Book a spa treatment at one of the many glamourous Spa Centres.

2. Tokyo

Crazy about anime, the city of Tokyo looks like it has been made out of a cartoon book itself. This mega city in Japan is constantly buzzing with movement, be it people or vehicles. The museums and historical sites located in Tokyo are world-class- one can take photos and enjoy sushi, or find a superb backdrop against the Cherry Blossom trees in the right season!

An extremely safe city, one can travel around Tokyo and enjoy how life is always in motion through its subway. However, there are very high chances that one may be tempted to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city on foot!

Best Time to Visit Tokyo

Tokyo can be best enjoyed in the months of March, April, September and November. Autumn is the best time for experiencing the full potential of Tokyo, as the city is at its best in terms of colour and comfort.

Best Hotels in Tokyo

  1. Comfort Hotel Tokyo Kanda
  2. Comfort Hotel Tokyo Higashi Nihombashi
  3. Hotel Rose Garden Shinjuku
  4. Conrad Tokyo
  5. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

Top Things to do in Tokyo:

  1. Visit the Tokyo National Museum to learn about Japanese history
  2. Check out the unique architecture at the Meiji Shrine
  3. Visit the Sensoji Temple, the oldest religious site in Tokyo
  4. Spend time at Odaiba, the mini-island located at Tokyo Bay; a hub of entertainment
  5. Catch the exciting interactive displays available at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

3. Phuket

Not just home to a varied landscape comprising of beaches, aquamarine waters and limestone cliffs, Phuket also boasts of a flavourful cuisine and its rich culture. This island is one of the most budget-friendly options for spending your vacations, requiring only moderate charges for everything, be it boat rides, accommodation or spa treatments.

Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, Phuket is located only an hour away from Bangkok. Remembering the tsunami that hit the beautiful island back in 2004, Phuket remembers everything with memorials and a stricter protection system.

Best Time to Visit Phuket

The months between November and April are ideal for travelling to Phuket and enjoying water activities like boating and swimming. While the low prices during the monsoon months (May to October) might be tempting, the water conditions during this time can be dangerous.

Best Hotels in Phuket:

  1. Andara Resort Villas
  2. Trisara Villas and Residences Phuket
  3.  Jasmine House
  4. Ibis Phuket Kata
  5. Metropole Hotel Phuket

Top Things to do in Phuket:

  1. Catch an amazing view of the Andaman Sea from Phuket’s southernmost point, Promthep Cape
  2. Enjoy a bird-eye view of the Kata Bay, Karon Strand and Chalong Bay from the giant Big Buddha statue
  3. Feast at the authentic collection of restaurants near the Nai Harn Beach, the southernmost strip of sand in Phuket
  4. Spend time with furry buddies at the Soi Dog Foundation, an innovative rescue shelter for cats and dogs.
  5. Go snorkelling and boating on the Phuket Boat Tours

4. Bali

Bali is the perfect definition of heaven on earth. Accommodating every traveller, from one travelling on budget to one travelling in luxury, Bali manages to make one feel at home even though they are far away from it. Those interested in its vast history are keen to travel to its many temples, while the adventurers find themselves en route the active volcano in Kintamani. The town of Kuta, on the other hand, provides a perfect setting for enjoying the Bali nightlife.

Best Time to Visit Bali

The island’s dry season i.e. the months between April and October are most comfortable for those willing to enjoy the beaches.

Best Hotels in Bali

  1. Capella Ubud
  2. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan
  3. Ida Hotel
  4. AlamKulKul Boutique Resort, Kuta
  5. Mercure Resort, Sanur

Top Things to do in Bali

  1. Offer prayers at the active prayer temple, Tirta Empul Temple
  2. Rave about the stunning cliffside locale, beautiful architecture and the sound of waves down below the Uluwatu Temple
  3. Enjoy the sunset from Tanah Lot Temple, also a stunning religious complex
  4. Feast on the succulent seafood and relax on the sandy shoreline of Jimbaran, one of Bali’s most luxurious destinations
  5. Explore through Kuta, Bali’s most popular beach town, for a variety of brilliant restaurants, bars, stores, spas and water parks.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts of a vibrant, multifaceted culture and stunning cityscape. This British-Chinese hybrid sees both dense skyscrapers and lush landscapes. As a world-class metropolis, Hong Kong has numerous urban divisions, like culinary hot spots and museums. It also offers both sandy beaches and rugby pitches to all its visitors.

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

The period between October and December offers comfortable temperatures along with reasonable room rates. Post New Year’s, visiting Hong Kong gets significantly pricey.

Best Hotels in Hong Kong

  1. Rambler Oasis Hotel
  2. Silka Far East Hotel
  3. Regal Riverside Hotel
  4. Cordis Hong Kong at Langham Place
  5. Mandarin Oriental

Top Things to Do in Hong Kong

  1. Enjoy the scenic route around the city by travelling in the Star Ferry
  2. View the entire city from its highest point, the Victoria Peak
  3. Go on a shopping spree at the Street Markets
  4. Gamble (legally!) at the Happy Valley Racecourse
  5. Watch the majestic Hong Kong line without obstructions from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

6. Kyoto

Kyoto provides tourists with a snapshot of Imperial Japan; right from its cherry blossom trees to a pair of elegantly dressed geisha flitting between wooden tea houses. However, it’s not just a dainty old town- Kyoto has its own fair share of glimpses of a newer Japan. Be it century old Shinto shrines or the headquarters of companies like Nintendo and Kyocera, Kyoto stands out as a combination of ancient and contemporary, and shines vibrantly, that has certainly moved on from its predecessor.

Best Time to Visit Kyoto

The months between March and May, along with between September and November, make up the best time to visit Kyoto, since the weather is at its mildest. However, this time also draws tourists in huge crowds, most of who visit in anticipation of the blooming cherry blossoms.

Best Hotels in Kyoto

  1. Four Seasons Hotel
  2. Suiran- A Luxury Collection Hotel
  3. The Ritz-Carlton
  4. Hotel Granvia
  5. Hyatt Regency

Top Things to do in Kyoto

  1. Witness the 10,000 red and orange lacquered torii gates at the Fushimi Inari Shrine
  2. Enjoy the natural scenery from the Kiyomizu Temple
  3. Experience the historic features (tea houses, willow-lined roads etc.) of the Gion neighbourhood
  4. Admire the cherry blossom trees from the quaint Arashiyama neighbourhood
  5. Shop for traditional Japanese cuisine at the Nishiki Market

7. Singapore

This modern Asian metropolis maintains a balance of green belts and skyscrapers. In addition to this, it has also managed to sustain substantial ethnic enclaves like Chinatown and Little India. However, Singapore, in spite of being modern in its approach, has managed to preserve large wetlands.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

The best time to visit Singapore is anytime, as the island nation experiences a warm, tropical climate year-round. However, one must beware that it rains all throughout the year.

Best Hotels in Singapore

  1. The Fullerton Bay Hotels
  2. Ascott Raffles Place
  3. Capella
  4. Conrad Centennial
  5. Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Top Things to do in Singapore

  1. Skip the trek and enjoy the urban jungle of Gardens by the Bay
  2. Entertain yourself at numerous points of interest like the Art & Science Museum and the Float at Marina Bay.
  3. Enjoy nature at the Singapore Botanic Gardens
  4. Witness the indoor waterfall at Cloud Forest
  5. Eat out at the various eateries and food stalls in Chinatown

8. Bangkok

Bangkok is one city with a dynamic environment; the contrast in its settings is quite chaotic. Most people visiting Bangkok for the first time feel like it is trapped between the past and the present, with both ancient temples and modern shopping malls lining up the streets of Thailand’s capital.

The exhilarating city of Bangkok is sure to take a toll on its visitors; the hot weather is consistent and the city is full of crowds. However, the grass is greener on the other side, and in this case, it is in the form of numerous attractions sure to leave you flabbergasted- the world’s largest open-air market, a world-class aquarium built inside an eight-level shopping mall and a 150-feet golden Buddha statue, to name a few. Bangkok has a certain ‘delightful incongruity’ to offer, so stay ready for surprises!

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

The best time to visit Bangkok, weather-wise, is between November and March because heat and humidity at this time are at their lowest. However, a trip between April and October, in spite of being the hottest time with heavy rainfall, can offer you wonderful deals on airfare and hotels. An added advantage is less footfall, so one can be saved from excessive crowding.

Best Hotels in Bangkok

  1. New Empire Hotel
  2. Rembrandt Towers Serviced Apartments
  3. Grand Inn Hotel
  4. The Okura Prestige
  5. The Siam

Top Things to do in Bangkok

  1. Behold the Wat Arun Temple at dawn or sunset
  2. Witness the infamous ‘reclining Buddha’ at the Wat Pho Temple
  3. Shop for a multitude of goods at the mammoth Chatuchak Weekend Market
  4. Visit the beautiful Grand Palace, which has been home to numerous Thai Kings
  5. Enjoy the contemporary architecture found at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

9. Seoul

The city of Seoul, characterized by stunning architecture, vibrant culture and a thriving economy, is resilient in nature. Congruent to its flag which represents ‘balance’, Seoul seems to be moving fast into the future; however, it has also managed to maintain ties with its rich history. One can find relics of Seoul’s past tucked between the vast shopping districts and lively nightlife zones.

Seoul offers a playful blend of the past and the present- the two do not overlap, rather complement each other. It boasts of   the oldest and largest of the five Joseon Dynasty palaces in the city, Gyeongbok Palace. On the other hand, Seoul is also home to Buckon Village, which comprises of one-story wooden homes surrounded by high-rises. This provides a clear picture of the varied architecture present in Seoul.

Best Time to Visit Seoul

The best time to visit Seoul includes the months between March and May, and between September and November. The weather in these months is mild, and travel expenses are not very high. Those in search of a snowy vacation can also choose to visit between December and February.

Best Hotels in Seoul

  1. JW Marriott Hotel
  2. Banyan Tree Club and Spa
  3. Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas
  4. Grand Walkerhill
  5. Mayfield Hotel and Resort

Top Things to do in Seoul

  1. Visit the Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower for a panoramic view of Seoul
  2. Take a stroll through the traditional Korean homes known as hanoks at the Bukchon Hanok Village
  3. Hike to the mountainous Bukhansan National Park
  4. Witness the youth culture of Seoul at Hongdae, through its plethora of bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes
  5. Shop for hanbok (traditional Indian clothing), herbal teas and calligraphy supplies from the Insadong neighbourhood

10. Shanghai

The city of Shanghai is in a state of constant change; thus, get ready to say goodbye to monotony! Celebrating its prosperity with monumental industries like that of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai can be defined as China’s most dynamic metropolis.

However, one may find themselves getting lost in this city full of towering skyscrapers and bustling traffic. To prevent the place from feeling inaccessible and impersonal, one must do things that curtail to the ‘real’ Shanghai natives. Discover dining gems at the convoluted Zhujiajiao, find a calm spot at the Bund and reflect at the beautiful Jade Buddha Temple. To enjoy the vibrancy of Shanghai, create your own!

Best Time to Visit Shanghai

The months of October-November are ideal for visiting Shanghai. These short autumn months provide for the comfortable weather and minimal crowds. It also allows one to escape the crowds and rain showers generally witnessed during summer, which is the peak season. Weekend stays at hotels are comparatively cheaper, since Shanghai is a business-centric city.

Best Hotels in Shanghai:

  1. Fairmont Peace Hotel
  2. Grand Kempinski Hotel
  3. Kerry Hotel Pudong
  4. Pudong Shangri-La East Shanghai
  5. The Langham, Shanghai, Xintiandi

Top Things to do in Shanghai:

  1. Take beautiful pictures against the classic Shanghai skyline and water front at the infamous Bund
  2. Witness the distinct architecture of the Shanghai Museum
  3. Enjoy a boat ride and eat at tiny cafes located in the ancient water town of Zhujajiao
  4. Catch a bird-eye view of the entire city from one of the tallest buildings in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Centre
  5. Visit the oldest and largest religious complex of Shanghai, the Longhua Temple

Here are the top 10 places to visit in Asia. Each one of these places have a wonderful aura and charm about themselves, and must be enjoyed to the fullest. So, pack your bags, pick up this tour guide, and plan a vacation for yourself, your friends and your family to make a bucketful of memories!

Best Places to visit in Prayagraj (Allahabad) – India

Allahabad is one of the oldest cities in India. It is also known as Prayagraj, Diversities glorify India. When you visit India, you get to explore different places. The glorious city is popular due to its cultural heritage. Not only this, you cannot ignore the friendly people of this place. Moreover, the world-famous Kumbh Mela takes place here. It has a deep connection with Indian history. Besides, this city holds great religious values and traditions. Thus, Allahabad offers many famous places to visit. As a result, many tourists from all over the world flock to the city every year.

Top 10 Famous Places, You can visit

Triveni Sangam

Outlook India Photo Gallery - Triveni Sangam Prayagraj

One of the holiest places in Central India, Triveni Sangam is located about 7 kilometres away from Civil Lines in Allahabad (Prayagraj). It is the meeting point of three rivers – Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati (which is a mythical river, supposed to have dried up more than 4,000 years ago). All three rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati are highly revered rivers in Indian mythology, and hence the confluence point of these rivers hold tremendous religious importance. According to Hindu mythology, taking a bath in the holy Triveni Sangam is supposed to flush away all the sins and free you from the cycle of rebirth. Moreover, the Sangam itself is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. The brownish Ganga meeting the slightly greenish Yamuna is indeed a sight to behold.

If you take a boat ride to the gently flowing waters of Ganga and Yamuna, you’ll be able to make out the difference in colours of water from the two rivers. There are also makeshift wooden banks made at the Sangam. Hence, devotees who want can take a bath right at the confluence point. The water is clean enough at the Triveni Sangam for a bath, especially during the winters; and also not very deep, so it is fun to take a dip in the water here.

Allahabad Fort

Allahabad Fort - Wikipedia

Allahabad Fort is a splendid work of architecture that was built during the reign of Akbar, the Mughal Emperor in 1583. The marvellous structure is located on the banks of the confluence of the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna and is well-known for being the largest fort ever built by Akbar. This famous attraction draws thousands of tourists from all over the world not only for its historical importance but also for its architectural magnificence. Tourists are allowed inside only during the Kumbh Mela, which is held once every 12 years. Nevertheless, the glorious architecture and the massive build of the monument as it stands strong on the banks of the confluence of the two rivers is a sight to behold!

The Allahabad Fort holds a huge significance and is managed by the Archaeological Survey of India. The fort is also quite well known for its Akshayavat Tree (Banyan Tree) which, according to a legend, was used by the locals to commit suicide to attain salvation. For those who wish to see the Akshayavat Tree, entry is allowed through a small gate to only the area that is occupied by the magnificent tree. Allahabad Fort is also home to the Patalpuri Temple, which is said to be home all the gates of hell.

Chandra Shekhar Azad Park (Alfred Park)

Alfred Park, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh — Google Arts & Culture

Formerly Alfred Park, Chandrasekhar Azad Park is more a monument than a conventional garden. Famous Indian revolutionary Chandrasekhar Azad sacrificed his life here and the park was renamed after him in later years. Azad was no less than an enigma and mystery for the British government due to his mastery over disguise and combat skills. He was known for his vow to never get arrested and remain free for life. In fact the word Azad (free in Urdu) stuck to his name after due to his freedom clamour! In his brief life span of 24 years, he made his presence felt in such a manner that the British rulers wanted him behind the bars or dead at any cost. So when the police got information that the iconic rebel was in Allahabad and meeting fellow revolutionary Sukhdev in the then Alfred Park in 27th February, 1931, they surrounded the park with over 40 policemen. A gun battle followed where Azad killed three policemen with his pistol and facilitate the escape of Sukhdev. He fought the police force for over 30 minutes alone and when he was left with only one bullet, he decided to turn it on himself honouring his pledge not to get caught or killed by the British oppressors. Azad Park today is a tribute to that great man with a memorial in place.

The tree under which he sacrificed his life for his motherland is also preserved. Allahabad Museum, that is also in the park premises has Azad’s pistol in show. Be there and pay homage to a brave man who was unlike any other 24 year old!

Khusro Bagh

Khusro Bagh | District Prayagraj, Government of Uttar Pradesh | India

This is one of the major attractions in the city, even though the crowd here is much less compared to other places in Allahabad. It is a beautiful garden with high walls surrounding it and has four tombs inside.

The garden was built as a pleasure garden for Prince Salim, who was the son of the Mughal Emperor Akbar and rebelled against his father. Well, he grew up to become Emperor Jahangir. History repeated itself and there arose a discord between Jahangir and his eldest son Khusrau. Despaired by the sad turn of events, Shah Begum, Khusrau’s mother, committed suicide and was buried in the park. She was a Rajput princess and the first tomb here was built in memory of Shah Begum in 1606.

Jawahar Planetarium (Anand Bhawan)

jawahar planetarium allahabad - Maharajas Express Blog

Anand Bhawan, the home of the Nehru family in Allahabad, was handed over to the Fund by Shrimati Indira Gandhi in November 1970. This is in keeping with a similar gesture made by her illustrious grandfather when he donated Swaraj Bhawan to the nation. Anand Bhawan is intimately connected with India’s struggle for freedom. Some of the rooms in the building which are redolent with history have been either preserved or recreated. A comprehensive exhibition of the Nehru family’s role in the country’s struggle for freedom has also been arranged. The electrical wiring and fittings of Anand Bhawan building have been completely replaced and upgraded by German ERCO light fittings in 2014.

The Library at Anand Bhawan consisting of nearly 7500 books has been catalogued. The National Museum and the Allahabad Museum have rendered valuable assistance to the Fund in the preservation of books, records and relic articles in Anand Bhawan. Several lakhs of visitors from all over the country and abroad come and visit this ancestral home of Nehrus. Memorial functions and an annual lecture are also a part of the Anand Bhavan’s annual programme.

All Saints Cathedral

All Saints Cathedral, Prayagraj (Allahabad): How To Reach, Best Time &

Built in the late 19th century, All Saints Cathedral or Patthar Girja is a spectacular Anglican Christian Church on M G Marg, Allahabad. One of the beautiful churches in the state, it is thronged by tourists and pilgrims alike. All known as the “Church of Stone”, All Saints Cathedral was formerly founded in 1871 by Lady Muir Elizabeth Huntly Wemyss. Post its consecration in 1887, the church was further completed in 1891. Constructed in gothic-styled architecture, the church hosts carved glass panels and marble-finished sanctuaries. It is one of the significant remnants of colonial design in the country. This church also houses the iconic ‘jaali’ work expressed throughout its arched windows. The light sandalwood tinted walls of the All Saints Cathedral was built with Sandstone from Chunar in UP. 

Alopi Devi Temple

Alopi Devi Mandir, Allahabad - Tripadvisor

Located at Alopibagh, near the holy Sangam (confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati) in Allahabad, Alopi Devi Mandir is an unconventional temple revered by Hindu faith. The Alopi Devi Mandir does not have any presiding deity but a wooden chariot called a doliê which is mostly worshipped by the devotees of Lord Shiva. Housing the last of Goddess Sati’s body parts, the Alopi Devi Mandir counts among the Shakti Peethas of the country. Tuesdays are a busy day at this temple. This holy site attracts vast crowds of devotees during the Hindu festival of Navratri.

New Yamuna Bridge

The New Yamuna Bridge | District Prayagraj, Government of Uttar Pradesh |  India

The New Yamuna Bridge is like a new feather in Prayagraj’s cap. The images speak about the stupendous architecture of the New Yamuna Bridge. The view of the bridge during dawn and dusk is mesmerizing. Also known as the Naini Bridge, the New Yamuna Bridge is among India’s longest cable-stayed bridges. It runs across the Yamuna River in the North-South direction, connecting Prayagraj to Naini. It was constructed in the year 2004 to minimize the traffic congestions over the old Naini Bridge. The construction of the bridge was a joint responsibility of the Hindustan Construction Company and Hyundai Engineering and Construction.

The New Yamuna Bridge is also the first six-lane bridge in India built with modern design and structure. It has two pylons, made up of concrete material, that provide support to the major part of the deck of the bridge held together by steel cables. The bridge also acts as a road link between Prayagraj and NH-27 stretching across for 370 meters. The modern technology combined with environmental compatibility and excellent quality make for some of the features of this bridge that offer great benefits. India has a stupendous network of bridges and this bridge is a fine example of the country’s tremendous growth in infrastructure.

Allahabad Museum

How Allahabad Museum got hold of gifts and artefacts from Nehru

The Allahabad Museum is centrally located in the Civil Lines area of the city in a lush green garden at Chandrashekhar Azad Park, popularly known as Company Bagh. In 1863, the Board of Revenue requested the Government of North- Western Provinces for the establishment of a public library and a museum. With donations from the provincial government, the famous Orientalist Sir William Muir and the Maharaja of Vijaynagaram, a superintendent of the library and museum was appointed and an ornate building was inaugurated in 1878 to house the collection. For unforeseen reasons or due to paucity of fund the museum was closed down in 1881. With the initiative of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the President of the Allahabad Municipal Board and Pt. Brijmohan Vyas in the 1923-24 efforts were made to establish a new museum in the city. It was under the operational direction of Pandit Brij Mohan Vyas, the executive officer of the board, a museum was opened in the Municipal Building in 1931.

Bade Hunauman Temple

Allahabad High Court Big Decision World Famous Hanuman Temple Case - विश्व  प्रसिद्ध बड़े हनुमान मंदिर मामले में हाईकोर्ट का बड़ा फैसला ,महंत ने कहा  सुप्रीमकोर्ट में ...

This famous temple of Lord Hanuman, one of the most worshipped god of India is a must visit place in Allahabad or Prayagraj It is located very close to Sangam and so most of the devotees visiting Prayagraj will not consider their visit complete unless they have darshan of Hanumanji at this temple. Here Hanumanji is in lying position instead of being in sitting or standing form as is common in thousands of other Hanuman temples in India. There are a few sweet shops selling prasad and the whole temple complex is well maintained.

WANDERLUST: An exquisite malady

Have you caught the travelling bug yet? Today, we explore the symptoms of the exquisite malady of wanderlust and ways to get rid of it.

Not all who wander are lost

~j.r.r tOLkien
See the source image

As the word suggests, wanderlust is lust or desire for wandering. This is the ague that makes people itch to travel, to explore the vastness of the earth, to bask in the diversity of the world, quite philosophical actually!

Almost everyone suffers from wanderlust, some people choose to be vociferous about it others conceal it in the hearts of their heart.

Extreme cases of wanderlust have known to make people do crazy things with desire; some people have worked as many as five jobs just to travel around the world.

Wanderlust may last a lifetime. Sadly, travelling for a brief period may not stop you from lusting over it for a long, long time, probably your entire life.

Have you caught the bug?

There are a series of feelings and changes that help you to understand whether you have caught the notorious bug for wanderlust or not.

Noticeable among the emotions are sudden pangs of longing. These, sudden bursts may leave you heaving multiple despondent sighs.

If you unsuspectingly, keep on googling things like ‘100 best places to travel before you die’ or ‘How can I travel the world’, know that wanderlust is at its incipient stage, It’s also the most common symptom so far.

If you have travelling quotes stuck around your room, in your diary or saved prodigiously in your phone , you are getting there!

Finally, if you have curated a proper travel-bucket list for yourself and keep on checking travel packages online. you are beyond the point of saving.

How to cure Wanderlust?

The most effective remedy in the book is, to throw caution to the wind, and set out to douse your desire for travelling ,by doing exactly that- travel! Step out of reality and go chasing after the cure of your malady, till you are worn out bone-deep because:

The brave may not live forever,

but the cautious do not live at all.

~ Meg Cabot

Another seemingly effective cure for people who cannot travel due to diverse reasons, to cure their Wanderlust is, to turn it into an active incentive to work towards achieving their goals or go about milling with their daily chores with a greater goal in mind.

Also, people with Wanderlust who are the crossroads of their careers can research and try getting into jobs or careers that facilitates their wandering desire.

For people who cannot leave their home, their wanderlust can be cured by:

  • Learning more about a new culture, language or cuisine
  • Travelling more locally
See the source image
  • Getting online virtual tours of places they want to visit
  • Taking a pen pal
  • Coursing out a proper travel map for future
See the source image
  • Read travel books and blogs
  • Experience the marvels of nature: watch sunsets and sunrises, get drenched in rain, play around in mud
  • Work on a polaroid book or a scrap book for memories

All in all, Wanderlust is more than just an urge to travel, it is a passion like no other which leads to adventures like no other and hence its a blessing to have.

“The symbol of today is travel.

There is a Wanderlust that infects the blood.”

-Rollin A. Sawyer


Who doesn’t love food? From celebrities such as Virat kohli who is a foodie to Priyanka Chopra who can savour home made pickle with every dish, we Indians are strongly hooked to our food , especially the dishes such as khichdi , pani puri , paratha , chhole , chat and samosa which make us feel at home no matter where we eat them. ‘You are what you eat!’ goes the famous saying. So when you go to Kurukshetra next time and wonder where to eat, well don’t think much because this article will tell you all about the best food joints of the city. Following places in the list are the ones which you should not miss at all ! So let’s get started.
If you are a North Indian, then no one in the world can understand the love for Chhole bhature better than you . This food joint has been serving freshly made and spicy chhole bhature in the sector – 17 of the city for many years now. If you visit the place you can easily find a crowded hall and you may have to wait for some minutes to get a table too. And as the names goes , you will definitely find the taste of Delhi here.
Desserts are an important part of any cuisine and when it comes to desserts , pastries and cakes hold a special corner in our heart. If you want to enjoy some creamy pastries , patties or different flavoured cakes , do visit this place in Mohan Nagar as you will find very fresh and heart melting desserts here. This place also provides customised cakes for special occasions.
Located in Divine Business Park , Gulab sweets is a place with great ambience and can be called a one stop solution for your hunger pangs , where you can enjoy many types of cuisines such as Chinese food , South Indian food , main course dishes Indian chaat dishes , sweets , ice creams and fast foods like burger.
Here you can get creamy rich Matka Khoya Kulfi and Rabri Faluda . Once you eat here you will surely come back another time to get a sweet cold bite in sector 17 .

Sector – 17 is a place for you if you are a pizza lover . Here you will find Dominos , Pizza Hut , Chicago Delights , Grill masters , many small Pizza stalls where you can enjoy hot and aromatic pizza slices that enter right into your heart the moment you take your first bite.
This is also one of the old and famous places in the city located in Mohan Nagar. It is best known for its Golgappe , Jalebi , Bread Pakora , samosa and other snacks . You can also order south Indian food , Chaat dishes , cake and pastries .
Nannu milk is known for pure milk , cheese and sweets. Their Khoya barfi is something worth a try if you are in the city and other sweets like Motichoor ladoo , milk cake and ghevar will definitely win your heart. This place has many branches in the city.
Located in sector – 10 , this food joint is a perfect place if you want to have pasta , milkshakes , fries and other fast food. The aura here is very light hearted and the food will make you lick your fingers .
Located near old bus stand , this place is always crowded and known for chaat dishes , golgappe , kesar badam milk , ras malai , Jalebi , Rabri and snacks such as kachori , samosa etc.
One of the most selling stalls in sector – 13 , the spicy chowmein burger , noodles and spring roll are the three items available here . These warm and saucy bites will immediately make you feel happy as soon as you eat them. And you will for sure come back for more.

Apart from aforementioned places , hotels like Saffron , Pearl Marc , Samrat etc are also known for their food. So next time you are in Kurukshetra , do give a visit to these places . All the best for your trip and Bon Appetite !

Five Things To See In Albania

Officially known as the Republic of Albania, Albania is a Balkan country located in southeastern Europe. Albania has a very diverse landscape. On one side, the country has the snowy peaks of the Albanian Alps while on the other, the country has the numerous tropical and sunny beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. This variance in the topography has not only lead to a variance in climate, but given rise to a lot of tourists spots.

Compared to its neighbors, Albania is relatively cheaper to visit, while offering similar views and experiences. Albania’s currency is the Albanian Lek and the conversion rate between them is 1 Indian Rupee equaling to 1.39 Albanian Lek. The months from March to June are the best time to visit Albania. Albania has a very rich history owing to it being inhabited by various civilizations over the centuries. This, along with its diverse landscape makes Albania a good tourist location. Whether for its history, natural beauty, or leisure, Albania offers them all.

Here are five places you must check out in Albania!



BUNK’ART is a series of museums of renovated former bunkers located in and about Tirana, the capital city of Albania. They were built by the former dictator of Albania, Enver Hoxha. It currently serves as a five floor art and history museum and displays the lifestyle in Albania during the 45 years it was under communism.

Mount Dajti

Mount Dajti

Located on the edge of Tirana, Mount Dajti, a designated national park is a paradise for nature lovers. It is filled with forests of different trees like pine and oak. Apart from that, other geographical features seen here are waterfalls, caves, lakes, canyons and an ancient castle too! It is a dream for hikers. For the less adventurous, there is a beautiful cable car line with scenic view of the slopes of Mount Dajti and Tirana city.



Berat is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architecture of the buildings is rich due to various civilizations making the city their home and leaving their mark on it through the architecture. This has given the city the nickname of the ‘City With a Thousand Windows’. The Berat castle is the city’s main attraction.



Gjirokaster is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The older part of the town has homes with roofs of flat stones. This has given it the nickname of the ‘City of Stone’. The town is overlooked by the Gjirokaster Fortress. The Gjirokaster National Folklore Festival is held here every five years. The latest edition of the festival (the eleventh season), originally scheduled for 2020 was rescheduled to 1st May-8th May, 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.


From Rozafa Castle

Schkoder is considered to be the cultural capital of Albania. It has various structures of historical importance like Rozafa Castle, the Shirgj Church, the Mesi Bridge, the Lead Mosque and the nearby ruins of Shurdhah island. The Lake of Schkoder, which happens to be the largest lake in South Europe, is also a tourist attraction for both visitors as well as locals; especially during the summer.

Advantages of Speaking English – Reason Why?

There are more than 6,500 languages around the world spoken by billions of people. Why close yourself off from the rest of the world by only sticking with your native language? If you don’t know which language to start with, you can’t go wrong with English. Spoken in many countries across the globe, English allows you to communicate with a large number of people.

One of the most useful languages to learn is English. 1.5 billion people are speaking English today. Across the world, English is the default choice of countries and major industries. You might even be surprised some of the countries that become more accessible to you just for learning the language. The benefits of learning English are immense and vast.

Today, we’ll explore some of the fantastic benefits you could acquire from learning English. Some might even surprise you!

English makes travel easier

English is the most generally communicated in language from one side of the planet to the other. That’s a big advantage unless your goal in life is to remain within 40 kilometers of where you were born throughout your life.

English skills get more respect

It is weird but true. We in India give more respect to those who speak in English. I don’t know the reason and I don’t like this but that’s not important. Judge people on their inner worth, not the language they speak. But, till the time everyone begins doing it, learn English so that you are not judged unfairly.

Biggest movies and books are in English

Hollywood is the biggest movie industry. Almost all prominent books in the world are either written or translated into English. English language music is huge.

Why would you want to miss out on such a huge body of fun and mind expanding stuff?

English helps the world know our culture

This is important. The world today is not about forcing people, it’s about convincing them. It’s called soft power. With our 5,000 year old culture, why should we be defensive and behave like frogs in a well? Why not study the culture and present it in front of the world in the best possible way? Didn’t Vivekanand do that? Didn’t he do it in English? Isn’t he one of the brightest torch bearers of our glorious culture?

English skills are our national advantage

Yes, and that’s no exaggeration. One of the very few areas where India beats China is the number of English speaking people. Major advantage and we don’t want to surrender it to our friends from Shaolin.

English communication gives power & influence

Knowledge is in English, knowledge is power and you need power to fight for yourself. Most of the modern day knowledge and communication tools work in English:

  • Courts, law books, websites – most of them work in English.
  • Social media works in English.
  • Mainstream media has a majorly influential English segment.

If you don’t know the language, you are denying yourself more than half the weapons.

I was trying to learn English and I was very worried about my accent. I’m sure I’ll always have it but I remember Tom Hanks said to me, “Don’t lose the accent. If you do, you’re lost.”

Antonio Banderas

Being able to speak English as a second language is a very positive addition to a person’s skill set as many careers are opened up to people who know another language, in particular, English.

Top Six Remote Places On Earth

Alert, Canada

Alert is a small village in Canada. An interesting fact to know is that Alert has a population of 5 people. This village is 500 miles away from the north pole. Also, due to its proximity to the north pole Alert, experiences 24-hour daylight or 24-hour Darkness due to its location. It is one of the remotest places on earth.

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is an island located in the southern part of the Atlantic ocean. This island is one of the remotest places and is only accessible via boats or ships. Trista da Cunha has a population of 271 people.

Mutuo County, China

Located on the hills of China and elevated to 8200 feet above Mutou County is another remotest place in the world. Though it is isolated Mutuo County has a population of 10000 which astonishing. This place is isolated from the rest of the world. Attempts have been made to construct roads in Mutuo County but unfortunately, the projects failed as the place is vulnerable to landslides and mudslides.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

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McMurdo is situated in Antarctica. Though this place is not inhabited, Researchers and Scientists often visit McMurdo for their research work. In total 1200 scientists work in McMurdo Station.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

The name may sound hard to pronounce and so is it to live in this place where 500 people are residing. The water here is mostly frozen and hence the place is inaccessible by boats or ships. People here are dependent on fishing and hunting.

Angle Inlet, USA

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With an area of 5.22 Km2, Angle Inlet is another isolated place on earth. The place though comes under the USA but the place is only accessible through Canada due to the location. This place is really popular for fishing.

Suicide effects

Suicide affects all people. Within the past year, about 41,000 individuals died by suicide, 1.3 million adults have attempted suicide, 2.7 million adults have had a plan to attempt suicide and 9.3 million adults have had suicidal thoughts. 

Unfortunately, our society often paints suicide the way they would a prison sentence—a permanent situation that brands an individual. However, suicidal ideation is not a brand or a label, it is a sign that an individual is suffering deeply and must seek treatment. And it is falsehoods like these that can prevent people from getting the help they need to get better.

Debunking the common myths associated with suicide can help society realize the importance of helping others seek treatment and show individuals the importance of addressing their mental health challenges. 

Myth: Suicide only affects individuals with a mental health condition.

Fact: Many individuals with mental illness are not affected by suicidal thoughts and not all people who attempt or die by suicide have mental illness. Relationship problems and other life stressors such as criminal/legal matters, persecution, eviction/loss of home, death of a loved one, a devastating or debilitating illness, trauma, sexual abuse, rejection, and recent or impending crises are also associated with suicidal thoughts and attempts.

Myth: Once an individual is suicidal, he or she will always remain suicidal.

Fact: Active suicidal ideation is often short-term and situation-specific. Studies have shown that approximately 54% of individuals who have died by suicide did not have a diagnosable mental health disorder. And for those with mental illness, the proper treatment can help to reduce symptoms. 

The act of suicide is often an attempt to control deep, painful emotions and thoughts an individual is experiencing. Once these thoughts dissipate, so will the suicidal ideation. While suicidal thoughts can return, they are not permanent. An individual with suicidal thoughts and attempts can live a long, successful life. 

Myth: Most suicides happen suddenly without warning.

Fact: Warning signs—verbally or behaviorally—precede most suicides. Therefore, it’s important to learn and understand the warnings signs associated with suicide. Many individuals who are suicidal may only show warning signs to those closest to them. These loved ones may not recognize what’s going on, which is how it may seem like the suicide was sudden or without warning.

Myth: People who die by suicide are selfish and take the easy way out.

Fact: Typically, people do not die by suicide because they do not want to live—people die by suicide because they want to end their suffering. These individuals are suffering so deeply that they feel helpless and hopeless. Individuals who experience suicidal ideations do not do so by choice. They are not simply, “thinking of themselves,” but rather they are going through a very serious mental health symptom due to either mental illness or a difficult life situation.   

Myth: Talking about suicide will lead to and encourage suicide.

Fact: There is a widespread stigma associated with suicide and as a result, many people are afraid to speak about it. Talking about suicide not only reduces the stigma, but also allows individuals to seek help, rethink their opinions and share their story with others. We all need to talk more about suicide. 

Debunking these common myths about suicide can hopefully allow individuals to look at suicide from a different angle—one of understanding and compassion for an individual who is internally struggling. Maybe they are struggling with a mental illness or maybe they are under extreme pressure and do not have healthy coping skills or a strong support system. 

As a society, we should not be afraid to speak up about suicide, to speak up about mental illness or to seek out treatment for an individual who is in need. Eliminating the stigma starts by understanding why suicide occurs and advocating for mental health awareness within our communities. There are suicide hotlines, mental health support groups, online community resources and many mental health professionals who can help any individual who is struggling with unhealthy thoughts and emotions. 

Hugging might even lower heart rates and blood pressure

The university of North Carolina conducted a studies with 59 women and found some interesting results after a short series of questions and general chatting about their partner some women ended each session with a 20 second hug

The women who received a hug from their partner had lower blood pressure and heart rates during stressful section of testing the researchers think that oxytocin that we mention earlier might be the causes for their better heart health

Hugging can be good for your heart health. In one studyTrusted Source, scientists split a group of about 200 adults into two groups:

  • One group had romantic partners hold hands for 10 minutes followed by a 20-second hug with each other.
  • The other group had romantic partners who sat in silence for 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

People in the first group showed greater reductions in blood pressure levels and heart rate than the second group.

According to these findings, an affectionate relationship may be good for you heart health.

Oxytocin is a chemical in our bodies that scientists sometimes call the “cuddle hormone.” This is because its levels rise when we hug, touch, or sit close to someone else. Oxytocin is associated with happiness and less stress.

Scientists have found that this hormone has a strong effect in women. Oxytocin causes a reduction in blood pressure and of the stress hormone norepinephrine.

One study found that the positive benefits of oxytocin were strongest in women who had better relationships and more frequent hugs with their romantic partner. Women also saw positive effects of oxytocin when they held their infants closely.


Tourism in Sri Lanka is growing rapidly. For centuries, Sri Lanka has been a popular place of attraction for foreign travelers. The Chinese traveler Fa-Hien visited Sri Lanka as early as the 410’s AD/CE, and in the twelfth century, Italian explorer Marco Polo claimed Sri Lanka to be the “best island of its size in the world”.The government initiatives in development of tourism date back to 1937 when the Ceylon Tourist Bureau was established. However, it was closed down in September 1939 due to World War II. After Sri Lanka’s independence the promotion of tourism was again considered by re-establishing the Ceylon Tourist Board which took over the function of the Tourist Bureau.
In 1965, J. R. Jayewardene as Minister of State initiated the first major development of the tourism industry with the Ceylon Tourist Board Act No 10 of 1966 and the Ceylon Hotels Corporation Act No 14 of 1966, which formed the Ceylon Tourist Board and the Ceylon Hotels Corporation. Since then the Ceylon Tourist Board has functioned as the state agency, responsible for development and promotion of the tourism sector in Sri Lanka. Ceylon Hotels Corporation paved the way government investments build hotels needed to attract tourist.In October 2007 according to Section 2 of the Tourism Act No. 38 of 2005, the Sri Lanka Tourist Board (Act No 10 of 1966) was replaced by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.The tropical climate, beautiful beaches and incredible food of Sri Lanka are just some of the many reasons to include the South Asian country on your travel wish list. In this island nation known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, you can learn of its ancient history by visiting the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya in the Cultural Triangle, witness a giant gathering of Asian elephants in Minneriya National Park or catch some waves at Arugam Bay or Hikkaduwa.Sri Lanka is a great place to visit for water sport and wildlife enthusiasts and a haven for history buffs. As well as a guide to some of the best things to see and do in Sri Lanka, we’ve picked a selection of places to stay to help you put together your travel plan.Some of the best places to visit in sri Lanka are
1.Galle Dutch Fort, Galle- Located in Sri Lanka’s southern province, it is the ideal little romantic place to visit with your significant other. The charming streets are packed with cozy cafés, astonishing heritage hotels, and many day trails for couples.

  1. Sigiriya- It is also known as the Lion’s Rock where you can take a stroll and enjoy the view of breathtaking water fountains, gardens, and canals. The place also lets you experience the best sunrise and sunset experience after a climb.
  2. Nuwara Eliya- Popularly known as “Mini England” by the natives, Nuwara Eliya boasts chilly weather and spectacular views of majestic waterfalls, lush green mountains, and dewy tea-states. It is a perfect destination for couples seeking to spend quality time.
  3. Mirissa Beach- It offers a picturesque view of the stunning sunrise and sunsets. You can also take part in snorkeling at this beach or witness dolphins while enjoying a chilled beverage or scrumptious snacks.
    5.Yala National Park -It was originally a hunters arena during British colonial rule but now has the highest population of leopards on earth. Not only animals but it also provide a quaint environment for birds as well. It is Sri Lanka’s largest national park with a total area of 900 Sq Km. 6.Kandy -It is a prominent Sri Lankan city found precisely in the middle of the country. A city of both historical as well as religious importance, Kandy is renowned for being the site of the Temple Of The Sacred Tooth Relic, unarguably the most famous among all the temples of Sri Lanka. 7.Mirissa- It was a faint old beach town on the Southern of Sri Lanka has risen to be one of the most popular surfing and whale watching destination. The beach town is situated 150 kms south of Colombo and is dotted with palm trees, blue waters and colourful boats adorning the shores

Best places to visit in india

Kashmir is known for its natural beauty and is thus, rightly called Heaven on Earth. The beautiful Kashmir Valley is home to many destinations ideal for nature lovers, family vacationers, honeymooners, and even a group of friends. Along with great sightseeing opportunities, it offers adventure activities like trekking, skiing, and river rafting, recreational activities like fishing & angling, and even spa & wellness.Top Places to Visit in Kashmir are Srinagr,Pahalgam,Gulmarg,Sonmarg,Aru & Betaab Valley and Gurez Valley.
Ladakh is one of the must-visit destinations in India. It is ideal for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.This destination in India is perfect for motorbiking and mountain biking, camping, river rafting, trekking and peak climbing adventures.Top Places to Visit in Ladakh are Leh,Pangong Lake,Tsomoriri,TsoKar,Nubra Valley,Zanskar Valley.
Sikkim is a glittering gem of the North-East Himalayas. This northeast Indian destination is popular for being home to the world’s third highest mountain, Kanchenjunga (8586 m). Sikkim is one of the best destinations in India to spend a peaceful and laid back holiday as well as enjoy enthralling adventure activities.Top Attractions in Sikkim are Gangtok,Yuksom,Yumthang Valley,Tsomgo Lake,Nathu La, Pelling,Lachung,Ravangla,Rumtek Monastery,Namchi,Do-Drul Chorten,Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden,Zuluk.
The Andaman Islands are an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. These roughly 300 islands are known for their palm-lined, white-sand beaches, mangroves and tropical rainforests. Coral reefs supporting marine life such as sharks and rays make for popular diving and snorkeling sites.
Kerala is well-known for its mesmerizing backwaters, ecotourism initiatives, scenic beauty, amazing beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine.Top Places to Visit in Kerala are Fort Kochi , Muziris , Kerala Backwaters,Marari Beach , Periyar National Park, Munnar, Varkala.
Meghalaya, meaning the “abode of clouds” is a paradise for nature lovers. A hill station that is home to a beautiful, mesmerizing sky in a true sense has captivated the minds of tourists all across the globe. The state filled with huge hills, valleys, numerous lakes, captivating waterfalls, pitch dark caves, and sacred forests.
India’s not just full of big cities and holy sites—it also has incredible beaches down south in Goa. Its stretches of golden sand along the Arabian Sea offer something for every type of tourist, whether you’re interested in hanging out with the backpacker crowd in laid-back beach huts or having a ritzy tropical getaway at a five-star resort.One unique part of Goa is its blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures. You’ll experience the fusion throughout the destination, from its Baroque architecture and cathedrals to its spicy vindaloo curries and seafood dishes.
Sightseeing in India doesn’t get much better than what you’ll discover in Darjeeling. The hill station in West Bengal is beloved for its lush green tea plantations, awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks (including Khangchendzonga, the world’s third-highest mountain), and serene Buddhist monasteries. This is the perfect place to arrange a mountain trek or mountain biking adventure.One of the most popular things to do in Darjeeling is taking a ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Powered by an antique steam locomotive, the 140-year-old “Toy Train” takes tourists on two-hour fun rides from Darjeeling to Ghum—a journey that’s regularly counted as one of the most scenic train rides in the world.

Maldives-The Best Destination

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Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is a small archipelagic state in South Asia situated in the Indian Ocean. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India, about 700 kilometres from the Asian continent’s mainland. It has one of the most delicate environments anywhere on the planet. Coral reefs are the foundation of the islands. They offer protection to the tiny islands as its natural defense system.The Maldivian rufiyaa is the currency of the Maldives. The issuance of the currency is controlled by the Maldives Monetary Authority. The most commonly used symbols for the rufiyaa are MRF, MVR and Rf. The ISO 4217 code for Maldivian rufiyaa is MVR.Indian Currency is generally not accepted in Maldives. You need to get it converted to Maldivian rufiyaa or USD. Big Hotels can get the currency converted to local currency.A vacation to the Maldives for one week usually costs around MVR25,888 for one person. So, a trip to the Maldives for two people costs around MVR51,775 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs MVR103,551 in the Maldives.
In order to enter Maldives the Indian nationals visiting Maldives as a tourist do not require any pre-arrival visa. A free Maldives Tourist Visa which is valid for approximately ninety days is issued to Indian nationals on arriving at the Male airport.While Dhivehi is the national language of the Maldives, many Maldivians also speak and understand English. French, German, Russian, Italian and Chinese are also widely used at the resorts. Majority of popular food in Maldives include fish, so how can you not try the very basic and very important Fish curry – creamy, flavoured and spicy. Favourite fishes include skipjack tuna, little tunny, yellowfin tuna, frigate tuna, bigeye scad, wahoo and mahi-mahi.
The best places to visit in the Maldives with family are Veligandu Island Beach, Alimatha Island, and Hulhumale Mosque. The Maldives is an excellent choice for a family vacation as you can stay at a luxurious resort, get pampered and have fun with your the best island in Maldives for honeymoon for all those luxury-seeker couples. It is on this island that the major international airport of Maldives is located and you should ideally visit this island at the very beginning or the end of your honeymoon in Maldives.The sun loves Maldives! Blue skies, gentle waves and the warm sun – perfect weather for all those great beach days. However, the best time to visit this island nation is from November to April (with the best weather conditions peaking between December and March). The Maldives do experience a monsoon season – between May and October. The rains hamper a lot of activity around the beaches and in the water, so it’s best to book your tickets for the drier season.
A strictly Muslim country, the Maldives has a list of prohibited items that will not be allowed past customs. These include alcohol, any kind of drugs, pork, religious materials for distribution, and dogs. the Maldives are a remote chain of islands and won’t have the same connectivity you may expect in a big city. Some resorts do include free Wi-Fi in their amenities, but don’t be surprised if the connection is slow and/or spotty.Maldives is the best destination for both family and married couples.

Cultural Heritage Sites in India

India is a country which has a host of spectacular sites, ranging from glorious historical monuments to diverse natural heritage sites. UNESCO World Heritage Convention has recognised many sites across the world for their cultural heritage. India has the 6th largest number of world heritage sites with 38 such sites. Here are some sites among those, which one shouldn’t miss while exploring the country.

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Taj Mahal, Agra

The Taj Mahal is a funerary mosque, built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife Begum Mumtaz Mahal. Set against the Mughal Gardens, it is a pristine architectural monument made of white marble. It was built in 16 years by thousands of artisans under the Chief Architect Ustad Ahmad Lahauri and is considered as a masterpiece.

Khajurao, Madhya Pradesh

The Khajurao is a group of monuments located in Madhya Pradesh and is attributed to the Chandela dynasty. It is known for its unique artistic architecture which has survived since the 10th century. Out of the 85 temples built originally, only 22 temples are there at present.

The PInk City, Jaipur

Jaipur is a fort city in Rajasthan, built according to grid plans of Vedic architecture. The urban planning of the city shows influence of ancient Hindu, modern Mughal and western cultures. Originally built as a commercial capital, the city is an intersection of commercial, artisanal and traditional center.

Elephanta Caves, Maharashtra

The Elephanta Caves is a group of sculpted caves on Elephanta island, located in Mumbai harbour. It is dated to 5th century and it consists of 5 Hindu caves and 2 Buddhist caves. The architecture is characterised by rock cut stone sculptures.

Sundarbans, West Bengal

The Sundarbans are the largest mangrove forests in the world and is both a national park and a tiger reserve. It is situated in the Sundarbans Ganges river delta and is formed by the deposition of sediments from 3 rivers – the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna. It consists of dense mangrove forests which is the home to the Bengal tiger, the salt water crocodile and various birds.

Fatehpur Sikri

Also known as the City of Victory, the Fatehpur Sikri was built by the Emperor Akbar. It includes a set of mosques, monuments and temples built in Mughal architectural style. It was built as a city which had several monuments, buildings, palaces, public spaces and courts. The site has monuments like – the Jama Masjid, the Buland Darwaza, the Panch Mahal, and the Tomb of Salim Chishti which are popular tourist attractions.

Monuments at Hampi, Karnataka

These are a group of monuments in the Hampi town in Karnataka. Located on the banks of the river Tungabhadra, it consists of Dravidian temples and palaces. It has been admired by travelers of the 14th and 16th century and is still a very important cultural and religious center for Hindus and Jains.

Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha

The Konark Sun temple is a renowned temple, located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal and built in the form of the chariot of Surya, the sun god. It is constructed with sandstone and decorated with beautiful stone carvings. It was constructed under the rule of King Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty.

Street Food Around the World

One of the best ways to know about the history and culture of a place is to try out its cuisine. Not only does it provide one with a delicious treat, it also speaks a lot about the place and its people. Local cuisines range from elaborate meals to roadside snacks. But I feel, to get the real taste of a place you need to try out its street food. While trying out various dishes from the streets you get to explore a place in the best way possible. Here are some amazing food items from all around the world!

Aloo Chat – South Asia

It is a dish which is made with boiled potatoes, cut into cubes and mixed with different spices and chutney. It is popular in Pakistan, parts of Northern and Eastern India and Bangladesh. Aloo chat is a snack or side dish and it varies from region to region in terms of spices and taste.

Crepe – France

Crepe is a popular pancake like pastry which is popular in France and Belgium. They are made with all kinds of fillings and flavours. There are two types of Crepe – ones that are sweet that are made with wheat flour and ones that are savory which are made with buckwheat flour. Sweet crepes are eaten with fruits, custards, whipped cream or chocolate and savory crepes are served with eggs, mushrooms, cheese and ratatouille.

Chuan – China

Chuans are a type of kabab served with spices like black pepper, cumin seeds, sesame and red pepper flakes. These meat kababs are roasted over charcoal or deep fried in oil. It originates from the Uighur and other Muslim communities of China.

Gelato – Italy

Often confused with ice cream, Gelato is an Italian dessert made with milk, sugar, cream, nuts, fruits and toppings. It is much low in fat than traditional American ice cream and has more flavors which makes it a rich and delicious dessert. There are a lot of flavors including vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio.

Hot Dog – United States of America

It is a classic American street food and you can find it in food trucks and restaurants across cities like New York and Chicago. A grilled sausage is served in between a steamed hot dog bun along with mustard, ketchup, onion, cheese and chilli. There are a lot of varieties which differ in shapes, taste and sizes.

Mango Sticky Rice – Thailand

Mango Sticky Rice, also called Khaoniao Mamuang is a popular Thai dessert. It is also eaten in Cambodia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. A specific form of sticky rice is mixed with coconut milk and is served with Mango slices. The coconut milk is added so that the rice absorbs all the flavour and tastes sweet. It is popular during the peak mango season in Thailand during the summer months of April and May.

Naan – Central Asia and Middle East

Naan is a traditional bread which originated in Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It is made with flour, water and ghee. Additional ingredients like milk and yoghurt are also added in different varieties. Made in a tandoor oven, it is a flat bread which is served with other items like curries and fillings. It is served hot brushed with butter and ghee.

Beautiful Island Getaways

Island destinations offer beautiful beaches, exotic food and interesting tales of history and culture. Such islands are present all across the world. Iconic beaches, striking landscapes and coral reefs will make one fall in love with these beautiful islands. Most travellers would keep such destinations in their travelling bucket list. Some of these iconic travel destinations are mentioned here – 

Santorini – The iconic island city of Greece, is a very popular travel destination which is a must visit in every traveller’s list. The turquoise waters, aromatic Mediterranean flavours and historical tales will surely make you admire and fall in love with the island. It was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, which has shaped its rugged landscape. The two principal towns Fira and Oia are situated along cliffs above an underwater crater. The unique red and black sand beaches due to the volcanic setting of the island makes some picturesque sites. Visitors can walk around the lanes of white washed villages and find some great restaurants and shops.  

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Cyprus – This Mediterranean island is a home to both Greek and Turkish descendants which makes it a rich cultural amalgamation. The honey coloured beaches, ancient ruins will appeal to every traveler. It is known as the jewel of the Meditteranean. History enthusiasts can admire the Hala Sultan mosque while beach lovers will love the vibrant waters of Nissi Beach. While in Cyprus, one can also visit the city of Paphos which is the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Goddess of love and beauty. The traditional food include grilled meat kababs, pork marinated in coriander, fried halloumi cheese, olives, pitta bread, lamb, rabbit stews, root vegetables, chickpeas and artichokes. 

Maldives – Situated in the Indian Ocean, this island is a paradise for all beach lovers. It consists of a chain of about 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks (some 200 of which are inhabited), grouped in clusters. The archipelago was inhabited as early as the 5th century BC by Buddhist peoples, from Sri Lanka and southern India. It has striking beaches and exceptional diving spots. You can also try activities like snorkeling at Hulhumale beach, or take a pleasant evening stroll at Cocoa Island during the sunset. The Grand Friday Mosque and Male’ Fish Market are also some popular spots. 

Phuket – This dreamy Thai island in the Andaman Sea with its dreamy white beaches with mountainous rain-forests will give you the best views. The towns are full of ornate Buddhist temples like Wat Chalong. The southernmost tip of the island, Promthep Cape, is something which you wouldn’t want to miss. You can also enjoy shopping and dining in Patong. Phuket has a tropical climate and it is usually warm, cool or rainy. It can however get quite hot in April and May. The tourist season is from November to February when it has a cool and dry weather. It is famous for a number of things like exotic beaches, vibrant nightlife, colourful night markets, delicious seafood, white marble Big Buddha and scuba diving.

Travel in 2020

The struggle was real. The itch to travel was as strong as it has ever been. From avid travellers to amateurs, taking a lesson of the nature of human life, on a thesis that life gives no certainties.

Also to be reminded that you don’t always get what you want. The average one went during the pandemic was surely to the kitchen and back, mostly till the front yard and rarely to the grocery nearby.

Standing by the gates and wondering what’s in store for us. The uncertainties raising a brow to two.

The joy of travelling is something that’s unparalleled, it brushes away all the worries of the past and halts the thoughts of the future, often making us live in the present. Just thoughtful about the moment and nothing else.

To Embrace the absolute joy of being alive. Teaching us a lesson on how to live. More Wandering, Less Wondering. Carefree & Ecstatic.

Now sadly the tables have turned; More Wondering, Less Wandering. Careful & Miserable.

To be among a crowd unknown, to munch on cuisines alien, trying to speak in their lingual, failing desperately but still having a laugh over it later on, and most importantly capturing all the beauties of this world.

Take that deep breath, we’ll definitely get to do it all over again.

The earliest fondest memories on being on the move for many, would definitely be the field trips we were taken on in elementary school. It was just a day away from the normal schooling routine and probably to a park quite nearby. But the time with the mates will always be cherished. These moments will live on forever, if it’s not for moments like these, what is life all about then.

A true testament that it’s never about the destination but the very moments, that’ll fill our hearts than anything else.

The masters of different trades and industries have always had common ground, when it came down to advocating the need for it. To get a firsthand experience of all the places we’ve seen through the books we read and the places that flashed across the screens, mostly in songs of Bollywood movies.

The wisest of people are the ones that travel, to be a part of history and to marvel the marvellous world and to be humbled by reminded how small we’re in the vastness of the universe.

People who have got a taste of it has never been able to digest a life otherwise. It’s amazing how one such activity of mankind strikes a cord with many.

If all the terrorists of the world got a taste of this fine taste of travelling life, then the only bombing they’d be doing would be ‘photobombing’. (Pun intended)

We say people are different, we stand divided on different grounds, but the thirst to travel unites us.

All these musings about travel, brings to mind a saying I heard vaguely, somewhere, which went like: “if the creator wanted us to stay someplace throughout life, we’d have been grounded with roots running deep into the ground.”

Incredible Festivals Around the World

Festivals happen all over the world and exploring them can be an extraordinary experience for anyone who enjoys culture and art. The following list includes some of the most colourful, amazing festivals which are celebrated in different places around the world.

Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Thailand

The Yi Peng lantern festival is a very unique kind of festival celebrated in Northern Thailand during a full moon light. It was traditionally celebrated as a festival to mark the end of the monsoon season. It is a spectacular sight to see thousands of sky lanterns floating in the sky and beautiful flowers floating on the Ping river.

Holi in india

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Holi, also known as the festival of colours, is mostly celebrated by Indians during Spring. During the festival people play with colours and engage in dance, music and festivities. It also represents the arrival of ‘Basanta’ or Spring. The traditional festival includes fun filled games and water gun fights.

Winter lights festival in japan

This is one of the illumination festivals which one must attend. The incredible Winter Light festival takes place in a park in Kuwana City of Japan during November to March. Attracting thousands of tourists, the festival is one of Japan’s finest illuminations. The park also has a variety of restuarents.

Golden Retriever Festival In Scotland

Known as one of the happiest places on Earth, the Golden Retriever Festival is organized by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland. It is a mass gathering of Golden Retrievers along with dog lovers in the ancestral home of the breed in a Scottish Village. In 2018, the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the breed was done with the gathering of about 360 Retrievers.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in USA

The biggest hot air balloon festival in the world, Albuquerque balloon fiesta is  a nine day long event held in New Mexico during early October. Guests have the rare opportunity of seeing the inflation and take off of around 600 colourful hot air balloons. It is the most photographed event in the world.

la tomatina festival in spain

The La Tomatina Festival is held on the last wednesday of August on the streets of Bunol town in Spain. It is a fun event where participants from all around the world throw squashed tomatoes at each other. The week long festival is also famous for its parades, fireworks, music and dance. The tomatoes are provided to the participants before the start of the event. In order to maintain safety participants are encouraged to wear goggles and water trucks are placed across streets.

Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival in USA

The festival is usually celebrated to draw attention to the conservation of the coral reef. It is a wonderful festival for divers and music lovers. The festival takes place in a sand area near the coral reef. Hundreds of divers and underwater musicians play songs on the theme of Ocean. It is being celebrated every year for the last 25 years.

ice & snow sculpture festival in china

The Harbin ice and snow festival takes place during the month of January in Harbin of Heilongjiang province of China. Attracting thousands of tourists it features an international competition of ice sculptures and illuminated snow block buildings. Multicoloured lights illuminate the ice and snow formations creating a spectacular sight at night. Artists who construct the ice sculptures use ice from the frozen Songhua river.

Oktoberfest in Germany

The largest funfair in the world, Oktoberfest takes place from the end of September to beginning of October in Munich City of Germany. The festival attracting around 6 million people around the world includes amusement rides and traditional food. 6 breweries around Munich serve around 7 million litres of beer every year.

8 Amazing places to visit in India

India – a land of diverse landscape, language and culture, offers a variety of destinations for travellers to add to their bucket list. Whether its heavenly mountains, historical forts or peaceful beaches, every nook and corner has something beautiful to offer. These exotic places will surely take your breath away.

Dal Lake, Kashmir

Being one of the most prominent lakes in India, Dal Lake is also known as Srinagar’s Jewel. Pristine clear water with the backdrop of heavenly hills and mountains is sure to take your breath away. A Shikara ride in the Dal Lake is a must to explore in Kashmir. Shikaras are beautiful houseboats which are used to travel across the lake. The lake also has a travelling market. With an old world charm, the lake gives you a breathtaking experience.

The Rann of Kutch, gujarat

The Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh in the Thar desert located in the border between India and Pakistan. It is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. It is a really popular exotic travel location. The Rann festival is the best time to visit when the region celebrates with crafts, handwork, cultural and musical performances. It is famous for its colourful and intricate crafts. On a full moon night, the sparkling salt desert looks spectacular and is a treat to the eyes.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman Islands is an Indian archipelago of about 300 islands scattered in the Bay of Bengal. Its palm lined beaches and coral reefs is sure to give you a wonderful experience. The islands are known for its popular tourist sights like Havelock Island, Neill Island, and Wilson Island. You can also enjoy exotic sports like Parasailing, Snorkeling, and Scuba Diving.

Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Also known as Pangong Tso, it is a beautiful lake situated in the Himalayas. The beautiful lake situated on a height of 4350 m, attracts tourists from all over the world. The alluring blue waters is a sight to soothe sore eyes. The best time to visit the lake is summer because in winter the whole lake freezes into ice. It is also a great place for bird lovers as it is home to different birds like cranes, seagulls and rodents.

Backwaters, Kerala

The Kerala backwaters are a network of lagoons and lakes on the Arabian sea coast. With its rivers and inlets it is connected with almost 900 kilometres of waterways. The picturesque site with its lush green landscapes and diverse wildlife is a popular tourist attraction of South India. You can visit the backwaters by boat or shikara from Alleppey. Watching the sunset from a shikara in the midst of green landscapes and serene waters will give an experience of a lifetime.

Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers is an Indian national park, located in North Chamoli and Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand. With rare and exotic Himalayan flora it is located in the dense forests close to the Pushpawati river. The beautiful meadows with blossoms of Alpine flowers is a treat to any nature lover. The best time to go on a trek to the Valley of Flowers is March to October as during this time the valley is also known to change colours due to its colourful blossoms.

Loktak Lake, Manipur

Loktak is the largest freshwater lake in Northeastern India. It is mostly known for the unique sight of floating phumdis which are heterogeneous mass of soil and organic matter at various stages of decomposition. It is the most popular tourist attraction around Imphal. Being almost like a miniature inland sea, the lake mesmerises all visitors.

Living root bridge, Meghalaya

Located in the Khasi and Jaintia hills, the suspended root bridge is made up of a species of the Indian rubber tree with a very strong root system. These are estimated to be around 500 years old and attract tourists all around the year. There are dozens of these root bridges near Cherrapunjee. Since they are located in very remote places you may need a guide to reach there. The spectacular bridges in the Meghalayan villages will be a treat to any traveller.

So happy travelling!

To Travel Is To Live


It sucks to be stuck in a rut. Travel helps us to comprehend the importance of life and it helps us become better individuals. Each time we travel, we see the world with new eyes. The best thing about traveling is that it gives you plenty of stories to talk about. I would rather share stories about my travels than telling people what is going on in my day to day life.

Drinking your morning coffee at the same office cubicle and staring at your screen at your nine-to-five every day is not the way one should be living. Travel at least to the point where you can say that you have finally found yourself and sipping your coffee at h same place, in front of the same screen seems meaningful.

Travel is full of moments of joy and challenges. Overcoming the challenges gives you some of the greatest joys of all. Explore yourself, explore this world, face the challenges, you never thought you could face, overcome your fears, and see how beautiful the world is.

Travel is not just a vacation or getting away thing, it helped us find our purpose and put the focus on our lives. The more we got lost in our travels, the richer our lives became.

The City of Nawabs

The culture of Lucknow is still very much alive and retains its old world charm even today. Popularly known as the City of Nawabs, Lucknow is famous for its traditional cuisine, fine arts and the most courteous people you will ever find in India. The cultural heritage of Lucknow was pretty much influenced by the Mughal era and you find that Mughal touch in almost everything that relates to the culture of Lucknow. Be it the lip-smacking cuisine, the delightful music and dance forms or the conversation language, everything has a touch of the royal splendor that Lucknow once flourished in. Read on our related sections on Lucknow culture that shall tell you about the royal colors of Lucknow.

Lucknow People
The people of Lucknow are among the warmest and the most courteous people in India. They are known to be very soft spoken and treat guests like Gods. The place has a rich cultural heritage and is known to be the city of Nawabs.

Lucknow Cuisine
The cuisine of Lucknow has its own distinct individuality and identity. The traditional food of Lucknow was highly patronized by the Mughals thus giving it a very royal touch. The royal chefs and cooks were trained to give that distinct royal touch and regal look to anything they cooked.

Lucknow Music and Dance
Music and dance in Lucknow has been much influenced by the Mughal rule India. The kings were known to lead a life of pleasure and their main source of entertainment was to indulge in music and dance.

Lucknow Languages
In Lucknow, languages differ from region to region. Among the most common languages of Lucknow is Hindi, which is spoken all over India. However, the most prominent language spoken in Lucknow is the Urdu language. Though it is an ancient language, it is very much prevalent in Lucknow. In fact, the language is synonymous with Lucknow and is often referred to as Lucknowi Urdu. It is this form of Urdu that is used by most literary figures like poets and novel writers.

Urdu is also the official language of Lucknow. Apart from Urdu and Hindi, many other languages are spoken in different parts of Lucknow. These include the two thousand year old language called Braj, Awadhi, Koshali, Bhojpuri and Koeli. Bhojpuri is a widely spoken language in not just Lucknow but also most of Uttar Pradesh and the neighboring state of Bihar. The younger generation of Lucknow is well versed in English as most schools and educational institutions impart education in English medium.

Go For Western Economy With These Pioneering

but it is too much for my strength — I sink under the weight of the splendour of these visions!

I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents.

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