Mother, Father, Teacher and God. This is the phrase we would have heard so many times.

Next to family, it is the teacher whom the kids look up to. There are many children who talk to teachers more freely than they do with their own parents. Teachers play an important role in shaping the life of the students under them. Students spend 6+ hours minimum daily in the school and it is the teachers who take care of them. It is more than the time they spend with their family, in fact.

So we can understand that the children look and learn not only education but how to be a better human being from a teacher. Many teachers dedicate their lives to teach through their heart and soul to the students so they would understand. Many go an extra mile and come up with many innovative way of learning.

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From kindergarten to high school, every child is made to believe that education is an important for their life in order to be happy. There are children who fare well and bring laurels to their alma mater. But there are also some students who find it hard to concentrate, to sit at one place and study continuously. They may have other interests like sports or art. So are we to leave behind these students?

The responsibilities falls in the hands of the teachers to find the interests of the students, the hidden talents and hone them into their dream. There are many children who are shy to come out and do something they are good at. It is the teacher who supports them to come forward in front of others. But there are also some teachers who favor one student over others. But most of them are not like that.

It is sad to see violence against teachers by students because they corrected them from straying from the righteous path. Parents, too, if they don’t find their wards scoring well, they blame the teachers. Even the pay for the teachers is so low compared to the hard work they put in. imagine taking care of one or two children at home. It is hard enough. Imagine having 50 and more children in one room, minding them, and teaching them on top of it.

Especially with the current technological advancements, children have so much exposure to all the things around the world, and there is not filter on what they can or cannot see. The only time they have a quality learning time is when they come to school and depend on someone human to gain knowledge. Even with homework, some find shortcuts by copying from the internet.

The state of teachers is pathetic, especially now since the online classes, teachers have no control on children on whether they study or not. It is impossible for teachers to ensure that they grasp the concepts or not. It is easier to stay at home, yes, but the actual concept of learning is tough when we are far apart. In spite of all these difficulties, teachers are trying their level best to reach out to students.