10 Best Torrent Sites in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has created a situation wherein people are stuck at home and trying for Torrent for better or worse with nothing much to do in their leisure time. A good way to spend time is by immersing oneself in popular culture- watching television shows, movies, anime, downloading or streaming music online, reading e- books.

Torrent Websites give you the option to access all this without ads and for free! Not everyone can afford to buy a Netflix, HBO or a Hulu connection. Out of the many torrents available on the internet, not all are up to the mark. This article will guide you to the best torrent sites that are reliable and active based on meticulous research and rating from top tech websites.

Top 10 Torrent Sites in 2020

1. The Pirate Bay

One of the most popular torrent sites in the world

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 6.3MB per second
  • Immense database
  • Millions of movies, TV shows, foreign language films and songs 
  • Provides trusted user tags
  • Offers millions of categories and genres to choose from
  • Has the all new always online technology
  • Provides support for magnet links                   


  • It has managed to stay afloat even after multiple crackdowns
  • In fact, it evades capture
  • Has quick search option
  • One can find both new and old content
  • Has multiple proxies in case of shutdown
  • Is super easy to use


  • Stops working occasionally, at random
  • It’s domain name keeps on changing rapidly
  • Is somewhat hard to find since domain name keeps changing

2. Torrentz2

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 2 MB per second
  • Has latest as well as old music
  • Provides a vast library of music from a multitude of genres


  • Has a good user interface
  • Website is minimalist and non clunky
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Fulfills all music requirements
  • Search panel is quite thorough


  • Low download speed
  • It only has torrents for music and is thus less versatile than the other websites.

3. Torlock

A site which offers anime and e- books on a single platform

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 4.4 MB per second
  • Offers a top 10 list of Animes
  • Easy search options
  • Immense variety and database
  • High quality anime and e books, especially helpful with graphics, illustrations and animations


  • Can be used even by people who are not comfortable with technology
  • Has a wide and comprehensive collection of animes, e- books and songs
  • Has content which most sites don’t
  • The website has a minimalist aesthetic


  • Low download speed
  • Is good for anime, e- books and music but not that good for movies and TV shows


A torrent site which is known for offering the latest content

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 6.1 MB per second
  • Offers good and high quality content
  • Offers a large variety of content for viewers to choose from
  • Updates its site to display ratings such as most popular, most streamed      


  • High quality content
  • Simple user interface, can be used by everyone with ease
  • Has the most popular content
  • Website stays up to date
  • Also has the latest content


  • It is not that popular a site, is less known
  • It is a bit hard to find on the internet
  • The site is blocked in several countries- United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark

5. Zooqle

A site for free download of games

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 2.6 MB per second
  • Games as well as TV series and movies are available


  • Is a new and updated platform
  • Has a collection of 3.5 million high quality, verified torrents


  • Has low download speed, being new the website interface has some minor problems


Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 3.2 MB per second
  • Has a vast collection of Television shows- old and new


  • Has almost every TV show: comedy shows, talk shows, game shows, reality et al
  • Easy to use


  • Has an old and a clunk user interface

7. YTS

Torrent site best known for movie classics. It has everything that a cinephile could ever want.

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 3.2 MB per second
  • Offers a single platform for hard to access films


  • Good quality content
  • Decent download speed


  • A platform only meant for movies, it is less versatile than other platforms.
  • Users have to shift to other platform in order to access TV series, music or anime

8. Torrent Downloads

Best known as the website which has obscure content that no other website has

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 2.8 MB per second
  • Offers a large collection of cult classics and non popular content


  • A unique platform in terms of content
  • Good user interface


  • Is blocked in most countries

9. Lime Torrents

Service Provided: 

  • Average download speed of 3.7 MB per second


  • Good user interface, offers services like any other torrent website


  • Inconsistent and thus unreliable

10. 1337x

Service Provided:

  • Average download speed of 4.2 MB per second
  • Abundance of choice
  • Detailed browsing categories which enable ease of search
  • TV shows, movies, music and a lot more!


  • Extremely user friendly
  • Recently renovated website
  • No security risks
  • Simple and organized website
  • One can easily find what they’re looking for by the virtue of its search tracker


  • Google does not display it in its search results and thus it becomes hard to track
  • Download speed is less


There is no need to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of torrents available on the internet because we have got you covered. These top ten websites are secure and reliable and the best part is that the readers have a lot to choose from. Need to stream faster?

Use The Pirate Bay, need to watch high quality anime? look for Torlock, want to listen to the latest music? click Torrentz2. Our well researched top 10 torrent compilation will make sure that all your entertainment needs are met. What’s more, if one site is taken down, there are others to choose from. So, sit back, relax, choose from our recommendations and enjoy.

Animated movie: your name

This article is about the film. This is a Japanese Animated movie. Your Name Movie is Ranked at position Three. The World wise gross collection of this movie is $380,140,500. This movie has much Following in people of Different countries. This was Released in year- 2016.

Your Name movie has the best Animation Style. Many locations in Your Name were Based on real-life locations. The movie Genres: Romance, Animation, Fantasy, Drama.

Story mode

Mitsuha Miyamizu is a high school girl living in the rural town of Itomori near Hida. Bored of the town, she wishes to be a Tokyo boy in her next life. She inexplicably begins to switch bodies intermittently with Taki Tachibana, a high School boy in Tokyo, Waking up as the other person and having to live through their activities and social interactions for the day. The two initially believe these experiences to be vivid dreams, but eventually realize they can communicate with each other by leaving messages on paper, phones and sometimes on each other’s skin. Mitsuha( in Taki’s body) sets Taki up on date with his coworker Miki Okudera, While Taki(in Mitsuha’s body) accompanies Mitsuha’s grandmother Hitoha and her sister yotsuha to leave the ritual alcohol(Kuchikamizake), made by sisters, as an offering at the shino shrine located on the mountaintop outside the town.

It is believed to represent the body of the village guardian god ruling over human connections and time. Taki reads a note from Mitsuha about the comet Tiamat, expected to pass nearest on the day of the autumn festival The next day, Taki wakes up in his body and goes on a date with Miki, who tells him she enjoyed the date but also that she can tell that he is preoccupied with thoughts of someone else. Taki attempts to call Mitsuha on the phone, but cannot reach her and finds the body-switching has ended.

Taki, Miki, and their friend Tsukasa travel to Gifu by train on a trip to Hida, though Taki does not know the name of the town, instead relying on sketches he has made of the surrounding landscape from memory. A restaurant owner in Hida recognizes the town in the sketch as Itomori, being originally from there. He takes Taki and his friends to the ruins of the town, which has been destroyed and where five hundred residents were killed when the comet Tiamat unexpectedly fragmented three years earlier. While gazing over the impact crater in disbelief, Taki observes Mitsuha’s messages disappear from his phone and his memories of her begin to gradually fade. Taki finds Mitsuha’s name in the record of fatalities, and he wonders if the body-switching was just a dream.

While Miki and Tsukasa return to Tokyo, Taki journeys to the shrine, hoping to reconnect with Mitsuha and warn her about the comet. In the shrine, Taki drinks Mitsuha’s Kuchikamizake then lapses into a vision, where he glimpses Mitsuha’s past. He also recalls that he had already encountered Mitsuha on a train three years earlier when she came to Tokyo in her own timeframe to find him, though Taki did not recognize her as the body-switching was yet to occur in his timeframe. Before leaving the train in embarrassment, Mitsuha had handed him her hair ribbon, which he has since worn on his wrist as a good-luck charm.

Taki wakes up in Mitsuha’s body at her house on the morning of the festival. Hitoha deduces what has happened and tells him the body-switching ability has passed down in her family as caretakers of the shrine. Taki convinces Tessie and Sayaka, two of Mitsuha’s friends, to get the townspeople to evacuate Itomori, by disabling the electrical substation and broadcasting a false emergency alert. Taki heads to the shrine, realizing that Mitsuha must be in his body there, while Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body. At the mountaintop during sunset, the two sense each other’s presence, but are separated due to contrasting timeframes and cannot see each other. When twilight falls, they return to their own bodies and see each other in person. After Taki returns Mitsuha’s ribbon, they attempt to write their names on each other’s palm so that they will remember each other. Before Mitsuha can write hers, however, twilight passes and they revert to their respective timeframes. When the evacuation plan fails, Mitsuha has to convince her father Toshiki, the mayor of Itomori, to evacuate everyone. Before doing so, Mitsuha notices her memories of Taki are fading away and discovers he wrote “I love you” on her hand instead of his own name. The comet’s fragments crash to Earth and destroy Itomori. Taki wakes up in his own timeframe remembering nothing.

Five years later, Taki has graduated from university and searches for a job. He senses that he lost something important that he cannot identify, and feels inexplicable interest in the events surrounding the comet, now eight years past. The town of Itomori had been destroyed; however, all of its people survived as they had evacuated just in time. Meanwhile, Mitsuha has since moved to Tokyo. Some time later, Taki and Mitsuha glimpse each other when their respective trains pass each other, and they are instantly drawn to seek one another. Each disembarks and races to find the other, finally meeting at the stairs of Suga shrine. Taki calls out to Mitsuha, saying that he feels that he knows her, and she responds likewise. Having found what each had long searched for, they shed tears of happiness and simultaneously ask each other for their name.


Name : Wild Tales/ Relatos Salvajes (2014)
Director Damián Szifron
Cast: Ricardo Darín, Oscar Martínez, Leonardo
Sbaraglia, Érica Rivas
Genre: Anthology, Drama
Language: Spanish (Argentina)
Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Wild Tales is a collection of six stories set in modern Argentina and linked by a popular theme of vengeance. The film is a character study of seemingly ordinary people, much like you and me, who are forced to the breaking point by extraordinary circumstances. It is the past that haunts them at times, and external stimulation that pricks them on the head at other times that drives them insane. The film does a fantastic job of introducing the protagonists, setting conflict, and, most importantly, eliciting empathy – making you care for the characters and their circumstances, which is a common complaint in an anthology since there is less time to set up the characters and make them relatable. Despite the fact that the segments are set in Argentina, the conflicts that the characters face are similar – they are dealing with socioeconomic, political, and class problems.

The film lives up to its title, with each successive segment becoming more ferocious, culminating in a mayhem with more tonal changes than your average Korean film. What’s the best part? It’s successful! The segments are more about the characters than the storey, demonstrating the heights to which they can rise given human tendencies. While they can be extreme at times, you understand why they are acting the way they are, and you would have acted similarly if you were in their shoes.

This leads us to perhaps Wild Tales’ most effective technique: including the viewer in the storytelling. You don’t get 4, but you do get 2+2. The director does not spoon-feed the plot and instead leaves it to the viewer to link the dots, which allows for an enjoyable experience.

There’s nothing quite like the rush you get when you’re able to link the dots and feel intelligent. The film is also very approachable, with plenty to offer both general audiences and film buffs.


Name : The Social Dilemma
Director : Jeff Orlowski
Genre: Documentary-Drama
Language: English
Streaming Platform: Netflix

Consider how many times you’ve been searching online shopping sites or even just having a chat with a friend about the one pair of boots you’ve been eyeing online, just to be bombarded with ads for the same product an hour later – this isn’t a coincidence, and The Social Dilemma examines how this happens and why we, as users, should begin to be suspicious of the content and messages we receive.

Jeff Orlowski’s film The Social Dilemma was released on Netflix in September 2020, right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic that forever changed the face of social media. The film follows a group of former employees of social media behemoths (Google, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), all of whom quit their jobs due to ethical issues. The documentary also includes a dramatisation that attempts to depict the inner workings of these corporations and the methods they use to manipulate and direct human behaviour in an imaginative and objective manner. Although there is no doubt that technology has improved our lives by allowing us to access limitless information at the touch of a button and promoting interpersonal contact between people all over the world, the documentary focuses on how businesses use the information they collect about their customers to create strategies to keep their interest and increase profits. The Social Dilemma contains several shocking data about the effect of social media on mental health, which has resulted in skyrocketing depression and suicide rates among young adolescent girls – unsurprisingly, young adolescent girls make up the majority of this demographic. The “digital pacifier effect” is explained by Jonathan Haidt, an American social psychologist: when a consumer turns to the media to alleviate anxiety, dopamine is released in the brain, and this mechanism is cyclical. “There are only two businesses that call their consumers ‘users’: illicit drugs and software,” says a quote from the documentary. Edward Tufte is a writer and academic who is well-known for his contributions to the field of.

You are not alone if you felt unsettled and vulnerable after watching this film. We genuinely believe that we choose the content we consume because of social media’s illusion of power. However, there are some easy measures we can take to actively combat such algorithms and regain control of our behaviour, such as reducing non-urgent app alerts, avoiding clickbait content and suggested videos, and fact-checking information across multiple channels before liking or sharing it.


Movie : The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
Director : Joel and Ethan Coen
Cast : Tim Blake Nelson, Liam Neeson, James Franco, Brendan Gleeson, Zoe
Kazan, Tyne Daly, Harry Melling, and Tom Waits
Genre : Drama, Crime, Comedy, Western anthology

Six interesting, humorous, grim, vile, and mysterious tales set in the post-Civil War West are gripping enough to carry one through the short stories with plenty of mixed emotions about each, with each having a stronger impact than the others. The theme is thoroughly enjoyable for someone who has closely followed and adored the Coen Brothers’ filmography, with their trademark humor, black as tar, and the intrinsically crafted script. Each tale has a distinct plot mood, ranging from sing-alongs to tender romances to harrowing deaths.

The film is wrapped in death, sudden and terrifying, and it’s very lovely. The tales are almost fantastical and similar to folklore, befitting the title of it being a “ballad,” just like the time and place it is set in. The eccentric Buster Scruggs is definitely memorable and entertaining, but the audience must be prepared for the rest, because none of them disappoint, and each tale has a different emotional tone. Each tale varies in length from 10 to 40 minutes, but each one evolves in terms of character and theme just as much as the others.

And it is the director/writer duo’s fun-filled mastery that they do not depart from the storey while also delivering unforgettable characters from each. The Ballad delivers what the Coen Brothers have delivered over the past three decades, masterful storytelling at its finest, from jolly singing to unsettling, and a beautiful ode to the classic westerns while still being a part of them.

What Bollywood has taught us?

When one hears of Bollywood, they think it’s all about dance, music, romance, comedy, and drama. But Bollywood has more to offer. Whatever we learn comes from the movies we watch. In today’s time, it triggers the minds of Indian youth. It allows them to set a thought process. Films are not just a source of entertainment anymore. Below is a list of few movies that give us real-life lessons.

– Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: This movie taught us to push yourself out of the comfort zone and face your fears. It makes you want to pause and thank your life realizing how good it is despite all the hardships. It shows you how to appreciate true friends.


– Ye Jawani hai Deewani: Bunny teaches Naina that she is good just the way she is. There is no need to change herself just to fit in. We must have met a people pleaser like this at some point in our life or even we are at times. Maybe we should also embrace ourselves and live life unapologetically. Naina teaches us- no matter where we go in our lives, we will always miss out on something. So appreciate where you are at a point in time.


 Baar Baar Dekho: This movie has taught us to live in the present moment and appreciate the people we have in our lives. We can never get the time back, so we should always spend it wisely. In the age of gadgets, it’s a great wake-up call to disconnect from the phone every once in a while and experience life fully.


Kal ho Na ho: As the title says “Kal ho na ho” meaning ‘There may or may not be a tomorrow,’ totally defines what the movie is all about. Aman teaches Naina to open up and be vulnerable, which allows her to express her emotions which she repressed for so long. Sometimes we need that confidence from someone, that yes we too can share our feelings. The biggest lesson to take away from this movie is to remember that every day we are alive is a gift. Life should never be taken for granted.


Dangal: This movie is a must-watch! It shows two women breaking stereotypes and gender roles in the best possible way. It teaches us not to be full of ourselves when we become successful. It shows women can do anything that men can do.


Apart from these, many other Bollywood movies have meaningful lessons for us. So sit back, relax, and binge-watch a few Bollywood movies. I am sure you won’t regret it.











Bickering Bollywood….

So we all know that Indian film industry aka Bollywood is the second highest movie producing industry in the whole world after Hollywood per annum. Well to be honest yeah i agree that Bollywood is a gold mine of vibrant,diverse and really amazing movies. But the question remains at the point as why such an old,powerful movie industry with actors like Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan who come in the list of top ten richest actors in the world, and with directors like Satyajit Ray are never producing movies which at least can be the bread and butter of the whole world. French and the German movie industry even the movie industry of Chile and the Korea is producing movies which garners massive popularity worldwide. In french we have ‘Belle de Jour(1967)’ and ‘blue is the warmest color (2013)’, German’s having ‘The Marriage of Maria Braun(1978)’ and ‘Freier fall (2013)’, chile’s ‘A fantstic woman (2017), the ripple maker Parasite(2019) and many more from many other countries as well. And then the question prevails why not Bollywood?

Movies like Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali (1955) and Mira Nair’s Salam Bombay (1988) in a manner defined Indian movie industry’s potential. But current scenario Bollywood is all about nepotism and love stories nowadays. As if we see that famous movie Slumdog Millionaire(2008) which bagged eight Oscars is not what india is?But the entire movie industry of the world is running after one thing that if India is represented it either poverty or god forbid it’s about curry, thanks to everywhere you see starting from movies like critically acclaimed Lion(2016) or Love Sonoa(2018) everything is about how indians are suffering,human trafficking, lack of sanitation and blah blah blah!!! If we talk about that’s what we see i the world. But people need to realize something that India the world’s second most populous country,sixth largest economy and seventh largest country is not all about trash and poverty. This scenario as explained above is what shows the failure of bollywood. but not everythings bad as we can’t say that Bollywood has gone down totally in these recent years as we made so many good movies too like Raazi(2018), Neerja(2016), Uri(2019), Barfi(2012) , Lust stories(2018) , Mary Kom(2014), three idiots(2009), Bajirao Mastani (2015), Jodha Akbar(2008), Dangal(2016), Devdas(2002), My name is Khan(2010), Swades(2004), English Vinglish(2012), Tumbaad(2018), lagaan(2001), Tare zameen par(2007), PK(2014) and many more which show case the value of the Indian movie industry and it’s potentials.

Now if we talk about problem which is wrecking us all starts with the lack of originality and the rejection of new talent in Indian film industry and how can we forget the grandad of all fiasco the one and only Nepotism. Nepotism is whats actually responsible for killing the Indian film industry in a really gruesome manner as due to this the new talents in indian film industry is getting choked as we speak. Another big problem is the lack of experimentation and really comical and absurd action movies as I’m literally starving for a good science fiction movie or a bone chilling horror fiction at least. But all we get is boring love stories with a lot of songs which are not even sung by the actors but they are just LIP SYNCING to it. No diversity at all as white washing of the whole cast is the forte of bollywood. Not even a single dusky or black actor or actress in a lead role you will find here(leaving the very few exceptions). That’s what i meant when i wrote bickering bollywood as if bollywood won’t up it’s ante there will soon be what we call a hot white mess left in the indian subcontinent for people to watch. Toodles!