Joint family Vs Nuclear family

Joint family system existed in the very oldest days of Indian culture where many members of the same family lived together under the same roof, cooked together, ate together. Joint families consisted of a parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and so on. People who grow in joint families stand in a better position in terms of socializing with others. Members of a joint family are less like to fall into depression or loneliness. When you live in a joint family, you feel you are closely related to each and every person because you spend every moment of your life at home with each and every person. Each member is dependent on the whole family and are nothing without it. We could really feel the connect between our family members. Parents have got their role of disciplining children while the grandparents be the partners in crime to their grandchildren. There would be siblings and cousins growing together and have a nice time. This also promotes a bonding and affection between them at a very young age. Children could seek help from anybody in the house. Nobody is special and nobody is less important and everybody is treated equally. They stand strong, they stand united. Everyone gets the feeling of togetherness and feeling loved.

In the modern days, nuclear families are more found to exist. Joint family system is almost a rare sight to see because due to various factors such as access to education, healthcare and employment, the joint families tend split to satisfy their own needs. A nuclear family consists of minimum of members such as parents and children. Young people who desire more freedom and less restriction choose nuclear family. Just like how out of sight is out of mind, there might not be a very close knit relationship with other relatives as there is no much contact. There are less chances of the bonding to grow or be static just in contrary to joint families. The children might relatively lack emotional intelligence and community values. But there are also some advantage in nuclear family. Every member of nuclear family enjoy their privacy which is not possible in joint family. Parents also get to save money for their kid’s future. The number of conflicts is relatively low due to less number of members. There won’t be any problem of adjustment ( though one needs to learn to adjust). Nuclear families are generally more inclined towards gender equality when compared to joint families because it does not consist of the elders to impose age old beliefs on the entire family. Nuclear families can be mainly observed in urban areas whereas joint families can be mostly found in rural areas.

Whether a joint family or a nuclear family, the structure isn’t important, family is. Family plays the most essential part is a individual’s life. Irrespective of the family type, every individual’s wish is for a peaceful atmosphere at home. Family tries to give you the best. Never give up on your family as they stand as your pillar of support.