Superstition is the Weapon of the Weak

Superstition is a belief, practice, or rite which do not have a logical and scientific explanation. Basically, it arises due to fear, ignorance, conservatism, urge for material welfare and security of the individual. It is a universal phenomena prevalent across the globe cutting through caste, creed, national and communal boundaries. Lack of education and awareness are the root causes for the birth of superstitions. They have been passed down through history and are important part of every religion. They are strongly embedded in our society, though different societies practice them differently.

Superstition and knowledge are inversely proportional to each other. With the increase in knowledge and awareness, superstition decreases. Therefore, it becomes essential to urge the adoption of scientific temperament and logical thinking. Science has provided answers for every happening in the universe, whether good or bad, which combats the belief in baseless myths.

Confidence, courage and rationality should be instilled in mankind as these are obstacles in the spread and growth of superstitions.

Khushi Agarwal