Who couldn’t remember the grey cat, Thomas and the brown mouse, Jerry causing havoc in their “mysterious” mistress’ house? Tom and Jerry is so common among the children and adults equally. The series of the cartoon started as a short series of episodes in 1940 written by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara. No one would forget these names too because their name comes alongside the famous lion roar.

Tom is a house cat and as if to cause trouble on purpose, there is Jerry. Most of the time they are seen in hot pursuit of each other, mostly Tom chasing Jerry. Though bigger in size, Tom almost always fails to capture Jerry and finds himself in trouble. Jerry is always portrayed as the clever and cunning outwitting Tom in every situation possible.

There was some criticism about the violence per se, in the episodes. But since there were no bloodshed portrayed, it was soon dropped.

Sometimes we wonder whether we are Tom or Jerry. At least I do. There are some times when we become Tom, a victim of the situation. And sometimes, Jerry, the person in control of the situation. But we need to remember that, they are each other’s sworn enemies, but when there is a third party, no one can beat them when they are together. For example, the bull dog, Spike and his son, Tyke act as a tool for Jerry to make fun of Tom, but when he gets in real danger, it is Jerry himself saving Tom.

Another example would be the episode of the baby, where both of them together take care of the naughty baby of their owner. Maybe because they are together 24/7, they seem to know each other very well. It is almost like, when they have nothing better to do, they poke fun at each other. Isn’t that what best friends do?

When the small gray mouse, Nibbles comes to visit Jerry, there is another face of Jerry that is caring and responsible for the little one, almost a fatherly character. Nibbles being Nibbles is unaware of the consequences of his actions and steals milk from poor Tom. He also tries to follow Jerry’s instruction but fails miserably.

It has been 70 years since Tom and Jerry have been showering us with their daily antics and to honor them there has been movies made. The recent one being Tom and Jerry: The Movie pays homage to their 70 years of existence. But some may disagree that the recent animation of them, and are a still a huge fan of the old cartoon animation. Who would blame them because that is what they have grown up watching the old one, I am one of them.

There are many cartoons that have come and gone, but this particular duo forever have a place in our hearts which nothing can replace. We can learn so much from two characters who don’t even speak. Friendship, loyalty, trust, being spontaneous are among the many characteristics that we can learn from them. It is funny how an animated being can change and scar our lives forever and has the ability to take back to childhood at any given moment.