My Bike Experience

I am going to share my bike experience. It gives me immense happiness while driving. I like to drive alone with my bike. It’s a feeling can’t be expressed through words. Words won’t be enough to describe my feelings towards my bike. It’s unique relationship between bike and bike luvers. Only bike luvers can feel it. The bike luvers have their own world. I won’t see the bike merely vehicle. I see it as a soul. I had lots conversation with my bike . It never let me down in any situation . Eventhough there is no petrol in my bike it never stopped in the road atleast it will try to stop in bunk orelse home. Bike luvers have a unique conversation and relationship with bunk people’s. When there is full tank in my bike . I feel extreme level of happiness . A blissful day . Traveling with my friends is one kind of delight . Travelling with loved one is a bliss . Travelling alone is euphoria. It won’t feel like travelling alone . I feel like travelling with my closest one that is my bike. It was with me even at the sad time . I shared a lot . I want to travel a lot with my bike. A best partner ever I had . My secret keeper, crime partner and my closest soul forever.