Best Camera and Gaming Phones under 20,000

Gaming Phone has been a dream for every teenager and chances are you’ve heard the shouts of “Revive me!” or “Flat spin!” consistently, especially in schools and colleges. With heavy games like PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, Garena, etc. carving a niche of relatability with the youth, rarely will you find someone’s phone with not even one such heavy game.

But then comes the problem gamers hate – lags and glitches. “I need gloves to play PUBG man!”, said one of my gamer friends. Confused, I enquired why. “Old phone, old processor, man! The phone’s heating will burn my hands one day!”, he replied. While his words were a definite exaggeration, it is a well-known fact that it’s not every other phone that will let you play heavy games – only a select few that will allow that.

The best one would clearly be – Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra. Go ahead, it costs only INR 92,999. For those of you who agree with that ‘only’, you can buy the phone. Those of you whose eyes – like mine – widened to the size of saucers, don’t worry. To make life easier for you, we’re here with a list of Best Gaming Phone under 20,000 in India. You can find answers such as which is the Best Gaming Phone under 20,000 in 2020 or Best Gaming Phone under 20,000 8gb RAM or Best Samsung Gaming Phone under 20,000 or Best Camera and Gaming Phone under 20,000 and more with the help of our carefully curated list of the Best Gaming Phone under 20,000 in 2020.

Best Camera and Gaming Phone Under 20,000

Realme X2

The Realme X2 features a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Full HD+ display with a 1080 x 2340 display resolution and a Snapdragon 730G SoC inside, making it a perfect device for gaming. It has small bezels, and a screen-to-body ratio of 91.9% and contains a 19.5:9 ratio.

It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection and has an in-display fingerprint scanner.  It also has a sports a 64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP quad rear camera setup and contains a 32MP selfie shooter. Moreover, it packs a 4000mAh battery that supports 30W fast charging. Realme X2 is obtainable with up to 8GB RAM. Games especially run quite well on this device and you’ll be able to expect high graphics from the smartphone. All these features make it arguably the Best Gaming Phone under 20,000 in 2020.

Poco X2

The Poco X2 offers good value for money, with specifications and capabilities that few other companies can match within the sub-Rs. 20,000 market. The design, with its attention-grabbing circular patch on the rear and bright gradient finishes, maybe a touch polarizing but Poco have used Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back for durability. You get an oversized 6.67-inch screen with dual front cameras embedded with a fine-finished cutout within the top-right corner. The display is bright and supports a 120Hz refresh rate.  

Performance is extremely good due to the Snapdragon 730G processor, and the phone is a steal under 20,000 with 8GB RAM and up to 256GB of storage. This phone also boasts of a 64-megapixel primary rear camera and it took superb daytime stills. The night mode also helped low-light photos look good. Daytime videos looked good, but quality suffered plenty at the hours of darkness, especially when recording at 4K. Battery life was also quite good, but not spectacular.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

The Redmi Note 9 Pro is now the starting variant of the Note series with the Note 9 Pro Max getting most of the eye. ‘Max’ variant has the extra horsepower to tide you through difficult times. The Note 9 Pro Max gets a bigger 64MP camera sensor at the rear, a bigger 32MP selfie camera, and a faster 33W out-of-the-box charger. Most other hardware specs are the same as the Note 9 pro.

The Note 9 Pro Max offers a 6.7-inch LCD display with a punch-hole camera. It’s powered by the Snapdragon 720G together with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage within the entry variant under Rs 15,000. The phone also offers a 64MP quad-camera setup. There’s also another 8MP ultrawide lens, a 5MP macro lens, and another 2MP depth sensor. On the front, you get a 16MP front camera. The Note 9 Pro also comes with a 5020mAh battery with 33W fast charging and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 covering the front.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

The Note 8 Pro is on the market well under Rs 20,000. The new MediaTek processor blows the Snapdragon 712 out of water in gaming and artificial benchmarks. And if you thought that the 48MP camera on the Note 7 Pro wasn’t good, Xiaomi has upped the sport with a stupendous 64MP camera now. Other specs like the large battery, enough RAM, and ample storage make it a perfect budget phone. The Redmi Note 8 Pro can support PUBG at Ultra-high graphics and could be a competent alternative to Snapdragon 730G. Other perks include HDR display, 4500mAh battery, and a capable set of quad-cameras.

Vivo U20

The Vivo U20 might not be the best in-range as per the market, but it is a consistent performer. The Snapdragon 675 could be a capable processor offering good gaming capabilities, while an enormous 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging ensures you stay connected. There’s also an oversized IPS LCD display and a triple camera setup at the rear including a well-optimized 16MP primary camera, another 8MP wide-angle camera, and a 2MP macro lens. What more could you want, right?

Realme XT   

The Realme XT was the primary commercial launch with a 64MP sensor on the rear at the time of its launch. That, together with the opposite 3 cameras on the rear and that we can safely assume that the camera department is all covered up. Other specs are Snapdragon 712, octa-core up to 8GB RAM and 128 GB of storage, in-screen fingerprint sensor, fast charging, and a decently large battery. it’s fueled by a 4,000mAh battery. You can install as many games on a 64GB/128GB inbuilt storage (expandable up to 256GB).

The handset retails in 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB RAM options. The gaming experience with this phone is probably going to be enhanced by the Oppo’s Hyper Boost technology. Flip to the rear and you get a quad-camera setup including 64MP +8MP +2MP + 2 MP Dual camera arrangement.

Xiaomi Redmi K20

Xiaomi Redmi K20 is another exciting gaming phone under the 20K price range. It’s powered Snapdragon 730 which contains a 35% performance boost over Snapdragon 710. It features a 6.39-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1080 x 2340-pixel resolution at 403 PPI. It comes with up to 8GB RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage. The K20 looks stunning with a flaming gradient finish and a bezel-less edge-to-edge display. At the rear, you will find be a triple-camera setup which will take some sharp photos both during the day and night. After the recent price-cutting, the Redmi K20 is a great budget buy under Rs 20,000

Realme 6 Pro

The phone is based on the proven performer Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G. It features a 6.6-inch LCD display, which produces good colors and brightness. there is no in-display fingerprint sensor so Realme has used a capacitive one within the power button. There’s face unlock too, which works all right. Realme has used a modern-looking, punch-hole cutout within the display for the 2 front cameras. The phone is on the market with variants of 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The latter is expandable. App and gaming performances are extremely good and users reported no issue with heating either. The 4,300mAh battery easily lasts for a day and a half and there is 30W fast charging too. Due to the power-efficient chipset, the 4300mAh battery lasts really long and therefore the 25MP selfie camera is an additional bonus.

Samsung Galaxy M40

Inarguably the Best Samsung Gaming Phone under 20,000, this phone makes it to the list of the Best Gaming Phone under 20,000 in India on the back of strong user reviews and product reliability. This is Samsung’s first Snapdragon 675 based phone in the market and the chipset is apt enough to handle every game out there. Although there could be slight heating issues, users noted its nothing extreme.

The phone features a 6.3-inch full HD+ well-calibrated screen with Corning Gorilla Glass on top. The phone is obtainable in 6GB RAM and 128GB storage option only. Samsung’s new OneUI also includes a stimulating game mode which will make it possible to avoid interruptions while gaming. It boasts of many segment-firsts like a hole-punch display and a vibrating screen for an earpiece.

It features a bright and vibrant 6.3-inch full-HD+PLS TFT LCD display, which has good viewing angles but there’s also a gentle vignette around the edges, which may be distracting. The body is slim and lightweight but the plastic back attracts scuff marks pretty easily. So like all Samsung products, use a tampered glass and cover – Samsung phones are seldom made for rough handling.  

There’s just one variant, which comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The latter is expandable but it is a hybrid slot so you cannot have two SIMs and a microSD card. OneUI runs well and is tested to run smoothly on Android 9 Pie.

Realme X

Realme X is another affordable phone that provides good value-for-money and interesting gaming features. It ticks the majority of boxes that a budget gamer requires. The performance part is handled by Snapdragon 710 CPU that integrates Adreno 616GPU. It comes with a 6.5-inch AMOLED display which also contributes to the immersive gaming experience. The FHD+ resolution screen is notch-free and is surrounded by really narrow bezels. It also includes 3,765mAh battery with 20W VOOC 3.0 fast charging – which is to mention that you just can engage in extended gaming sessions without fear about the battery.

That concludes our list of the Best Gaming Phone under 20,000 in India. Do you think your favorite Best Gaming Phone under 20,000 in 2020 is missing? Or one of the mentioned phones is not really the Best Camera and Gaming Phone under 20,000 and worth the money? Have reviews to give to our readers about any of these phones? Head down to the comments section and speak your mind!


Why Take Health Insurance Plans in Difficult Times?

With all these healthy routines they are missing one of the most important steps that play a very important role in one’s health and treatment that is to secure their future health expenses by taking a liable health insurance plan. Health insurance equipped the person to take all the treatment and hospitalisation at a reasonable rate.

Currently, the world is dealing with the deadly coronavirus which was originated as the very new virus in late December 2019 in the city of Wuhan, Hubei, China. Even at the time, its name was not known than the situation gain international media’s coverage when virus cases started reporting from other countries as well along with a sharp increase in the death rate due to the coronavirus. The WHO declared it as the global pandemic in March 2020, with about 118,000 confirm cases with 4921 deaths in 114 countries.

The superpower of the world, the United States of America become the worst affected country in the world. Till now the USA has recorded 4.9 million confirmed cases with about 160 thousand deaths has been registered so far. In this dangerous and high-risk time of the pandemic, health-conscious Americans are taking all the necessary precautions to keep themselves fit and healthy. From following a healthy diet to regular exercising, they are doing almost everything to keep themselves away from the virus and other contagious diseases.

Importance of Health Insurance Plan

About 30 million workers living in America lost their jobs so does their health insurance plan during the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic. Thus, along with the financial burden the Americans has to face the health crises and expenses also. As coronavirus treatment is the costliest so the necessity of a good health insurance plan for American citizens is enormous.

  • As the virus is new and unknown to scientists and doctors so the much study and research are not done on it as well as its vaccine formation time is still not confirmed so the treatment of virus is very expensive in different parts of the world. In America, thousands of dollars are required for the treatment of the corona patient. Because of these reasons, the need for good health insurance is essential.
  • As not only coronavirus but various other deadly viruses like Ebola, Zika and other dangerous diseases surrounds us and requires a lot of dollars for testing and treatment of the disease, so it is very beneficial to equip with the best health insurance policy to ensure the proper treatment and care by the health official at a very minimal rate which was already given to the health insurance company.
  • Health insurance also helps to maintain mental health along with the treatment of physical ailment. As the burden of disease and health problem is already on the mind of the patient so health insurance plan helps to detect financial burden from the mind and to maintain mental health.

As nothing is predictable in life, any unintended accidents can occur at any time of life. During these times health insurance plays a very vital role in saving our and our loves life. 

As corona is also one disease which can enter in our lives at any moment of our life, so advance maintenance and preparations are very essential especially in American cities like New York where there is a large spread of the disease. The first step in the preparation is to avail the honest and liable health insurance plan. 

Thus, along with following all the safety and hygiene protocols of Corona Virus, the person should also ensure the health insurance plan for themselves and their families. The Cities of New York and Boston are the worst affected so proper health insurance for its citizens is very essential.

Best Health Insurance Plan in New York

As the coronavirus claim a lot of deaths, some because of the lack of immunity while others due to the lack of money. The treatment and testing of Corona Virus are too expensive in New York city of America, the health insurance plays a vital role in ensuring treatment from the best doctors and the in the most renowned hospitals. The best insurance plans in New York health come under four categories.


These are bronze plan, silver, gold and platinum health insurance plans, all vary in its prices. There is government sponsor health insurance plan Medicare that comes at $ 1,005 for the single person, and for married couples, it can be bought at $ 1,354 under its qualified beneficiary plan. Medicare provides four types of the best insurance plan in New York health.

There is also Medicaid health insurance plan for poor families that cannot afford other health insurance plans. About 6% of New York residents are uninsured that compels officials to make some more good policies.

Best Health Insurance Plans in Boston

The Boston city in the United States is also one of the worst affected city that provides some of the most renowned health insurance plans. The best health insurance plans in Boston includes a basic life insurance plan that can be brought at $ 5,000 but its amount may variant with the age of the person. The Medicare Retiree Health insurance plan allows the usage of coverage even after the retirement.

There are many more such health insurance schemes offers both by the government officials as well as the private insurance companies. The Obamacare Health plan that is giving benefits to many Americans, is providing a lot of health insurance plans in different parts of America. These are some of the best health insurance plans in Boston that are making the lives of many citizens easy.



The Corona Virus Pandemic has put a halt to many things but it also brings the real condition of the health structure of many powerful countries. Even the most powerful and renowned country of the world, the United States of America is not able to control the virus initially that results in the thousands of deaths and millions of active cases. As well as millions of people lost their jobs and become unemployed.

In such a drastic and dangerous situation, the person’s health protector is a health insurance plan that protects the future of the person and makes it financially secured when such a disease or accident takes place. The Americans are looking for the best insurance plans that give them the most benefits of treatment and testing of the disease and by taking one of the health insurance plans our mind become peaceful without any worry of unpredictable tragedies of life.

10 Best Torrent Sites in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has created a situation wherein people are stuck at home and trying for Torrent for better or worse with nothing much to do in their leisure time. A good way to spend time is by immersing oneself in popular culture- watching television shows, movies, anime, downloading or streaming music online, reading e- books.

Torrent Websites give you the option to access all this without ads and for free! Not everyone can afford to buy a Netflix, HBO or a Hulu connection. Out of the many torrents available on the internet, not all are up to the mark. This article will guide you to the best torrent sites that are reliable and active based on meticulous research and rating from top tech websites.

Top 10 Torrent Sites in 2020

1. The Pirate Bay

One of the most popular torrent sites in the world

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 6.3MB per second
  • Immense database
  • Millions of movies, TV shows, foreign language films and songs 
  • Provides trusted user tags
  • Offers millions of categories and genres to choose from
  • Has the all new always online technology
  • Provides support for magnet links                   


  • It has managed to stay afloat even after multiple crackdowns
  • In fact, it evades capture
  • Has quick search option
  • One can find both new and old content
  • Has multiple proxies in case of shutdown
  • Is super easy to use


  • Stops working occasionally, at random
  • It’s domain name keeps on changing rapidly
  • Is somewhat hard to find since domain name keeps changing

2. Torrentz2

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 2 MB per second
  • Has latest as well as old music
  • Provides a vast library of music from a multitude of genres


  • Has a good user interface
  • Website is minimalist and non clunky
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Fulfills all music requirements
  • Search panel is quite thorough


  • Low download speed
  • It only has torrents for music and is thus less versatile than the other websites.

3. Torlock

A site which offers anime and e- books on a single platform

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 4.4 MB per second
  • Offers a top 10 list of Animes
  • Easy search options
  • Immense variety and database
  • High quality anime and e books, especially helpful with graphics, illustrations and animations


  • Can be used even by people who are not comfortable with technology
  • Has a wide and comprehensive collection of animes, e- books and songs
  • Has content which most sites don’t
  • The website has a minimalist aesthetic


  • Low download speed
  • Is good for anime, e- books and music but not that good for movies and TV shows


A torrent site which is known for offering the latest content

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 6.1 MB per second
  • Offers good and high quality content
  • Offers a large variety of content for viewers to choose from
  • Updates its site to display ratings such as most popular, most streamed      


  • High quality content
  • Simple user interface, can be used by everyone with ease
  • Has the most popular content
  • Website stays up to date
  • Also has the latest content


  • It is not that popular a site, is less known
  • It is a bit hard to find on the internet
  • The site is blocked in several countries- United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark

5. Zooqle

A site for free download of games

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 2.6 MB per second
  • Games as well as TV series and movies are available


  • Is a new and updated platform
  • Has a collection of 3.5 million high quality, verified torrents


  • Has low download speed, being new the website interface has some minor problems


Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 3.2 MB per second
  • Has a vast collection of Television shows- old and new


  • Has almost every TV show: comedy shows, talk shows, game shows, reality et al
  • Easy to use


  • Has an old and a clunk user interface

7. YTS

Torrent site best known for movie classics. It has everything that a cinephile could ever want.

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 3.2 MB per second
  • Offers a single platform for hard to access films


  • Good quality content
  • Decent download speed


  • A platform only meant for movies, it is less versatile than other platforms.
  • Users have to shift to other platform in order to access TV series, music or anime

8. Torrent Downloads

Best known as the website which has obscure content that no other website has

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 2.8 MB per second
  • Offers a large collection of cult classics and non popular content


  • A unique platform in terms of content
  • Good user interface


  • Is blocked in most countries

9. Lime Torrents

Service Provided: 

  • Average download speed of 3.7 MB per second


  • Good user interface, offers services like any other torrent website


  • Inconsistent and thus unreliable

10. 1337x

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 4.2 MB per second
  • Abundance of choice
  • Detailed browsing categories which enable ease of search
  • TV shows, movies, music and a lot more!


  • Extremely user friendly
  • Recently renovated website
  • No security risks
  • Simple and organized website
  • One can easily find what they’re looking for by the virtue of its search tracker


  • Google does not display it in its search results and thus it becomes hard to track
  • Download speed is less


There is no need to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of torrents available on the internet because we have got you covered. These top ten websites are secure and reliable and the best part is that the readers have a lot to choose from. Need to stream faster?

Use The Pirate Bay, need to watch high quality anime? look for Torlock, want to listen to the latest music? click Torrentz2. Our well researched top 10 torrent compilation will make sure that all your entertainment needs are met. What’s more, if one site is taken down, there are others to choose from. So, sit back, relax, choose from our recommendations and enjoy.

Know Everything about the Intel Vpro Technology

What is VPro technology?

You can find the Intel VPro technology in many devices. VPro technology is a platform that has both the hardware and firmware. VPro can be found in laptops and mobile workstations. VPro is available in the CPU of a device or in its wireless chip. In April 2019, Intel launched the latest vPro which is the 8th Generation Intel Core series. The latest version is around 60 percent better than its previous counterparts. It has around ten to eleven hours of battery.

Also, it supports Wi-Fi that will allow fast internet connectivity. A vPro needs to have a Trusted Platform Module, cryptoprocessor and wireless/ wired internet speed. To most people still confused about what is vPro technology and the features it offers, Intel support will answer all your queries.

Contents of Intel VPro Technology

  1. They will include a multi core and multi thread XEON or Core processors
  2. Intel AMT which is a set of features that help remote access enabling for PCs
  3. Most people opt for VPro due to this AMT technology that help enterprises seek help remotely.
  4. Wired or a wireless internet connectivity.
  5. Intel TXT that will verify the launch environment. It  is a computer hardware technology whose primary goals are: Attestation of the authenticity of a platform and its operating system.
  6. Intel vPro provides support for IEEE 802.1X, Cisco Self Defending Network and Microsoft NAP(Network Access Protector).
  7. Intel VT-x for CPU and memory. The Intel VT-x extensions are probably the best recognized extensions, adding migration, priority and memory handling capabilities to a wide range of Intel processors.
  8. Intel VT-d for I/O to support remote environment.Intel VT-d is the latest part of the Intel Virtualization Technology hardware architecture. VT-d helps the VMM better utilize hardware by improving application compatibility and reliability, and providing additional levels of manageability, security, isolation, and I/O performance.
  9. Intel VT-x will help to accelerate hardware virtualization.The Intel VT-x extensions are probably the best recognized extensions, adding migration, priority and memory handling capabilities to a wide range of Intel processors.

VPro was initially installed to help IT departments streamline the procedure to turn on and off enterprise desktop computers.To remotely manage an AMT device, it has to be configured and communication needs to be established over the corporate network. It must have an AMT Master password for admin assigned and the local network connection information applied to the firmware. No matter what the AMT type is, it has to be configured and set up for use by following Intel’s setup and configuration manual. For all those who are still seeking answers to What is intel vPro technology and if their business needs one.

How does VPro Function?

A pre-existing software is used to manage all intel vPro technology features. Microsoft SCCM is a commonly used console client. 90 % of IT departments manage remote activities with SCCM

What are the Intel vPro technology advanced management features?

  1. VPro technology manages, scans and updates PC remotely
  2. VPro is a go to platform when a person who is away from the IT team required help in their device
  3. For eg. incase of a virus attack while working remotely, the IT professionals can update and reset your device using VPro instead of physically visiting the device location
  4. In cases of  mass updating or installation for the whole company, the IT team can easily access all the devices remotely. This includes updating OS, BIOS or any other software. This will ensure all are using the same software and updated version
  5. An Intel Pro SSD hard drive can be erased easily while using Intel’s VPro system.
  6. The remote erase helps a lot especially if a PC is stolen or when an employee leaves the organization.

VPro Secure?

With a large number of devices connected over a large network, managing and protecting data is a very crucial task. Intel Authenticate (IA) has helped Intel update the security for vPro. IA has helped secure devices by locking them for use by only one user . The authentication is done using fingerprint or password protected PIN.Intel vPro technology advanced management features also offers Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX), which provide secure enclaves for application developers. Those enclaves are safe, protected spaces for programs to be developed without entailing security risks, including data loss or disclosure.

Who can use Intel vPro technology features?

VPro is not designed for common man’s use. Activating VPro requires one to use an enterprise OS and an administrator console. A user would need significant IT expertise to understand the terms, conditions and how it functions. Also, VPro is used to make the job easier for IT professionals functioning remotely. Businesses that have more than 1000 employees can use VPro.Also, for organizations with lesser employees VPro will help organize and manage access levels across different roles. Also, for those organizations that have a large number of employees working remotely; IT department can easily manage the software and IT processes using VPro.

Business Benefits of the Intel vPro Platform

  • Intel VPro Platform will ensure to provide highest performing Core i5 and i7 that can support and enhance employee’s productivity and performance
  • It has in built security features that will protect and keep OS secure
  • Virtual management of systems that are not present on the premise.
  • Verified platform that integrate latest technologies available for the PC

Intel VPro technology is mostly mistaken to be a tool used to enable remote access. However, apart from remote access that is enabled through AMT; vPro includes innumerable other security benefits. Intel is constantly upgrading its vPro version enhanced with more exciting features and safeguarded with more security.


How to use the Google Chrome offline?

A web browser like Google Chrome is one of the most crucial components for your mobile, PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, etc. People generally spend most of their time online surfing on the browser while searching, chatting, e-mailing, shopping, banking, reading the news, and watching videos online. It has actually become one of the daily needs of our life because people nowadays are so much indulged online that for every small piece of information they Google it online with the help of web browsers.

If you open any page on Google chrome with a normal speed working internet connection, then it eventually connects you to the latest version of that page. On the other hand, if you are offline or have no internet connection on your source then Chrome will display an error message on your screen with a message that it is unable to connect to the internet. 

Perks on Using Google

While other web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox serve an offline mode facility that actually auto-saves the copy of web pages and links that you browsed earlier when you had a working internet on your source and then you can open and read those websites that earlier accessed even if you are offline.

With its several perks, Google Chrome now comes with a facility to use it offline. Its recent version supports offline browsing but the option to easily locate the cached files of any web page or link is stored profoundly inside the settings.

Steps to start offline the Google Chrome

Steps to start offline browsing inside Google Chrome are.

  • Step 1: Open Google Chrome
  • Step 2: type chrome: //flags/
  • (Now you have the access to the experimental features page)
  • Step 3: search for the “Enable Offline Load Stale Button” option
  • Step 4: Click “Enable” against the option
  • Step 5: Restart the browser

Other Google Installers to use

There are some other efficient ways to start offline browsing on your Google Chrome by using Google chrome offline installers like:

  1.  Google Chrome Offline Installer 32-bit,
  2. Google Chrome Offline Installer 64-bit, and
  3. Google Chrome MSI Installers for Windows.

Google chrome offline installer helps the software when its inbuilt updater is unable to upgrade the browser to its latest version on Windows. An individual can download Google chrome offline installer from any online site. There are many sites that allow you to download these installers easily and free just by clicking on Google chrome offline installer free download.

Why to go for Google chrome offline installer 64 bit?

Google chrome offline installer 64 bit is one of the best options.  It comes in two versions:

  1. Single user account, and
  2. All user account.

This installer is one of the fastest and most stable installer than other installers and their versions because this installer has been made for windows on public demand. It supports almost all Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7. Google Chrome 64-bit cannot be installed on 32-bit Windows versions. 64 bit is considered to be the present and future of computing technology because of its magnificent features.

Almost all software development organizations have stopped the development of 32-bit software versions because it has less demand since the arrival of 64-bit. 64-bit system is accessible in almost all the computers but if your computer is very old then maybe it doesn’t work in it.

Benefits of Chrome over Other Web Browsers

Also, there are many other offline installers and you can download Chrome offline installer easily from any website. Google Chrome has proven itself as the best web browser by competing with the most popular browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox which were considered to be the big giants in the web browser world. There are actually many people who still rely on these old web browsers instead of Google Chrome.


On the other hand, Opera has not always been a competitor but IE and Firefox were not easy targets to defeat but somehow Google made it possible. There are many remarkable features of Google chrome like its speed and power. Also after including the feature of Google chrome offline installer free download, Chrome deserves the top position amongst all the modern web browsers.

The users of the 32-bit version can download this new 64-bit version of Chrome just by signing up to their Google account and by doing so their data will sync and all data of 32-bit will move to 64-bit of Chrome browser, including everything like bookmarks, extensions, saved passwords, etc. This process also depends upon the items selected to sync.

Google Chrome is one of the best efficient alternative browsers to any other browser. Although there are many other browsers, like Firefox, it is still recommended and prioritized because of its customization, free-source, and unrestricted enhancement ability. Moreover, Google Chrome Store has a huge collection of extensions, apps, and customizable themes to be the best. If your priority is loading speed then Google Chrome is absolutely the best option available for you.

It supports almost all types of multimedia including images, music, and videos. One of its best features is its minimal user interface which includes an address bar and some other control which are useful and also they are placed wisely in the most appropriate location. Its design actually ensures the best space to experience your browsing.  64-bit version makes better use of system memory (RAM) and also heightens the browsing speed and performance. The best features of Google Chrome Offline Installers are its lightening and blazing speed for loading web pages from websites.

Important Features of Chrome

Some other features all are like its fastest browsing ability for all types of websites, Minimal UI, User-friendly interface, Configurable settings, Ultimate secure browser, Automatic and frequent updates, Incognito Mode as an alternative to Private Browsing Mode in Firefox, Ultimate fast speed, Installs in seconds, Independent tabbed browsing, Comparatively more stable, Ultimate security, Privacy protection, Built-in anti-phishing, Anti-malware features, Instant installation, etc.

 If a person is a Windows user or an IT manager or a business entity then the most suitable installer is Chrome MSI which is a Windows Installer.

One can always find a suitable offline installer for their source because Google has almost made all sorts of installers and their versions for the betterment of people.


Top 10 Hiking Gears to Buy

Take your time to peruse various possible ways to get to the top may be through hiking! Some are easier but some can be a severe headache on pleasant weekends!

Are you a Hiking Enthusiast? If yes then, then it’s very good and if NO, then one question from my side “Freedom, how can there be a better way to celebrate it than to feel the fresh air, exercise and enjoy the mesmerizing views.”

Among all you here if anyone is not well acquainted with the term “Hiking” then for them, I can explain the meaning of the term – “Hiking is nothing but a long, strenuous walk usually on the trails in the countryside. This is one the most common leisure activity chosen for weekends.”

But there is one more thing that you must keep in mind and that is – What are the essentials that we must add to our backpack before starting our Hiking trip?

The main motive of going on a hike is to get away from our normal day to day life and spend some time with nature and here Hiking gears and gadgets hold a sophisticated balance.

And most importantly bustling with your gadgets will be one of the last things that you will be doing. Further, there is an inverse relationship between hike enjoyment and the weight of one’s backpack, as you could be flat on your back if you are willing to carry all your gears.

But there are some essential hiking gadgets that you must keep with you before going on a hiking trip which can surely add enjoyment to your Hike. Most importantly the wisest decision is to have the gears at the bottom of the pack and covering up less space than you thought. We have provided you with a list of 10 Hiking gears below, that we should add to our pack before we start for our Hike.

GPS and Satellite Communicator

The GPS and satellite communicator that perfectly fits in the palm but acts as the most useful life-saving tool, you could have in case of emergency. This device helps you by providing emergency assistance at one click by contacting any global emergency response coordinator or GOEs, even if you are not getting your cellphone’s signal. The rescuers will be informed of your exact location due to its internal GPS and built-in messaging will help you to communicate with them till they reach you.

This device also helps to provide peace of mind to families by sending them periodical updates of your exact location. The functions like SOS, location broadcasting makes it a must-have device.

Hiking Dry Sack

Hiking on a summer day with the scorching sun above your head, sounds horrible right? A summer shower may provide you with some relief, but your gadgets won’t appreciate the water. A lightweight waterproof compression sack is the best gear to protect them from rainstorms. Even if there are no signs of rainfall, it is also used by Hikers to organize and add more space to your packs. This is the true protector for your items like wallets, cellphones, car keys etc. A lot of companies are making hiking dry sacks but, SeaToSummit is having the largest range of collections and having the best reputation in the market.

Hiking Headlamp

Even if you are planning for a day Hike, it is always believed that carrying a light is profitable in case you fail to reach your destination before the sunsets. I am quite sure if you have used a hands-free headlamp, it is more likely known that you will never go back using a flashlight. You should always choose a hiking headlamp having super bright light and has adjustable beam settings, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your need.

Nowadays headlamps are fitted to preserve night vision, preventing members of a group from blinding each other and a strobe function to attract attention in case of emergency making it a must pick during Hiking. Looking for the best headlamp in the market now? Actik Core might be your first choice.

Portable Water Filter

You might be thinking that carrying a water filter seems like overkill, but this tiny effective gadget might prove you wrong. At only 50-60 gm weight, you can quickly and effectively filter water without using the harsh bad-tasting chemical treatment. Suppose your water bottle is empty or has developed a leak and you need clean water, all you must do is fill up any pouch from a water source, screw the filter in, squeeze and drink with the provided straw.

Hiking Medical Kit

Let’s be honest, there is no replacement for a proper medical kit. Something as simple as a sprained ankle or any simple wound can mess up your hiking trip, then there is no point because you shouldn’t be prepared. Try to carry a medical kit having a waterproof bag, elastic bands for strains, duct tape, and a few basic medications. One kit is probably sufficient for your hiking trip, and it is advised for everyone to carry a medical kit positively before starting your journey.

Wool Clothing and Rain Hat

“Cotton kills” is frequently told by seasoned backcountry hikers, but they have a perfect reason for this. When cotton gets wet, it has zero insulation, conducts heat 25 times faster than air, wool on the other hand acts as a water repellant, preventing waterlogging. Even if the water is coming through them, they have air pockets that provide insulation. Also, if we talk about rain hats, once you have used them, you are more likely never to want to use your jacket hoodie or an umbrella. 

You should always choose a rain hat that doesn’t restrict your line of sight, your ears should not be boxed in, and the rain hats must have great brims which help to prevent the face from getting soaked. The Gore-Tex Seattle Sombrero by Outdoor Research is probably the best rain hat in the market that comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Hiking Poles

These poles provide Indisputable advantages that result in less painful, safer, and even faster hiking. They can easily establish a consistent walking rhythm, provide balance and stability, decrease stress on feet, legs, knees, or lower back and help in maintaining proper posture. Moreover, they are used to test loose rocks, puddle depth, or help in icy terrain. These poles show a long-term benefit by extending one’s Hiking lifetime. Your Hiking poles should be light, strong, foldable, height adjustable, durable and must provide good ergonomics. 


Monocular have a distinct advantage over binoculars because they are half of their size and weight. Moreover, they are mainly known for their instant use, by being able to fit in your pocket. Also, monocular are substantially faster and easier to focus on than a pair of binoculars, allowing you a better and quick view to see any bird in the sky or to identify any animal. You should always choose a monocular that provides a bright sharp image, prevents fogging, and is built with a waterproof case. If you are more interested in insects than birds, there are a few monocular that come with a special attachment to convert them into a microscope.

Hiking Boots

Shoes are always considered as an essential item that protects and comforts the human foot. So, as per your requirement, you should always select your footwear. For Hiking, we need . In this case, Hiking Boots are no doubt very important. They are specially made for different types of terrains and provide a grip on uneven surfaces. They are generally lightweight with a special padding on the heel and the ankle. So, hiking boots are the accessory you can Hike without.


What can be more relaxing than gently swinging in the breeze, taking naps, and soaking in pleasant views in a hammock? Well, you don’t have to be a magician to pull out a hammock from your bag! Weighing around 600gms and compressible up to 4*5 inches, they are super lightweight hammocks. They take less than a minute to set the hammock and pack down. A few of them also come with a built-in compression sack, proving to be a great addition to your pack. Thinking of a five-minute snack break or an hour nap under a shade? Hammocks are mostly chosen for this purpose because of their comfortable design and easy access.

Why are hiking gears important? Any guesses? Yes, that was a very right guess.

Hiking gears are basically hiking equipment that is taken for outdoor walking trips. We need to know about how remote a place is or what are the potential hazards that can take place in the areas or localities which we are visiting where we are travelling.

This can be understood with an example – a short walk across farmland or a small trek in the Himalayas can decide the amount and weight of goods that might be carried along with us.

Best 10 Exciting Travel Movies of All Time.

“I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or who I’m gonna meet” – Jack Dawson, Titanic.  The thrill of traveling, the way of life, the enjoyment you get from that is something a few movies portray beautifully. Now, in this period, we can enjoy that through the travel movies. You could be traveling for a variety of reasons, but these movies show that more often than not, it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. And when you have your friends or loved ones by your side, it becomes all the more beautiful.

Movies about traveling portray a lot of emotions and values in a span of 2 or three hours and always leave us asking for more. In the end, they leave you with a smile and a dream – to forget your worries and lead the lives of the protagonists of the movie. However, there are plenty of such movies out there, only a few stand out in terms of plot, dialogue, story and screenplay.

We have come up with a list of Best travel movies of all time for you. The list includes Best travel movies on Netflix, Best travel movies Hindi, Best travel movies on Netflix India and Best travel movies on amazon prime. So, read on and find out the best travel movies to watch.

1. Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

A beautiful classic movie starring Hritik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol, and Katrina Kaif, this movie is about a group of best friends who travel to Spain for a vacation – possibly their last as bachelors since one of them is all set to get married soon. The movie shows beautifully the bond between friends, their experiences, fears and problems and how during the course of their trip they all rediscover themselves. No wonder this tops the list of Best travel movies of all time.

2. Into the Wild

Into the Wild is the real story of Christopher McCandless, a young college graduate who gives his life savings and hitchhikes to Alaska. He encounters all sorts of people along the way, each with their own stories. To Canada, he’s going off into the wilderness to survive on his own. His life is full of crazy encounters and interactions as he’s on his way to “The Last Frontier”.

This film embodies the true meaning of travel. Encounters, positive and bad, make you who you are. And long-term travel is a multitude of new experiences. The trick is not to get absolutely over your head (as Christopher did). This is one of the Best travel movies on Netflix.

3. The Motorcycle Diaries

The dramatization of the Che Guevara Motorcycle Road Trip in his youth taught him his life’s calling. The awe-inspiring film is based on the memoirs of Che Guevara, a decade before he was an influential Latin American activist. Guevara (Gael Bernal) and his pal Alberto “Mial” Granado (Rodrigo De la Serna, Guevara’s real-life second cousin) mount a bicycle and race through South America for eight months and over 14,000 kilometers. That journey influenced the remainder of Guevara’s remarkable career. The film will encourage you to learn more about the remarkably beautiful continent.

4. Queen

This film brings Paris and Amsterdam to the protagonist and to our imagination. She figures out her own personality and discovers that you don’t really need a partner in your life to have fun. She doesn’t let her honeymoon tickets go waste so she wants to take the journey alone and this experience will forever change her life. She gets a new outlook on her own terms of living life.

5. Dil Chahta Hai

The film has set travel goals for a decade. Although the movie is known for many other things, the premise of friends traveling to hang out on Goa’s beaches is made up of stuff holiday goals! This was the film’s influence, and Goa became the young generation’s national holiday spot and remains so.

The movie is all about love, live, travel and is sure to leave you with sweet memories and desires to enjoy the same with your group of best friends. The musical score of the film is also worth mentioning – it is said that Shankar Mahadevan created the tune of the title song while sitting in a toilet!

6. Delhi In a Day

This is a Netflix original film and considered one of the Best travel movies on Netflix. From the aerial intro shots to the moment-by-moment depiction of how servants are being served in India, “Delhi in a Day” is a mirror kept in the capital city of India. Cultural variations between the young British man, Jasper (Lee Williams), and his Indian host family can be humorous and often awkward. Partly in the subtitles, the film tells the story of the slaves, families, and visitors.

Street views from Jasper’s morning drive through the capital include sights that make us yearn for the next flight: bikes swaying through traffic, elephants and handlers wandering along the sides of the street, and new constructions popping up all over the place. Gorgeous scenery and believable travel scenes will make you watch this movie more than once.

7. Amélia

This film is French and can be found on Netflix with English subtitles. And if you’ve seen this movie, it’s worth seeing again. This cute French film chronicles Amélie (pronounced by AH-May-Lee) in her everyday life in this surreal glimpse at life in Paris. “Amélie” is one of the most popular French movies because of its focus on this sweet, innocent girl (Audrey Tautou) who wishes to find love.

A completely subtitled film stays intriguing due to scenes like the mischievous pranks that Amélie performs on the mean-spirited grocery store or the gnome pictures she sends her father from across the globe. A visit to her French apartment, the open-air markets, and the café where Amélie works is sure to make everyone dream of Paris.

8. Yeh Jawani Hai Dewaani

“Main Daudna Chahta hu, Udna Chahta, Girna Bhi Chahta hu, bas rukna nahi chahta” –  who can forget this dialogue? This film is all about the love of traveling that Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) has. Bordered by thick forests and shining in their white beauty, the snow-covered peaks of Gulmarg are majestic. Even though Gulmarg had passed away as Manali in the film, the film encouraged the bag-packers to leave everything aside and go on a trek with friends in this area.

The second half of the film captures the majestic palaces and temples of Rajasthan. And who can forget the theme wedding at Udaipur? And to think some people still say Rajasthan is all about the deserts!

9. Jab We Met

“Main Apni favorite hu” – another gem dialogue that Bollywood has given us. The film starts off with a train journey from Mumbai and makes some interesting stops at Ratlam, Kota, Bhatinda, Manali and Simla. Each city acts as a stop-over for the characters and the story of the film. This film surely made train journeys look really cool!

10. The Way

Once a young man dies on his walk along the El Camino de Santiago trail in France after a storm, his runaway father arrives to pick up his remains and take up the road where his son left off. Tom (Martin Sheen) is an aspiring hiker who encounters others along the trail and is seeking to discover more about his son and himself in the process. This is not only a journey of thrill but one filled with emotions, realizations and a lot of life-changing experiences. To every child and father reading this, it is a must-watch for you.

That wraps up the list of Best travel movies of all time. The list was cumulated to include Best travel movies Hindi, Best travel movies on amazon prime, Best travel movies on Netflix India, and Best travel movies of Bollywood. If your favorite is missing from the list or you wanna share your review about some of these movies you may have watched, let us know in the comments section!

Best Gaming Laptops Under 60,000 INR.

Are you an aspiring gamer and you believe that you can beat anyone who tries to compete with you? You got the skills, ideas and the tactics to win any match but you are not able to because of your lagging computer? Or maybe a tight budget to get a gaming laptop? We know that it can be really frustrating while facing sudden lags in between a match and so we bring you the best gaming laptop that will help you win all those matches and won’t make a big hole in your pockets. So, here is our list of top 10 best gaming laptops that you can buy in just or under 60,000 INR.

10. Lenovo Ideapad L340



Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5-9300H

Storage: 1 TB HDD

GPU: 3GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

Display: 15.6-inch FHD (1920×1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 9 hours

Lenovo Ideapad L340 is one of the most astonishingly beautiful laptop. With its clean and simple finish it is still stylish. The laptop however displays a blue shade that’s not so visible but neither hidden.

The laptop has thin bezels on both sides, it gives out the most for an amazing visual experience.  However, the chin looks a bit too thick. The hinge is 180 degrees, so it can go all the way to its back or in some other words, turn straight. The resolution of the screen is 1920×1080 pixels which are a great pleasure for all the gamers as it resolves all the minute details.

The blue back-lit keyboard is a total creativity. We suggest you to turn it on while playing games as it will increase the gaming experience for sure. However, it’s a bit disappointing that the WASD keys are not highlighted.

The laptop has the 9th Intel Core i5-9300H processor that runs at a speed of 2.4 Ghz. On turbo mode it can run at the speed of 4.1 GHz, which is its upper limit. For storage, the L340 offers 8GB DDR4 RAM and 1 TB hard disk drive space which is pretty good for not just only gaming but other works and entertainment.

The graphics coprocessor of the laptop is Nvidia GeForce 1050. It has a video memory of 3GB, so we suggest you to play the games but in a little low resolution to avoid lags and other problems.

With a weight of 2.2 KG, it is a very light laptop compared to other laptops and that what makes it so easy to carry around. The price of this laptop is 60,760 INR which makes it a budget friendly, yet powerful gaming laptop.

9. HP Pavilion Gaming 15 EC0026AX



Processor: 2.1 GHz AMD Ryzen 5-3550H

Storage: 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

GPU: 3GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

Display: 115.6-inch FHD (1920×1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: U to 5.5 hours

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 EC0026AX is a complete package to fill all the wants for a gamer. With superior built quality, amazing colours and top-notch specifications it is one of its kind.

The design of the laptop is very unusual, specially with the space left around its hinge that gives it a futuristic look. We are sure that you will not find a laptop this stylish at this price range.

The display of the laptop is 15.6-inch full HD with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels making the smallest of details clear. So, if you are targeting at an enemy that is far from you, it will surely help you to hit the enemy.

The specs of the laptop are, 8GB DDR4 RAM, AMD Radeon Ryzen R5-3550H processor, and 1 TB @7200RPM + 256 GB SSD storage. Now, looking at the storage speed and processor you can say that it is indeed on of the fastest gaming laptop under 60,000 INR. Apart from that, everyday tasks such as watching a video, web browsing, coding etc. will work as spreading warm butter on top of a bread.

The laptop stands at a price point of around 57,000 INR making it best gaming laptop under 60,000 in India, 2020.

8. HP Pavilion BC504TX


Processor: Intel Core i5-9300H

Storage: 1TB HDD

GPU: 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

Display: 15.6-inch Full HD (1920×1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 5 hours

HP Pavilion BC504TX is indeed the most budget friendly gaming laptop in India right now. Compared to other HP Pavilion Notebooks, it’s quite similar except that the specs are higher and a sleek and amazing design. The price is around 56,000 INR and makes it the best gaming laptop with 4 GB graphics card under 60,000 INR.

The design of the laptop is quite similar as the HP 15 except its green lit keyboard. The bezels are thick and doesn’t give much of a gaming laptop look. So, if you are looking for looks then this might be the best option for you.

However, the specs are fabulous. The BC504TX provides a 4GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD storage, Intel Core i5 processor and 4 GB Nvidia GeForce 1050 graphics card. So, if you are playing any high end came like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry or COD, it can handle it all.

The laptop can also be upgrade with its additional M.2 slot for dual storage that you can run SSD and HDD side by side.

7. Acer Nitro 7



Processor: Intel Core i5-9300H

Storage: 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

GPU: 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650

Display: 15.6-inch Full HD (1920×1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 7 hours

We can call the Acer Nitro 7 as the upgrade of Acer Nitro 5. Though it looks similar to the Nitro 5, the specs are much higher and better. So, if you were planning to get the Nitro 5 then you must have a look at this one.

The laptop showcases a trapezoidal cut design which is indeed the trend, isn’t it? The body is completely black except the keyboard and the outline of the touchpad which is red giving it a minimal yet great looks. The WASD keys are highlighted which is a plus for gamers.

The specs are quite outstanding. With its 8 GB of RAM that can be upgraded to a maximum of 32 GB, Intel Core i5-9300H processor which has a base speed of 2.40 GHz, and a turbo speed of 4.10 GHz. For storage, you get two options. Either you can use the 256 GB SSD storage, which is super-fast, or you can use the traditional 5400 RPM hard disk drive that has a space of 1 TB. Moreover, you can upgrade it to 2 TB if you ever run out of space. There is a lot of room inside this machine.

The laptop also offers one of the best graphics-card at this price point. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 that has a video RAM of 4GB. Though you won’t need the full power, but it feels good to have it. Acer Cool Boost technology ensures that your laptop remains cool. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about the constant humming of fans making it not only the best gaming laptop with 4GB graphics-card but also the best gaming laptop with SSD storage.

6. Asus ROG Strix



Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-9300H

Storage: 512GB SSD

GPU: 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

Display: 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 6 hours

If you don’t know what ROG means then it stands for Republic of Gamers and in the past two or three years it has gained a lot of popularity. Ask any gamer and you’ll realize that they’re a fan of these machines. However, the best part of the ROG Strix is that it is the least expensive compared to its other family members. Standing at a price point of around 50,000 INR we bet you won’t find a better deal.

The design is from the future and the company has made no exceptions in a making it one of the most eye-catching laptops at this price point. The thin bezels which everyone fancies is just a point to be added in its looks.

Though the laptop is of 15.6-inch but it doesn’t provide the number pad which might be a disappointment for some people. However, it has the RGB lighting which might just make up for it.  So, you can set each part of the keyboard with different lights.

The specs of the laptop are comparatively same as other Asus laptops in this price range. You get 8 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD, Intel Core i5-9300H, and 4 GB of video memory. The graphics card is Nvidia GTX 1050. You will be able to play all the games in Full HD without any lags.

This laptop does not have a traditional design and is perfect for people that are looking for something different. Though the weight is bit too much at 2.4 Kg but we assure you that it is the best gaming laptop with SSD in 2020.

5. Asus TUF Gaming FX505DT



Processor: 2.1GHz AMD Ryzen 5-3550H

Storage: 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

GPU: 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650

Display: 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 5 hours

We are sure that the moment you see this piece of art, you will fall in love with it. The trapezoidal cuts on its body, the keyboard, and the highlighted WASD keys are a pleasure to the eye for any gamer.

The display of this laptop is indeed the best that you can find in the market. With 120 Hz, 15.6-inch screen and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels you can see what others can’t.

Unlike the ROG Strix, the TUF Gaming FX505DT comes with a full-sized keyboard which means that now you get the missing number pad. Similar to the ROG, it also has the RGB lighting. So, you can set the lights in your keyboard the way you want. Also, the arrow keys are isolated making it more comfortable for gaming.

The laptop has 8 GB DDR4 RAM, AMD Ryzen 5-3550H processor, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB graphics memory. So, now you can play all the games that you were not able to play earlier due to a weak processor or video memory.

Understanding the storage however becomes crucial for this machine. The OS is installed in the SSD so it can boost up faster and you can also use it for your ongoing games. On the other side, you can use the HDD for storing your data and other files.

We are sure that this laptop is already luring you and why wouldn’t it? Afterall we won’t mind claiming it as the best gaming laptop with SDD with a price range around 60,000 INR.

4. Dell Gaming-G3 3579



Processor: 2.2GHz Intel Core i5-8300H

Storage: 512GB SSD

GPU: 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Display: 15.6-inch full HD (1920 x 1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 10 hours

Wondering why Dell didn’t showed up in the list yet? Well, because it holds the position at quite top of the chart.

The laptop showcases similar body to the Dell Inspiron series but with just some new touches. Though the built quality is great but the design is not that stylish. The chin and the bezels are thick and the only things that stands out compared to the other laptops at a much lower price range is the blue Dell logo and the blue outline at the touchpad. Honestly, not the best one if you are looking for looks.

In the Gaming G3, you will get 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 512 GB SSD storage, and Intel Core i5-8300H processor which make it the best gaming laptop under 60000 INR making it fast and smooth. Thanks to SSD storage for reducing the booting time.

The graphics-card is so powerful that it can smoothly run the heaviest of games. Also, the Intel i5-8300H overclocks to 4.0 GHz on turbo boost and reduces some of the stress on the graphics card making it the best gaming laptop with i5 processor.

Now comes the time that you all have been waiting for. It was really tough for us to decide the top 10 gaming laptop in India under 60,000 INR but it was even more tough to decide who will sit at the top 3 positions but everything finds its way and so we did as well. Here is the list of our top 3 gaming laptops that you can buy under the price point of 60,000 INR in India, 2020.

3. Lenovo Legion Y540



Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-9300H

Storage: 512GB SSD

GPU: 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650

Display: 15.6-inch full HD (1920 x 1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 6 hours

Looking for the ultimate gaming laptop? Lenovo Legion Y540 is the answer. Name it looks, specs, graphics-card, this machine has it all. However, it is a bit higher then the 60,000 budget but then its worth the price.

The built quality of the laptop is top-notch. Though it doesn’t look much of a gaming laptop but more of a stylish laptop. It has some sharp corners but not like the ones that look something similar to outer space.

The display is a Full HD 60 Hz with a resolution of 1960×1080 pixels. The screen is very bright as the brightness can go up to 250 nits. The colours are amazing, vivid and lively. Also, let’s not forget the very thin bezels that make the viewing experience so amazing that you will not want to take your eyes off.

The laptop has 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB Graphics card which is one of the best chipsets making it possible to play all the games in the highest of graphics settings without any trouble.

Also, thanks to the Lenovo Cold Front that will save you from the heating effect. So, playing games for hours or working on your project overnight won’t be a matter to this machine.

2. Acer Nitro 5



Processor: 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-8300H

Storage: 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

GPU: 15.6-inch full HD (1920 x 1080)

Display: 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 7 hours

As we talked about the Nitro 7 in this list previously, here comes the Nitro 5.

The laptop has a Full HD 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Also, it is very bright and has the proper colour accuracy. The bezels are large but if you are more of a safety person then stylish one then this will not be a problem to you.

With its red and black combination, it has the appealing look for gamers. The distance between the keys are accurate making it very comfortable for gaming or typing.

Specifications of this laptop are, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD + 1 TB storage, 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H processor, and 4 GB Nvidia GTX GeForce graphics card. Exactly the specs that one expects from a good gaming laptop under 60000 INR.

During the intense gaming or editing schedule Acer Cool-boost ensures that the laptop remains cool. When working on full power the dual fan helps to reduce the temperature of the GPU and CPU by 11%.

The claimed battery life is around 7 hours. However, while gaming it only lasts for around 4-5 hours. So, we suggest you to keep the charger connected while playing games.

More or less, Acer Nitro 5 is a true gamers laptop. With ample storage space, you can store as many games you want and also make it the best laptop under 60,000 price point.

1 . MSI Gaming GL63



Processor: Intel Core i5-9300H

Storage: 512GB SSD

GPU: 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Display: 15.6-inch full HD (1920 x 1080)

OS: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 7 hours

If you are a gamer and you haven’t heard of MSI then we doubt what you claim to be cause, who doesn’t know and cherishes the beast of laptops?

The specs are luring at this price point but first, let us have a look at the display and built quality.

The built quality of the laptop is sure to cross the expectations you have from a laptop of this price range. The hinges are small yet secure. It has a 120 Hz display panel, 15.6-inch Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels making the smallest of details clear to you. So, now you don’t have to lean over the screen to find your enemy or adjust that .1 editing effect.

The key specs of the laptop are, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD storage, and 9th Intel Core i5-9330H processor. The CPU can be overclocked to a high speed of 4 GHz. So throw whatever you want and it will be able to handle it.

With its 120 Hz display and 4 GB of Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti graphics memory, you will be hitting 80-90 frames per second in the highest of settings bringing the best gaming experience one can have.

Moreover, there is an additional software called Killer Control Center, which will stabilize your ping, so that you do not lose your online games due to poor connectivity. In simpler terms, this machine will make sure that you win all your matches. If you are looking for the ultimate gaming laptop under 60,000 rupees then this is the best option for you.

It comes with a 2-year warranty so we don’t have to say more about it.

So, that was our list of Top 10 Gaming Laptops under 60,000 INR. Though the market has more to offer but that might just make a bigger hole in your pocket. I hope this article helped you in making the right choice for your gaming experience. So, keep playing!

Indian Diet Chart for 7 days to Loss Weight.

India is a land of many religions and cultures, each one known for its unique living style, culinary habitat, folklore, etc. What India is also known for is the 1000 types of sweets and junk food and roadside snacks that you will rarely find in another country, especially outside Asia. With these foods is also a matter of grave concern – the quality and composition of these foods, coupled with the sedentary lifestyle of individuals poses a high risk of obesity.

Given the situation, we are here to guide you with a diet plan for weight loss. This Indian diet chart for weight loss in 7 days is customized to suit a typical Indian’s need and is based on the Indian diet chart for weight loss.


Science Behind Weight Loss

Before we go through the essentials of the diet plan for weight loss, we must understand the science behind weight loss. The loss and gain of weight are directly proportional to the intake of your calories in the diet. Logically speaking, when you shed more calories than you eat every day, your body balances it by shedding calories. Calories are nothing but carbs – layers of fat.

So, calories burnt is equal to weight shed. However, a diet plan for weight loss cannot help if you stop consuming calories altogether – your body needs its nutrition, and this nutrition must be all around with a proper ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and starch.

So, in order to make the diet plan for weight loss success, one must also focus on burning calories through exercises like walking, running, jogging, swimming, etc. Now that it is clear that we must reduce calorie intake as well as burn calories, let us delve into the Indian diet chart for weight loss. This chart is cumulated with a lot of effort and research to make sure that it can be the best Indian diet chart for weight loss in 7 days.

Sample Diet Plan for Beginners

Please note that the following plan, the Indian diet chart for weight loss in 7 days is done through research and must be followed only under the supervision of a registered nutritionist or dietician.

Day 1:

Breakfast – 2 brown rice idlis with sambar

Lunch – Consume only vegetables and meals cooked from olive oil. 2 whole-grain Rotis with mixed-vegetable curry with one dal.

Snacks – 1/2 bowl of berries

Dinner – Jowar roti with low-fat paneer sabzi (max 2 Rotis)

Eat a bowl of fruits, or yogurt, and dry fruits (1 glass) if you work out and feel de-energized post-workout. Drink a glass of warm lemonade pre-workout to maintain your stamina.


Day 2:

Breakfast – Paneer sandwich with mint chutney (made using wheat bread)

Lunch – Chickpea curry with brown rice (For non-vegetarians) / Brown rice with dal (for vegetarians)

Snacks – 1 glass masala buttermilk

Dinner – 2 bowls of brown rice with dal and non-green vegetables.

Eat a bowl of fruits, or yogurt, and dry fruits (1 glass) if you work out and feel de-energized post-workout. Drink a glass of warm lemonade pre-workout to maintain your stamina.

Day 3:

Breakfast – ½ bowl of sliced muskmelon, 4 pieces of non-salted cashew nuts.

Lunch – Whole-grain rotis (2) with any green leafy vegetable of your choice.

Snacks – 1 cup of watermelon/few assorted berries

Dinner – salad, 2 chapatis with one vegetable. Keep away from bananas the entire day.

Eat a bowl of fruits, or yogurt, and dry fruits (1 glass) if you work out and feel de-energized post-workout. Drink a glass of warm lemonade pre-workout to maintain your stamina.

Day 4:

Breakfast – Oats with milk (No added sugar or any other sweetener)

Lunch – 1 Whole-grain roti with vegetable sabzi/ Dal with veg or non-veg sabzi and brown rice

Snacks – 1 banana

Dinner – ½ cup sautéed vegetables with 1 bowl of brown rice

Eat a bowl of fruits, or yogurt, and dry fruits (1 glass) if you work out and feel de-energized post-workout. Drink a glass of warm lemonade pre-workout to maintain your stamina.

Day 5:

Breakfast – 1 pear or guava

Lunch – 2 whole-grain Rotis with mixed-vegetable curry with one dal.

Snacks – 1 banana

Dinner – 2 chapatis with any homecooked pulses

Eat a bowl of fruits, or yogurt, and dry fruits (1 glass) if you work out and feel de-energized post-workout. Drink a glass of warm lemonade pre-workout to maintain your stamina.

Day 6:

Breakfast – 2 tomatoes and 1 glass of milk

Lunch – one pear and one apple

Snacks – yogurt with dry fruits

Dinner – brown rice with dal (1 bowl)

Eat a bowl of fruits, or yogurt, and dry fruits (1 glass) if you work out and feel de-energized post-workout. Drink a glass of warm lemonade pre-workout to maintain your stamina.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve followed this for six days, there’s just one more day to go and you will officially be in the dieting regime for a whole week! Moving to the diet plan for weight loss for the last day of the week, now.


Day 7:

Breakfast – one glass of carrot or beetroot juice

Lunch – Milkshake (2 bananas + 1 glass of milk + a dash of cocoa powder)

Snacks – 1 glass buttermilk

Dinner – salad, 2 chapatis with one vegetable. Keep away from rice the entire day.

Eat a bowl of fruits, or yogurt, and dry fruits (1 glass) if you work out and feel de-energized post-workout. Drink a glass of warm lemonade pre-workout to maintain your stamina.

That concludes your diet plan for weight loss. But remember: dieting takes time and dedication; be patient and you will see the results. Do you think this is helpful? Do you think there can be some changes to this Indian diet chart for weight loss in 7 days? If so, do let us know down below in the comments section.


Top 5 Best Writing Apps for Writers in 2020

Writing is a beautiful hobby one can ever have for which there are best writing apps for writers. It is not easy to find perfect words, perfect phrases that will express your feelings properly. And the one who can put his thoughts on paper most creatively and aptly possible can be considered as a good writer. Though we all will agree that paper and pen are the essential parts of a writer’s life, a modern-day writer will surely not ignore all the technological developments around him. Young and enthusiastic writers of the 21st century have started making effective use of modern technology in their passion for writing, and the technical experts are taking into consideration, the demands of writers.

Also, we must remember that writing includes everything – it includes writing a book, a short story, a novel, a project, or even a news article. And time and space constraints may not allow us to write anytime, anywhere, according to our comfort. To overcome this, there are several online applications, the ‘writing apps’ which provide a supporting hand to all those who want to write something according to their will. In this article, we will be talking about some of the best writing app for writers in 2020.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a quite simple, user-friendly application for taking notes. If you not a techno-savvy person, and prefer a simple, best writing app for your use, then Evernote can be a good choice for you. You can use it for making general notes, or to write something of your choice.

Evernote application is one of the best writing apps for windows, a best writing app for android, and for iOS as well. The cool thing about this app is that it provides more features in its free version in comparison with any other free versions – the free version of Evernote allows you to make separate notebooks, eBooks, or even simple notes. It is a comfortable application for simple writings, which makes it a best app for poetry, and other creative writings. It comes with the feature of ‘dictations to transcribe voice into text’, has an easy-sync across devices, and easily integrates with other supporting applications, which makes it easy to work in collaboration with your team.

Evernote is available in both free and paid versions – Paid version will cost you $ 3.99 per month, or $ 2.99 per month with yearly payment.

4. iA Writer

If you are searching for the best writing app for Mac, and also a best writing app for iPad or iPhone, then iA Writer is a distraction-free writing application that will fulfill your need. Its interesting feature is that it only highlights the text that you are working on/typing, and everything apart from that fades away. It is a simple, easy to use app which comes with a dark mode too, and allows us to focus and concentrate on only the content that we are working on.

The creative writers looking for some good application must give a try to iA writer’s free version, which is available for 14 days trial. It is quite an all-inclusive app that supports/functions on Mac, iOS, Windows, and a free trial is also available for android users – great, isn’t it?

iA Writer paid version for Mac will cost you $ 2.99, and the paid version for Windows comes with a much higher rate – $ 19.99.

3. MS Word

Does this one need an introduction? An all-inclusive software application for writers, considered as the best writing apps for windows. We have been using right from our school projects up to office presentations. It can be used by a beginner who has the most basic knowledge about writing apps, and also by a professional writer to write a whole book or novel using it. Every penny that you spend on the paid version of MS Word is worth it, taking into account the numerous features that this writer’s favorite application provides.

MS Word comes with many features that include text to speech input, voice typing, built-in templates for use, keyboard shortcuts, proofreading, word count, linked notes, spelling and grammar check, and much more. It’s suitable for writing for all age groups, and all types of writings, so if you have MS Word, there’s no need to look for an alternative. Though buying a complete set of MS Office may seem a costly matter, but it will be very useful and again, WORTH IT.

2. Reedsy Book Editor

It’s a free writing application which helps in editing and formatting of your book. It provides professional assistance for the writers who wish to write and publish a book, and are looking for proper guidance. It is probably one of the best writing apps for windows.

Reedsy Book Editor is very helpful for typesetting your work without any complex process. It helps in proper organization of detailed writings, thereby making them interesting and flawless. Its sleek interface and easy-to-navigate formatting options are very useful for the modern writers.

Reedsy also allows writers to export their writings in PDF format, or ePublishing. Also, it helps us in looking for the past edited versions of our document, a feature that is not found in most of the other writing apps. It helps in easy formatting of the front and back pages of your book, so it’s like an all-inclusive writing application for professionals. Buying a paid version will come with more such features and assistance, thus one must give it a try.

1. Google Docs

Google is everywhere – applications and services provide by Google are an inseparable part of our lives, so how is it possible that we will proceed without mentioning the Google Docs in the best writing apps?

Google Docs is available on android as well as Windows. It’s a perfect solution to all the queries of a writer looking for a best writing app for android. Google Docs is available for free, and it can be linked with your Gmail account. It comes with some of the amazing features, which are almost similar to those provided by MS Word.

Also, all the changes that we make in the document are saved automatically, so there’s no fear of losing your progress even if you forget to save the changes. Apart from professional writings, we can use it for creative writing as well, thus its definitely a best writing app for poetry, and a best writing app for writers of the modern world.

Google Docs comes with the option of sharing the document in Word, PDF, or link form. Also, as it is connected with your Gmail account, collaborative working and doing team tasks becomes easy. If you still haven’t tried Google Docs, you must go for it.

To conclude, it can be said that whatever a writer does, it has to come from his heart. His work has to be a wholehearted contribution, otherwise, it will not have any impact on the minds of the readers. The year of 2020 has begun with a difficult challenge for us. During this lockdown period, people have started realizing the need of acquiring technological literacy, and we have to start it from ourselves.

The aim of writing this article was to make writers aware of some of the best writing app for writers in 2020 that are available on the web. There creative thinking and writing can go on, through such application, and they should not stop making their contribution to the society.


Experience Gypsy Lifestyle in 2020.

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had no permanent residence, no permanent job and you were simply a traveler? That is somewhat how being a Gypsy is. The gypsy lifestyle meaning can be two-fold – one – the Romani tribal people are known as Gypsies and two – in the broader scenario, a Gypsy is one who follows a very different way of living. You could be traveling with a caravan, or with your family to places doing odd jobs to make ends meet and you could be called a Gypsy. Being Gypsy does not mean being homeless, it means not following the idea of one home, one life, one job, one place.

The gypsy lifestyle meaning differs from regionally so the gypsy lifestyle in America would be significantly different from the Gypsy lifestyle in, say, Japan, or Europe. In this article we will share information about the gypsy lifestyle meaning, gypsy lifestyle in the USA, how different is the gypsy lifestyle in America to other places, and give brief insights on the gypsy lifestyle 2018, gypsy lifestyle 2020, gypsy lifestyle today. To understand how to lead a gypsy lifestyle, we must first understand the origins of that word and how those kinds of people – the Romani – lead their life.

Meaning of Gypsy Lifestyle

Let us first understand the gypsy lifestyle meaning. Google defines Gypsy as a nomadic, free-spirited person. ‘Gypsy’ is really a term for Romani individuals—an entirely distinctive culture. Nonetheless, in the event that you have a free soul that needs to investigate the world, meet new individuals, and carry on with an effortless life, a Gypsy way of life is the thing that you need. “Gypsy” as a word originated in the sixteenth century and implied Egyptian since Romanies were at first considered to be from Egypt. A  “Gypsy” is regularly viewed as unfavorable because of its use to mean unlawful conduct and a meandering way of life, rather than as an identifier for a specific race of individuals.

“Gyp,” which intends to cheat, is likewise hostile to Romanies on the grounds that the word likely gets from “vagabond” and generalizations each one of those ideas to be “rovers” as swindlers. So, yeah, in case you see a Romani and do not want them to get violent, don’t call them as “Oh, hey Gypsy, I read about you!” To clarify – this article refers to the definition of Gypsy as free-spirited, nomadic people who wish to lead a life on the road and be one with nature.

Gypsy Lifestyle in America

Coming to the gypsy lifestyle in the USA. There is an expected 1 million Roma (Gypsies) living in the United States, showing up to the country from various nations and communicating in various dialects. The U.S. has assumed a role of an oppressor against these people, as certain states have on their books made laws that restricted where Romanies could lease property, where they could work, and what merchandise they could sell. Be that as it may, exact insights about American Romanies are constrained due to:

  • The absence of studies surveying the financial real factors of American Romani
  • The nonappearance of Romani data on enumeration returns.
  • The pattern of some American Romanies to shroud their Romani legacy as a remnant mindset established in the separation their progenitors suffered in Europe.
  • The absence of mindfulness among certain Americans that the Romani are a real ethnic gathering, not “a Halloween ensemble” or” anecdotal characters with “wagons and ponies and tambourines”. 

With an end goal to cure the absence of insights on American Romanies, Harvard University has as of late propelled an investigation to survey the auxiliary, social, and financial status of the American Romani people group. So, if you’re an American, practicing the gypsy lifestyle in America is seen more as a downright inferior thing rather than a choice at leading a unique lifestyle.

How has it changed over the years?

There has been significant growth in the way of life that the gypsies have led in the past few years. The changes have been to an extent that you will find a major difference in the gypsy lifestyle 2018 and the gypsy lifestyle 2020. The gypsy lifestyle today is more about the modern means of earning, realizing the importance of education, etc. The best example of this is 40-year-old Roxy Freeman. She was one of 6 children to her Romani father and an American mother.

The first time she joined college was when she was 22…with no prior schooling. In her blog, she explains how she could cook for a family of 10, light a fire, and bake bread on an open fire by the age of 9. She could even forecast when it would rain by simply smelling the air. When she wrote the blog, she lived in an apartment in London with her boyfriend – and that was almost 11 years ago!

So you would be expected, if you desired to live a gypsy lifestyle today to be modern but mediocre, skillful but humble, and most importantly, minimal but content.

How are the Gypsy and Minimalistic Lifestyles related?

While the two terms may sound different, you must do one if you wish for the other. If you have understood the gypsy lifestyle meaning, you have understood it’s a way of living with no luxurious amenities or extras. You may use technology for working remotely – maybe use a laptop and internet for work from home job, but that does not mean you watching memes on Instagram is okay.

So, say bye to the hundred sets of shoes and satchels that you own! Figure out how to have a basic existence. This doesn’t mean you live in a cavern, wearing dry leaves, however, that you comprehend there’s a whole other world to life than materialistic attractions.

How can one follow the Gypsy Lifestyle?

Recall Esmerelda from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame? Since we saw the excellent rover young lady, with a spiritualist and free soul, we’ve longed for being a tramp, as well. However, there’s much more to being a tramp, obviously. It’s not just about the voyaging, long, flowy garments, astounding gems, and so on. A bit of advice that would surely do you a world of good when you embrace this lifestyle is – find a partner. It’s bad for you to stay single, and not on the grounds that you’ll be forlorn. Unmarried grown-ups are regularly thought to be a little wobbly like possibly you have a few issues you have to work out. Try not to stress however, wedded life will be okay. Ladies are treated as equivalents with men, you simply have various tasks to carry out.

How to earn a buck as a Gypsy?

Begin doing some voice practices now since one way you’ll procure some cash for the family is by singing or recounting stories. In case you’re truly not one for the performing arts you may take up the job of entryway to-entryway sales rep. At last, there are the well-established crafts of fortune-telling and palm reading to acquire a buck or two. With regard to traditions, the Gypsies are extremely severe. To the extent that for your body, the upper portion of you is treated as pure. It’s free of impurities and overall allowable to be shown-off. Everything in the lower half — forget about it.

That half of you is unclean so make certain to keep it hidden, procured under full-worn clothes. You can even defile a male in the event that you let your skirt touch with him openly. In case you’re seen as impure, you may get kicked out of the community. Things you must learn before beginning are – cooking, eating raw food sometimes and adjusting in relation to living in trailers and natural hollows.

These steps aren’t as hard as they sound, and people who have embraced this way of life have been able to create a lot of memories they will cherish for life. So that was all about the gypsy lifestyle meaning, gypsy lifestyle in the USA, along with differences between traditional gypsy lifestyle or say the gypsy lifestyle 2018 compared to the gypsy lifestyle 2020 i.e. the gypsy lifestyle today. If you have new insights of facts to add about this unique way of life, let us know in the comments section down below! Oh, and if you ever plan to embrace this life, don’t forget to tell us your plans!


Top 10 Open Libraries Online.

Looking for resources to read eBooks during this lock down period? Here are some great open libraries you can find online for free books to read.

Reading is definitely one of the greatest pleasures of life. Online libraries are currently attracting a lot of eyes, especially with most of the countries under lock down because of a massive outbreak of a deadly virus, which is affecting more and more people with each passing day. Ever wondered how these online libraries work? It is pretty simple and not so different from traditional libraries. These online libraries have a collection of books and reading materials from different publications in electronic formats, which can be accessed easily. Most of these open online libraries require you to sign up, look for the desired book or source or material and lets you download it or read it online.

To help you curb your boredom and get access to books from the comforts of your home, during this lock down period, we have a list of our top picks for online libraries that you can access with a simple click.

Project Gutenburg

A volunteer effort to preserve and archive important cultural works and digitize them for being available online, Project Gutenburg works for encouraging the preservation, creation and also, distribution of eBooks on an online platform. Majority of the sources that you will find here in the collection are complete texts from public domain books. Now offering more than 59,000 eBooks online for free, Project Gutenburg can be used and accessed from any of your devices.


Questia is a great source of research and paper writing projects which is available online. It has helped many students with citation from high standard scholarly articles and research paper to use for their own research. You can find a wide of range of papers on subjects related to humanities and social sciences and it provides you with the complete sources and resources you need to fulfill your coursework or project.

Read Print

Read Print is another online open library which provides thousands of eBooks archives for reading enthusiasts, students, teachers and everyone else. It enables the readers and users to choose from a collection of over 8000 books and also lets the readers make their own bookshelves with their personal ratings and reviews and also form reading groups with people having interests similar to theirs. It was also on the list of TIME Magazine’s 50 best websites in the year 2010.

Open Library

Open Library is an online project that intends to create a web page for every book that was ever published, giving the readers access to several public domains and many out of print books. Their main aim is to let people have access to all the published works of people available to anyone and everyone around the world. It is an initiative by Internet Archive, a non profit organization, which is also #7 on our list of top open libraries online.

Classic Reader

From Shakespeare to Austen and Dickens to Edgar Allen Poe, Classic Reader online library offers you with a wide range of thousands of classics of literature including poems, plays, dramas and short stories. You can not only find and read your favourite classics and short stories, but also you can add your own annotations to the books available online on

The Literature Network

The Literature Network, as the name suggests, provides students as well as other reading enthusiasts with a range of 3500 literature books available online. To start finding the piece of literature you want, you can begin to search through the author index. They also have a large collection of short stories at your disposal, a quiz system featuring more than 300 quizzes and database of quotes and quotations which has about 9000 quote available. You can also join Literature forums and ask questions, which can be answered by anyone from the thousands of members who are part of this network.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a non profit organization, which is available for free of cost and provides the readers and users with an extensive range of much more beyond just books. You can find music, movies, sources, websites, software and much more. It provides people with access to a massive database of free information that is available online by catering to millions of people every day and is also considered to be one of the top 300 websites around the world.

The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page, as the name, is a website that gives the readers access to a variety of books that are available to be read freely, on the internet. It focuses on developing eBooks and online reading resources for the benefit of all people. Their long list of available resources and books is completely free and can be used for non commercial purposes. It has a collection of over 2 million sources and works, available to the readers in various media formats.

Classic Bookshelf

With a simple web page format and a reading app, Classic Bookshelf brings to you a collection of hundreds of classics and timeless wonders of literature across decades, available online with easy access. You can also take reference from its ratings and reviews to find the most popular books at regular intervals.

Chest of Books

The Chest of Books website has put in great effort in converting texts into eBooks and carefully proofreading and scanning them for the benefit and pleasure of the readers and the website users. It presents you with a variety of online books available from different fields or topics such as Art, Finance, Health, Business and many more.

We hope that this list of our top picks come handy to all reading enthusiasts and help their life in this lock down a little better. Do let us know if we missed out any online libraries from the list, or if you would like to review any of these that you may have used before!

Top 10 Places to Visit in Asia.

With its vast array of islands, mountains and mega metropolises, one can simply not pick out 10 top places to visit in Asia. However, we’ve done our best to curate a list that caters to your needs, bringing you the best places in Asia to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Pack your bags, pick your destination, follow this guide and find out the miracle that Asia is!

The best time to visit Asian countries is between November and March, when the temperature is moderate in most countries and festivals and carnivals are ongoing in most. This time period is mostly ideal for Southeast Asian countries, including Maldives and Thailand.

1. Maldives

Maldives tops the list of the ten best places to visit in Asia, for its picturesque location, scenic beauty and variety of fun activities available make it absolutely irresistible. The beauty of Maldives is unbelievable; we’ve all come across it and wondered how something so astonishing be real. With its breath-taking sunsets and sunrises, white sand beaches and striking blue water and coral reefs, Maldives in itself is the complete package.

Maldives is divided into several islands, some of which remain public while some others have been converted into private islands. While the former are somewhat budget-friendly, the latter home heavily expensive activities and the world-famous Water Villas, which open right into the endless ocean. After getting down at the Velana International Airport in Male (the Capital city), one can either take a speedboat to one of the islands or a sea plane to one of the private islands.

The island nation of Maldives is especially a favourite amongst honeymooners, as the seclusion and gorgeous location provide a beautiful background to a romantic trip. Adventurers are also sure to have a ton of fun, with activities like Jet-skiing, Scuba Diving, Rafting, and especially Snorkelling readily available.

Best Time to Visit Maldives

The best time to visit Maldives is between April and November, when there is little precipitation and warm temperature.

Best Hotels in Maldives

  1. Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef, Maldives
  2. PER AQUUM Huaven Fushi
  3. Taj Exotica Resort and Spa
  4. Adaaran Prestige Water Villas
  5. Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

 Top Things to do in Maldives

  1. Relax at the white sandy Maldivian beaches
  2. Tour the capital city of Male, including sites like Republic Square, the National Museum and Sultan Park
  3. Enjoy adventure activities like Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, and Parasailing
  4. Visit the Male fish market to get a glimpse of Maldives’ daily life
  5. Book a spa treatment at one of the many glamourous Spa Centres.

2. Tokyo

Crazy about anime, the city of Tokyo looks like it has been made out of a cartoon book itself. This mega city in Japan is constantly buzzing with movement, be it people or vehicles. The museums and historical sites located in Tokyo are world-class- one can take photos and enjoy sushi, or find a superb backdrop against the Cherry Blossom trees in the right season!

An extremely safe city, one can travel around Tokyo and enjoy how life is always in motion through its subway. However, there are very high chances that one may be tempted to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city on foot!

Best Time to Visit Tokyo

Tokyo can be best enjoyed in the months of March, April, September and November. Autumn is the best time for experiencing the full potential of Tokyo, as the city is at its best in terms of colour and comfort.

Best Hotels in Tokyo

  1. Comfort Hotel Tokyo Kanda
  2. Comfort Hotel Tokyo Higashi Nihombashi
  3. Hotel Rose Garden Shinjuku
  4. Conrad Tokyo
  5. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

Top Things to do in Tokyo:

  1. Visit the Tokyo National Museum to learn about Japanese history
  2. Check out the unique architecture at the Meiji Shrine
  3. Visit the Sensoji Temple, the oldest religious site in Tokyo
  4. Spend time at Odaiba, the mini-island located at Tokyo Bay; a hub of entertainment
  5. Catch the exciting interactive displays available at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

3. Phuket

Not just home to a varied landscape comprising of beaches, aquamarine waters and limestone cliffs, Phuket also boasts of a flavourful cuisine and its rich culture. This island is one of the most budget-friendly options for spending your vacations, requiring only moderate charges for everything, be it boat rides, accommodation or spa treatments.

Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, Phuket is located only an hour away from Bangkok. Remembering the tsunami that hit the beautiful island back in 2004, Phuket remembers everything with memorials and a stricter protection system.

Best Time to Visit Phuket

The months between November and April are ideal for travelling to Phuket and enjoying water activities like boating and swimming. While the low prices during the monsoon months (May to October) might be tempting, the water conditions during this time can be dangerous.

Best Hotels in Phuket:

  1. Andara Resort Villas
  2. Trisara Villas and Residences Phuket
  3.  Jasmine House
  4. Ibis Phuket Kata
  5. Metropole Hotel Phuket

Top Things to do in Phuket:

  1. Catch an amazing view of the Andaman Sea from Phuket’s southernmost point, Promthep Cape
  2. Enjoy a bird-eye view of the Kata Bay, Karon Strand and Chalong Bay from the giant Big Buddha statue
  3. Feast at the authentic collection of restaurants near the Nai Harn Beach, the southernmost strip of sand in Phuket
  4. Spend time with furry buddies at the Soi Dog Foundation, an innovative rescue shelter for cats and dogs.
  5. Go snorkelling and boating on the Phuket Boat Tours

4. Bali

Bali is the perfect definition of heaven on earth. Accommodating every traveller, from one travelling on budget to one travelling in luxury, Bali manages to make one feel at home even though they are far away from it. Those interested in its vast history are keen to travel to its many temples, while the adventurers find themselves en route the active volcano in Kintamani. The town of Kuta, on the other hand, provides a perfect setting for enjoying the Bali nightlife.

Best Time to Visit Bali

The island’s dry season i.e. the months between April and October are most comfortable for those willing to enjoy the beaches.

Best Hotels in Bali

  1. Capella Ubud
  2. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan
  3. Ida Hotel
  4. AlamKulKul Boutique Resort, Kuta
  5. Mercure Resort, Sanur

Top Things to do in Bali

  1. Offer prayers at the active prayer temple, Tirta Empul Temple
  2. Rave about the stunning cliffside locale, beautiful architecture and the sound of waves down below the Uluwatu Temple
  3. Enjoy the sunset from Tanah Lot Temple, also a stunning religious complex
  4. Feast on the succulent seafood and relax on the sandy shoreline of Jimbaran, one of Bali’s most luxurious destinations
  5. Explore through Kuta, Bali’s most popular beach town, for a variety of brilliant restaurants, bars, stores, spas and water parks.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts of a vibrant, multifaceted culture and stunning cityscape. This British-Chinese hybrid sees both dense skyscrapers and lush landscapes. As a world-class metropolis, Hong Kong has numerous urban divisions, like culinary hot spots and museums. It also offers both sandy beaches and rugby pitches to all its visitors.

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

The period between October and December offers comfortable temperatures along with reasonable room rates. Post New Year’s, visiting Hong Kong gets significantly pricey.

Best Hotels in Hong Kong

  1. Rambler Oasis Hotel
  2. Silka Far East Hotel
  3. Regal Riverside Hotel
  4. Cordis Hong Kong at Langham Place
  5. Mandarin Oriental

Top Things to Do in Hong Kong

  1. Enjoy the scenic route around the city by travelling in the Star Ferry
  2. View the entire city from its highest point, the Victoria Peak
  3. Go on a shopping spree at the Street Markets
  4. Gamble (legally!) at the Happy Valley Racecourse
  5. Watch the majestic Hong Kong line without obstructions from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

6. Kyoto

Kyoto provides tourists with a snapshot of Imperial Japan; right from its cherry blossom trees to a pair of elegantly dressed geisha flitting between wooden tea houses. However, it’s not just a dainty old town- Kyoto has its own fair share of glimpses of a newer Japan. Be it century old Shinto shrines or the headquarters of companies like Nintendo and Kyocera, Kyoto stands out as a combination of ancient and contemporary, and shines vibrantly, that has certainly moved on from its predecessor.

Best Time to Visit Kyoto

The months between March and May, along with between September and November, make up the best time to visit Kyoto, since the weather is at its mildest. However, this time also draws tourists in huge crowds, most of who visit in anticipation of the blooming cherry blossoms.

Best Hotels in Kyoto

  1. Four Seasons Hotel
  2. Suiran- A Luxury Collection Hotel
  3. The Ritz-Carlton
  4. Hotel Granvia
  5. Hyatt Regency

Top Things to do in Kyoto

  1. Witness the 10,000 red and orange lacquered torii gates at the Fushimi Inari Shrine
  2. Enjoy the natural scenery from the Kiyomizu Temple
  3. Experience the historic features (tea houses, willow-lined roads etc.) of the Gion neighbourhood
  4. Admire the cherry blossom trees from the quaint Arashiyama neighbourhood
  5. Shop for traditional Japanese cuisine at the Nishiki Market

7. Singapore

This modern Asian metropolis maintains a balance of green belts and skyscrapers. In addition to this, it has also managed to sustain substantial ethnic enclaves like Chinatown and Little India. However, Singapore, in spite of being modern in its approach, has managed to preserve large wetlands.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

The best time to visit Singapore is anytime, as the island nation experiences a warm, tropical climate year-round. However, one must beware that it rains all throughout the year.

Best Hotels in Singapore

  1. The Fullerton Bay Hotels
  2. Ascott Raffles Place
  3. Capella
  4. Conrad Centennial
  5. Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Top Things to do in Singapore

  1. Skip the trek and enjoy the urban jungle of Gardens by the Bay
  2. Entertain yourself at numerous points of interest like the Art & Science Museum and the Float at Marina Bay.
  3. Enjoy nature at the Singapore Botanic Gardens
  4. Witness the indoor waterfall at Cloud Forest
  5. Eat out at the various eateries and food stalls in Chinatown

8. Bangkok

Bangkok is one city with a dynamic environment; the contrast in its settings is quite chaotic. Most people visiting Bangkok for the first time feel like it is trapped between the past and the present, with both ancient temples and modern shopping malls lining up the streets of Thailand’s capital.

The exhilarating city of Bangkok is sure to take a toll on its visitors; the hot weather is consistent and the city is full of crowds. However, the grass is greener on the other side, and in this case, it is in the form of numerous attractions sure to leave you flabbergasted- the world’s largest open-air market, a world-class aquarium built inside an eight-level shopping mall and a 150-feet golden Buddha statue, to name a few. Bangkok has a certain ‘delightful incongruity’ to offer, so stay ready for surprises!

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

The best time to visit Bangkok, weather-wise, is between November and March because heat and humidity at this time are at their lowest. However, a trip between April and October, in spite of being the hottest time with heavy rainfall, can offer you wonderful deals on airfare and hotels. An added advantage is less footfall, so one can be saved from excessive crowding.

Best Hotels in Bangkok

  1. New Empire Hotel
  2. Rembrandt Towers Serviced Apartments
  3. Grand Inn Hotel
  4. The Okura Prestige
  5. The Siam

Top Things to do in Bangkok

  1. Behold the Wat Arun Temple at dawn or sunset
  2. Witness the infamous ‘reclining Buddha’ at the Wat Pho Temple
  3. Shop for a multitude of goods at the mammoth Chatuchak Weekend Market
  4. Visit the beautiful Grand Palace, which has been home to numerous Thai Kings
  5. Enjoy the contemporary architecture found at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

9. Seoul

The city of Seoul, characterized by stunning architecture, vibrant culture and a thriving economy, is resilient in nature. Congruent to its flag which represents ‘balance’, Seoul seems to be moving fast into the future; however, it has also managed to maintain ties with its rich history. One can find relics of Seoul’s past tucked between the vast shopping districts and lively nightlife zones.

Seoul offers a playful blend of the past and the present- the two do not overlap, rather complement each other. It boasts of   the oldest and largest of the five Joseon Dynasty palaces in the city, Gyeongbok Palace. On the other hand, Seoul is also home to Buckon Village, which comprises of one-story wooden homes surrounded by high-rises. This provides a clear picture of the varied architecture present in Seoul.

Best Time to Visit Seoul

The best time to visit Seoul includes the months between March and May, and between September and November. The weather in these months is mild, and travel expenses are not very high. Those in search of a snowy vacation can also choose to visit between December and February.

Best Hotels in Seoul

  1. JW Marriott Hotel
  2. Banyan Tree Club and Spa
  3. Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas
  4. Grand Walkerhill
  5. Mayfield Hotel and Resort

Top Things to do in Seoul

  1. Visit the Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower for a panoramic view of Seoul
  2. Take a stroll through the traditional Korean homes known as hanoks at the Bukchon Hanok Village
  3. Hike to the mountainous Bukhansan National Park
  4. Witness the youth culture of Seoul at Hongdae, through its plethora of bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes
  5. Shop for hanbok (traditional Indian clothing), herbal teas and calligraphy supplies from the Insadong neighbourhood

10. Shanghai

The city of Shanghai is in a state of constant change; thus, get ready to say goodbye to monotony! Celebrating its prosperity with monumental industries like that of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai can be defined as China’s most dynamic metropolis.

However, one may find themselves getting lost in this city full of towering skyscrapers and bustling traffic. To prevent the place from feeling inaccessible and impersonal, one must do things that curtail to the ‘real’ Shanghai natives. Discover dining gems at the convoluted Zhujiajiao, find a calm spot at the Bund and reflect at the beautiful Jade Buddha Temple. To enjoy the vibrancy of Shanghai, create your own!

Best Time to Visit Shanghai

The months of October-November are ideal for visiting Shanghai. These short autumn months provide for the comfortable weather and minimal crowds. It also allows one to escape the crowds and rain showers generally witnessed during summer, which is the peak season. Weekend stays at hotels are comparatively cheaper, since Shanghai is a business-centric city.

Best Hotels in Shanghai:

  1. Fairmont Peace Hotel
  2. Grand Kempinski Hotel
  3. Kerry Hotel Pudong
  4. Pudong Shangri-La East Shanghai
  5. The Langham, Shanghai, Xintiandi

Top Things to do in Shanghai:

  1. Take beautiful pictures against the classic Shanghai skyline and water front at the infamous Bund
  2. Witness the distinct architecture of the Shanghai Museum
  3. Enjoy a boat ride and eat at tiny cafes located in the ancient water town of Zhujajiao
  4. Catch a bird-eye view of the entire city from one of the tallest buildings in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Centre
  5. Visit the oldest and largest religious complex of Shanghai, the Longhua Temple

Here are the top 10 places to visit in Asia. Each one of these places have a wonderful aura and charm about themselves, and must be enjoyed to the fullest. So, pack your bags, pick up this tour guide, and plan a vacation for yourself, your friends and your family to make a bucketful of memories!

Green Tea- Key to Increase the Immunity

As we are looking forward to a healthy future after the present health calamity of COVID-19 subsides, now is when is the best time to drink green tea with many options such as Lipton and Patanjali green tea price well available in the Indian market.

In these days of modernization, humans have maligned the environment and our resources with chemicals and dirt. These substances have found their way into the food chain and, now, are acting as poisons to the overall well being of all the components of nature’s complex food network. Health refers to the physical, mental and emotional well being of an individual that leads to a well-formed bodily structured and this is endangered in present times.

With overall levels of exercise reduced in the body due to the rapid involvement and fascination of the youth with office desk jobs, this has only been proven to lead to lethal results in the near future. We have also started consuming processed food full of preservatives and sugars which is debasing the health condition in general.  This has led to an increased number of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hyper cholesterol and obesity in today’s community.

Nutrition and Health

Nutrition plays a key role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for an individual along with exercise. Hence it is important that we indulge ourselves into healthy eating habits and adopt the ergonomic pieces of advice by the professionals who suggest to cut down on sugars, unhealthy fats, and to drink plenty of water and eat fibre.

Green Tea – the modern-day ‘Amrut’

Today, on social media we see that people are giving up the consumption of back tea and replacing it with green tea. Green tea is sometimes referred to as “amrut” or ‘the drink of longevity’ by some nutritionist.

Green tea is made from the leaves of plant Camelia senesis. The same plant is used to make oolong tea and black tea when it is harvested in a different season that causes it to undergo  (or not) a different level of oxidation. Green tea’s origin dates back to 618-907 A.D. in China. It was popularized during the rule of the Emperor Shennong.

How to make Green Tea?

If not brewed to perfection, green tea can taste too bitter to drink when is the best time to drink green tea is. Therefore, it is important that you make the perfect cup using Green Tea Bags, Loose-leaf Green Tea or Matcha Green Tea.

Green Tea Bags

Boil around 250 ml of water and let it cool down to around 79˚C  as using boiling water can burn the tea bag and make green tea bitter. Place the teabag in the cup. Use 1 teabag per cup and pour hot water over it.  Let the tea brew for 2 to 3 minutes and then remove the teabag. Don’t squeeze the teabag.


Loose Leaf Green Tea

Heat the water to around 77˚C to 80˚C. Put 1 teaspoon of loose-leaf green tea leaves in a teapot and add around a three-fourth cup or 180ml water to it. Leave it covered for 1 to 2 minutes and then serve using a strainer.

Matcha or powdered Green Tea

Bring one cup of water to boil around 82˚ to 88˚C. Place a strainer over the cup and add one teaspoon of green tea powder to it and push the powder into the cup using the back of a spoon. Add the boiled water to the cup and stir it well.

Green tea Caffeine content

 Even though it is difficult to measure the exact green tea caffeine content, it depends upon the type of green tea used, its brand and serving size. On average green tea caffeine content can range from 12mg to 75mg of caffeine. Matcha or other types of powdered Green tea caffeine content is even higher.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has high antioxidant content which makes it extremely beneficial for our health.  Some of the green tea benefits are listed below.

Improves brain function

Since it is a caffeinated beverage, it acts as a stimulant to the brain and makes us active mentally.  This improves various brain functions thus keeping our mood lifted and memory improved.

Improved immunity

Due to the presence of potent plant antioxidants or polyphenols, green tea benefits us by improving our immune system. It is found to kill influenza virus if consumed without milk.

Increased fat burning

Green tea is known to improve the metabolism rate of our system, thus, aiding in the fat-burning process.

Lowered Cancer Risk

Oxidative damage to the cells has been linked to cancer. Due to the high antioxidant content, green tea benefits us with cancer prevention.

Gives you fresh breath

New studies show that green tea benefits our oral hygiene by suppressing the growth of bacteria in our oral cavity and prevents bad breath.

Lower risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Due to its high antioxidant content, green tea prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol in our body, which is one of the reasons for various heart conditions.

When to Have Green Tea?

The best answer to when is the best time to drink green tea lies in your schedule and activities throughout the day. Following are some of the best times of the day to have green tea to give you its full green tea benefits.

Not too early in the morning

Having green tea on an empty stomach can have ill effects on the liver due to its high catechin content.

In between meals

Having green tea two hours prior to or after the meal can help in better digestion and iron absorption.

Before Bedtime

Having green tea two hours before bedtime can increase the metabolism post-dinner.

Before exercise

This aids in burning fat better and faster.

Best Green Tea options in Indian Market

Organic India   

Price INR 400

LaPlant Green Tea

Price INR 130

Himalaya Green Tea

Price INR 110

Lipton (available in multiple flavours)

Price INR120

Patanjali Green tea Price

INR 50

India is one of the nations at the top of the list of lifestyle diseases. So let’s do our best and take care of our health.


Zero Waste During Lockdown.

The Corona virus pandemic has swept over the planet and with it has brought about concepts like quarantine and social distancing which were earlier seen only in films. The lockdown that is widely being followed all over the world has not been the easiest time for people. With no provision to step out of the house, markets aren’t functioning and economies are crashing. A common man would wonder, ‘How am I supposed to help out, when I am locked inside my own house?’

Your miniscule contributions to the society, can massively assist the authorities and the paramedical staff in this time of need. A major step you can take during this quarantine period is to ensure that the waste produced in your home is minimized. In India alone, 21 million tonnes of food is wasted every year. This wasted food is often treated with plastic waste leading to emission of methane gas in a large quantity. While a life-threatening disease is upon the earth, one must not forget another crisis that is underway, that of global warming. Dealing with the COVID-19 gives us no excuse to forget caring for nature. The small roles we play at our house can make a huge impact outside.

How has Pandemic increased Waste Production?

The Corona Virus has forced the government to take some drastic measures. The shutting up of all non-essential shops across the country was the first of many shocks. People were advised to reduce their trips to the market in order to encourage social-distancing. Lots of families misunderstood this message and hoarded up on supplies to minimize their trips to the market. This uncalculated decision made by the people has led to the wastage of food on a large scale. The pandemic has led to the limitation of a few commodities and we cannot afford to waste even the slightest of food.

1. Buying Smart

The first step in moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle is to by only the amount of food you will require. Hoarding should be thoroughly discouraged as it is the main cause of waste production. The limited number of supplies means that the food you waste could have actually filled the stomach of a person in need.

2. Proper Storage


In these testing times, you never know, when even a single loaf of bread could be useful. Hopefully, the situation won’t get to such an extremity but storing items should still be a priority. Keep food items in cool and covered places to ensure that they are not spoiled. This could immensely reduce the amount of waste being produced at your place.

3. Use Items before they Expire

About 40% of the food produced in the country is thrown into the trash, uneaten. During the lockdown period, try and have a basic idea of the expiry dates all food items in your home. It is essential to make sure that no sort of canned or packaged food is kept win your house past its expiry date. Make sure that you have completely finished an item before going out to buy more. An interesting fact about packaged food is that some of it is safe to consume even after its ‘best before’ date. Check on the internet to find out if the can in your store room is still safe to consume. If not make sure it is disposed off correctly. Separate the food item from its packaging before throwing it away in two separate bins.

4. Utilize the Leftovers

The most important aspect of living a zero-waste life is to ensure that your leftovers are put to good use. Segregation into two different bins is an ideal way to dispose off leftover food. The only problem lying with this situation is that many garbage trucks and cleaners just pile all the garbage into one huge bag regardless of its recycling and ecological properties. The perfect way to deal with this problem would be to use the leftover food as compost.

People often avoid using compost as it is a long and slightly difficult process. The quarantine makes it a perfect time to finally do something good for the environment. Before creating compost make sure that you are doing it right. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before generating a manure in your kitchen. Use proper tips and techniques from professionals for optimal results.

5Mini Farming

Now that you have composed manure just from your wasted food, it is time to put that compost to good use. Indoor farming is not easy and it requires care and time but it is not necessary for you to own a huge balcony or a garden. You can grow vegetables even in the small terrace of your house. There are families around India who have become completely self-sufficient. Shilpa and Nitin, a couple based in the traffic heavy Bengaluru, grow more than 50 vegetables in their small balcony. Just one small pot for each type of vegetable is enough to sustain a family of four. The food they consume is from their own balcony and the waste produced in their home is used as manure to grow more vegetables. This ecological cycle can have a huge positive impact on the environment.

6. Eat Healthy

Perhaps the most underestimated way to reduce food wastage is to eat healthy. Junk food, has a much faster rate of decay when compared to fresh vegetables and fruits. Having a balanced and planned diet can help you minimize the amount of waste you generate. If you do not have the provision to create compost and farm in your balcony, you can start by eating healthy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not been an easy time of us. Para medical staff and nurses are working overtime to ensure that we are safe the least we can do is reduce the burden on the planet. Correct utilization of leftovers and controlled generation of waste will make sure that the country has ample supply of food for the poor and needy. Play your part in the quarantine by changing to a zero-waste lifestyle.


How to Work From Home: Tips for Working From Home Effectively

As you read this article, many of your employers have made it necessary for you to work from home and here at Society Mutter, we have come up with some tips on ‘how to do it better’. “Disruption isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond to what happens to you”, the quote by the renowned American author Jay Samit, is what I believe, sums up, the human-life. Since the past few weeks, the novel coronavirus has raised havoc leading to the disruptions in everyone’s’ life across the planet. While the idea of work from home has already appealed many, when it comes to adapt the option as a necessity rather than choice, we always seem to be double-minded about taking it up.

As the coronavirus has led to the global shutdown of the industries in all the fields, still some of the sectors need to function to keep the world accessible and convenient in this modern age of internet era. The real concept being nowhere close to the lyrics of the hit song by the Fifth Harmony, it can be made more structured, productive and relaxing.

While work for home is a need in today’s time, it can provoke different reactions. Some people might like it because it saves their time of commute and waking up early morning to prepare the meal. On the other hand, some people might not be fascinated with the idea as they thrive on socializing. But today, like the people on the front line dealing with corona, the work from homers contribution counts too to keep the world running virtually.

And hence we have come up with the tips below to make this space of assistance to you. We, humans, thrive on compartmentalization, which helps us to give a structure to our routine and make us adapted to the ongoing processes of life.

Time Management

As said by the innovator of the light bulb, Mr. Thomas Edison, “Time is the only capital that any human being has and the only thing he can’t afford to lose”, which I believe to only light up our brains more, is the lesson to cherish and abide by.

It is important to give ourselves a schedule and time mindedness which will help us to get a structure to work in. So, set yourselves an alarm, do that morning routine and set yourselves goals and this will provide you with the very important boost of motivation to start your day.

And keep in mind to stick to the schedule, it is not college anymore.

Get out of those Pyjamas

I know you want to save that suit and tie for the best day but this is work and every day got to be your best self. So, the pressure is on and get out of those pajamas and wear those formals and get ready to conquer the world of “vitality”.

Wearing the clothes meant for office work will only help you to be more prepared mentally to be in the work space-like environment.

Dedicate a Workspace

Since you are at home, you are in the cocoon of comfort, making your mind and body lazy and snobby. Hence, set up a corner only dedicated to your work at home, maybe as far from the tempting bed of yours as possible. Keep your files and documents handy, clean the desk and set the chair to get the posture right and start the job.

 Home is family and pets and noise but you have to formulate the environment for work and therefore explain to your family to give you space for work and some silence and lock that door.


Boundaries are important

When you go to the office, there is a clear-cut proportion of time dedicated to your work-life and your personal life. Staying at home for work can lead to the mingling of the two and this can be quite confusing and exhausting. And we will advise you to set clear boundaries.

Explain to your family and house partners to act as if you are off to work and hence you will no longer are in the distracting atmosphere.

Have that Coffee

One best thing about this style of work is that now you can take those much-needed breaks and have fresh coffee not from the vending machine of the office but your very fresh kitchen. Take this opportunity to get some fresh dose of caffeine and wake up your mind now and then.

Working from home also helps you to prepare that nutritious meal and get the much necessary dose of minerals and also saves a fortune spent on having lunch at restaurants. So, we will advise you to take that lunch break for a little bit longer than usual and cook a delicious le déjeuner.

Get back to the desk after a short nap and hit the table with much-enhanced yield.

The Power of TO-DO

How does it feel checking off the list of items on the grocery list while out and about in the supermarket? Yes! That satisfaction is nothing less than the motivation you need to complete today’s assignment.

Make a list of small subtasks to be achieved under the greater umbrella of the larger project and as you complete it, strike the agendas off the list and enjoy some much-needed approval.

Keep in touch

One of the best things about those office hours is colleagues. For social butterflies, interactions are the key to survival. So, don’t make your house a cave. This is the twenty-first century, so use those video calling apps and get in touch with your contemporaries and discuss it over a coffee cause the little conversation with the friends are nothing less than therapy.

This will help you to be on the same page and get some healthy competition on the desk, cause let’s not forget “We mean business” *wink wink*

These are difficult times and we get it, sometimes you are all alone and with all the negative news around, life can get difficult. So, don’t give up. Call your relatives and friends, read that book, take those hot showers, do the exercise and don’t forget “This too shall pass”.


Digital Education in India.

With the world getting a virtual transformation during the ongoing pandemic, the open digital education has become the need of the hour to assist the students with bridging the gap between time and knowledge. As Covid-19 gripped the world with its microscopic spikes and brought the entire world to the standstill, several sectors of the economy and market took a hit and had to be shut till they could be operated without risking the lives of their foot soldiers on duty.

Lockdowns were imposed all over the world and with that came the need to keep the world running and the virtual world came to the rescue. In India, lockdown started from 21st March 2020 and is expected to last till 14th April 7, 2020, however, given the rapid spread of coronavirus in the community, the decision of uplifting the lockdown remains much anticipated.

One of the major schedule and lifestyle change occurred in the life of students all across the country as the schools and colleges were shut down immediately under the protocol of lockdown to safeguard the future generations. Nevertheless, with the termination of the lockdown still being the topic of debate it is not known for sure when the classes could be resumed and hence many universities have now opted for the digital education as a step forward to help the students stay focused on education.

What is Digital Education?

The term digital education refers to the innovative use of digital tools to deliver learning through teaching using effective modern day technological tools. Learning services could be in the form of face to face, blended or fully online courses. This provided the benefit of accessing the content at a convenient time and location to the learner thus resulting in a more personalized learning experience.

Besides that, this new tool is known to improve the interaction between the educator and learner, and the ability to provide the teachers with better feedback which further helps to enhance the quality of teaching.

A lawyer can provide advice and assistance as needed throughout the individualized education program (IEP) process while you do most of the work, or a lawyer can be directly involved as your formal representative. You can find special education Lawyer near me.

Digital initiatives in Higher Education by Indian Government

To ensure the smooth learning process during the lockdown and for students to avail the full benefit of e-learning, Indian HRD ministry has launched various digital initiatives which will allow them to participate in online classes as they would do it physically in colleges, and also utilize the study material to its full potential.

We provide you below with the list of digital platforms curated by various branches of HRD ministry.

Audio-video e-content

This initiative by the human resource department ministry provides the e-Learning platform for all the courses from class 9 to post graduation. Courses are hosted in four quadrants:

  • Video learning
  • Reading serial material
  • Self assessment test
  • Online discussion portal

The learning is provided free of cost but to avail the certification an amount has to be made to the department.


As described by the ministry, The SWAYAMPRABHA is a group OF 32DTH channels devoted to telecasting of high quality education programmed on 24*7 basis using the GSAT-15 satellite. Every day, there will be new content for atleast (4) hours which would be repeated 5more times in a day, allowing the students to choose the time of their convenience. The channels are uplinked from BISAG, Gandhinagar.”

The content includes

  • Curriculum based course content for University students
  • Curriculum based course content for students from class 9 to 12
  • Curriculum based courses that can meet the need of life for Indian citizens
  • Competitive exams preparation sets

Access Journals and E-books

National Digital Library

This initiative has led to the excess of free educational material to all, ranging from primary to post graduate level. It is believed to be extremely beneficial to all kinds of learners, students, teachers, lecturers, professors, research scholars etc. The material is available in more than 70 languages and extremely free of cost.

e-PG Pathshala

This is the platform providing e-Learning facilities to the postgraduate courses and it works through the following three verticals

1. e-Adhyayan

This platform provides video content and 700 + eBooks for various post graduate level courses


UGC is one of the national level coordinator of SWAYAM and works on producing Postgraduate e-learning courses on SWAYAM.

3. e-Pathya

This is the vertical particularly created for the offline access of the e-learning material for the postgraduate students.


Shodhganga is the platform that allows the Ph.D. scholars in all the streams deposit and publish their theses for access to the upcoming professional in their respective fields. Till now 250000 theses have been published on the esteemed site.


As stated on their respective website, e- Shodhsindhu aims to provide access to more than 15000 journals and a number of bibliographic and factual databases in a wide range of disciplines at a lower cost to educational institutions.

Accelerated hands on learning

1. e-Yantra

e- yantra is the platform founded by the IIT Bombay to train the engineers to solve the practical problems with practical solutions utilizing their engineering skillset.

It has divided its aim by inculcating various branches to look after the respective issues. Some of the initiatives are

  • e- yantra robotics competition
  • e- yantra ideas competition
  • e- yantra lab setup initiative
  • e-yantra symposium
  • e-yantra resource development canter

FOSSEE  (Free and Open Source Software for Education)  

This platform promotes the use of FLOSS(FireEye Labs Obfuscated String Solver)tools in academia and research.

Spoken tutorial

The aim of spoken tutorial is to popularize software learning. It provides wide range of subject learning for the utilization by school level to the university students especially addressing the Math and Science as areas of interest. The contents are available in multiple languages thus making it further accessible to our multilingual population.

Track your progress


VIDWAN consists of database of profiles of research scholars, scientists and faculty members of leading academic institutions. It provides important information about their background, contact details, skills, accomplishments etc. This information is maintained by information and library network center and is very essential for the selection of various task force meant for different evaluation purposes in the country.

Shodh Shuddhi

Under this scheme, plagiarism detecting software, URKUND a Web Based Plagiarism Detection Software system, is provided to the thousand plus registered institutions across the country.


Understanding the Fine Line between Seasonal Influenza and COVID-19.

Starting off as a simple virus emerging from Wuhan, China, COVID-19, or the Novel Coronavirus, has brought the entire world to a halt. Be it economic, judicial or educational prospects, there is no clear picture as to what the future holds for us. With the virus currently holding an overall tally of 40,636 deaths and 8,23, 479 positive cases worldwide (as of 31st March, 2020), the pandemic has now become a life-threatening global phenomenon forcing numerous countries to impose lockdowns.

However, in this time when social distancing and hand hygiene play key roles, one more important aspect must be considered- correct information. While we are getting to know about numerous cases, another problem prevalent in most countries is the high number of people flocking to hospitals for testing even when they show flu-like symptoms, like a cold or mild fever. While it is certainly true that there is only a stark contrast between seasonal influenza (flu) and COVID-19, it manages to pose a major problem: it has not only increased traffic in the hospitals but also diverted the attention of hospital staff from cases that require immediate attention.

Thus, here are a few indicators which might be helpful in differentiating between the common flu and the Novel Coronavirus.

1. Difference in Major Symptoms

A COVID-19 patient will typically suffer from a fever; however, it is not necessary that every individual with flu will have a fever, particularly older adults or those with a weak immune system. While nausea and diarrhea are symptoms for both diseases, they are more prevalent in kids suffering from flu.

If the patient shows signs of dry coughing and shortness of breath, that’s more of an inclination towards a case of COVID-19.

2. Difference in Incubation Period

While a COVID-19 patient takes an average of four days between the initiation of the infection and the onset of symptoms, the incubation period ranges between 2 and 14 days. On the other hand, a flu patient’s incubation period ranges between 1 and 4 days, averaging at 2 days.

3. Difference in Period of Contagion

One of the major threats related to COVID-19 is that it can be contagious even if the patient doesn’t show symptoms. On the other hand, flu can be contagious a day before the symptoms appear, and for nearly 5-7 consequent days thereafter.

4. Difference in Severity and Course

The seasonal influenza or common flu usually takes nearly 3-7 days to resolve, with just 1% of the patients ending up in the hospital. The deathly COVID-19, on the other hand, lands nearly 20% of the confirmed cases in the hospital in a critical condition.

5. Effect on the Immune System

Believed to have an animal origin, the COVID-19 is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2, a novel virus. This signifies that the population doesn’t have pre-existing immunity to it, which makes it more difficult to prevent the disease from becoming fatal.

Seasonal flu, on the other side, is a disease which can recur, with the body developing antibodies each time. This reduces the extent to which the disease can affect the human body. However, for COVID-19, there is no current evidence to prove whether an individual can get it again post-recovery.

6. Difference in Mortality Rate

Based on information collected from different locations and using various population sizes, it has been gathered that 0.25-3% of the total population testing positive for COVID-19 succumbs to it. In the case of seasonal flu, the esteemed mortality rates are a mere 0.1% in comparison.

7. Difference in Rate of Transmission

With COVID-19 cases multiplying rapidly each day, the reproductive number (R0) for the disease appears to be higher than that of the seasonal flu, with the former being 2.2 and the latter, 1.28.


This is a clear indicator that a patient of COVID-19 is more likely to infect more people as compared to an individual suffering from flu.

8. Difference in Developed Vaccines and Medication

As a result of a novel coronavirus, COVID-19 is yet to have a valid vaccine or effective medication available for the general public. In the case of seasonal flu, however, the seasonal flu vaccine proves to be most effective. Antiviral medications also help to an enormous extent.

9. Difference in Target Population at Risk

While both flu and COVID-19 affect similar ranges of the population, especially those already suffering from asthma, chronic lung diseases, diabetes etc., the latter is found to have a more severe effect on the older population. Flu, however, is found to be more dangerous in the case of pregnant women and children under the age of 2 years.

10. Difference in Prevention Methods

Due to the nature of both diseases as well as their high rates of contagiousness, remaining in isolation is recommended, though more in the case of COVID-19. Also, COVID-19 highlights the need to maintain good hand hygiene (regular washing of hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer) and social distancing i.e. remaining at home if not in case of emergencies, maintaining a distance of 6 feet from another individual at all times and avoiding crowded places like malls and restaurants with heavy footfall.

In the case of flu, proper medication, rest and good nutrition are recommended to heal. Regular flu shots also play a key role in the prevention and faster cure of the disease.

Although remarkably similar in nature, both COVID-19 and Seasonal Influenza, on the deeper end, vary to a great extent. While COVID-19 has proved to be comparatively fatal and easily transmittable, flu is seen as a recurring phenomenon, largely treatable.

In these trying times, when most of the world is living under self-quarantine and isolation, we must remember that the first and foremost requirement is to bring the COVID-19 outbreak under control. Thus, upon showing any symptoms, we must consult a family doctor before crowding hospitals to get a seasonal flu treatment, which can be done from home!


Coronavirus: Top 10 Popular Coronavirus Myths

Coronavirus has been causing a deadly disease which has taken upon the world within a very short period. This disease caused by Coronavirus has created not only a lot of panic among the public but has also resulted in several rising rumours and myths. At this stage, to curb the disease, it is very important to know everything about it. Here are ten myths which common people have mistaken as facts.

1. “Coronavirus can also be called Chinese disease.”

It’s called COVID 19 and not a Chinese virus. The name of the virus has been divided simply into, CO from corona because the shape of the virus appears to be crown-like, VI stands for the virus, D is for disease and ’19’ symbolizes that it started spreading in the year 2019. Many people are calling it a Chinese virus. Even President Donald Trump recently addressed it as ‘Chinese virus’. It’s not spreading from Chinese, not every Chinese person has it. A girl from Manipur, in India, was called ‘Corona’ by an old man, and he spat ‘paan’ on her face to show his disgrace towards her. North-eastern Indians are facing many racial remarks because of this outbreak. Many Chinese people living abroad have faced similar situations. It’s not just racist but also inhumane. People should address the virus with the correct name and should think twice before making any such insensitive remarks.

2. “Drinking alcohol can kill the virus.”

 False! Alcohol is a disinfectant was thought to be a killing substance of the virus, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The virus, once inside the human body, cannot be killed by alcohol. Any surface might be disinfected with alcohol, but using alcohol on the skin can cause harmful reactions and consuming excessive alcohol can definitely take a toll on your liver.

3. “Only Old people can die of the virus.” 

Anyone, including a child of one day, or even inside the womb, can catch the virus. Younger people might have higher immunity and may have higher chances of surviving the virus, but it is still deadly for them. The virus is indeed more deadly for old people or people having an underlying health issue such as diabetes, heart problems or asthma, but that does not mean that the younger are safe. Everyone should take precautions.

4. “Stay away from people who are wearing a mask.” 

The virus has infected not everyone who is wearing a mask. They might just be wearing it to protect themselves. Incidents have been reported where people wearing masks in public were harassed. People can wear the mask as a precaution, but it should be noted that even though one is wearing a mask, the chances are that the virus enters through your eyes. Hence, the only solution is to suggest anyone who is coughing, should wear a mask or cough in their shoulder so that no droplets fall around and infect nearby people.

5. “Eating ginger, garlic or lemon will increase your immunity

 People started with their own home-based remedies. Eating healthy may increase immunity but will not create complete protection from the virus. Even drinking cow urine was said to be one of the ways to kill the virus. There was a lot of fake WhatsApp news which were circulated. It was also said that smoking weed could kill the virus. People also said that sitting in the sun or warm climate can kill the virus. People around the globe considered taking a hot bath can kill the virus within their body. The only way to cross-check any such news is to visit the ‘WHO’ site and check if they have published any such news or not. Any news related to the research of coronavirus, be it positive or negative, will be posted on the WHO site.

6.” Only people coming from abroad should get tested and be scared of having it.” 

 It’s highly wrong to think that only those people should be scared who have travelled recently abroad. Anyone who has symptoms of the virus should immediately get checked. Anyone who has a recent travel history should try self-quarantine. One should understand that if the person who recently travelled abroad failed to take any precautions and refused to self-quarantine, he/she might end up spreading it to others. So, you could be infected by a complete stranger in public. Staying at home and getting checked if showed any symptoms, is the only way to fight the spread of the virus.

 7.”It is a city disease.” 

 Most of the labourers are going back to their village or hometown, considering that the virus is only spreading in “cities.” However, they are not taking into account how there is a chance that they might transmit the virus with them to their respective hometown. Going back to your hometown, even with current zero cases of the virus, does not mean that one stops taking precautions to be safe. Under all circumstances, social distancing should be practised.

 8. “Chicken, dogs, and cats are spreading the virus.” 

No! The disease can be transmitted only through human contact. There has been no study which proves that animals can transmit the disease. Animals should not be treated with cruelty on any basis. One should consider the well-being of the street dogs and cats, and should at least feed them during the lockdown. In India, the rate of chicken had seen a drastic fall, especially in the state of Maharashtra, because of the rumour that the disease can be spread via eating chickens. In fact, the truth is that consumption of chicken may help in increasing your immunity and save you from the seasonal flu.

 9.” Coronavirus has a 97% Survival rate; the government is making us panic for nothing.”

To put this in a simple analogy, it’s like if you are given ten apples, and one of them is infected, you probably shouldn’t take the chance to infect yourself by eating any of them. There is a limited supply of healthcare services, and in a country like India, which is highly populated, should not risk the spread of it. If the number of cases keeps going higher, we might fall short on several doctors and nurses present to help the patients. 

10.” Stock as much food as possible.” 

The pandemic created such a panic among the public that on the announcement of the lockdown, people rushed to the stores to buy as much food as possible. In this rush, they forgot how close they were standing to strangers and how the deadly disease could be passed on unintentionally as many failed to wear a mask. Stocking of excess food will also create a shortage for others who are in need. People were found stocking up on basic medicine as well, such as fever and cold. This might have created a deficit for someone who is currently in need of it. The government is taking as many measures as possible to make ends meet. In Maharashtra, grocery shops will be open all day and night to provide essential items to the customers.


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Top 10 Interesting Psychological Facts in 2020

Humans are the most advanced creatures on the planet because they are born with ideas and thinking capabilities that are store in an organ called to mind. However, there are some interesting Psychological Facts which even the mind can boggle. The mind is the most critical and essential part of humans through which they are distinguished from all other living beings. The scientific study to know the behaviour and nature of the thinking capacity of the mind are called psychology.

Psychology tracks the activities human minds like how we think, what we think in a particular situation, how we learn, how we feel attract or negative about something, there are a lot of things that are going on in our minds. Through several surveys, researches, practical studying of human minds, many psychologists working in different parts of the world, listed out the enormous interesting psychological facts, describing unknown sides of human behaviour.

The American Association of Psychological Association considers that facts are invisible and inaudible but are the basis of human cooperation and thinking. So the psychological facts reveal many aspects and responses of the human mind.

Some of interesting Psychological Facts 

Many psychologists are involved in taking out all the aspects of human behaviour but tracking all over human nature is impossible but many types of research and studies have taken out several interesting facts of the human mind. Every year American based psychologists, as well as another psychiatrist of the world, is bringing many new psychological facts, some of the most interesting psychological facts of 2020 area as follows:

  • The person who always keeps on advising others is himself dealing with many troubles of life.
  • Communication has the power to either ruin our mood or makes us happy. Good communication helps to reduce stress.
  • The people who quickly recognised their mistakes and feel guilty, they quickly understand other person’s feelings.
  • Music is the best stress reliever and listening to happy songs in a high volume gives a feeling of joyousness.
  • Trying those things that scare the people most gives a feeling of happiness and relaxation.
  • If a person is happy enough then sleeping much in not essential to give rest to the body. Happiness has the power to relax the body.
  • Travelling is the best medicine of stress and reduces the risk of heart problems.
  • Sometimes people easily write those things which they can’t speak. They prefer chatting instead of speaking with others.
  • People who expose their success goals, there are fewer chances of fulfilling them as the person lose motivation.
  • The smarter the person is, the sloppier will be his handwriting and he becomes more selective.

These psychological facts reveal many aspects of human behaviour and mind that come into existence after various researches and deep analysis.

Psychological facts about Love

Psychology studies the behaviour of human minds, loving others is also one of the critical aspects of our minds. The mystery of love is still not known as it is very complicated and difficult to explain in words. But with close analysis, the feeling of love is incorporated by many psychologists into some interesting facts. Some of the important psychological facts about love are as follows-

  • Psychologists prove that humans take just 4 minutes to fall in love.
  • The person cannot remain angry on their love partners for more than 3 days and if he remains angry for more than this period than there is no love between them.
  • If the ‘I LOVE YOU’ is said in the left ear than it causes a huge emotional impact on the mind of the person.
  • Even if two lovers remain in contact as a friend than it means that either they are still in love or they were never in love with each other.
  • Love partners who spend at least happy ten minutes of the day together then they will likely to remain together for a long time.
  • These wonderful psychological facts about love reveal that love is a very complicated feeling in humans

Psychological facts about Hot Shower

Every small thing has a big impact on our mind. Even taking a shower affects our mind. The time we spend taking the shower and the type of water we use for bathing reveals many aspects of our mind and behaviour. There are some interesting psychological facts about hot shower-

  • If a person spends a long time taking the shower with hot water reveals that he lonely from inside.
  • Taking a hot shower for a long time gives the person the feeling of togetherness that he is searching for in real life.
  • It reveals that taking a long shower with warm water helps to avoid loneliness.
  • The warm shower increases the body temperature which gives a feeling of togetherness and impact positively on various body parts.
  • The lonely person usually takes a long hot shower.

Thus, these are some of the most believable psychological facts about hot shower that is revealed by many renowned psychologists of the world.

Psychological facts about Dreams

One of the important and mysterious thinking capacity of the mind is dreaming. Dreams reveal many aspects of the human mind thinking and some of the interesting psychological facts about dreams are as follows-

  • 90 per cent of the dreams that we see during sleeping got deleted from our mind. Within just 5 minutes of waking up, we forget the dream.
  • People think that as people who don’t see, they can’t even able to see dreams. But it is not true even blinds to have the capacity to see dreams.
  • It is revealed that even people with sight see uncoloured or black and white dreams.
  • Emotions and dreams have a direct relationship if we are anxious and negative thoughts overlapped our mind than we usually see bad dreams.
  • Even animals too can see dreams while sleeping.
  • Whatever we were thinking before we start sleeping, then there are high chances that those things we see in our dreams. 

These are some of the interesting psychological facts about dreams that come after close analysis and surveying of the various people.


The human mind is a very complicated and critical thing to understand. Many psychologists all around the world are focusing on and analysing the people of different age groups, nature, profession, preferences to take out the possible facts about humans. Although many psychological facts have already revealed many are still unknown as human behaviour and thinking keeps on changing with time and space.

Many psychologists are working to bring everything that how the human mind thinks, reacts, response, and gets alert when a change happens in his surroundings. The human is very complicated to understand but many psychologists reveal these cognitive actions into psychological facts that reveals many aspects of the human mind.


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How to Deal with Mental Health in Pandemic?

Although we are advancing day by day. We just focus on keeping forward and gaining success but with all these fast signs of progress, we are forgetting ourselves and our love one’s mental health. In this swift and fast-moving world, mental stress and depression are becoming common among youths and adults living in different parts of the world. But only a fraction of these people seeks advice and proper medical treatment. Sometimes the fear of social shame and sometimes not excepting the truth, do not lead the people to take proper advice from the experts.

 In the alone United States of America, about 70 per cent of youths dealing with any type of mental disorder are not taking any treatment or therapy from mental health advocacy. While about 10 million adults and 2 million youths living in America are exposed to serious mental health disorder and only a few sections of these has recognised and are taking the treatment. Although it is not always required that a person suffering from mental health trouble needs a psychiatrist but many disorders can be treated by just communicating and expressing themselves. It is a high time to overcome and resolve all the mental disorders

Ways to Deal with Health of Mind

Mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction, and many more are ruining thousands of lives as people who can’t deal with this mental health disorder they see committing suicide as the easiest escape from the various problems of life. Many teenage youngsters, adults and even prominent personalities including actors, politicians, and businessmen and sports personalities are ending their lives instead of ending their problems.

Many problems can be solved if people start taking treatment and communicating with trusted people. Not all disorders and mental problems require a psychiatrist but some small anxiety and problems can be resolved by making small changes in life and expressing oneself. Some of the ways to deal with mental health disorders are as follows:

  • Talk to someone you trust the most. Sometimes communicating with our love ones can help to resolve various mental health disorders.
  • Self-care too is important. Start giving value to yourself. Do things which makes you happy and follow your hobbies. Don’t ever think that you are inferior and no one loves you as everyone is unique and precious.
  • Make small changes in lifestyles. Proper sleeping and eating right balanced diet plays a very important role in keeping mind healthy and give mental satisfaction as well.
  • Don’t indulge in harmful habits like drinking alcohol and taking drugs. As sometimes people indulge in such bad habits to avoid the problem but they don’t know that they are creating bigger trouble for themselves.
  • Do exercise, go for morning walks and start recognising the beauty of nature. Soak yourself in sunlight and find joy in everything that surrounds you.
  • Get socialise, go for parties, meet friends and do whatever makes you happy.
  • Help others. By helping others we feel satisfied and this help to reduce stress.
  • Don’t let troubles and problems ruin yourself. As every problem has a solution and nothing is impossible in this world.
  • Take help from the psychiatrist when the situation is out of control and you are not able to cope up with it.

Know more about Mental Health Advocacy and Advocates

As from the long-time, this issue is always been a subject of social stigma and no one wants to discuss their mental health issues as they feel that society will not accept them. But today many organisation and health caretakers are taking a step to make this world a safer place for mental health survivors.

WHO has recognised the need to detect social stigma attached to mental health by making a module called mental health advocacy in its policy. It’s a new concept in which people dealing with health of mind comes forward and share their experiences to makes others start excepting the reality.

The mental health advocacy works to make people believe that this is also as important as physical health. These worriers who work tirelessly to remove the stigma attached to mental health issues are called mental health advocates. These advocates make people believe that they are not alone and people who are suffering from these issues too are humans just like us. 

Advice from Health Advocacy

The Mental Hygiene Legal Service- This mental health advocacy is a New York state agency working to help people dealing with the issues. The Mental Hygiene Legal Service was started in 1964 as a mental health information provider but later on, it starts working as the mental health advocacy and become the voice of people dealing with mental health issues.

They are starting many new missions to over the stigma attached to mental health and to make people recognise their disorder with feeling shame. Currently, the Mental Hygiene Legal Service is working towards the disorders in sex offenders.


All humans are very precious and a person must love oneself and give value to themselves. The feeling of inferiority should not come in people as this feeling give birth health issues. The issue of health always remains as a matter of social shame and stigma, as people feel that society will not accept them with their mental illness.

But slowly this perspective is changing and many people are coming forward for not just treating themselves but also for helping others dealing with these issues. These advocates are becoming the voice of survivors of mental issues.

As time changes so do the humans too, thus people are changing and they start seeing the world from a new perspective in which they are started considering mental health as also an important part of life. Thus, now in this modern world, we can say that people with health issues are also humans and it is their right to take treatment for their problem without feeling shame.


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Globalisation And Its Imapact On India

by Megha sharma

The term ‘globalisation’ means integration of economies and societies through cross country flow of information, ideas, technologies, goods, services, capital, finance and the people. The essence of globalisation in a broad sense is connectivity in all aspects of human life. Although economic forces are an integral part of globalisation, it would be wrong to suggest that they alone produced it. It has been driven forward above all by the development of information and communication technologies that have intensified the scope and speed of interaction between the people all over the world.

The British colonial rule had destroyed the self-sufficient agrarian economy. The then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru preferred mixed economy for planned economic development of the country. As a result of this, public sectors were set up along with a number of private enterprises, but like the socialistic model of economy, the mixed economy of India has not produced profitable results. A number of public sectors became sick and the growth rates of production began to fall. While the poverty of the people continued to grow at an alarming rate, there was an acute balance of payment crisis and due to low domestic savings, there was no adequate capital for investment. 

impact of globalization


  • Economic globalization: is the development of trade systems within transnational actors such as corporations or NGOs;
  • Financial globalization: can be linked with the rise of a global financial system with international financial exchanges and monetary exchanges. Stock markets, for instance, are a great example of the financially connected global world since when one stock market has a decline, it affects other markets negatively as well as the economy as a whole.
  • Cultural globalization: refers to the interpenetration of cultures which, as a consequence, means nations adopt principles, beliefs, and costumes of other nations, losing their unique culture to a unique, globalized supra-culture;
  • Political globalization: the development and growing influence of international organizations such as the UN or WHO means governmental action takes place at an international level. There are other bodies operating a global level such as NGOs like Doctors without borders or oxfam.
  • Social Globalization: People move all the time too, mixing and integrating different societies;
  • Technological globalization: the phenomenon by which millions of people are interconnected thanks to the power of the digital world via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype or Youtube.
  • Geographic globalization: is the new organization and hierarchy of different regions of the world that is constantly changing. Moreover, with transportation and flying made so easy and affordable, apart from a few countries with demanding visas, it is possible to travel the world without barely any restrictions;
  • Ecological globalization: accounts for the idea of considering planet Earth as a single global entity – a common good all societies should protect since the weather affects everyone and we are all protected by the same atmosphere. To this regard, it is often said that the poorest countries that have been polluting the least will suffer the most from climate change.
Types of Globalization.

Globalisation has undermined the traditional role of women in homemaking, farming, handicrafts, handlooms etc., and resulted in a relatively better environment for women. Today, women are working in all spheres of Indian economy and are enjoying the fruits of “empowerment process” brought in by globalisation. At the same time, their security has become a major issue in this changing scenario and they are bearing the double burden of family as well as that of the job because the role of men in India have not changed much. People today, especially the young, developed an identity that gives them a sense of belonging to a worldwide culture, which includes an awareness of events, practices, styles and information that are a part of the global culture. There is the development of a bicultural identity or a hybrid identity, which means that part of one’s identity is rooted in the local culture while another part stems from an awareness of one’s relation to the global world.

We cannot say that the impact of globalisation has been totally positive or negative. It has been both. However, it becomes a point of concern when, an overwhelming impact of globalisation can be observed on the Indian culture. Every educated Indian seems to believe that nothing Indian is to be approved unless recognised and recommended by an appropriate authority in the West. This should be checked in order to preserve the rich cultural diversity of India and to ensure the fulfillment of the principle of self-sufficiency.

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