WANDERLUST: An exquisite malady

Have you caught the travelling bug yet? Today, we explore the symptoms of the exquisite malady of wanderlust and ways to get rid of it.

Not all who wander are lost

~j.r.r tOLkien
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As the word suggests, wanderlust is lust or desire for wandering. This is the ague that makes people itch to travel, to explore the vastness of the earth, to bask in the diversity of the world, quite philosophical actually!

Almost everyone suffers from wanderlust, some people choose to be vociferous about it others conceal it in the hearts of their heart.

Extreme cases of wanderlust have known to make people do crazy things with desire; some people have worked as many as five jobs just to travel around the world.

Wanderlust may last a lifetime. Sadly, travelling for a brief period may not stop you from lusting over it for a long, long time, probably your entire life.

Have you caught the bug?

There are a series of feelings and changes that help you to understand whether you have caught the notorious bug for wanderlust or not.

Noticeable among the emotions are sudden pangs of longing. These, sudden bursts may leave you heaving multiple despondent sighs.

If you unsuspectingly, keep on googling things like ‘100 best places to travel before you die’ or ‘How can I travel the world’, know that wanderlust is at its incipient stage, It’s also the most common symptom so far.

If you have travelling quotes stuck around your room, in your diary or saved prodigiously in your phone , you are getting there!

Finally, if you have curated a proper travel-bucket list for yourself and keep on checking travel packages online. you are beyond the point of saving.

How to cure Wanderlust?

The most effective remedy in the book is, to throw caution to the wind, and set out to douse your desire for travelling ,by doing exactly that- travel! Step out of reality and go chasing after the cure of your malady, till you are worn out bone-deep because:

The brave may not live forever,

but the cautious do not live at all.

~ Meg Cabot

Another seemingly effective cure for people who cannot travel due to diverse reasons, to cure their Wanderlust is, to turn it into an active incentive to work towards achieving their goals or go about milling with their daily chores with a greater goal in mind.

Also, people with Wanderlust who are the crossroads of their careers can research and try getting into jobs or careers that facilitates their wandering desire.

For people who cannot leave their home, their wanderlust can be cured by:

  • Learning more about a new culture, language or cuisine
  • Travelling more locally
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  • Getting online virtual tours of places they want to visit
  • Taking a pen pal
  • Coursing out a proper travel map for future
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  • Read travel books and blogs
  • Experience the marvels of nature: watch sunsets and sunrises, get drenched in rain, play around in mud
  • Work on a polaroid book or a scrap book for memories

All in all, Wanderlust is more than just an urge to travel, it is a passion like no other which leads to adventures like no other and hence its a blessing to have.

“The symbol of today is travel.

There is a Wanderlust that infects the blood.”

-Rollin A. Sawyer