Lighthouses in Kerala

What view is better than a view from the top of the lighthouse along the coastline? So, next time when you are in Kerala, think about visiting these lighthouses for bliss and peace.

Thangaserry Lighthouse

Thangaserry Lighthouse was built in 1902 and is located on the coast at Tangaserri in Kollam city of Kerala. It has a height of 135ft and it is one of the most visited lighthouses of Kerala. Tourists can visit this lighthouse between 11am to 5pm on all days except Mondays. The lighthouse also has a elevator facility for tourists.

Alappuzha Lighthouse

Alappuzha Lighthouse was built in 1862 and is located on the coast at Alappuzha town of Kerala, which was one of the busiest ports and trade centers of Kerala. Alappuzha Lighthouse has a height of 92ft and is a major tourist attraction. Visitors are only allowed on weekdays between 3pm to 4:30pm.

Vypin Lighthouse

The Vypin Lighthouse started fuctioning in 1979 and is situated at Puthuvype in Kochi, Kerala. It has a height of 151ft and is the tallest lighthouse in Kerala. The light beam of the lighthouse has the range of 52 kilometers. The lighthouse is open for tourists on all days except Monday between 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm.

Kadalpur Point Lighthouse

The Kadalpur Point Lighthouse started functioning in 1907 and is situated at Kadalpur, in Kozhikode District of Kerala. It is situated on the coast of Arabian Sea and has a height of 112ft. The Lighthouse is painted with black and white bands. The lighthouse is thought to have been built following a shipwreck on the rocky cliffs of the point, and the wreckage may still be seen.

Vizhinjam Lighthouse

Vizhinjam Lighthouse started functioning in 1972 and is situated near Kovalam beach in Kerala. Vizhinjam was a busy port in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Lighthouse has a height of 118ft.

Top 10 Hiking Gears to Buy

Take your time to peruse various possible ways to get to the top may be through hiking! Some are easier but some can be a severe headache on pleasant weekends!

Are you a Hiking Enthusiast? If yes then, then it’s very good and if NO, then one question from my side “Freedom, how can there be a better way to celebrate it than to feel the fresh air, exercise and enjoy the mesmerizing views.”

Among all you here if anyone is not well acquainted with the term “Hiking” then for them, I can explain the meaning of the term – “Hiking is nothing but a long, strenuous walk usually on the trails in the countryside. This is one the most common leisure activity chosen for weekends.”

But there is one more thing that you must keep in mind and that is – What are the essentials that we must add to our backpack before starting our Hiking trip?

The main motive of going on a hike is to get away from our normal day to day life and spend some time with nature and here Hiking gears and gadgets hold a sophisticated balance.

And most importantly bustling with your gadgets will be one of the last things that you will be doing. Further, there is an inverse relationship between hike enjoyment and the weight of one’s backpack, as you could be flat on your back if you are willing to carry all your gears.

But there are some essential hiking gadgets that you must keep with you before going on a hiking trip which can surely add enjoyment to your Hike. Most importantly the wisest decision is to have the gears at the bottom of the pack and covering up less space than you thought. We have provided you with a list of 10 Hiking gears below, that we should add to our pack before we start for our Hike.

GPS and Satellite Communicator

The GPS and satellite communicator that perfectly fits in the palm but acts as the most useful life-saving tool, you could have in case of emergency. This device helps you by providing emergency assistance at one click by contacting any global emergency response coordinator or GOEs, even if you are not getting your cellphone’s signal. The rescuers will be informed of your exact location due to its internal GPS and built-in messaging will help you to communicate with them till they reach you.

This device also helps to provide peace of mind to families by sending them periodical updates of your exact location. The functions like SOS, location broadcasting makes it a must-have device.

Hiking Dry Sack

Hiking on a summer day with the scorching sun above your head, sounds horrible right? A summer shower may provide you with some relief, but your gadgets won’t appreciate the water. A lightweight waterproof compression sack is the best gear to protect them from rainstorms. Even if there are no signs of rainfall, it is also used by Hikers to organize and add more space to your packs. This is the true protector for your items like wallets, cellphones, car keys etc. A lot of companies are making hiking dry sacks but, SeaToSummit is having the largest range of collections and having the best reputation in the market.

Hiking Headlamp

Even if you are planning for a day Hike, it is always believed that carrying a light is profitable in case you fail to reach your destination before the sunsets. I am quite sure if you have used a hands-free headlamp, it is more likely known that you will never go back using a flashlight. You should always choose a hiking headlamp having super bright light and has adjustable beam settings, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your need.

Nowadays headlamps are fitted to preserve night vision, preventing members of a group from blinding each other and a strobe function to attract attention in case of emergency making it a must pick during Hiking. Looking for the best headlamp in the market now? Actik Core might be your first choice.

Portable Water Filter

You might be thinking that carrying a water filter seems like overkill, but this tiny effective gadget might prove you wrong. At only 50-60 gm weight, you can quickly and effectively filter water without using the harsh bad-tasting chemical treatment. Suppose your water bottle is empty or has developed a leak and you need clean water, all you must do is fill up any pouch from a water source, screw the filter in, squeeze and drink with the provided straw.

Hiking Medical Kit

Let’s be honest, there is no replacement for a proper medical kit. Something as simple as a sprained ankle or any simple wound can mess up your hiking trip, then there is no point because you shouldn’t be prepared. Try to carry a medical kit having a waterproof bag, elastic bands for strains, duct tape, and a few basic medications. One kit is probably sufficient for your hiking trip, and it is advised for everyone to carry a medical kit positively before starting your journey.

Wool Clothing and Rain Hat

“Cotton kills” is frequently told by seasoned backcountry hikers, but they have a perfect reason for this. When cotton gets wet, it has zero insulation, conducts heat 25 times faster than air, wool on the other hand acts as a water repellant, preventing waterlogging. Even if the water is coming through them, they have air pockets that provide insulation. Also, if we talk about rain hats, once you have used them, you are more likely never to want to use your jacket hoodie or an umbrella. 

You should always choose a rain hat that doesn’t restrict your line of sight, your ears should not be boxed in, and the rain hats must have great brims which help to prevent the face from getting soaked. The Gore-Tex Seattle Sombrero by Outdoor Research is probably the best rain hat in the market that comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Hiking Poles

These poles provide Indisputable advantages that result in less painful, safer, and even faster hiking. They can easily establish a consistent walking rhythm, provide balance and stability, decrease stress on feet, legs, knees, or lower back and help in maintaining proper posture. Moreover, they are used to test loose rocks, puddle depth, or help in icy terrain. These poles show a long-term benefit by extending one’s Hiking lifetime. Your Hiking poles should be light, strong, foldable, height adjustable, durable and must provide good ergonomics. 


Monocular have a distinct advantage over binoculars because they are half of their size and weight. Moreover, they are mainly known for their instant use, by being able to fit in your pocket. Also, monocular are substantially faster and easier to focus on than a pair of binoculars, allowing you a better and quick view to see any bird in the sky or to identify any animal. You should always choose a monocular that provides a bright sharp image, prevents fogging, and is built with a waterproof case. If you are more interested in insects than birds, there are a few monocular that come with a special attachment to convert them into a microscope.

Hiking Boots

Shoes are always considered as an essential item that protects and comforts the human foot. So, as per your requirement, you should always select your footwear. For Hiking, we need . In this case, Hiking Boots are no doubt very important. They are specially made for different types of terrains and provide a grip on uneven surfaces. They are generally lightweight with a special padding on the heel and the ankle. So, hiking boots are the accessory you can Hike without.


What can be more relaxing than gently swinging in the breeze, taking naps, and soaking in pleasant views in a hammock? Well, you don’t have to be a magician to pull out a hammock from your bag! Weighing around 600gms and compressible up to 4*5 inches, they are super lightweight hammocks. They take less than a minute to set the hammock and pack down. A few of them also come with a built-in compression sack, proving to be a great addition to your pack. Thinking of a five-minute snack break or an hour nap under a shade? Hammocks are mostly chosen for this purpose because of their comfortable design and easy access.

Why are hiking gears important? Any guesses? Yes, that was a very right guess.

Hiking gears are basically hiking equipment that is taken for outdoor walking trips. We need to know about how remote a place is or what are the potential hazards that can take place in the areas or localities which we are visiting where we are travelling.

This can be understood with an example – a short walk across farmland or a small trek in the Himalayas can decide the amount and weight of goods that might be carried along with us.

Experience Gypsy Lifestyle in 2020.

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had no permanent residence, no permanent job and you were simply a traveler? That is somewhat how being a Gypsy is. The gypsy lifestyle meaning can be two-fold – one – the Romani tribal people are known as Gypsies and two – in the broader scenario, a Gypsy is one who follows a very different way of living. You could be traveling with a caravan, or with your family to places doing odd jobs to make ends meet and you could be called a Gypsy. Being Gypsy does not mean being homeless, it means not following the idea of one home, one life, one job, one place.

The gypsy lifestyle meaning differs from regionally so the gypsy lifestyle in America would be significantly different from the Gypsy lifestyle in, say, Japan, or Europe. In this article we will share information about the gypsy lifestyle meaning, gypsy lifestyle in the USA, how different is the gypsy lifestyle in America to other places, and give brief insights on the gypsy lifestyle 2018, gypsy lifestyle 2020, gypsy lifestyle today. To understand how to lead a gypsy lifestyle, we must first understand the origins of that word and how those kinds of people – the Romani – lead their life.

Meaning of Gypsy Lifestyle

Let us first understand the gypsy lifestyle meaning. Google defines Gypsy as a nomadic, free-spirited person. ‘Gypsy’ is really a term for Romani individuals—an entirely distinctive culture. Nonetheless, in the event that you have a free soul that needs to investigate the world, meet new individuals, and carry on with an effortless life, a Gypsy way of life is the thing that you need. “Gypsy” as a word originated in the sixteenth century and implied Egyptian since Romanies were at first considered to be from Egypt. A  “Gypsy” is regularly viewed as unfavorable because of its use to mean unlawful conduct and a meandering way of life, rather than as an identifier for a specific race of individuals.

“Gyp,” which intends to cheat, is likewise hostile to Romanies on the grounds that the word likely gets from “vagabond” and generalizations each one of those ideas to be “rovers” as swindlers. So, yeah, in case you see a Romani and do not want them to get violent, don’t call them as “Oh, hey Gypsy, I read about you!” To clarify – this article refers to the definition of Gypsy as free-spirited, nomadic people who wish to lead a life on the road and be one with nature.

Gypsy Lifestyle in America

Coming to the gypsy lifestyle in the USA. There is an expected 1 million Roma (Gypsies) living in the United States, showing up to the country from various nations and communicating in various dialects. The U.S. has assumed a role of an oppressor against these people, as certain states have on their books made laws that restricted where Romanies could lease property, where they could work, and what merchandise they could sell. Be that as it may, exact insights about American Romanies are constrained due to:

  • The absence of studies surveying the financial real factors of American Romani
  • The nonappearance of Romani data on enumeration returns.
  • The pattern of some American Romanies to shroud their Romani legacy as a remnant mindset established in the separation their progenitors suffered in Europe.
  • The absence of mindfulness among certain Americans that the Romani are a real ethnic gathering, not “a Halloween ensemble” or” anecdotal characters with “wagons and ponies and tambourines”. 

With an end goal to cure the absence of insights on American Romanies, Harvard University has as of late propelled an investigation to survey the auxiliary, social, and financial status of the American Romani people group. So, if you’re an American, practicing the gypsy lifestyle in America is seen more as a downright inferior thing rather than a choice at leading a unique lifestyle.

How has it changed over the years?

There has been significant growth in the way of life that the gypsies have led in the past few years. The changes have been to an extent that you will find a major difference in the gypsy lifestyle 2018 and the gypsy lifestyle 2020. The gypsy lifestyle today is more about the modern means of earning, realizing the importance of education, etc. The best example of this is 40-year-old Roxy Freeman. She was one of 6 children to her Romani father and an American mother.

The first time she joined college was when she was 22…with no prior schooling. In her blog, she explains how she could cook for a family of 10, light a fire, and bake bread on an open fire by the age of 9. She could even forecast when it would rain by simply smelling the air. When she wrote the blog, she lived in an apartment in London with her boyfriend – and that was almost 11 years ago!

So you would be expected, if you desired to live a gypsy lifestyle today to be modern but mediocre, skillful but humble, and most importantly, minimal but content.

How are the Gypsy and Minimalistic Lifestyles related?

While the two terms may sound different, you must do one if you wish for the other. If you have understood the gypsy lifestyle meaning, you have understood it’s a way of living with no luxurious amenities or extras. You may use technology for working remotely – maybe use a laptop and internet for work from home job, but that does not mean you watching memes on Instagram is okay.

So, say bye to the hundred sets of shoes and satchels that you own! Figure out how to have a basic existence. This doesn’t mean you live in a cavern, wearing dry leaves, however, that you comprehend there’s a whole other world to life than materialistic attractions.

How can one follow the Gypsy Lifestyle?

Recall Esmerelda from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame? Since we saw the excellent rover young lady, with a spiritualist and free soul, we’ve longed for being a tramp, as well. However, there’s much more to being a tramp, obviously. It’s not just about the voyaging, long, flowy garments, astounding gems, and so on. A bit of advice that would surely do you a world of good when you embrace this lifestyle is – find a partner. It’s bad for you to stay single, and not on the grounds that you’ll be forlorn. Unmarried grown-ups are regularly thought to be a little wobbly like possibly you have a few issues you have to work out. Try not to stress however, wedded life will be okay. Ladies are treated as equivalents with men, you simply have various tasks to carry out.

How to earn a buck as a Gypsy?

Begin doing some voice practices now since one way you’ll procure some cash for the family is by singing or recounting stories. In case you’re truly not one for the performing arts you may take up the job of entryway to-entryway sales rep. At last, there are the well-established crafts of fortune-telling and palm reading to acquire a buck or two. With regard to traditions, the Gypsies are extremely severe. To the extent that for your body, the upper portion of you is treated as pure. It’s free of impurities and overall allowable to be shown-off. Everything in the lower half — forget about it.

That half of you is unclean so make certain to keep it hidden, procured under full-worn clothes. You can even defile a male in the event that you let your skirt touch with him openly. In case you’re seen as impure, you may get kicked out of the community. Things you must learn before beginning are – cooking, eating raw food sometimes and adjusting in relation to living in trailers and natural hollows.

These steps aren’t as hard as they sound, and people who have embraced this way of life have been able to create a lot of memories they will cherish for life. So that was all about the gypsy lifestyle meaning, gypsy lifestyle in the USA, along with differences between traditional gypsy lifestyle or say the gypsy lifestyle 2018 compared to the gypsy lifestyle 2020 i.e. the gypsy lifestyle today. If you have new insights of facts to add about this unique way of life, let us know in the comments section down below! Oh, and if you ever plan to embrace this life, don’t forget to tell us your plans!